Why failure is nothing to be ashamed of

Why failure is nothing to be ashamed of

Bill Gates said it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure then it is to celebrate success.

I can find, I failed multiple times by embarrassing myself while trying to serve God. But each mistake I made taught me something new about doing God’s Will and serving him. When I first discovered this website 15 years ago on a deleted account, my best answer ratio was 2%. I was full of anger and bitterness and everyone on this site with the exception of a very small group hated me.

I shared my secrets with the wrong people and almost got framed for a crime I did not commit by a pastor who misunderstood me and came to the belief I was dangerous. I was almost killed by a serial killer who thought I would be an easy person to target and prey on because I made the mistake of talking to him about how many enemies I had. I received death threats by a guy who was offended by my judgmental Christian comments online and almost got killed. That thought me discretion and secrecy.

I had guys ignore me cause they thought I was hitting on them when I was just trying to serve my church by being nice to them. I had people accuse me of trying to date married strangers because I went out of my way to show them respect when they lectured to us. I had people accuse me of mocking disabled people because I criticized a disabled woman who ruined her parents lives by stealing their money and sharing it with strangers. I had people accuse me of being fake for trying too hard to be nice to people at my new job.

But with each misunderstanding and slander and humiliation and shame and guilt and punishment, I became smarter and wiser and tougher.

Why failure is nothing to be ashamed of
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  • SyberianTiger
    Yeah, we can learn from failure as human beings to become stronger. Thankyou for this
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  • emperor90
    Because no one is perfect
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  • SecretYuna
    I always try to learn from failure so I can be better later! Thank you for your post!
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  • exitseven
    Everyone fails. It is how many times you get back up is what is important.
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  • BillboBaggher
    Yea but bill gates made way more than a lot of money. He made a lot of other people a lot of money, which we call WEALTH.
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  • Waldoe
    stay strong and keep growing in Christ's Love
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