Harley Quinn: Today's Ruined Woman


You've seen a billion images of her by now, probably. That girl, a fictional female that women are loving, even my own female coworkers at work. She is a too perfect example of the degradation of women in the USA today... While not a majority, it is all too common to see women like Harleen in real life. To see normal women admire her and want to dress up as her is... well, disgusting.

Harley Quinn: Today's Ruined Woman

1. She had a bright future, once.

Harley Quinn: Today's Ruined Woman

Harleen, as far as we know, was a woman with a decent life. Apparently single, but she had a doctorate in psychology and was making huge career progress working in criminal psychology. Not perfect, but if you're an attractive, happy person making strides in a respectable career field, that's hardly nothing. She still could have married and had a happy life. Perhaps a few kids, a nice apartment or home, had a loving husband. When she was older, she would have likely had grand children, an extended family to spend her days with, a legacy. Like too many real life women, she had a bright future and could have chosen to have a good life.

2. Then threw it away.

Harley Quinn: Today's Ruined Woman

Harleen could have married a good man and had a good life. What did she instead decide to do? Throw it away because she "fell in love" with a psychotic mass murderer. Like too many real life women who literally decide to date thugs, criminals, and garbage. And just like too many real life cases, he is also abusive to her--evil men don

See a real life example--a 36 year old corrections officer, left her husband for a 21 year old inmate, and then hanged herself after he robbed her and humiliated her.


3. Harley Quinn--a Corruption

Harley Quinn: Today's Ruined Woman

Simply put, what is Harley Quinn? She is a corruption of what should have been good. She's a slut, a criminal, sleeping with an evil criminal. What could have been a good life, now set on a path that only ends in depression and grief and ruin. Even worse, she somehow has become an idolized character for far too many girls, when characters like her should be viewed as horrendous and ruinous, anathema. We as a society should idealize the proper sort of women, not the ruin that is far too common in real life.

Harley Quinn: Today's Ruined Woman
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  • Phoenix98
    Ah yes a young doctor becoming obsessed with a crazed criminal's warped mind where have we not seen that before lol and also you forget to mention that the joker who I might add is the master of manipulation took advantage of Harley's interest in his warped mind as a therapist, and manipulated, toyed and tortured her mind until finally he broke her mind and she snapped, driving her mad it was only after that, that Harley fell in love with him.

    So you see it wasn't just as simple as she saw him and fell in love, it started with her being interested in what made him tick as that's what therapists do they find out what makes you tick. And the Joker took advantage of that and toyed, manipulated and tortured her mind until finally it snapped and he drove her mad and after she snapped it's then that within the chaos and insanity that was then her mind she fell in love with him.

    Also lets not forget the most important thing, Harley is a fictional character she is not real. And most women don't even really know who she is unless they watched Suicide Squad and even then all they see is a villain most people who actually know who she is are geeks, nerds and fans of comics and super hero's/villains will really and truly know who she is.
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  • lumos
    Oh geez. And I assume you also hate anyone who thinks the Joker is cool and likes cosplaying as him? Women like Harley not because she "threw her life away" or whatever, and they somehow relate to that. She's a cool character, a much cooler character than you give her credit for, seeing as you mainly focus on her simply falling in love with a villain. The Joker is a cool character too, even if he's crazy and abusive. I don't condemn anyone for wanting to dress up as him or liking him as a character. Because that's what he is, a *character*. *Liking* a character because of their depth/design etc is different from actually *relating* to them and looking up to them.
    I think it's actually much more sad that you equate female happiness to settling down with a "good husband" and popping out kids left and right...
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    • GET EM GET EM!

    • Phoenix98

      I actually agree I mean come on Joker is like the most iconic villain ever and Harley Quin has been around for decades way before all this nonsense now a days has started, so it's not like she had anything to do with it.

    • LilWeezey

      So cool qualifies as a woman who let's her man beat her? And justifies it?

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  • fauchelevent
    I think most Harley fans like her more because of how in the more recent comics especially, she realised that the Joker wasn't healthy for her and went her own way. She even very clearly told him that she wasn't his anymore and beat him to a pulp before leaving him in his prison cell. Harley has a backstory that's pretty woman-centric of her having to go through her pregnancy and give her child up to someone else to take care of because she knew that she couldn't provide her with the right life, even though she loved her very much. Harley is sympathetic towards pregnant women - refusing to fight Black Canary and having a heart to heart when she realised she was having morning sickness - and she's sympathetic towards animals which is appealing because she's a twisted character but there is still that humanity and gentleness there that we identify with. She's in a much healthier relationship now with Poison Ivy and, even though she's a mess and may now always be one, but she's a character that we've seen fall and grow and love (Not really me because I'm not a DC fan, Harley is just the only DC character that I really have an interest in and have attempted to read a little about.)
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    • I couldn't say it better my self. The character is more complex than people who don't read the comics or watch these type of shows realize.

    • @FrankReynolds Yeah, I think that's the irony. Posts like these are pretty anti-Harley and they're always all like 'she's just a one-dimensional, bimbo evil slut' and they say they don't understand why Harley is likeable because of that but it's ironic because of the complexity of her character if you actually bother to take an interest in it.

    • I didn't read the comics. I watched Batman TAS: Justice League, Assault on Arkham, and played the Arkham trilogy on 360

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  • ginny_weasley
    I am guessing you didn't read the comics? She's a much deeper character than people give her credit for. By the way Harley and jokers relationship was abusive. Joker is a psychopath, he is incapable of love. He used Harley as a pawn to further his agenda. She admits it to herself and comes out better and stronger than before.
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    • Forgot to address your first paragraph. Why do you talk about hypothetical situations like husband and kids life in order to be happy? Some people don't want kids, like me. They are perfectly happy I would rather take a vacation than care for some bratty kid.

    • Okay. How did Harley end up better and stronger than before? How do you come back from being an accomplice to mass murder?

    • Read the comics. I don't feel like explaining it.

  • Sara413
    How come when you talk about what she threw away your focus is almost entirely on her potential to find a good man and pop out kids instead of that actual, very solid career she actually had and threw away?

    Seems strange to me to focus on the hypotheticals lost rather than the actuals.
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  • LittleSally
    Isn't it ironic how you write about a character you know little to nothing about?
    Maybe reading all (or most) of the original literature written about her would help. Just a thought.
    Good idea, though.
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    • Pff... go ahead and pretend like YOU have read "all (or most)" of the original literature.

      Also, as new comic series come out, back stories/personality traits, etc change. Batman back in 1939 is MUCH different from the batman we see today.

  • devilish-cutie
    Today's Ruined Woman? Seriously? And you are expert for what is good for women? Proper sort of women? definition? so ones that go crazy cause they have it tough and the ones that are unapologeticaly themselves - they are ruined? You sure look for your 'proper' woman, but don't expect everyone to fit that role and judge them cause they are different and imply everyone should be that way. No - everyone should do their thing
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  • TheButterfly
    Dear lord. She is a FICTIONAL character. Women like her because she is fiesty and sexy. That doesn't mean that we are going to quit our normal lives and become criminals. Once again this site makes me roll my eyes so much they almost fall out.
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  • Spermdumster666
    just the way the world is going like so many girls view Kim Kardashian as a role model. There are plenty of Harleys out there but they are all on crack.
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  • TakeMaker
    So the ideal happy woman has to be one that gets married and has kids like a good little woman should? GTFO...

    Why did you bother writing such a short essay? Harley Quinn is a cool character, so what if girls like her, I hardly think they're going to start shooting people and playing with explosives.

    What about Batman as a bad role model for men? Bruce Wayne is a total twat and Batman is a hero of questionable morals who never settles down with one woman... yet I don't think Batman is to blame for men acting that way.

    People are adults, a film character isn't going to corrupt their morals.
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    • I rather like how Nolan tackled that issue in dark knight rises, about how Bruce Wayne is a damaged individual. 'i never wanted you to come back to gotham... I knew there was nothing for you here but pain and tragedy.' alfred went on to say he fantasized about seeing Bruce somewhere else, with a wife and children, having found happiness.

    • Oh and Harley was kinda focused on having a family... to the point she helped kidnap and torture Tim Drake to turn him into Joker Jr. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Etst4t3ES8Y

  • LaurenGrace
    Everything is more extreme in comics..
    Yes there hardworking entellegent girls that like slightly rougher kind of guys (myself included) some give up a career or a family just for love
    The Joker turned back a little is really just your average bad boy
    Batman is the goodie twoshoes who tries to be a saint and set an example of how things should be causes just as trouble annd has as many hatersas the badboy with his protesting and fighting for what he believes to be just
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  • PT1911
    I can't stop laughing at how many women are giving you shit for doing an actual analysis of a popular female character.

    I never saw the obession with her anyways, this coming from a huge Batman TAS fan
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Eh... yes and no. I found Deadshot pretty cool in the new film, but... he's still a few too many murders away from being what anyone should consider a role model.
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  • Jager66
    Power is seductive and addictive and Harley Quinn has a lot of it! Way more than she did before she went bad.

    She's cashing out on her sexual power instead of being responsible and not abusing it.
    Her ability to use proxy violence sky rocketed! The Joker will
  • sailorjupiter
    it's just a non fiction character, she's an interesting character by the way.
    but of course in real life, she's a stupid and pathetic woman who is what we called... a bimbo who are blinded with love...
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  • aficionado
    I haven't read the comics, so I am not really qualified to comment on Harley Quinn's character. But I haven't come across women who look up to her and want to be like her.

    But yeah, I just LOVE the Joker! ;)
  • Unit1
    Basically, I agree with what girls said:
    - She isn't admired for what she did. She is admired for her looks. And I think she looks amazing too.
    - Female happiness does not equate to get married and pop out children (not always). They say so but I have yet to find myself one like that.
    - There is nothing wrong with cosplaying her as much as the joker. It's FUN!

    But at least you made one good point: Some women deliberately go after the douchies.

    Can't blame anyone!
  • YourFutureEx
    We don't appreciate her deeds but her role. She makes an impact. If there were no villains, there would be no Batman.
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  • TheFlak38
    I like how so many nerds here are saying that you know nothing about the character. Thats what nerds do after all. Always.
    To compare or relate a fictional character with real life people is something we always so for fucks sake give him a break with your comics and video games.
  • Deadpool7699
    for fuck sake. Everyone knows she isn't a role model... she's a murderous clown who is obsessed with a far more psycho murderous clown that beats her on a regular basis. You can love a character without wanting to be like them... these girl's that love Harley aren't thinking "today i'm gonna fuck a psycho clown that kills kids". I love the Punisher and Red Hood, but that doesn't mean that i wan't to go out at night mowing down gangs with a machine gun.
  • EllieLexis513
    Woooooooooooooow, okay, so, you obviously have never read a single comic or seen an episode of Batman because that is NOT Harley at all.

    Harley is so idolized among women (and men) because, unlike a lot of villains like the Riddler, Penguin, Green Goblin, and Atomic Skull, Harley is REAL. Women and men do this stuff all the time. They have a great life going and an awesome future and fall in love with the [wrong] person. Then it all goes downhill. Some people realize what's happening and get back on track but too many others, like Harley, stay loyal and faithful to a user and abuser. And it's not always physical abuse.

    Also, how is Harley a slut? And you make several assumptions about her without using evidence from the actual series. So this Take, just like your opinion, is pretty much shit.
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  • LadyTerror
    So all I got from this is that you're writing about a character you know nothing about.
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  • Barrabus_the_Free
    You're as wrong as a boy fuckin a dog.

    Harley Quinn is what every woman SHOULD BE.

    She weighs what the Fuck a woman ought to weigh.
    She has a fun, interesting personality, which you'd know if you read the comics.
    She's actually loyal, unlike real women. Shed completely, absolutely loyal to Joker.

    Harley Quinn is a perfect example of why the only women that are worth anything more than just a Fuck have all come from the imagination of a man. A real woman can't compete in any way except being able to actually fuck them.
  • BigJake
    This isn't a terrible analogy, really. Many women have a powerful attraction to darkness in men, and it's a neurosis few of them have the courage to admit.
  • Nuala
    Just because I like Harley Quinn doesn't mean I use her as a role model...
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  • OpenWine
    Lol stop that harley quinn bullshit right now. Half of them don't even know shit about the charakter and just do it cause of the movie
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  • LilWeezey
    You forgot the part about him abusing her and up until recent storylines she let it happen.
  • Zorax
    Ok, I like Penguin as a character - but that doesn't mean I want to be "like him"... not all the people are influenced by their favorite movie/tv/comic book/video-game characters.
    The point is, even if some women like Harley Quinn as a character, that doesn't mean they want to be like her as a person.
    Anyway, Harley is kinda likable and funny character, though, my favorite female character from Batman movies is Catwoman.


  • Book_Lover17
    You make very valid points, but I still love Joker and Harley.
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  • Jayded1
    Talk about knowing nothing about a topic and trying to write a take on it.
  • Polocrew
    Lmao it's fictional character u nerds, I already knowbwhat most chicks gonna be on Halloween lmfao smh
  • lost_alice
    dc made her to show people that an abusive relationship is ridiculous and that it happens, to show girls it is not pretty
  • DaddyRollingStone
    writing pieces on why women suck is like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Guaranteed replies.
  • zagor
    Well we all know why Bruce Wayne took in Dick Grayson...
  • SnowHearth
    You need to read more comics
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  • mooky06
    And that is what love can do to you
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  • paxamor
    Lmao have you even read the comics?
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  • helloitsmethere
    She's fictional, dumbass.
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  • John_Doesnt
    You must be a real fun guy at parties.
  • Summer_Bunny
    I don't really care I still love her!
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  • Anonymous
    It's just a story... And Harley Quinn is an interessant character. If we only out perfect character it'll be boring. So instead of complain just do your own comics.
  • Anonymous
    Only the smart and successful people understand the effort it takes to built a successful life!.. And career!.. But it's cost is great!.. The top graduates and best cadets in training!.. Are running a race!.. But some of them from beginning don't know what they want, they are just running!.. Not because they want something but but they're are scared to explore themselves and choose a different path!..
    I think Harley is one of them :
    One time in person's life comes when he/she starts Making decisions thinking will their action matter on a greater scale!.. A doctors degree will server a society well!.. Give you respect and love!.. But what if I personally don't want people respecting me and am scarred enough that I despise love!.. All I want is to make sure!.. That no other is left scarred like me!..
    It's not what happened with you!.. All that matters is what you choose to be...
    I think Harley was right in her choice!.. Either burn like a wick of Lantern for hrs or spread the oil and create a flame that soars and engulfs entire forest in it and leaves behind only cinders!.. TRULY IT'S ONE'S THAT ACTUALLY MATTERS...

    Either stay enslaved, or choose to set yourself free!.. Carry your pride, fight like a knight!.. Live like a hero and die like a Legend!.. 😉
  • Anonymous
    She is hot, and I guess you have a good point! Can u help me out on a take pls?
  • Anonymous
    when you one day realize... this post is pointless because she is a FICTIONAL character!!
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  • Anonymous
    American women... will never ever date them in my life... the sickest bunch of "women" on the planet. If i were you guys... get out of the US... women are far better else where
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    • PT1911

      You thay guy that wrote my takes bashing the US?

    • Anonymous

      #PT1911 Nope, never wrote a mytake ever

    • PT1911

      Ah fair enough, there was always a blue anon bashing everything and everyone in the US.

      I will admit, I studied abroad in Europe and the women were much nicer, respectful, and ironically less entitled.

      But I still love the US, so *shrugs*

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  • Anonymous
    First of all, FUCK YOU. Harley Quinn is an AMAZING character. But I do HATE the Harley Quinn from the new movie and the comics. They ruined her completely. What you saw in suicide squad WAS NOT the real Harley Quinn. That was WB making another dumb ass mistake with their movies. She's not supposed to be a good guy or someone to look up to. She's a villain and I love her original character. Watch Batman the animated series. That's the REAL Harley Quinn.
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  • Anonymous
    Yes perfect example of worthless cheating women now a days!
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  • Anonymous
    are you indirectly referring to sloots gonna sloot?
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  • Anonymous
    Harley is a fictional character FYI. She is actually a fantastic character and Im sure many could relate to her at some point. We have all had the one screwed up relationship but in the end you are better for what you have gone through. Harley even beat the crap out of the Joker! She showed Black Canary sympathy when she realized she was pregnant (thanks to morning sickness) Harley is not a dumb woman who threw her life away for a thug. She is and always will be a badass. We all have a back story, this isn't Disney after all. Life is more like a drama or maybe a comic book.
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