8 Reasons Why I Just Love American Guys


Yes this is a generalization. Yes other countries are amazing. I decided to do this take because I'm currently engaged to an amazing American guy and this is what I've seen from him, friends, and other people I've met before him in the US.

I'd rather not disclose my country of origin to make this Take more universal and approachable.

As most people on here are from the US, I thought it'd be nice to let you guys know that us foreign girls love you!

Have fun!

They're polite

8 Reasons Why I Just Love American Guys

I've always been treated like a princess by American men. Opening doors, no cheap flirts, making sure everything is perfect.

They're fun to be around

8 Reasons Why I Just Love American Guys

Best drinking games ever! Amazing people to go to a night out with! Always cheerful and making everyone happy. And honestly, frat parties are crazy!

They like my tan and curves

8 Reasons Why I Just Love American Guys

Whenever I'm in America, heads will turn and compliments are infinite - which never happens back when I lived in my country.

They LOVE their country

8 Reasons Why I Just Love American Guys

Where I'm from, the most popular thing ever is to hate and insult our president and cities. It's good to see people proud of where they're from for a change.

They like dating and know how to treat a girl right

8 Reasons Why I Just Love American Guys

They take things seriously way faster, yet don't make moves in such a hurry like where I'm from. They make sure they're taking me to a nice place and making me happy.

They take care of their bodies

8 Reasons Why I Just Love American Guys

There's a big working out culture in the US, and I DO like hot bods!

They dress relatively well

8 Reasons Why I Just Love American Guys

Not saying they're all into fashion, but it's way better comparing to what I've seen around the world!

Their accent gets me goin'

8 Reasons Why I Just Love American Guys

Especially Southern. Sorry. I can't help it!

8 Reasons Why I Just Love American Guys
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  • Anonymous
    This is a joke right? Like even from personal experience virtually everyone knows most americans are fat fucks. Most americans take patriotism to a level of being completely xenophobic of other countries. Most americans are anything but polite. You're more likely to be cut off in traffic 10 times over than to have someone let you in when you need to cross lanes just once. Most americans are now into just hooking up and not going out on dates. Most guys wear really baggy ripped up jeans and an oversized t shirt with mustard stains on it.

    The only ones that are even remotely true are liking curvy girls with a tan and SOME guys are fun to be around. Most though just get drunk and act like doucehbags kind of like that group of guys in the second photo. No guy who isn't a complete douchebag would walk around shirtless with suspenders on.
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    • Anonymous

      Maybe I got lucky, maybe I meet people in nice places ;)

Most Helpful Girl

  • Rocket_Queen
    First off... I don't discriminate and I love handsome respectful men from all over the globe... BbbbuuuutttttT... since this is gag and us 'Mericans get so much hate because we are sooooooo very prideful... and obese... I would like to give a big FAT thank you to you for representing our fellas, especially the southern ones ; )!!! Go ahead and down vote haters, 🎶she was an American girl!🎶 = )

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  • Loadedgamer

    Hating on people who step or use the flag as a tissue, but use the American flag as a towel?

    Lol hypocrisy
  • John_Doesnt
    Nice take, but most of that is from movies or TV.
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    • Anonymous

      It's from personal experience!