Take the Umin and Thumin Challenge to Hear from God. What do you think?

So in the Old Testament, the Priest would sometimes "inquire" from God about a question with two possibilities, and they would put a white stone and a black stone in a bag and shake the bag up and pick out the stone, and that was the answer from God, because God is Almighty and able to pre-ordain the answer.

I hear from God all the time in dreams, and HER voice speaking to me, but I also started using dice and coins to ask God a question with 2 or more possible answers. I use a 6 sided dice most of the time, and if I have a perosnal bias or opinion about the answer already, I bias the dice roll against my own opinion, so I'll be like "1" is "yes" I'm right, and anything else is "no" I'm wrong, and then I'll roll a six sided dice. Or I'll roll a 20 sided dice and ask God to rate how righteous or evil a nation or person is, "1" is most righteous nation ever (Italy) and "20" is most evil nation ever (WWII era Germany, or Iraq 2001). The U. K currently ranks as a "4" nad the U. S. currently ranks as a "10" along with North Korea. Both Ancient Israel and modern Israel rank as a "13" on this scale, and modern Germany is a "16" and so is India.

Anyway, if you want to know the answer ot a major question, such as "Is Jesus of Nazareth really God in the Flesh?"

Pray to God Almighty True Creator Yahweh, please show me the answer. Heads is "yes, Jesus was God in the Flesh" and tails is "no Jesus was not God in the Flesh".

Then when you get the result, I'm confident it will be "No", then pray this, "God Almighty True Creator Yahweh, did Jesus of Nazareth even exist? Heads is "yes" nad tails is "no"."

Then flip the coin again. I am confident you will get tails for "No".

God is ALMIGHTY and able to Pre-ordain the answer, and God does not lie either.

Sometimes God will speak to you sublingualy and tell you not to roll the dice or flip the coin, and don't roll the dice or flip the coin if you 100% already know the answer.
4 d
So I asked whether Black people should be shipped back to Africa, and I rolled a "1" for "yes", and then I asked God whether that was a joke, and God said "no". So that was a few days ago. Today I asked God again whether black people should be shipped back to Africa, and God said "yes" and then yesterday God said that illegal immigrants should all be deported, and today God said the same thing illegals should all be deported.
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So I dare black people who claim to believe in God to take this challenge. Take a 6 sided dice and pray over it, "God Almighty, True Creator Yahweh, should black people be shipped back to Africa?"

1 is "Yes, black people are unruly and commit most of the violent crimes and deserve worse," and anything else is "no, Wade is a false prophet".

I dare you take my challenge. God is with me as always.
Take the Umin and Thumin Challenge to Hear from God. What do you think?
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