An Angry Rant About the Selective Blindness of Social Justice Warriors


So I'm not going to bother to spare feelings here. If you are someone who believes in this imaginary "wage gap" or think that sexualizing people is wrong you are a blind moronic narrow minded simpleton who needs to DIE! So if you feel like you need to call me out on being sexist or misogynistic? Go ahead, be my guest, I don't care. The people who are smart will inderstand the point and the rest of you can shove it.

So I'm going to make a few common points that SJW bigots bring up and I'm going to tell you why they're all completely wrong!

1: Sexualizing women to sell things is wrong!

An Angry Rant About the Selective Blindness of Social Justice Warriors

^^ this is Shay Johnson. If you don't know who this is? You're a blindsided idiot. Do a quick Google search. I'm not explaining who this is.

What? Just women? That's a little sexist isn't it? I mean seriously. It's not just women. People judge others by their appearance. Welcome to humanity you feminist idiot!

2: Women don't get paid as much!

An Angry Rant About the Selective Blindness of Social Justice Warriors

Well guess what! You don't get paid as much because you don't work the same job. If you work as let's say a cashier at Walmart. You just started and a man or another woman doing the exact same job gets payed me? It's not because of their gender. It's because they didn't just start.

3: This whole cys-gender thing

What ever happened to heterosexual or straight? If you don't feel like sleeping with you own gender or changing that gender to feel comfortable in your own skin? You. Are. Straight. Not "Cys" you are straight.

4: Women aren't often in positions of power in companies or government

You wanna know how to solve this? GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!! In Canada the United States and United Kingdom women make up majority populous! If minorities are so constantly discriminated against and men are a minority in a feministic Outlook men can't be oppressive because they are the minority. You want know why women aren't CEOs? Because most women CHOOSE not to start their own company. Why are women not commonly in political power? Because they CHOOSE not to go into politics. There is absolutely NOBODY stopping you from doing it so quit your bitching about it and waiting for someone else to do it for you and do it yourself.

An Angry Rant About the Selective Blindness of Social Justice Warriors

5: Being a girl is SOOOO HARRD :'(

No it's not. Being female is easy. The only thing they have that's harder than what men have is child birth and menstruation. Well guess what "sisters"! Women are more likely to get hired in any job to meet a government enforced quota! It is mandatory that there can never be more men than women in any given job position within a company.

6: Last but not least "Feminism stands for equality!"

You want to talk about equality? When I was 14 my sister punched me. I hit her back because I had been raised on the value that if someone hits me I have right to hit them back. Someone forgot to tell me that if a girl hits me I'm just supposed to lie down and take it. I was told by a police officer that she could charge me with assault because she's a girl and I should never hit a girl no matter what. Is that equal?

My father lost all right to see his children when him and my mom separated. If feminism fought for equality you'd hear feminists saying that they want to be punched like men, they want to pay for all their own shit like men, they want to lose the right to be a parent like men, they want to have to pay child support and alimony like men, and they want to be constantly berated by women calling them horrible awful insults like men. I should be able to hug my 8 year old little sister without getting sideways glances because people don't see me as a person who likes to help others but rather as a potential rapist and pedophile. Who's fault is it? It is woman's fault. More specifically feminists fault.


Now don't get me wrong, I have no problem with women. I have no problem with anybody unless you give me a reason to. I'm just incredibly fed up with people saying that persons with vaginas have everything so rough and I'm the only one who isn't so stupid as to believe the slander and bold faced lies they spew out. Some people are shitty and feminists take that and go "If this small group of the billions of men in existence are this way then they all must be!" If you give me a reason to be an asshole I'm going to take it. I'm only voicing my opinion and frustrations here. Whether or not you decide to run the risk of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by your angry SJW fingers tapping? Be my guest. The only thing I'm gonna do is block you.

Anyways I am done with my rant. You wanna get offended go ahead. You are just going to prove my point for me.

Be an Equalist not a feminist guys!



An Angry Rant About the Selective Blindness of Social Justice Warriors
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  • Rissyanne
    Great take... but you know your are going to get reamed for this. I don't refer to myself as a feminist. Nor do I want to be. Actually I believe the fall of the family has to do with feminism... not all. No fathers in the home. Some women believe that a child doesn't need a father. Women aren't making wise decisions when having children... just having them to have them. They sleep with no shit men who they know is not going to be there. I'm not saying all women do this. But it is getting worse.
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    • Anonymous

      It's because men have no say. Feminism is toxic. Just the simple fact that in the eyes of the LAW a Father is not useful or mandatory in anything but creating a child should be seen as abhorrent. I saw a video the other day where a woman made a very good point "Men don't hate women. Men spend their entire lives learning to treat women with dignity and respect. Historically men have gone to war to fight for their women and children. Men have died for their women. Gone out of their way to please women. Make tremendous efforts to treat their women like jewels and gold. Men have died and been hospitalized defending their womans honour. Men go out to bring home the heads of the men who have displeased their women and dueled to the death for a chance to be with a woman. Men have never hated women, and they never will. With feminism though, that may change."

  • the_rake
    interesting, although I don't know who shay johnson is. also the pc argument (not my argument) about the wage gap, is that women cannot get the same high salary paying jobs as men can to begin with. but there's all kinds of variables involved and better arguments on the whole against the so-called wage gap. here:

    "GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!" Ok, so one possible argument women are not in power is because they are lazy, but another possible argument could be that most government officials, corporate executives, etc. are rich white men who don't let that happen for obvious reasons.

    I'm not trying to give strength to these arguments, just pointing out that egalitarians like myself and yourself need to fully understand and address them, otherwise our movement will lose credibility.

    Ok, thanks for posting this take, and good luck as an egalitarian.
  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    So who spit in your cheerios this morning?
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    • Anonymous

      All the people.