Why It's Okay To FAIL!


Today i had my drivers test. Although i should've gone for this two years ago, today was the day. I know i can drive pretty decently, I've been practing for months. I had a great start, i was a little bit panicky, then she asked me to change lanes, i put my indicator on did a head check, felt it was safe, moved in then i FAILED!

Apparently i was too close to the vehicle behind me.

Why it's okay to FAIL.

I was basically like this after the Test. I paid $60 for a one minute drive. Although I'm going for it again next month, i knew it was my fault.

Anyways i got home all angry and thought about all times i failed at something, i remembered that to be with my ex i asked her out twice and both times she said no. And then later on she came to me and i said yes. Funny thing is we went through 2 relationships and both times i ended it. And i failed Year 12 for being lazy but it doesn't matter now because I'm in a course i love. If Video games taught me anything is that failing is part of the experience, part of the fun (dark souls series anyone?) Imagine life without failing or embarrassment? It would suck, no obstacles to overcome, no need for self improvement.

No one goes through life without making mistakes, and while we laugh at other people who fail, we know what it feels like when it hits us, and it will. I prefer to get hit in the nuts then fail my test again any day, I've always been hard on myself. Some people say I'm too hard, and i probably am. But only yourself can push you to go the distance to get the success you want.

Why It's Okay To FAIL!

So in conclusion, i may be single and without a license, but I'm only 20, and i have heaps of time to keep trying again, and i couldn't be happier. Because without fail, it wouldn't be life.

Why It's Okay To FAIL!
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  • RedRobin

    Well said, failure helps you grow