There ARE 76 Genders

76 Different Genders
76 Different Genders

Okay so my stance on the 76 genders is this...

I do not believe that the genetalia in our pants determines our gender. To an extent. I personally believe that if you feel you're a man even though you have A vagina, then you're a man. And vice versa. I don't believe in any of these 76 different genders personally but if its how you feel then I'll respect that even though I disagree.

I believe genderfluid or not have a gender at all is possible in a way. I guess its all a mentality. But the rest "call me ze/zer/zim" etc type of stuff is stupid. If you feel you're a nonbinary gender I'll respect that. I'll just try to avoid calling you by any pronouns at all.

Now the "otherkin" type stuff is absolutely ridiculous, you are not dragonkin or winterkin. Like you've honestly gotta be a bit delusional if you believe you're a snowkin and it offends you when people use the "special snowflake" cliche.

This is just my personal opinion on this stuff, so please be respectful to me/any other commenters. Any hate will be blocked.

(I understand not everyone will agree, But you don't need to be a twat about it.)

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  • Yeeeeah no... 2 genders only. The concept of genders was created based on the genitals, that's why it has always been 2 genders defined by the genitals... up until the 21st century when someone decided that genders are no longer defined by genitals... w0t!

    • Wait... what the heck is that last gender "transnigger" (can... can I say that? :/ ). Apparently it's someone who identifies as black despite being a different gender... hmmm sounds like white people wanna be taking advantage of affirmative action ehhhhh

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    • *born into of of the two sexes

Most Helpful Girls

  • Except that what defines our genders are not just what is in our pants. It is in our blood. In the amount of body hairs we have, in our mammary glands, in our sizes, in our body shapes, in the thickness of our skins, he'll even in the formation of our skulls. In my opinion, to deny all of this is denying your innermost biology. Denying nature. And seriously, mankind has done enough against nature. More than enough.

    I think the rise of this whole gender fluidity bull (yes, I call it bull. Not expressing hate here, just calling it as I think of it) in the millennial generation is due to the whole "I want to be a special snowflake" Shit. Just like people having this and that unnecessary stuff intolerances. To make ourselves feel special and to try and get that special attention and treatment that people so crave for. Today's young people are a bunch of attention whores.


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What Guys Said 106

  • I see. So you aren't actually what you physically are if you don't feel like you are? Interesting.

    Physically I'm 5'4". I now identify as 6'5". Any woman who says that I'm too short is clearly a bigot. She should just believe me when I say that I'm tall.

  • Your position rests upon the erroneous underlying assumption that there is a distinction between sex and gender. This is false because nature produces nurture - or rather, nurture is the product of nature - meaning that sex and gender are inseparably linked together whether you like it or not. Furthermore, even if your distinction was true, the very concept of gender itself presupposes either an inherent, masculine nature or an inherent, feminine nature to certain actions, behaviors, and characteristics, which, again, are inseparably linked to sex. This renders the distinction moot at best. You say that "otherkin" stuff is insanity - why? What makes it any more insane than your own view that there are more than two genders? The way you feel about this is precisely how I feel about your position. Frankly I am convinced that the ONLY reason this gender (re) definition delusion has gained so much traction is because of weaponized political correctness. Even the scientists - alleged "pillars of objectivity" - have sold out for the sake of fattening their wallets, losing all credibility.

  • ¤ there ARE 2 genders and a lot of mental illness

    I fixed your sentence. No don't thanks me, it's my pleasure.

  • There is a male and a female no matter how hard you try to change or think...

    True love, true emotions, true feelings, true sex, true marriage, true family are only made between a man and a woman, that's my honest opinion, you can block me if you don't like it...

  • Goodtake. I agree with you. So tired of soceity not persecuting me because I'm not a white hetrosexual straight male.

  • Ohhh my f***ing God...
    See, I've been an intellectual liberal for most of my life but it's shit like this that makes me wonder where Hitler is when you need him.

  • This is the stupidest hot topic ever.
    If the actual definition of gender says that it's all mental, then there is no end to how many genders there can be
    If it's all physical, then it doesn't matter how one feels

    If it's both then there are still an endless amount of genders we can pick from.
    There shouldn't be a debate over the word "gender" because it has a definition that we can look up.

  • One can feel women or male. One can feel neither. One can not feel like a dragon. People forget that just because you’re offended, it doesn’t mean you’ve won the argument. My beliefs are not facts however, the inability to class yourself as a dragon is a delusion that has been indulged. The fact it’s been encouraged to get to this point is a mild form of mental abuse on society.

  • While there is a very small % of people who are genuinely intersex, not possessing the standard XX or XY genome, other than them there are three genders:

    Language: male, female, neuter

    Humanity: male, female, mentally ill

  • No there isn't there are 2 all the others acre complete hogwash and I do not acknowledge them neither does real none special snowflake science and unbiased real scientists.

    All these other genders are about as real and plausible as elves living among us.

    No matter what way all these special snowflakes slice it if your born a man then you are a man it doesn't matter what you indenitfy as or surgirically make yourself look like you are still a man same if you were born a woman, that's the way it is period.

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What Girls Said 49

  • I want to agree in a way, but this is all mental. I even like the idea of genderfluid, but I even found a video by a lesbian chick who says transgender people are mentally ill and afraid of being gay:

    • Yes this most likely. Bruce Jenner just wanted to suck a dick and not be called gay.

  • Mayonnaise, Nazi, Assassin, Transnigger?
    What the actual hell...
    Given that, I'd like to identify myself as a flaming hot cheeto.

    • I thought mayonnaise was an instrument...
      And I identify as a kawaii potato.


    there are 2 genders... sexual identity is a different question

  • I see myself as a very liberal person, but then ridiculous trends like this show up, they are labeled as "liberal ideas" and I just want to hide in a basement. There are 2 genders defined by the 23rd cromossomes pair.

  • Ohh FFS this is ridiculous
    Male and female that's it and that's all

  • Oh my goodness! Wow, I mean, I respect people and their genders, but man, this is too much to keep track of. These need to be consolidated! I've only heard of Female, Male, and Agender, up until this point. I will always try to use a person's correct pronouns, but this is just confusing. You know what, I don't even care what anybody is! I'll just ask what pronouns they use, and use those pronouns. No need for all of this.

  • Omg... this world is getting more and more twisted.

  • I believe you can be trans, or not the gender you were assigned at birth. I think you can be androgynous or feminine but you are one gender or the other. I don't believe non binary is a thing. I mean I'm fine with someone believing they are but it's not my thing. I accept you for male or female - whether that's your birth gender or not. But that's it.

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