The Dangers of Going Overboard With PC, Coming From a Liberal


An open letter to people somehow more left than me:

Hi, I'm a feminist, leftist, gay pride loving liberal. That was a little redundant, but you get the point. I've posted a few takes about feminism (from a positive light) and some other liberal agenda. However, I thought, Id take a side note and talk about going overboard. Here are a few examples:

The Dangers of Going Overboard With PC, Coming From a Liberal

The Obama Administration (which I usually support) has purged all references linking terrorism with Islam, and mandated that no US government agency shall produce training material linking the two

Honesty, I wish people would screw their heads on straight and realize all religions are just cults that got popular. But, this is America, and people have freedoms to pursue their bizarre fantasies. So, I am definitely not for hate speech toward Muslim people, or stereotypes of terrorism.

However, this is just a reality of much of the terrorism the world is facing. It is extremist Islam, there is no way around that. Are all, or even a majority of muslims violent? No, absolutely not. But, we can't just omit facts because we want to be PC. Get a hold of yourself, come on!

The Dangers of Going Overboard With PC, Coming From a Liberal

The EEOC does not allow discrimination against non-violent offenders because it does undue harm against minorities

I agree, we have a socio-economic divide between races in this country, and I agree we need to continue to improve on that, as well as our judicial system.

However, you really can not put employers in this situation. Regardless, if these individuals would have been let go or received less severe punishments if they were white, they still broke the law! They still did drugs, or whatever else. You can not expect employers to take the potential liability of hiring a criminal simply because our socio-economic racial divide needs work. They have the information at that point, and they really can't just ignore it.

The Dangers of Going Overboard With PC, Coming From a Liberal

There was a high school in California that sent 5 students home for wearing an American flag t-shirt on Cinco De Mayo

Clearly, these kids were trying to be xenophobic. Now, I think xenophobia is ridiculous, and the product of generations of inbreeding, but it's still their right. This is America, they can wear an American flag t-shirt on any day they wish!

The Dangers of Going Overboard With PC, Coming From a Liberal

The whole "It's time to have a female/black/jewish/jehova's wittness president thing

Yes, I agree that this would show great progress for our country...if we elect the right person. The whole point of defeating racism, sexism, etc. is that race and gender are not viewed in the context of who would be a better leader. If you have merit-able reasons for voting for Hillary, my hat is off to you If you are doing so largely because "it's time," please don't call yourself a liberal. You are everything that is wrong with our side of the fence, and only give fuel to the right. The right isn't exactly immune to this idiocy.. case and point: Sarah Palin. That women literally represents the worst of the female race. She is dumber than a drunk sorority girl when she is at her prime. My god people.

With all that said, there are plenty of other examples.

However, I'd like to say in conclusion: Donald Trump really is a racist, sexist, a hole.

"They're rapists, murderers, and some...I assume are good people" that's not being anti-pc, that's being racist.

However, as a recent college has bared victim to, if people want to write go Trump on the sidewalk, that should not be considered an "unsafe environment." He's a political candidate, and even if people are idiots, they still have the freedom of speech as long as it's not threatening.

Leave your comments below, I'm sure I pissed off an assortment of people. Possibly more than usual.

The Dangers of Going Overboard With PC, Coming From a Liberal
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  • vishna
    I am about as liberal as they come, and though there could be some Republican tumblr crazy coots, I think many aren't.-people who complain about the patriarchy, don't wear tampons/cups (let the blood flow), and hate men, I hate them, because stupid people want to bunch feminists like me with them.

    On the religion thing. I'm not religious, and don't really care much for religion, it's fun history to learn about, but not my cup of tea. However, I try to not seem judging when discussing religion because I know what it's like to have my sincerely held beliefs (even if backed with facts) brushed aside simply because it isn't popular. Plus, few people like you if you're a jerk about their religion. So, calling religions a cult is really not smart in your own self interests because you're risking a lot of connections and possibly burning a lot of bridges.

    In regards to Islam, of course we should see there's a problem with Islamic terrorists, but it is important to note that all Islam isn't bad... and a lot of people don't get that still-so, the message still has to be said.
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  • takumii
    It's time we realize that Terrorism is a big problem , and there is a problem with Islam, not with Muslims but with Islam. If reading this gives you the urge to wanna kill me, then you are the part of the problem.

    And yes we do want a woman president, just not Hillary 😅
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    • ElissaDido

      If islam was the problem you would have 1.6 billion of terrorists tbh >< not less than 1 % whatever that percentage is

    • takumii

      @ElissaDido I never said Islam was the problem, I said Islam has a problem. Which is some people trying to misinterpret the religious books and systematically brainwashing kids to make future suicide bombers.

    • KingRoach

      You should work on your English bc it reads differently then you say you intended.

      On a separate note, it's died down in recent history but many many lives have been taken in the name of Christianity.

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    lol fucking california
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  • ElissaDido
    I think that "not being PC" became the new excuse for being an asshole without getting blamed for it.
    You can clearly state your opinion while being diplomatic, this is how you keep good relations with others and be civilized without necessarily jeopardizing your opinion/voice.
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    • orphan

      well said.

    • Yes you can. My point was more so when political correctness gets in the way of action, or reason. For example, electing a female president for the sole reason she is female is counter productive to the feminist movement; it makes entirely no sense. When we can't say such and such person shouldn't be promoted, but this other guy should be. If the first guy is black and the other guy is white, our over PC culture of often insists its racial in nature, when in fact it may just be their character traits and skill.

    • Jager66

      Plenty of people prefer rough and tumble speech, and who is to be the judge of what is offensive, and civilized anyway?

      PC is fine, so long as every other kind of speech is just as openly accepted, otherwise PC is simple a tool to censor and deceive.

  • TheButterfly
    First of all, religion is not a cult. If someone wants to believe in something and they aren't hurting anyone then leave them alone. Also, a knee jerk reaction to terrorism should not be "oh they must be Islamic". Thats flat out ignorant discrimination. Following the real doctrines of Islam is not killing people. Believing that way just makes everything worse.
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    • First of all, I said that it's America, and people can believe what they want. It's a My Take, I'm respectful of people's beliefs in the workplace and elsewhere. My belief, is that religion is an overrated cult., and I am entitled to my opinion- because again- free country.

      When in the fuck did I say a knee jerk reaction should be "oh, they must be islamic?" Did I say that, where did I say that? Seriously, it's puzzling me. I said that purging training documents of any reference to Islamic terrorism is asinine. I also said most Muslim people are not terrorists, or violent. That does not mean, that the majority of terrorism in the modern world is not caused by extremest Islam. It just is. A long time ago, the majority of terrorism was arguably caused by Christian crusaders- which essentially amounts to the same thing. I don't believe that way. Please learn to read. Again, you are fuel for the right to call us over PC- because you are.

    • When trying to make an intelligent argument, it helps not to stoup to being an asshole. As far as reading goes, I read your take perfectly clear, and I read between the lines. You match the stereotype from the right of liberals being hottheaded and emotional.

    • Maazin

      That 2nd response was brilliant

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  • KingRoach
    I somehow doubt that you are a liberal. All the things you equated to PC are there to subdue the flames.

    I looked up specifics of the "purge" and it appears the "purge" was about inflammatory statements such as implying that all Muslim clerics are secret terrorist enablers. If you have some more specific and unhelpful things that were purged, I'd be glad to hear (2 sources would be awesome too).

    Do the crime, do the time is a big difference from do the crime do the time forever. What extra liabilities are you talking about? Are you saying "once a criminal always a criminal"?

    Thank God the Californa school sent those kids home it's the same mentality as white lives matter. No one says they don't but as soon as black lives matter became a thing, certain groups want to prevent those people from getting attention. It's Medcan Independence Day? Ok, I'm going to wear an American flag to help support you... Yeah, ok. It's an undercover way to keep someone else down.

    As I said, I highly doubt you're a liberal. More likely than not you're just rephrasing the same old argument. Free speech has limitations; you can't yell fire in a crowded movie theatre. I'm not saying that it's to the same degree but it's the same concept: stirring up trouble for the simple reason to stir up trouble.
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    • Your first point: valid, and I'll need to do some more research on this. What I read was that the Obama admin basically stripped Islam from terrorism training manuals. What I found odd, was that it is neccessary to know about the religion that these individuals are using, even if wrongly.

      Your second point: Yes. Sorry, but if you committed a serious crime other than minor drug offenses, say auto theft or something similar, you are putting undue strain on companies who now have to accept some liability for your actions. I try to be understanding, but there needs to be a balance here.

      Your third point: Yeah it's stupid, and obviously it's meant to belittle Cinco De Mayo. But the school had no right to send them home. It's freedom of speech. That was my point.

      Your fourth point: I am likely a moderate compared to you. However, I can hardly attach that label to myself. I choose my battles, and do not pathologically look for ways to be offended about something.

    • KingRoach

      I am an oddity in that I have become more liberal with age. I was an independent for many years and would have voted for McCain in 1994 if he had gotten the nomination. GWB is who pushed me to the left and seeing people like McCain fall into party line solidified my position.

      Since we seem to be not that far apart, I'll only address the part about the felons. Maybe this point will have you concede quickly; besides tax incentives for hiring felons there is a federal bond available for free to employers that protects them against any losses the incur by hiring a felon if the felon breaks the law under their employment.

      So if you think about it, it's actually safer to hire a felon. If someone with no record gets caught stealing an employer is out of luck. If a felon gets caught stealing then the employer is reimbursed.

  • Gommers
    You're a retarded jackass if you are any of the individual things you've selfdefined as.

    And before I even address your generalized stupidity in full I'd like to bring attention to the fact that Donald Trump is married and has kids with an immigrant, he's talking about illegal immigrants.

    Cut the stupid propaganda shit.
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    • And this is the extreme right. About as friendly to logic and reason, as they are to anyone that isn't exactly like themselves.

    • Gommers

      Son, I'm an anarchist. Not left or right. We need to hit the reset button so people understand what's really important in society.

    • Yeah, you're right. Anarchy isn't extreme left or right, it's a whole seperately kind of nuts

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  • Travelingmouse
    Wow, I totally agree with you on this. I consider myself a liberal too, but it drives me crazy when we can't say the facts because it's not PC. I mentioned the recent spate of sexual assaults on women in Europe by groups of men who were described as Arab or North African. I never said all Arabs or North Africans mistreat women, I was just repeating what the victims described and immediately some people accused me of being a racist or they said the ethnicity of the people should never be mentioned. But that's what happened so why can't we talk about it honestly? Some went as far as saying the women were lying about what happened to them. WTF? If orchestrated groups of White men went around sexually assaulting women in Asia or Africa today you bet they would be all over it calling it racism, colonialism, part of the patriarchy, etc... It's amazing to me how some of the feminists were more concerned with protecting the identity of the men who committed these assaults than the women. Also I got picked on a lot growing up. I'm Asian and when I was a kid, lots of people were racist against me, sometimes to the point where I was afraid to go out and play. All the liberals assume that these racists were White and start going off about how White people are all racist a-holes. When I say that actually they were Black kids, everyone looks uncomfortable and they don't want to talk about it because that doesn't fit the PC narrative.
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  • Fathoms77
    I do have one hypothetical question:

    If kids were in school for the July 4th holiday and somebody wore a shirt with the Mexican flag on it, would that person be sent home?
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  • DooMguy
    " I'm a feminist, leftist, gay pride loving liberal"

    ^ cuck

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  • Righttobeararms83
    I personally would have no problem voting for a female candidate if she was right for the job not because its time, the real tragedy of American politics is that we can't produce one good female politician worthy of public office where other countries in thr western world can.
  • Dimmu
    Why everyone focusing on tens of thousands innocents killed by terrorism

    While can't even notice millions killed by us terrorist army, noone noticed Guantanamo, noone notice Israel, that is the real terror
    You can't focus on tens of thousands while neglecting millions,

    Is there difference between innocents? or all are human?

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  • Dred1614
    That American flag t shirt thing got me going. If that were me, they would've had to drag me out forcefully, I wouldn't have budged. I agree with most of what you said. Very well done take.
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  • Rissyanne
    I believe we are drowning in political correctness. But sorry... I support Trump.
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    • Rissyanne

      @tabboule I dont recall asking you a damn thing. Maybe you can come back to your senses when you stop smoking all that weed.

    • takumii


  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    Liberal opinions can't be taken seriously. You are smuggling in so much racist, sexist s***. While attempting to contort your message as being the "light of way". You're part of the problem. So what, you're feeling guilty about what your bull s*** beliefs have begat? Are you actually beginning to admit you are wrong? Watching liberals try and cull their narratives to fit their agendas is like watching a monkey season his own s*** before dining on it. Here are your messages in a nutshell:"kill the infidels", "women should be above men because genitilia", "gays may owe their existence to heterosexuals but they don't care, because rights." This is such a cowardice piece of "literature".
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    • What in the fuck are you talking about? So I make a My Take about pragmatism and not going too far with equal rights, and your response is that I am suggesting "women are above men." Dude, you have some screws lose.

    • The only screw loose is the one supporting the shaky ground your credibility attempts to stand. As long as affirmative action still festers in this country, feminists will be default besmirched. You should be tolerant of Muslims, especially the extremists, they're the MOST misunderstood if I embrace your beliefs. Do you even understand how they shape into that state of mind? From a biological standpoint, what is pragmatic about homosexuality? What, too many people? How about people work instead of f***ing like jack rabbits? Did THAT pragmatic thought ever cross your wittle liberal mind?

    • None of that idiotic rant made literally any sense.

  • Jehovahkiin
    PC culture is retarded and detrimental to N. American society.
    Instead of facing real issues head on, this notion of needing to be “politically correct” slanders anyone who remotely brings up an argument linking to a topic that may offend someone. In extreme cases, you can’t even express your dislike for the Black Lives Matter movement or Feminism without being labelled a racist or misogynist.
    The fact of the matter is that people are tired of being told that these things are wrong and Trump is pretty much at the centre of this idiocy populist movement. People become more willing to drop issues they have with him and support him in his ideals against PC culture. Trump is the result of this extreme regressive PC culture.

    Thanks to Feminism, SJWs, etc, they counterintuitively paved way for the rise of Trump.
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  • Jersey2
    I appreciate ypur point of view. I do think though that a divide has been created as many people are fed up with PC. I don't see that changing anytime soon. I tune out when I hear a liberal point of view anymore.
  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    Fascist! Islamophobe! People like you shoud go to jail!

    (pretending to be a typical liberal here, but i am sure you're already used to acting this "fuck logic" way so you may not be surprised at all)
  • Phoenix98
    I early political correctness has never done anything useful for anyone but restrict free speech. And overtime become a tool to restrict what one can say and even go as far as to put people's lives In danger and screwing with lives when it starts getting into other areas.

    Free speech in its entirety is better but you have to accept the fact that its the right to speak openly and freely but is also the right to offend. And everyone needs to be trusted not abuse it or use it for misdeeds but everyone needs to be trusted to grow some thick skin and not act like a hurt child when someone says something they don't like.
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  • Telekinetic-Potato
    You didn't quote him right. "(Illegal immigrants) They're rapists, murderers, and some... I assume are good people"

    There's nothing racist about that statement. He was talking about criminals sneaking into our country and the statistical fact that a majority of illegal immigrants are involved in these types of crimes. He never said Mexicans do these things, he said that we have an illegal immigration problem and the people are jumping the border with Mexico.

    I don't see why this is so hard for people to understand. The only explanation is that it's simply what you want to believe because somehow, the Democrats have brainwashed you into thinking that anything they say is gold and good and anything that even says republican is a rich, evil bigot trying to tyrannize the middle class into poverty. I'm so sick of it being right in everyone's face and they can't see it. Right there in big print, it's not even hard to see, there's almost no trick to it.
    • That's not a statistical fact. It's not even close to almost being somewhat accurate. It's just racism.

    • It's not a statistical fact that most illegal immigrants in this country go on to break laws like rape, theft murder, assault, fraud just to name a few?

      Also, what's racist about it? We're talking about illegal immigrants, we're not talking about a race. You're the one being racist if anything. You get so angry just because someone states a fact. They haven't even mentioned race and you're crying racist before anyone even names a race.

    • It's xenophobia which amounts to the same thing. Where are you getting these stats from? Most illegal immigrants only break the law of illegal immigration; they are working 90% of their time here; they don't have time to break the law

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  • VictoriousSausage
    opinions must be shared and re shared, but common decency and respect for someone must also be utilized, i don't know how this has suddenly become one thing that people are blaming lack of free speech on, i've seen a lot of people use PC as an excuse to be as racist as they like, and while i think free speech is important, you still need to be considerate of others, you'd never go up to your friend whose troubled and start joking about when they're seriously hurt or traumatized by it, so why suddenly hate someone or use language that's been used for hate against someone for no apparent reason, it's a complete lack of thinking of the consequences.
    • but yes, i do agree with you, there are dangers to it too, but really it's all about respect, if you have respect for a people and for people in general, you can tell that by the way you talk to them, with manners and tact, but if you show none of that, you obviously don't care about that or them, which is why it can seem so disrespectful, plus i don't want people to be afraid to speak their mind.

  • BigBallerSodaPop
    Obama's the biggest pussy I've ever seen in my life
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  • John_Doesnt
    You kind of missed the point of Obama banning links to terrorism and Islam. Religion does not cause violence and it's something that people need to understand.
    The mere fact you don't understand that proves just how right Obama was in making that mandate. Most religions have violence, bigotry and intolerance as a part of their moral code. Yet, most people who follow those religions don't go around committing acts of terrorism.
    You've ignored how many people are killed on a regular basis by Christian and Jewish Fundamentalists.
    • Im sorry, but that's stupid. I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists, as I Stated stereotypes provide nothing, and I don't think people should assume or even consider that a Muslim may be a terrorist. But the fact is that most terrorism is committed by extremist Muslims, maybe contorting their faith for some other agenda, their faith is still a big piece of understanding their motivations. Please let me know how many terrorist acts are caused by Christian and Jewish extremists in comparison to Islam. You are making things up to be liberal, and that is silly, not to mention just plain wrong

    • You still missed the point and calling me stupid doesn't help. People will stereotype and profile Muslims in the government if they are allowed to make correlations between Muslims and terrorism. Anybody with a hijab or something resembling a hijab will get harassed by police, airport security and other government officials. That's the actual problem. How would you feel as a Hindu wearing a turban and getting treated like a potential terrorist because you "look like a Muslim"?
      You just don't get it at all.

    • Not agreeing with you is not "missing the point". I understand the point is to limit stereotypes of Muslim people in government procedures. However, it does little to that effect. I also didn't say you were stupid; I think this policy decision is stupid, and I believe Obama is one of the smartest people in our country; the idea is still stupid. Bigotry is cultural; you can't legislate it going away. there simply are correlations between the Muslim faith and terrorism, at least in modern times. Many years ago, Christians committed the majority of terrorism. The crusades I would basically define as terrorism. It doesn't say anything about the faith itself. Still, if we are unable to understand key areas of a terrorists motives and life, how the hell are we supposed to catch them? It's just fucking stupid. You are so hell bent on making sure no one I offended; you're willing to ignore the fact that human lives will be the expense.

  • Maazin
    Every bloke out here thinks that he/she should be a columnist for Wall street journal or Huff post.
    Nobody gives an eff dear.
    • Yeah, let's go on a user generated site and bash the entire concept behind the it. You sound like a winner bud.

    • Maazin

      The whole world is fed up of this is America, Free Speech and what not.
      Just look at down south.
      The great American dream has gone awry.

    • It doesn't matter if the world is fed up or not. It's still a constitutional right

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  • helloitsmethere
    Stop right there... religion isn't a cult :/
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    • Then what is a cult?

    • @TheButterfly Thanks for blocking me. If you are trying to make an intelligent argument, don't be so passive aggressive. Reading between the lines is inferring things that may not exist. My message was simple and pretty clear; if you are "reading between the lines" you are looking for ways to be offended.

  • Sabretooth
    jehova's wittness don't even run.
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  • Anonymous
    the biggest danger i see that will stem from political correctness is that islam is going to run roughshod on america because nobody has the fucking balls to admit that islam is dangerous!!!
  • Anonymous
    Obama explained the rational behind not using "islam" in association with terror and if you understand the role propaganda plays in ISIS recruitment, he has a valid point.

    ISIS wants to paint this as an end times war of islam vs the crusaders and associating the entire religion with terror plays right into their propaganda and recruitment efforts.

    Donald trump is too stupid to know this and just want to spread hate and xenophobia.
  • Anonymous
    Hi, I'm a liberal, therefore an anti feminist, moderate leftist, and although prising the rights of gay's, also condemning the morals of homosexuality (and promiscuity in general).

    PS: a Jehovah's witness can't become the president of the USA, since they refuses to be political - the only truly neutral group I know of.
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  • Anonymous
    gtfo of here, you're no liberal. Not even close. You don't even know what the word means. No liberal would have that bigoted mindset about muslims, blacks, and women as you do (yeah yeah I know you don't think you're bigoted, you're just "telling the truth like it is").
    You look like just another one of those "white men are the most oppressed group in the world!" types. Also probably a zionist atheist who watches Bill Maher all the time. You people are as common on the internet as cockroaches are in the sewer.
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    • how have I been bigoted? Enlighten me? You've also made a lot of inferences about my beliefs that are not remotely true. When you read between lines too long, you start to see stuff that isn't there- it's over PC in a nutshell.

  • Anonymous
    "It's 2016..." is never a valid reason for anything. Their should be a female in the white house because it's X year won't get her there... although trump running against her might help. They are both such bad candidates...

    You're not wrong. It's even shown in your post. People now feel the need to list the ways they are part of a minority to have a view on the left -

    "Hi, I'm a feminist, leftist, gay pride loving liberal. "

    Nobody should care. They should talk to you about your views and ideas. Who you are, your race, sexuality... none if it should matter and we're at a point where the left feel you need to be one of these things to have a say.
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    • I agree, to a certain extent.. white straight males (of which I am a member) should not discuss any problems they face, because they do not face any problems- or so the extreme left says. Honestly, as a class, we do face less problems than the rest of society - hence white privilege. But there are certain predicaments that still pose problems for our class, and I feel people should feel free to discuss these.

      As per your other argument. No, I feel these are interest groups, in the same way you might identify as a conservative, or whatever you happen to be. There is power in numbers. So, labels are necessary to a certain extent. To another extent, there has been a gamification of our country and probably the whole developed world. People see Democrat vs. Republican as some sort of team battling now. This was not the case even a couple decades ago. It has created some extreme divisiveness, so it's gone a bit too far in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not American so maybe the problems are different here. Democrat vs. Republican means nothing to me. You're parties are both right wing from where I am sitting. I do not see "white privilege" here. If you're poor you're poor. Race doesn't matter.