3 Big Misconceptions about Liberalism and Liberals

3 Big Misconceptions about Liberalism and Liberals

There are a lot of people who think that Liberals are evil and some people just don't understand what it means to be a liberal or that there are different forms of liberalism like there are different forms of conservatism. So here are several misconceptions about what liberalism is.

1. Liberals automatically hate guns

3 Big Misconceptions about Liberalism and Liberals

I like guns. When I move to Washington State I'm planning on doing a lot of hiking, camping, fishing, and a little hunting. However I do not want to be caught unarmed when encountering a Caribou, an Elk, A Wolf, A Cougar, A Bear, ectera so I'm planning on getting a Concealed Carry License and a six shot .38 snub-nosed revolver. Now despite Washington being the first state to legalize all three of Recreational use of Marijuana, Assisted Suicide, and Same Sex Marriage and generally being an ultra-liberal state its gun laws are similar to Nevada or the Carolinas and it accepts permits from the Carolinas. The state that happily elected the democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has looser gun laws than Texas.

See here is the thing, when it comes to Democrats and guns, the Democrats actually have a conservative stance and the GOP has a liberal stance. (Mind-fuck I know) the attitudes on gun's and marijuana are why the Libertarian party is more socially liberal than than the democrats yet their attitude towards welfare and healthcare and more fiscally conservative than the GOP. You see

The definition of Liberalism is, "Liberalism is a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality."

The Definition of Conservatism is, "Conservatism (or conservativism) is any political philosophy that favours tradition (in the sense of various religious, cultural, or nationally-defined beliefs and customs) in the face of external forces for change, and is critical of proposals for radical social change."

So the right to own guns is actually liberal (And make no mistake I'm not a democrat and am a Registered independent.) is something the Democrats need to stop saying that 'liberals support assault weapons bans' and shit, because by definition, that is not liberal.

2. Liberals hate America

3 Big Misconceptions about Liberalism and Liberals

I fucking love this country and people like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Ted Cruz make me Angry about the corruption and people trying to hold us back. I am pro Universal Healthcare, Tax-payer funded education, expanding welfare and social security. I'm a democratic socialist. (I'm not a communist though I do think that communism might be one day achieved properly when we reach post scarcity in a hundred and something years, till then I'm a democratic socialist)

I want to end the exploitation of ANYONE. I want people to be valued because they are human not because they are wealthy. I love America and I just have a different view of the direction we should go in.

3. Misconception; Liberals love political correctness

3 Big Misconceptions about Liberalism and Liberals

Despite not really being sure of what people talk about when they mean political correctness. I love freedom of speech. I think that you should have the right to say what you want as long as you are not threatening or slandering someone. I might think its racist or bull-shit in which case I will use my free-speech to call your racist comments or bull-shit out but you do need to remember what the 1st amendment actually protects.

3 Big Misconceptions about Liberalism and Liberals
3 Big Misconceptions about Liberalism and Liberals
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  • somebodysaycheese
    I waa once a liberal before i startes thinking for myself. No offense but this exactly what they are like whiny little babies who throw fits when people dont have views like them but we live ina place of freedom of speech and equality right? No, no such thing as equality , to give someone more equality is to take away someone elses freedoms. oh and a socialist is pretty much the same as a communist its wanting to take away individual freedoms to get what you want. So, i kinda disagree with this.

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    • Waffles731

      No, its actually not, the same as communism,
      Communism the state owns everything, Socialism has everyones basic needs met but the state owns everything, there are a great many varieties of socialism but communism has only a handful

    • Waffles731

      "Socialism has everyones basic needs met but the state owns everything, "
      But the state does not own everything

    • Socialism is where a few people threw enough fits to get everything handed to them so they force their ways upon the masses through govt. Communism is socialism are the same thing is a super fine line. You cannot create free anything without taking from someone else by enforcing your feelings onto others

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Most Helpful Guy

  • madhatters4
    great take. agree on each point
    i'm liberal. i don't hate guns at all... only the actions a minority of people use them for
    i'm liberal... i've traveled to many places and can say that even with its flaws america is the best place on earth
    i'm liberal... and think we are often too sensitive to things people say. there are things that cross lines but most people should be able to look past the simple words a person uses and understand their intention
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  • gotc147
    In regard to number 2...

    Donald Trump is not corrupt, he's just an ass, there is a HUGE difference.

    Also, expanding welfare and social security is blatantly anti-American. Americans not so long ago prided themselves on getting essentially zero help from the government in their day to day lives, people succeeded and failed entirely on their own merits.

    To define an entrapreneur, imagine jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down. Expanded social programs kill this attitude because there is no reason to take the risk, the government will just take care of you. This has the long-term effect of less competition in business, which is the key to a capitalist society, which drives up prices, kills jobs and increase the burden the welfare state must take on. The result is a death spiral of more and more people in the wagon with fewer and fewer people pulling it.

    Many other countries have learned this lesson the hard way, Venezuela, Greece, Italy, Spain... America does not need to suffer through failed economic experiments and there is no need to try to reinvent the wheel when we have a very good model already.

    Equality is great, but I only support equality of opportunity, whereas liberals want equality of results.
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    • Waffles731

      "Also, expanding welfare and social security is blatantly anti-American. Americans not so long ago prided themselves on getting essentially zero help from the government in their day to day lives, people succeeded and failed entirely on their own merits."
      Really, When was that, the 1950s or the 40s back when the middle class was created, cause that is untrue

    • Waffles731

      "Venezuela, Greece, Italy, Spain... America does not need to suffer through failed economic experiments and there is no need to try to reinvent the wheel when we have a very good model already."
      Yeah, cause Denmark, Sweden are really struggling economically, Hell the U. K used to be doing very well before brexit

    • gotc147

      It can cost up to 180% of the value of a car to actually register it in Denmark, like most who praise socialistic systems you fail to do your homework.

      The UK is going to experience some turbulent times yes, but they'll be much better off for it on the back end. The UK basically jumped out of a disabled airplane with a parachute with a few holes in it. Yes it's going to be a scarey ride down and the landing is going to hurt but you know what? It's better than still being on the plane when it hits the ground.

  • amandaaxo
    if liberals love america so much then why do they want sanctuary cities and to steal from americans who actually work hard so they can just give more to illegal immigrants who dont care about our country?
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    • Waffles731

      If conservatives love America so much why do they base so much of their policy off the bible when the constitution guarantees separation of church and state

    • amandaaxo

      ill answer your question after you properly answer mine

    • Waffles731

      Fine, I'll call your ignorance.
      First off, if people want to immigrate to this country then let them, we should make it easier.
      We are built on the backs of immigrants, steve jobs is the son of a syrian immigrant.
      Silicon valley heads generally lean liberal so don't give me that economy bullshit cause Tech companies are the future, mining and manufacturing is the past.
      Third, you can complain about liberals hating America when you spend twelve years in the military like my liberal father

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  • JRH1991
    There's a difference between a real Liberal and these fake, special snowflake commies that mascaraed around as liberals. Real Liberals really don't care what another person does or is into as long as they don't get in the way of your life or try to drag you into their issues against your will (Basically live and let live). These communist liberals on the other hand are not Liberals, they say they are for everyone being free to be themselves and that we must accept everyone: But not the people who believe in the right to bare arms, people who don't believe in certain things because of their religious beliefs, But yet think that islam is a religion of peace and can do no harm even though they openly they will kill all non believers and do kill homosexuals. These so called liberals also push political correctness because they think that we should not be hateful towards others because we might offend them, Yet they turn around and are spiteful, Violent and flat out hateful to others who don't agree.
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  • godfatherfan
    It doesn't say how old you are. I have been a Democrat my entire life. Although officially since 1984 when I watched the entire Republican and Democratic conventions and realized I identify strongly with the Democrats.
    I have never heard anyone say anything that you listed. So not sure where you came up with those.
    I have been a hunter since I was 7 and just started walking along side my dad and grandpa. I have had a Concealed pistol license since 1994. I shoot regularly and have many guns. Democrats are for common sense reform of gun laws, not one Democrat has ever said they want to take away guns.
    I cannot stand people that are politically correct.
    and I don't even understand number 2 so I will just ignore it.
    the best way to understand the difference between a Democrat and Republican is the following: (I hope it shows the pic. It rarely works when I try and post pictures.)
    [IMG]https://i64. tinypic. com/34eqdc3. jpg[/IMG]
    • I don't understand how people get graphics and such to show up in posts. They never work for me.

  • QuestionMan
    I hate to break it to you Waffles but you're not a liberal. Not in the modern sense that is.
    A modern liberal is someone that thinks like the Young Turks.

    We agree on some issues like free speech, guns, and tax payer funded education. Our views diverge when it comes to healthcare since I believe in a two tier system (one government funded for the poor and one private for whomever prefers it), I don't believe in a safety net instead I believe in a safety trampoline which would be a system in which the government would help you back up and into the workplace as quickly as possible instead of you sitting on welfare.

    I consider myself a centrist. Perhaps I should give my ideology a name. Haven't thought of one yet.

    You are most likely a social democrat.
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    • Waffles731

      Lets be honest here I'm kinda bi-polar with my thoughts

    • Look up social democracy I think it matches your economic views perfectly.

  • Dargil

    You have me on 1 and 3, but lets look at 2.
    Free stuff is great, but who pays for it? The average annual income per taxpayer in the USA is about $52,000 and pays maybe $4,500 in federal income tax. The average in-state tuition and fees for a student is $9,400. My most recent Obamacare quote (I pay the penalty, instead and am uncovered) was $4,600 with a huge deductible. So for those freebies for your snowflake, my obligation is $14,000 or another 9,500 out of my earnings if I earn about $52,000. That's another $182 out of my weekly check. Lest we forget, you want to increase welfare and social security. Who pays for the stuff I now can't afford? There aren't enough "the rich" to cover more than a fraction of what you want if you strip every cent from them. Everyone should take Economics 101 so they don't think the USA is their personal horn of plenty. I don't care who you fuck or what you smoke, but I have a right to the fruits of my hard work, not you.

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    • Dargil

      In-state in a government school.

    • Waffles731

      Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that obamacare is HEAVILY flawed and needs A FUCKLOAD of improving

    • Waffles731

      I mean you got punished for not having healthcare,
      That is exactly the opposite of the point

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  • PT1911
    Saying democratic socialism isn't socialism is like saying statutory rape isn't rape.
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  • ModernDayCrusader
    I am a national socialist. I like universal healthcare, but it won't work with our current economy. We need to dismantle the federal reserve and print our own currency, interest free, and controlled by Americans. Not zionist Jews.
    Democracy is tyranny (Will of majority controls minority)
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    • PT1911

      That literally means you are a Nazi.

      Nazi is the abbreviation for "national socialist"

    • Is that all you got from my opinion?
      Also between 1933-1939 unemployment in Germany was almost non-existent.
      The country had recovered from the depression WW1 and the Versailles treaty.

      Sounds like what the USA needs, of course without all the eugenics and genocide lol.

      I am not a nazi. I am a national socialist

    • TheFlak38

      The reaction of the indoctrinated brainwashed biological ruin "You are Nazi"
      without any knowledge about this degrading term or the ideology. Just following his programming and what his marxist school teacher taught him.

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  • ginny_weasley
    I am fairly liberal and I hate political correctness. I have however been called politically correct but I just call that respectful of other people.
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  • HeWhoPonders
    "I am a Democratic Socialist."


    I rest my case.
  • bloodmountain1990
    That sounds like socialist-fascist-communist-totalitarian-Nazi-Stalinist-Al Qaeda talk to me.

    lol just kidding, great take. Another misconception is that liberals want government taking over and controlling EVERYTHING. I'm pretty liberal and am for free market capitalism but you have to have restraints somewhere. You can't just make it so companies can have their workers and society in danger just so they can make a profit.
  • John_Doesnt
    I'm a liberal who hates political correctness & I enjoyed this take.
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  • Redstang88
    Some fair points, but I still find that liberals tend to more of the naïve optimists. I'm mostly on the liberal end of things when it comes to social issues, but one thing I have and always will take a liberal stance is on finances.
    I do not believe in handouts or free rides. Supporting those who cannot support themselves is one thing, but those who just don't fell like it is wrong. I refuse to support punishing those who work hard to earn more. I was raised to earn what I received and it will always stay with me. Competition breeds success, and that's what keeps the world going- hard work and success. That is why socialism/communism will never work. Why work when you have the same standard of living if you don't? There will always be winners and losers; rich and poor.
    If people want a good life, they should go out and earn it.
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  • Accipiter
    Liberals only like political correctness when they can use it against their foes on the right and center.
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  • AlphaMale1
    I am non-committed to any political belief or agenda. So I can read this with an open mind.

    This was written by a liberal. If any political party would try honest journalism I doubt they would win many elections. The population is being brainwashed by the liberal-controlled media. This is why I no longer watch TV or read news from major sources.

    6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America. FOX News is the only conservative news outlet. Ironically, FOX has a larger viewing audience than all the rest.
    Be very careful in what you believe from any news media source.
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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Look at most of the problems facing us and see its conservatives who are ruining America but liberals have given them a helping hand. Obama basically let the pharmaceutical companies write obamacare instead of actually establishing a single payer system. Enough of these so called progressives who don't actually walk the talk. Look at Hilary who supports just slightly amending ptt, I'm assuming to better hide the shitty details lol. We need real change. Combine food stamps, all welfare period, Medicare and Medicaid and social security I tithe garenteed income. Anyone living under 25000 gets 12000 a year tax free to pay for their own needs, that's just enough so they survive but if they want a better living standard they are going to have to work for it.
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  • smahala1991
    I agree with this. Most of the liberals i have met actually carry guns because they are police. They still dress heir kids up for July 4th in Red White and Blue
  • Regulatus
    A lot of young people are liberal... until they start earning a paycheck.
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  • SlightlyCrazy
    This is so true and I so relate
    Also people confuse being politically correct with not being a asshole
    Regarding point #1, I believe that you are guilty of the No True Scotsman fallacy. If you are going to argue that gun-control is not a liberal idea, then inevitably you are going to be forced to concede that all of the self-proclaimed liberals who do support it are not truly liberal. In which case, what makes you any different from the Muslims who say that ISIS is not representative of "true Islam" or neocons who say that environmentalists are not true conservatives despite the fact that it was Republican Richard Nixon who started the EPA?
  • alaysatlorp
    Good take I agree with a lot on this take.
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  • Animegeek23
    Liberals are just as bad as republicans. Doesn't even matter.
  • Anpu23
    It's party platforms that create the confusion.
  • TheSpartan
    Are you a liberal or a regressive leftist?
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  • Ms_Sadness
  • Pilulu
    I love how majority of these replies are guys.
  • Anonymous
    I am a conservative, but found this to be a very interesting read. I like seeing things from different points of view, and there are actually a lot of things I agree with on here. I think there is a happy medium between very far right and very far left, and a lot of people have a hard time finding it.
  • Anonymous
    " political correctness" is just a conservative porte manteau term used by conservatives for anything liberals say or do.
    Analyze it:
    'political' means it's about political stances or ideas.
    'correct' means it's about being honest and respectful.

    So, what's wrong about political stances or ideas being honest and respectful or aiming to be that?
  • Anonymous
    I believe in a world of absolute purged of all bigots and all criminals. In such a world no one regardless of who their are do not have to life in fair. In such a world no one has to worry about theft of property or their lives put at risk.
  • Anonymous
    I like your version of mild and moderate liberalism, but I never liked ultra-liberalism. Very good mytake.
  • Anonymous
    I'm pretty liberal, and I didn't even know those 3 things were misconceptions about liberals. Usually the only misconceptions I come across are things that nutty ultra conservatives believe, like we have no religion, we're trying to destroy the nuclear family, we're all hippies and communists, and so on.
  • Anonymous
    I agree with you, good take
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