The Great Controversy: On Being A Pink Knight Social Justice Warrior (Kind Of)

The Great Controversy Debate: On Being A Pink Knight Social Justice Warrior (Kind Of)

In this day and age, there's a label for just about everything. Unless you've been living under a rock for the last year or so (that's about as long as I've been seeing it), then I'm sure you're familiar with terms such as "social justice warrior (SJW)", "white/pink (new to the family) knight", and "PC (politically correct)". Terms that were meant to be positive but have been absolutely shredded to smithereens by negativity. Terms that people would rather cut off their own foot than associate themselves with. But also terms that I don't dislike and actually do associate with, to a certain extent. Read on and I'll do my best to explain why.

I think the biggest problem that people have with SJWs is that they don't feel like it's coming from a genuine place. They feel like it's just people finding another reason to be offended. Not always the case. I will say that we are living in a time where people tend to get offended WAAAYYY too easily. Case in point:

I think she blew that whole situation way out of proportion. I don't know what her endgame was there, but her reaction was uncalled for. In my opinion, that is a clear case of looking for something to be offended about. A lot of the situations where I've seen people called out as SJWs, wasn't warranted (again, in my opinion). But, there are people that agreed with her. That's just it, not everybody will be offended by the same things. What offends me, may not offend other people. And vice versa. Does that mean that people shouldn't voice their opinions or stand up for what they believe in? It's a lot less black and white than people make it out to be. Terms like "social justice warrior" and "politically correct" are thrown around so loosely, I feel. People realize that someone doesn't share their view or stance on something and boom, that person is automatically labeled.

The Great Controversy: On Being A Pink Knight Social Justice Warrior (Kind Of)

When it comes to PC, it seems like the less offensive you try to be, the more that term gets thrown at you. Here's something you may not know: you can disagree with someone without being an asshole about it. I mean, seriously. Are there people that sugarcoat things too much? Sure there are. Can that be a problem? Yes, it can. Certain situations call for a level of bluntness. But again, being blunt and being an asshole are two different things. People complain about others being too PC, but there's another end of that spectrum. There are people that go out of their way to be seen as not PC for the approval of others. Everything out of their mouth is rude, crass, and ignorant for no reason at all. I've seen it on here quite a few times. It's like a pissing match to see who can be the biggest dick. We don't aways have to be so negative to each other. I'm not saying be all rainbows and glitter and gumdrops all the time. That's not possible. But it's also not necessary to be rude. Find the middle ground.

The Great Controversy: On Being A Pink Knight Social Justice Warrior (Kind Of)

White Knights are basically what guys call other guys when they side with women. These guys are supposedly only doing so to make themselves look better and possibly get laid. We knew this, right? Well, apparently there is a female version of sorts. Pink Knight. Also sides with other women, takes up for and gives false ratings, simply because they both are women. I laughed when I first saw this. I'm a Pink Knight in the sense that I tend to insert myself into situations where I feel like people are being picked on. And no, it isn't always in favor of the female. I can, have, and will call another girl out if I feel she's wrong. I also don't have a problem giving a compliment and uplifting another girl. But I'll just as quickly do the same for a guy.

To sum it all up, I don't think it's a bad thing to stand up for what you believe in. I don't feel like it's necessary to deliberately hurt someone's feelings. And if I happen to see a situation where it looks like someone is being mistreated, then I'm going to say something. Simple. I wrote this Take knowing full well what the general response would be. I'm all about a healthy debate. Thanks for reading.

#ThePinkKnightSJW (kind of 😉)


The Great Controversy: On Being A Pink Knight Social Justice Warrior (Kind Of)
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  • Darkfairie17
    I think part of the reason people are against political correctness is that they don't see a problem with the problematic statements. Now before people start getting the pitchforks out, please hear me out.

    Political correctness is not a new thing. It's been around forever. Watch an old cartoon, and you will be shocked about how racist they were back then. Well let me tell you, 20 years from now, you will be thinking the same thing about some of the stuff people say today.

    The thing is, society evolves. We became more educated and as a result we start to see how bad things are and consciously change to make things better.

    Society wanted that changed because they realized the statements in those cartoons hurt some people.

    So they opted to change. I think this whole move to be more socially conscious is a good thing. We are challenging things and trying to make the world a better place. People get upset and say "well people are too sensitive now a days" But honestly, what if that were you sitting there and someone was saying mean stuff to you? Or even worse, what if they did not let you in their store due to your skin colour? How would you feel?

    I've seen people get upset about the whole anti-bullying movement. I had one friend make a post that said that kids should not be wimps and should punch their bullies. Well what does that resolve? If anything it just leads to more violence. Maybe instead of promoting violence we should be more compassionate towards one another.

    I think it's a good thing to be socially conscious. We still have lots of work to do, especially when it comes to how we simply treat other people as human beings.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Fathoms77
    The word "trigger" is starting to annoy the crap out of me. I heard some colleges are banning certain books because they could "trigger" some students, and students have the right to simply stand up in class and say they're "uncomfortable" with learning something, and there's nothing the professor can do.

    Burning books is next, I suppose, as is the erasing of the first amendment. Lesson learned: When you fight too hard for something, you will ultimately turn hypocritical and become that which you most despise... You can't preach tolerance and openness when everyone is walking around petrified to speak because of YOUR crusade.

    Right? :)
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    • Gommers

      It's all a means to socialism.

      We've already made the socialist democratic candidate a viable option, our current president is putting in place socialist ground work.

    • Fathoms77

      @Gommers Yes, that much is obvious.

    • Gommers

      What was it the USSR said about socialism and communism? It won't be brought through war but through indoctrination? I'm starting to think that maybe capitalism is what made my generation so susceptible to retardation specifically the retardation that is social marxism.

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  • hellionthesage
    The fact is white knight SJW etc etc. are used very frequently because yes these people are looking for something to be offended about but also are people unwilling to have a normal discourse about a topic they refuse to hear the other side and as in the white knights they essentially run to the persons aid and act as if the person who is disagreeing is an enemy a bad person for disagreeing. In my experience this is why those terms are used and of course some will use them inappropriately just as that women in the video misused the term sexual harassment, he did no such thing and their is literally nothing about it that is, he was not coming on to her she whent looking for a fight with him he blew her off then she descided to act in a rather in my opinion psychotic manner. So of course your going to have that but that doesn't mean the terms themselves are invalid just how they have been used. SJW generally speaking in the way I think of them are people who refuse to listen to the other side (they want you to agree with everything they say or your evil/sexist/racist/prejudice/etc.), refuse to listen to facts and yes are not being genuine but rather doing it to show some kind of moral superiority. However again, that does not make those terms less legitimate it simply means they where used wrongly. I also think it would be foolish to dismiss them as the terms existence does seem to suggest a need for them. I mean just look at some of the comments here (mostly on the girls side).
    • Yeah, the lady in the video was nuts. She's what one would call an extremist.

    • True she was absolutely extreme but that is quickly becoming the norm. I have spoken to people who are perfectly calm and rational. . . until you disagree then they want evidence and then when you provide it they become exactly like her. SJW's and white/pink knights tend to not actually care about what they claim to care about. For instance their was a woman who was at a convention (she wrote her own online comic) who questioned feminism (she was a mens rights activist) because the panel was talking about how women where poorly represented etc etc. the usual issues, she stood up and stated she disagreed, that as an independent writer she has never had the issues that is being stated she had never had anything but support for her work by men etc. etc.(the altercation was caught on camera and not once was she rude or disrespectful her argument being that if we are equals why do we need to force men to let women do things vs just doing it themselves) she was kicked out by security and

    • banned for life from the convention (conventions are the primary source of income for independent writers and artists). So here is a woman who disagreed with a feminist panel and as a result was banned for life accused of "trolling" and trying to instigate a fight, despite the fact that her work as a writer and artist was very much visible both at her booth and online and she was discredited all for the sake of "women's equality". Her opinion as a woman was dismissed, not by men not by society but by the very people who claimed they where fighting for her. This is not the first time something like this has happened and it won't be the last. That is what these people are and that's why so many hate them because they see this all the time. Haven't you ever seen an argument about feminism where if a woman disagrees she is immediately told she has internalized misogyny? Its a way of completely ignoring her opinion as a woman simply because she disagreed with them. This is most SJWs.

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  • HorrorFan
    Social justice warrior and white knights have been pejorative terms for at least the last 5 years. I've never heard of pink knight. It seems forced.

    PC is a much older term but is almost purely pejorative at this point as well. People shouldn't be self identifying as these things. They are making themselves look bad.

    People dislike SJW's for a multitude of reasons, one of the biggest being that they tend to lean towards forms of facism, attempting to limit or silence free speech. SJWs tend to be very intolerant of those that disagree with them, refusing to have debates and discussions and labeling everyone that disagrees with them as racist, sexists or bigots.

    Several SJW/feminists on youtube have doxed (released personal information) their critics and many have attempted to get them fired from their jobs.

    Throw in the fact that people, generally women, will get degrees in useless things like gender studies. This basically sets them up to accomplish nothing other than playing professional victims and begging for money online.

    The woman in the Hugh Mungus video didn't blow things out of proportion. She is a legitimately mentally unstable miscreant with a camera. You know full well what her end game was. She was going to loudly play the victim until she was completely pandered to and someone else was forced to be removed or silenced. The funny part is that the people uploading videos like this and the girl that complained about the hula bobblehead in a lyft driver's car are the ones uploading these videos. They think the majority of the people on the internet are going to AGREE with them. It's massive delusion.

    You have to remember that people go and watch/read their favorite social media sites and absorb whatever content they can find there from their favorite content creators, all of whom are trying to be as loud and in your face as possible to bring in the viewership and make money. Then everyone else goes and talks about it wherever they can, and since its controversial enough and divides a decent chunk of the population, it manages to stay interesting enough through self perpetuation.

    Complaining about rude people on the internet is a losing battle. It's always better to simply grow thicker skin than it is attempting to silence those you disagree with.

    People are going to be called out on their bullshit. These generally aren't personal attacks. The attacks are directed towards irrational ideologies, not the people espousing them.

    • The funny part is that most people that I see calling others SJWs behave in the way you described as well. I don't mind debating so long as it's healthy. Trying to silence someone because they have different views does nothing.

    • HorrorFan

      I'm sure there are certainly some anti-SJW people that don't have anything constructive to say, particularly the more conservative ones. They get to piggyback on the thoughts of the more intelligent, more rational minds.

      However, there's a reason the skeptic/atheist youtube community has mostly switched over to debunking things like feminism and black lives matter or calling out the irrational lovefest for Islam. There are a lot of flawed, irrational ideologies and misguided movements with very loud voices that straight up refused to listen to criticism.

      SJW's are the ones that tend to fall back to safe spaces or only communicate within their own echo chambers, refusing to listen to differing opinions. Quite a few prominent feminists for example, close off the comments section of their youtube channels and some even have bots on twitter that will ban people that have NEVER interacted with them all because they follow a different twitter account that they don't personally like.

    • Ahh, see I don't like when people do stuff like close comments and such. That's basically saying that what anybody else has to say is irrelevant.

  • GoldMeddle
    Obviously either extreme is a problem. But the Anti-PC mentality hasn't worked its way into the political system (yet that is- that will obviously change if Donald Trump gets elected.) Political correctness has. And political correctness has gotten way out of hand.

    See, I don't believe she was actually offended. I think this woman has a massive god complex and believes she is not only entitled to private information but also believes that she cannot be challenged in any way. She herself didn't even know if it was sexual harassment. But in case it was, she wasn't about to let him get away with it.

    SJWs are mostly narcissists with god complexes. Introverted narcissism (silent and judging) basically. Anti-PC (ers?) are also narcissists with god complexes. Extroverted narcissism. (loud and bragging)

    Idiots who say sexist and racist things online don't have a voice in society. Nobody listens to them outside the virtual space. On the other hand, idiots who say everything is racist and sexist DO have a voice in society. That's why I'm more worried about them then I am about the Anti-PC crowd.

    Students have been ostracized by their peers before for not supporting black lives matter or feminism. A girl killed herself because she was so concerned she would be called a racist. And all these people do is bitch and moan about all the hardships they face. A bunch of SJWs sat on an airport runway a couple of days ago so planes could take off, protesting the racism blacks face, even though they WERE WHITE. I mean, wtf.

    You can read any article on the internet and you can see exactly what I'm talking about. I've read an article by a woman who claimed she was "sweat shamed" because a woman asked if she was OK. I've read an article by a woman claiming that men not liking pumpkin spice lattes is just a symptom of a larger problem- men hating stuff women like. I read an article claiming that AC is sexist, and the solution listed was to have all men wear shorts. No joke. They did not see the hypocrisy.

    Sorry for the long post, but these SJWs and feminists live in their own universe. They are better then everybody. Smarter, more talented, and just better people overall. They'd probably consider themselves more humble too. When really they just endlessly judge other people and bully anybody who challenges them.

    That's why those terms have become so dirty.
    • GoldMeddle

      I'm not saying there's anything wrong with white people supporting black lives matter. But the way they went about doing it. They weren't angry, they just wanted attention and wanted to be seen as the good guys.

      See, even that. I felt obligated to add that because I knew from past experiences on here that somebody was going to call me out on that. Even though I don't practice political correctness it still worms its way into my mind and I'm forced to think about it. But honestly I'd rather clarify what I meant then deal with people calling me a racist.

    • No need to apologize. You make some good points. And the fact that you did clarify, while not necessary, was nice. I don't feel like people should support a cause just because either. No one is obligated to support something they don't believe in. For example, I know that not everybody supports BLM. That's fine. I don't shame those that don't. But I've encountered many that wanted to shame me because I do. Like I said to someone else, no one agrees to disagree anymore.

  • AleDeEurope
    The problem with being a SJW is that they don't fight for justice. They just side with certain people and certain arguments because it's what they think it's right, not because it's justice.
    Same with being PC, they avoid saying certain, and necessary, truths, in order to not offend anyone. I'm sorry, but if you're cheating, I'm gonna call you an asshole; the last thing we need is cheating (just an example) to be acceptable. That's why today there's many behaviors that are destructive but people just let it go because "it's their life". True, it is, but it's also my life, and if you are ok with one person doing wrong, then others will do wrong too, and in the end, there'll be so many people doing wrong that it's very likely that you'll be victim of that wrongdoing.

    I've never heard of the Pink Knight before :/ Being a White Knight isn't just because you side with women, it's if you side with women under any circumstances. It's shaming a guy for cheating on his girlfriend, but thinking it's empowering if the girl cheats on his boyfriend. To use another example: it's siding with a woman when she says she uses men for money.
    Basically being a White Knight is siding with women when they do wrong.
    I thought being a Pink Knight would be siding with men when they do wrong xD
    • If you search pink knight on here, you'll see where I came up with that. But by your definition of white knight, I guess that would be what a pink knight was.

      And as for what you said about PC, you aren't wrong. People do need to be called out when they do wrong. I still feel like there should be a level of class to it tho.

  • Tarvold
    Yep. One of those blunt assholes signing in here.

    You know what? I actually agree with you on some things here. I don't NEED to be offensive and blunt and an ass to people, but there's an amount of effectiveness and efficiency in shocking people out of their set ways with really offensive language. An added bonus is that it's just plain fun.

    Another observation I'm forming into a theory these days is that SJWs and Pink Knights in particular are just severely deficient in intellect. The pattern repeats itself all the time. Someone makes a point about something and happen to use a "trigger" within the context of what he/she is saying. The SJW/Pink Knight will latch on to that trigger and unleashes her tor**** of rage - often at the expense of any sense of sensibilities and reason.

    You can try it yourself - drop a trigger word in a conversation with a SJW, and just sit back, nod, smile, deflect her arguments and it's only a matter of time until she turns into a full blown bigoted hypocrite. If I had the time, I'd literally do this all day. It's incredibly entertaining.

    I guess my point is - sometimes the most awful and foul language hides the best of intentions and genuine kindness, and sometimes the most civil conversations are just a distraction while the speaker is stabbing you in the back. I am someone who looks beyond words and the surface and judge people by their actions, and if anyone anywhere is doing something that's bullshit, I'm not going to hold back on calling them out on it.
    • Tarvold

      Oh wow! Tor rent gets censored here!

    • Yeah, the trigger word thing does bother me a bit because I feel like it gets misused. And I'm not against being blunt. Sometimes people don't get it any other way. But I'd like to think that even when being blunt, it doesn't have to be outright malicious

  • TiffyPuff
    PC means different things to different people.

    If you're not an asshole, it just means "be mindful of other people's feelings, cuz that's just decency."

    If you're a true conservative (i. e. closet racist), then PC is an attack on your "freedom of speech."

    If you're a SJW, then PC is a tool to get attention and to shut down the opinions of people you disagree with... unfortunately justifying the accusations of closet racists.
    • Lol that actually is pretty accurate. That's where the "kind of" part comes in I guess. I don't aim to shut down anyone's opinion, even if I don't agree with it. I'd much rather we agree to disagree and move on.

    • So your going to "be mindful of others peoples feelings, cuz that's just decency" then follow it up with calling an entire group of people closet racist (which I imagine is because you don't agree with them)? I do believe that's irony. I don't think I have met a racist conservative though I have met plenty of racist liberals. And just to preempt you no I am not a conservative I think both ideologies are flawed, mainly because their ideologies. When you have to watch what ever you say because some one, like the woman in the video, will take it out of context that's PC, that's why people hate it because you can't speak your mind with out being called, oh I don't know lets say racist, if you mention that the black community is responsible for the violence in the black community, of that your sexist if you point out that men are suffering in many (pretty much all) areas of life (hence a talk on male suicide being shut down by feminist because it was considered sexist). That's PC.

  • martyfellow
    These terms may beat used, but they exist BECAUSE there are so many fake PC people who whine because someone said blacks commit a lot of crimes, while refusing to adit there's anything wrong with mass killing of Palestinians for example.

    And pink knights I hadn't heard that one before, but boy, are there a lot of those. Every workplace has some, and in professions like teaching with a lot of educated women man, half the women could be described this way.
    • Sorry this damn I Pad. These terms may be ABUSED,

    • Yeah, it's kind of assumed that most women are pink knights. At least that's what guys think.

    • I wouldn't say all or even a a majority, but among educated women... and even more, among women with any sort of POWER in society, yes, most of those women are pink Knights.

  • front2back
    I've always found it somewhat ironic that usually these so called "social justice warriors" I see are middle-class white women. Like it's so sad you came in 2nd place for being the most well off people in society behind white men. I'm sure the discrimination and oppression you face is just soooo horrible compared to what blacks and arabs in the country go through.
  • ADFSDF1996
    Another reason why sjws, white knights, feminists etc are loathed is because they show misandry yet they claim that they are "Egalitarian" when they show the opposite of Egalitarianism. I respect real Egalitarians because they believe in true equality. They don't consider one group more important than another. However I'm not fond of SJWs, white knights. I also abhor racists or any kind of bigot.
  • anonman32
    The problem i have with SJW's and PC culture is that its too authoritarian. These people force us to join them and their silly ideas or else they call us a phobe this or a phobe that. Come on, live and let live. These people need to leave us the fuck alone with their bullshit.
    • Nobody agrees to disagree anymore. It's like people feel like they have to fight to the death over an opinion.

    • anonman32

      Yep and if you dont think the same as me you are the enemy and the enemy must die, so to speak.

    • Yeah, sad but true.

  • Jager66
    It's an ideological battle as old as human civilization and it boils down to Tyranny Vs. Freedom. If you're PC, SJW etc.. then you are on the side of Tyranny and oppression.

    Debate, Humor, Satire, Criticism etc.. are going to hurt people feelings and it doesn't matter if those things hurt your feelings. We do not, and should not, have a right to not be offended and/or hurt by someone else's opinion.
    • I can't say that I fully agree with that. People have the right to be offended. It's when they behave like the woman in the video that problems arise.

    • Jager66

      " People have the right to be offended."

      I never said they didn't...

    • "We do not, and should not, have a right to not be offended and/or hurt by someone else's opinion."

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  • BuchitaBuchys
    Lol I swear I was going to write a take on this! Like there's people here who go out of their way to insult others for seemingly no goddamm reason
    • There definitely are. That group is growing larger daily it seems.

    • NatashaJ

      I notice that too on this site mostly the men here are pricks no offense to them.

    • NatashaJ

      I wonder if GAG is going to deal with them.

  • Hopefuldreamer8
    A lot of these people end up overusing the word "troll" as well. If you disagree with someone who is being overly sensitive, you're suddenly an Internet troll. I disagreed with someone in a Facebook comment about pranks. She believes that pranking is another form of bullying. I responded that I don't think it's bullying if everyone involved is having fun. She responded back that I was nothing but a troll and to get a life. I don't understand how I was trolling. I wasn't even rude when I gave her my opinion and I wasn't trying to upset her. I just told her my thoughts on the situation.

    I've noticed that with a lot of people who get offended so easily. Apparently you're a troll if you disagree with them, even if you aren't being rude with your opinion.

    I was always under the impression that a troll is someone who is purposely trying to make people angry.
    • Yeah, I thought that too. Like these people here that ask these off the wall questions to bait people. That's what I consider a troll.

    • NatashaJ

      Yeah that was over reacting from your friend if I were you I avoid her. She seems nutty or a control freak with opinions.

  • LogicBomber
    If you stand up for what you believe in but have absolutely zero fact or substantial data... you are simply a lunatic. Especially when ALL accountable data proves you are wrong.
    Which is the case with 99% of feminist rhetoric and social justtards.
    • 99% huh? Got any sources to back that up? 😊

    • I find it funny how bullshit stats feminist almost never requires legitimate sources to be used, regurgitated, and spread like truth.
      But when someone criticizes them... the first response is always "Prove it".

      But since you asked.
      Wage gap... Not real. Economist and simple math prove it.

      Rape culture:

      Domestic Violence: It's EQUAL female to male as male to female.
      There are over 248 different scholarly studies proving this.

      Rape stats are lies.

      ALL links are either non-biased gov stats and studies or have links to them.

      Please give me ANY other western feminist claimed issue and I will give you proof of it being nonsense.

    • And I find it funny how a large part of your argument has been about feminist and feminism, yet it's not mentioned one time in this Take. You assumed, and you were wrong. But thanks for providing the stats.

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  • ThisDudeHere
    But why associate yourself, even if only to an extent, with these labels when you could just say that you are for common sense?
    • Why not?

    • Because the ones that use these labels have ruined them and you stand to ruin your own image.

    • And that's my point. I'm trying to bring some positivity back those terms. If that ruins my image, then so be it. People can see for themselves that I don't fit into their definitions of these terms. People are looking at one end of the spectrum.

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  • Jayded1
    Lots of terms. I've been called a white knight countless times on the internet, not for "siding with a girl" though, well some where, but just saying something nice or being a good guy will do it. i dont care though, I mean if thats what a white knight is, then I am a white knight, fuck the douche bags. Though generally I dislike SJWs, PC, etc etc. Uneducated people fighting for things they dont truly understand.
    • Been there. I like pissing people like that off so, I have decided to go by The Pink Knight. I like it. describes the perfect human, Half Male and Half female. Like the Bible intended it to be. The warrior on one side and the compassion and empathy on the other. It also makes for a perfect warrior. I think the U. S. Marines should adopt this name for a special unit made up of perfect humans and perfect warrior's

  • Mastabruce
    Lmfao this woman in the video is hilarious. A prime example of what this bullshit creates in "empowered women." She yells so everyone can join in on her feminist rant saying, "He asked me do u know what my name is"... when in reality she wanted to know what his name was and she asked for it, literally. She got a name... took her awhile to realize she fucked up by walking over there trying to start something in the first place, then proceeded to cause a scene, from her own embarrassment. Why do people act like their making a difference by shoving a phone in someones face when u think theyve done something u disagree with? In reality, she was harrassing him for no apparent reason. If i just finished an interview and some ignorant woman is filming my face for no apparent reason asking what my name is, id probably shove the camera out of my face. This guy seemed pretty casual about it not touching her phone or doing anything to avoid it. He simply said a harmless joke that threw her entire plan out the window so she thought of a Plan B (lol) im going to cause a scene and yell sexual harrassment, which isn't the case at all, so everyone can see that i have every right to yell in this mans face and that IM RIGHT... IM RIGHT to embarrass this man for doing nothing to me to make myself feel better after i knew i fucked up by walking over to that guy in the first place. Is it wrong to say "feminists" can't have a normal discussion without yelling and ranting about how men are evil? Im sorry if this offends any "feminists" but this is all I've seen in the entire epitome of "feminism." Men have been putting the opposite gender on a pedistile for our entire lives. So to any "feminist" i say, please shut the fuck up and stop complaining about nothing. Its getting old.
  • Luci92
    OH. MY. GOD.
    Seriously, what is wrong with people?
    She is off her rocket clearly.
  • NatashaJ
    Honestly if someone going to be disrespectful because of your label they are an idiot and avoid them for all costs. People who hate feminism are good examples.
    • NatashaJ

      But the chick in the video was just a other attention whore she needed attention so badly or she could had walk away from the guy and ignore his response.

    • GoldMeddle

      @NatashaJ I agree, but I have a question. Do you have a problem with people who criticize feminism, or do you just have a problem with those who hate it?

    • NatashaJ

      @GoldMeddle you can say all you want about feminism Idc but make sure its fact and what you believe is not fact. For example if you totally believe all of us are man haters then when you try to pass it off as fact that's my problem. Because 1 that's stupid and 2 what you say isn't proof of your "fact".

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  • thesunstillshines9
    What's a pink knight
    I just saw the video only
    I laughed. She's nuts
    • She is. And if you search pink knight on here, that's where I first saw it.

  • Righttobeararms83
    Personally from my personal experience with SJW's is that they are more often disingenuous and dont know much about the cause they are fighting and certainly don't care about, usually university students who want a cause to fight or someone in authority to rebel against all because its trendy and fashionable. PC Nazis on the other hand are usually overzealous nuts who dont really care whether someone is offended but fake offence so they can verbally attack someone to feel morally superior even though they know they are being, one example being "mansplanning", I know many black folks im friendly with consider PC people very racist in the way the act towards them. I've never heard of pink knights but white knights on the other hand are guys that will take a woman's side no matter what right or wrong as they think it makes them very enlightened and sexually attractive and any man that disagrees with a woman is sexist, were as they are actually the ones being sexist.
  • APRU5
    I hate when people get offended but insalt people and distrespect them like this its so stupid
  • Harpesian
    I have never heard of pink knights before.