How to get rid of anger according to the bible

How to get rid of anger according to the bible

I rely on two principles to get rid of anger:

The bible says if you avoid fighting your enemies God will compensate you and punish those who victimize you

The bible says if you wait on God by seeking Him, God will restore you or grant you a blessing equal to your loss

I think of a few things:

Let God oppose your enemy and do not oppose them yourself

Let God track those who should be punished for mistreating you and do not do it on your own

Let God restore your life and don’t try to fight for your own freedom or power when opposed and rejected

Let God worry about your dignity and honour and don’t fight for your own social status

Let God repay you for your good deeds and don’t seek your own praise through boasting

How to get rid of anger according to the bible
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  • lynnn

    Yeah, essentially, just take the high road in life and let karma do its thing. When something is meant to happen, it just falls into place. And wrath is a deadly sin for a reason; it takes down the beholder more than the culprit.

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  • Whatever2929292

    Anger is something that I unfortunately sometimes struggle with

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  • love_conquers_lust

    Go chop wood, was what a coach of mine used to say. Actually I found this doesn’t alleviate the rage, and made me injure myself. It’s also exhausting to minimize further collateral damage. Time and seclusion work for me, though I’m sure it’s taking it’s toll.

  • TommyMountainFigure

    I know the Bible is all about turning the other cheek, but anger held inside is very very bad for you.. I have a punchbag.. I use that.

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  • bootieclapper9000

    I see no scripture