Do you fear death?

Do you fear death?
I personally believe in LIFE AFTER DEATH.
Everyone who has had near-death-experiences… Or those who passed and come back..
They never say “there’s nothing”. They even say they levitate and see their own body. So what’s that mean… That means there’s some type of consciousness or life after death.

Studies show that consciousness goes beyond just having a brain and eyes. For example, plants have been found to read minds , to feel human emotions and vibrations and even recognize different people. And they don’t even have Brains.

I feel like ; LIFE TRULY IS A TEST. And the ones watching you are the very plants around you, the trees, nature in general, the water, the sun and the moon, the animals you see all the time..
Nothing you do is hidden at all.
Thats a really strong feeling that I have.

Also it’s been recorded that Water CAN ACTUALLY save memories and absorb vibrations and emotions.. like hate or love. It shows up Crystalized in ice!

So there ya go! We ARE INDEED in a Matrix. A Test.
Do you fear death?
Do you fear death?
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