Major Change Never Happens Without Violent Action


Major Change Never Happens Without Violent Action

I can't think of a single moment in history when major social or governmental change was brought by peaceful, passive resistance. Not one.

When this topic comes up, many Americans will say that being peaceful is the only way to be heard. Then the crowds leave as those same people head back to their low-paying jobs while they struggle to put food on their table, a roof over their heads, and clothes on their back.

Then another opportunity arises for them to "be a part of change" by waving banners, chanting catchy phrases, and getting caught up in the majestic protests and marches that have now become a daily occurrence.

But all the while, the very thing they protest continues and more liberties are lost in the process, because the powers-that-be think tightening the noose more will get us to chill out.

All throughout history, these protests come and go. Protesting racial problems start peacefully enough. Protesting authoritarian problems start peacefully enough. The fight for independence starts peacefully enough, but eventually....inevitably... a spark ignites the fuel and the explosion is triggered.

Major Change Never Happens Without Violent Action

MLK is often cited when speaking of the importance of being non-violent. He had a dream. . . then he was murdered. Gandhi is also cited as the reason we should be non-violent. "Civil Disobedience" they shout as they are pepper-sprayed and tear-gassed while handcuffed to each other in a circle, unable to defend themselves due to their own tactic.

Then we had Watts. Then they had WWII and the need to trim British fat by letting colonies go. Watts was violent... very violent. WWII was violent, but was the catalyst with which the trimming began.

Not MLK. Not Gandhi. Is it important to start peacefully? Absolutely. In fact, I believe it's necessary to provide context to the inevitable violence that is sure to ensue. But the fact remains: change doesn't come until violent insurrection or violent measures happen.

The government doesn't care about you... The government doesn't care about me... The government cares about itself - it cares about maintaining its importance... its power. The government spews the propaganda that non-violent protests is the only way they'll listen, even though they continue doing the things millions protest against.

The MSM spews the rhetoric of peaceful resistance, all while covering up the countless murders perpetrated by the government, because as we see, it's okay for the government to be violent against us - we just aren't allowed to be violent against it.

Major Change Never Happens Without Violent Action

The time has come to acknowledge that our country will not change without violent encounters with the darkest parts of human nature. It is an unfortunate truth that no one ever wants to talk about, but it is the truth.

We tell ourselves it's not true because the consequences of the violence are horrible, horrific, and shameful. But the outcome is the goal. The people of the US are not being listened to. We aren't being taken seriously. Our constant pleas for change while we obey the laws our government has placed on us are ignored.

I hate to be the person to say this, because I have always called for peaceful protesting and a peaceful redress of grievances, but at some point it's time to say that's not working, and when that time comes, the best thing to do is acknowledge that it has gotten to that point and make sure the very people who are terrorizing us know that we're not going to sit back and let ourselves be enslaved anymore.

Some times the time to fight comes and you must ask yourself - are you ready and willing to fight for the country you want? Or will you just cower and obey?

Only you can answer that question.

Major Change Never Happens Without Violent Action

Major Change Never Happens Without Violent Action
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Economics speak louder than violence, IMHO. You get violent, you're dead. Not to mention, you're just fighting other low level citizens. Most cops are from blue collar families and many don't make that much money. Much less the brave firefighters and EMTs who become targets for being "the man" SMH.

    You throw a wrench in the economic system and even important people want to fix it.
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    • jacquesvol

      Blue collar people fighting other low level citizens? That's what billionaires want.

    • front2back

      You're implying cops aren't brave? Just because a few of them are trigger happy?

    • Anonymous

      No, the majority of cops are brave and conscientious people too, I wasn't implying that. My point is that the bottom are fighting the bottom here.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • AlphaMale1
    Humans are a species that to this day continue to engage in tribal warfare. We are a murdering, evil species. Every one of us is capable of doing unthinkable acts if put in the right situation.

    If everyone were allowed to kill one person I believe the human race would go the way of the dinosaur as most people would act on it.
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  • ladsin
    Research is showing that non-violent protest is becoming more and more effective at enacting change, and some psychologists are stating that it appears that war is almost completely phased out of our society.
    • BigPunny

      As we continue to bomb multiple countries and as non-nuclear nations seek nuclear weapons.

      Oh but hey. . . those psychologists say war is phased out.


    • ladsin

      You should look at the research

    • BigPunny

      How about you link it? To peer-reviewed studies - not conjecture or blog sites, but peer-reviewed studies. I read them all the time, so please, link to one.

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  • crimsonqueen
    MLK spread his message through love, not hate. Ghandi. Nelson Mandela built bridges and turned the other cheek.

    That's how change happens. The violence accomplishes nothing. It's a hiccup of change. And it's unnecessary.

    For the record, statistics don't really back up the whole idea of White cops killing Black kids. It's a perceptual thing. It's not based in hard facts.
    • jacquesvol

      Stats do back it up. Twice as many unarmed black as unarmed whites are killed by cops, indeed. Justice? Equality? NO: there are SIX times as many whites as blacks.
      Ethnic groups: white 79.96%, black 12.85%, Asian 4.43%.
      IF the shootings were equal, SIX times as many unarmed whites as unarmed blacks would be victims. Simple math

    • BigPunny

      One thing that I should have emphasized more in the article is the need for non-violent resistance prior to violent action, and that's an important distinction because violence without years of peaceful attempts prior to said violence is nothing more than violence. But violence after years of peaceful attempts is given context and produces positive change, versus simply becoming violent.

      However, it's also worth pointing out that MLK, while necessary, was not the person who obtained rights for black people. It wasn't until the Watts riots that it really turned around.

      And for Gandhi - he actually did nothing to bring independence to India... WWII was responsible for the de-colonization of the British empire. After WWII they were broke and had to borrow money from the US. Because of that, they had to trim the fat, and they relinquished all non-communist countries to the people of those countries... And India just happened to be one of them, but even then, Britain split it in two.

    • @jacquesvol So are you going to bring up the fact that Blacks are only 13% of the population and yet commit almost 40% of violent crimes? Whereas Whites make up about 70% of the population and commit about 30% of violent crimes? FBI stats, by the way.

      Also, the fact that in 2015 50% of people shot by police were White, according to a study published by the Washington Post.

      Or does that have no bearing on your narrative? Because it seems to me that would be pretty relevant info.. unless you want the facts to fit your conclusion.

      Which I personally don't by the way. I have no problem acknowledging a problem. But I'm not going to pretend one into existence.

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  • front2back
    There's this thing called voting. It's a way to change things without any violence.

    Problem is nobody actually wants to vote anymore. Big government statists alwasy try to incite violence, which breeds more violence and keeps the population under control. Vote the big guys out of office and then there's no more power for them.
    • jacquesvol

      Can voting change abuse against a minority?
      I'd like to know how.

    • jacquesvol

      Voting can only change abuse against a minority if there's a majority wanting to stop that abuse.

    • BigPunny

      Voting clearly doesn't work given that those in power are the very people that run the elections and very easily steal the election, rig it with people all preaching the same thing, and funneling nomination power in the hands of the most wealthy among us.

      When I was your age, I believed my vote counted, but give it ten years, multiple votes, and you'll too start to see that your vote doesn't mean anything because they have mostly pre-determined its outcome.

      They stack the deck on both sides, also, which means no matter which side wins... they still win.

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  • KittieCat
    I wonder what's going to happen in the neae future with all of these killings against citizens and law enforcement. I'm tired of seeing #AllLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter and #BlackLivesMatter. At this point it should be #ColorsMatter. I think there will be more violence but I'm curious is to if it will be effective in changing anything.
    Being completely honest, if the stereotypical ghetto-uneducated people get violent I seriously dount anything will happen and make it worse if anything. We'll see what happens though
    • BigPunny

      You make a very good point, one that I've written and spoken about at length, and that is that the race-baiting is actually harming the cause, but only because it's further dividing this nation.

      The fact is that police can kill us for even the smallest thing and walk away without so much as a slap on the wrist - and that goes for everyone. Yes, it's true that police fear black people unnecessarily, which leads to poor decision-making, but we really need to focus on the fact that EVERYONE is at risk here - not just black people.

      If the race-baiting continues, what once could have been a revolution by the people may well turn into a civil war, because neither side wants to concede to each other's perspective. It's a sad fact that sometimes the truth should be swallowed for purposes of solidarity.

      No one wants to be called, or suggested that they are, racist. When they feel like they're being called racist, they will push back against whatever the cause is, no matter how bad the sit

    • BigPunny

      *no matter how bad the situation is*

  • Emberremembers
    No, every just needs more kittens😸

    For reals tho, people look out for #1 and their crew and don't give a fuck about anyone else. That's just a fact of life And the government are the same way. Trumps and Hillarys have their crews (or minions) and those people fight eachother like gangs but with politics instead of drive-bys. We're not even in the same part of town they are by comparison. They're rich and powerful and they just use us to spout rants about shit they'll never do and then as long as we can Netflix and chill we could care less. They start wars and then us little people like my brother have to go to Iraq and shoot people who weren't even bothering us. But then we Netflix and chill again and all the problems go away.

    And that's how it works. You want anerica to rise up and kill the government but they're too big so it'll never happen.
  • lime_rampljuset
    Agree, most changes in the history of human life have come after a violent conflict.
  • bryon
    It is coming and it's getting here very fast
  • Anonymous
    Not all blacks hate police
    • jacquesvol

      At least one of the officers shot in Dallas was black.
      R. I. P.

    • BigPunny

      @jacquesvol That's ironic. Sad, but ironic.

      But even still... black police murder people too, so I guess it's bound to happen.