The Geek Chic (and why you should like them)

Geeks are hot.

the Geek Chic (and why you should like them)

Okay. Maybe not that one. But let me tell you why.

The Geek Chic (and why you should like them)

That might not concern you if you can't care less about his games...

The Geek Chic (and why you should like them)

But this might.

What'd you say? Not the gaming type? Well...

The Geek Chic (and why you should like them)

They care. They're warm. Maybe they haven't warmed up to you yet but they're considerate people who wouldn't play you for anything - mostly because they don't know how.

Maybe they're not the best looking guy around - I doubt any of them are - but first-hand experience tells me that they will and will always treat you like a princess.

And, maybe, it's time to give a little appreciation for them. In class they're the ones helping the teacher to fix the computer so the lesson can continue. They're the ones running the robotics club so you can hang out with your friends at the exhibition and get out of class. They're the ones dating (if they're brave enough, that is) the kind but average-looking girls so they can feel good in their skin.

I'm not ignoring the female nerd & geek population either. We like the guys because they're cool.

The Geek Chic (and why you should like them)

Maybe not that sort of cool, but they make the websites, the games, the amazing graphics, and - in my case - smells amazing. All the time.

We have lots in common. The average popular girl and the average popular guy usually don't both like shopping, or soccer, or manicures or good grades, but the average nerdy girl and the average nerdy guy would at least know what each other are talking about.

May the Fourth has gone and May the Sith has too, but they're there all year round.

Happy Mother's Day!

The Geek Chic (and why you should like them)
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  • Mustachekitteh

    Nice take and from what I've seen, I agree with you. :)

  • FakeName123

    I shouldn't like anyone, but the actual reason why most guys dont like geek-girls is simply because

    1. They are trying too hard

    2. They try to get cookiepoints for having a vagina and being so geeky/nerdy

    3. They lack feminity and feminine elegance

  • fueledbythc

    Being a nerd and a geek is cool these days so these geek girls are getting tons of guys.

    • 0112358

      I'd say it's the opposite.

      Being a geek isn't cool to non geek girls. Since male geeks outnumber female geeks, female geeks have their pick of male geeks.

    • Bloopy

      @0112358 Yaysies - exactly. And being a geek will eventually be cool to non geek girls... when they start raking in the money XD jk, they're not worth it if they don't think you're cool so don't chase after them :3