Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money


Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

1. Living with Family Members or Roommates

If you are living by yourself, then you have to pay for ALL your expenses with your own money. If you live with roommates or family members, then you just have to pay part or none of the living expenses. In addition, you gain vital social skills and coping skills, as you socialize with your family and roommates on a daily basis. So, it is considerably more economical to live with family members or roommates than to live alone.

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

2. Carpooling

Compared to a human, a car is usually a big piece of machinery. This big machine requires gas, oil changes, and check-ups every now and then. To save money on gas, carpooling is the way to go. If you and your roommates/family members/friends share the same destination, then you can all ride in the car together at the same time. The person who begins the day earliest and the person who ends the day latest will set the times of going to school/work/other destination. Carpooling is an efficient way of transportation, because the car carries as much people as possible from Point A to Point B.

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

3. Biking

Sometimes, you want to travel to some place locally, but you don't want to bring a whole gang of people with you. So, you ride on a bicycle. A bicycle is powered by mechanical energy -- your energy. While you do have to invest a lot of your energy into propelling the bicycle, you can easily replenish the loss of energy by increasing your energy intake through the consumption of nutritious food that would help build those leg muscles.

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

It may be useful to consume foods that can be usable. Your body has no use for propylene glycol, so you may want to avoid that store-bought muffin. And you probably don't want to make your own muffins, because muffins are dough-based and thus require much preparation. Muffins must contain added sugar, and you can get all the sugar you need from eating fresh fruits. It may be best to reserve muffins only on Big Holidays (Yuletide [aka Germanic Christmastide], Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Passover, Hanukkah), when you can stop your normal diet and feast on traditionally luxury food items that are rich in meats, sugar, fat, and salt.

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

4. Serving Home-Cooked Meals in Big Batches

Cooking is generally a time-consuming process. However, there are lots of simple, quick recipes. Eating salads and crudités just requires you to wash the foods; stir-frying foods is a fast method of cooking. Making soups is not fast, but it is extremely simple, because all you have to do is put things in a slow-cooker, set a button, and wait until the food is ready.

Because time is so valuable, it may be very resourceful to make big batches of food all in one time and preserve the food in the freezer. Then, you and your housemates can have frozen meals every day. All you have to do is put the food in the microwave/oven/steaming basket/pot and serve.

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

5. Buying Things on Sale

First of all, you should buy things that you really, really, really need. If you can live without it, then that thing is probably not worth buying anyway. Typically, things that are created for leisure and pleasure are wholly unnecessary. This may include make-up, trendy clothes, sex toys, chocolate, fine wine, fancy tech gadgets, and other cool stuff. Ideally, you want to reduce your lifestyle to that of a religious ascetic. Realistically, popular indulgences are irresistible, but if you do succumb to your temptations, then you may experience a great helping of guilt along the way. That's just life.

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

6. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Reduce consumption. Eat for your nutrition, not for your pleasure. Avoid buying luxury goods, like large pizzas or expensive cars. Reuse the things you already bought. Recycle as much as possible. Paper, plastic, glass, metals, you name it. Being environmentally friendly not only benefits the planet; it also helps you save money.

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

7. Financial Budgeting with Spreadsheets

Keeping track of your income and expenses lets you know whether you are overspending in a particular area. You may make effective decisions that cut back on spending and allocate money to something else. You should always make sure that you are living below your means and that your identity is secure from theft, and budgeting is a good way to do that!

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

8. Planting a Mini Garden

You may think that planting a mini garden is time-consuming and difficult. However, that depends on what type of plant you are planting. If you grow green onions, green nira, dandelions, wheatgrass, or basil, then you can just keep them in cups near windows as house plants.

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

9. Doing Things Manually

Instead of putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, you put dishes in the sink and wash the dishes by hand. Then, you store the clean dishes into the dishwasher or a cupboard. Instead of using a gasoline-powered lawn mower, you use a man-powered lawn mower. Instead of using a leaf blower, you use a rake and a broom. Instead of using a snow blower, you use a snow shovel. The man-powered tools may make your life difficult, but look on the bright side! At least you are saving money on gas, water, and electricity! The only downside is that you'll be spending your own energy reserves on your body to do the work.

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money

10. Learning How to Fix Things Yourself

If you know how to fix things yourself, then you can save a lot of money. Unfortunately, fixing things may require some technical skills. Lack of technical skills can lead to physical injuries or even death. So, this may be one area where you should leave the job to a professional.

Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money
Top 10 Best Ways to Save Money
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Most Helpful Guy

  • sedrftvgyhujik
    I agree with all of them except with the 9th
    I'd say time your self and work out the cost of doing Things Manually say its 40 seconds a dish , cup or utensil 60 items 30 min £1 cost to tun the dishwasher with powder depending on efficiency it other wise takes 10 seconds per item filling and unloading then the effective value your putting on your effort filled time is about £2 an hour. If you earn £7 an hour or could earn that much extra doing some gardening for someone or baby siting even online marketing or time to sell things that don't fit at a weekend car boot sale then it may not be worth it.
    definitly aggre with diy though that can give a high return on your time and get it done faster and you get faster the more you do!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • April10
    Spreadsheets are so helpful! I just started one and it's really keeping me accountable for all my spendings
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    • Anonymous

      Yeah. I checked out my spendings in May-June, July, and August (thus far), and the amount of money I spent with my debit card has dropped significantly. The main reason for the drop is that I stopped eating at restaurants or eating ready-made meals on a regular basis. I stuck with home-cooked meals and, like my parents, tried to find good deals on fruits and vegetables. It's a win-win situation, and I'm never going back. I can't wait to turn 26 years old in November and actually look gorgeous in pictures for the first time! I consider myself "normal-weight" now, but it doesn't hurt moving toward the midpoint BMI, eh? ;)

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  • Fathoms77
    It's downright shocking to me how bad people are with money. It's like they can't even add these days.
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    • Anonymous

      Doing quick mental math calculations while shopping is a skill that can be trained. Calculating the unit price for an orange can help you determine whether the orange is a bargain or a rip-off. In America, stores love to price things at.99 deals or. X9 deals. I don't know why, but you just have to round the price up to the nearest dime or dollar. 1.99 becomes $2.00, and if $2.00 is for 4 ears of corn, then you are paying $0.50 for each ear.

  • JudgmentDay
    You forgot one more. NEVER EVER buy anything or collect and accumulate any amount of items you really have no use for and don't really ever actually NEED on a regular basis. Avoid buying anything that really isn't necessary and/or practical.
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  • Nik1hil
    I agree on point 9.. Using the man power... it keeps you fit and it's a really good opportunity for me to go shirtless get all sweaty!.. In the sun.. And turn on the neighborhood girls!..
    My mom hates it!.. The reason she doesn't let me mow the lawn or dig the lawn!.. On any lawn modification.. Well..
    • Anonymous

      The energy depletion means you get to eat more. :D

    • Nik1hil

      Definitely!.. It's like a work done + exercise + healthy body + fresh air + sweating.. It's like a combo package

  • MusicMayhem
    Cool take! Nice to read something with real world value on here for a change. I might try a few things here. I've never really calculated my living costs. I bet if I started a spreadsheet I'd take more notice. I do buy cheaper brands at the supermarket and try avoid luxury items though. It's sure to be satisfying seeing the savings at the end of a month.
    • Anonymous

      I use Microsoft Word. What do you use?

      If you can't afford Word, there is always Google Docs. :D

    • Anonymous

      I mean to say, I use Microsoft Excel. The Google equivalent would be Sheets, I believe?

    • Yeah I use excel sometimes but often too busy to draw up documents for these sorts of things

  • DaModernDaVinci
    These are all good tips. I think we are all pretty much hard wired to be capable of accomplishing great things (6,8,9 and 10). Need a haircut? Buy a trimmer set! Replace the engine oil yourself by opening the bonnet and taking cap off. This myTake should inspire others to be more creative as well.
  • Dred1614returns
    I can't stress number 10 enough. I have 2 roommates, and both of them seem like they can't tell the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver. They always tell me how lucky they are that I'm very handy when it comes to fixing things.
  • phil2
    Read Dave Ramsey the total money make over don't use cc, and don't lease
  • chc0009
    And this my friends, is why I'm still living with my parents in shitty South Florida, to save money.
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  • HulkkSmash
    I have a great tip for saving money. Don't spend it.
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  • Accipiter
    Shop at dollar stores. You'd be amazed what you'll find there.
  • John_Doesnt
    I like this list and think that crime is another way to save money.
  • TheButterfly
    #10 is my life man... seriously, be self sufficient
  • Hollywood-Glam
    This is one of my favorite mytakes, very useful :)
  • Anonymous
    I save exactly £1000 per month no matter what. Then I can spend the rest on whatever I want :)
  • Anonymous
    Robbing people?
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