5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With the U.S.


Many GaG users are from the US, so the pressure is on!

Keep in mind I have only visited California, Nevada, Florida, and New York, so I've actually seen very little of what the US has to offer! Nevertheless, this is based off of my travelling experiences throughout the two times I have been to the United States.

5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With the U.S.

*Warning: tacky images ahead*

Attitude and Friendliness

Aside from New York (I'm sorry to generalize, but I had some really bad experiences with a few rude people), the Americans were so friendly and easy going. So many strangers were willing to engage in conversation or make chit chat, or even ask about where I was from after hearing my accent. (Which, I promise all of you will hear, one day lol).

5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With the U.S.

We had a huge debacle with the airline on a domestic flight that resulted in my family all being split up over the plane and put in individual seats, which initially I was really hesitant about. I had a middle seat and I was seated between two older men, and I was uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes to say the least. However, one sparked a conversation, and I soon learnt that one man was a teacher and the other an ex-marine (or army, or navy, I can't really remember lol) and we proceeded to have a really great conversation for the entire duration of the 3 hour flight. It was one of the best plane trips I've ever had, because of it.


No wonder you guys have an obesity problem (not that Australia can talk), but I have never seen so many inventive ways to eat crap! I mean, you have liquid cheese in a can for goodness sake. But I'm not complaining, your cereals are amazing, I brought back 3 jars of Fluff and Goober each, munched on a ridiculous amount of those Goldfish biscuits, and ate many other things I am not proud to admit I ate. My family and I spent 4 hours in Walmart, looking at food alone. It's truly fascinating and overwhelming, and I've never seen anything like it.

5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With the U.S.
But in saying that, we DID actually see healthy options too which we were a little surprised by, like lots of prepackaged cut up fruit with cheese cubes, salads etc, and I remember how shocked we were when we got 'real food' with our meals in Disney World, aka those adorable baby carrots.

The one thing I had an issue with though, was the meal size. As we were on holiday and we were very busy with sightseeing, a lot of our meals were on the go, so we ate out a *lot* more than we would ever do at home, in Australia. I made the mistake of ordering regular sized meals to begin with, but soon discovered that I could never finish. Keeping in mind, this was when I was going through my largest growth spurt, and when I was able to eat the most. From the rare occasion I have eaten at a fast food place in Australia, I've never had a problem with finishing my meal (trust me, lol) so I was a little shocked. From then on for the rest of the trip, all of us ordered kids meals.


5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With the U.S.

I have yet to meet a more patriotic bunch. Many of the Americans I encountered both on my travels and on here have a lot of pride and love of their country, which I admire. I even got asked if we celebrate 4th of July in Australia by someone lol.

One thing I will say though, is that the only time I have a problem with patriotism (this goes for any country) is when it borders on nationalistic superiority or acting as though 'we're better than you'.


5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With the U.S.

The US has so many kickass sports, but my favourites would have to be your football, baseball and basketball. I have little interest in Australian sports, but I remember seeing a football game in San Francisco (sorry I have no clue what teams were playing lol) and being absolutely captivated by it.

5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With the U.S.


I am in love with the American accent, seriously! Some people find them annoying, but I think they're a major turn on. I don't remember whose it was, but someone posted a question on here about their voice being deep and recorded themselves on vocaroo and I just melted <3

5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With the U.S.

If I leave anything out, or you'd like to contribute in any way, feel free to drop me a comment.

Thanks for reading :)

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5 Reasons Why I Fell in Love With the U.S.
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  • redeyemindtricks
    Girlfriend 😂😂 I've spent time in literally every region of the country -- *especially* the places you mentioned -- and I have never heard of a food called "Fluff" or "Goober" in my entire life.

    What are these things?
    Is this still revelant?
    • Waffles731

      Fluff, Its a New England thing

    • Waffles731

      Its whipped marshmellows,
      We use it in peanut butter an fluff sandwiches.
      Its from somerville MA

    • Luci92

      No way! We were obsessed with that stuff and my cousins in San Francisco told us everyone was obsessed with it --apparently not lmao
      You've never seen this stuff?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    I want to see Australia myself
    Glad you like it here in the States
    Is this still revelant?
    • Luci92

      You bet :)
      And definitely come and visit if you can!

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    i liked American food
  • AleDeEurope
    If I made a Take about why I fell in love with the US, it'd be just like this. As a foreigner too, I completely relate to this, and I've only been to Chicago.

    I hate when America gets a lot of shit from foreigners, cause most of them have never been to the US and what they complain about is just wrong.
    If you wanna get a real opinion on the US, you have to visit, forget about what you see on TV.

    Great Take, Luci.
    • Luci92

      Thank you :) And that is so true! You can't make assumptions about a country you haven't visited.

    • Toad-1

      too many foreigners do hate us... its sad :'(

    • Luci92

      @Toad-1 Agreed, it's not fair.

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  • Tarvold
    Here's my 5 reasons:

    1. The house of prime rib. iveneverdonethat.com/indt2012/files/HPRPlate.jpg
    I could eat all three meals a day in that place.

    2. Entrepreneurial spirit.
    It's so refreshing to be in a place where if you have a good idea, people around you would actually encourage you to try and make it happen.

    3. Anthony Bourdain
    When Americans get things right, they get things really damn right.

    4. Burbon
    Glorious nectar of the gods.

    5. Costco
    Like... talk about giving a gift to the world! I could spend hours in this place just checking out the weird stuff they have in ginormous sizes.

    • Luci92

      Number 2 is so important!
      We have such bad tall poppy syndrome here :(
      And no 5... we have Costco now!! Every time I go there it takes me back to the U. S. lol

    • Waffles731

      Wanna know something Ironic
      Jack Daniels
      Its brewed in a Dry Country
      They can Produce it in the county but they are not legally allowed to sell it in the county its made

  • theceejmachine
    So happy you liked it here in the US! I've always wanted to go to Australia and hope to one day lol :)

    If you decide to come back again, I HIGHLY recommend going to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. You will not find a nicer bunch of people, and on top of that, it is rich with our history. If you love patriotism, you will most certainly experience it there!

    P. S. I am from New York, and I agree that New Yorkers tend to be very rude. Don't know why that is lol
    • Luci92

      Thanks :) Definitely come to Australia if you can --but don't just go to Sydney and Melbourne, there are so many other cool places too.
      I'd definitely want to go to Pennsylvania next time!
      Yeah I don't really know why it is either --but glad a New Yorker agrees lol.

  • 3336PS
    Glad you visited the US.
    Sorry to hear about your NY experience.
    You really need someone who knows the place to take you around becaise its such a big/busy place to feel the true experience.
    Personally, I would not recommand Times Square and a few other touristy areas.
    Hope you come back to visit us.
    • Luci92

      Yeah we had a tour guide for one day who was a native New Yorker --she was really good, but she walked so damn fast!
      I think I'll be coming back, hopefully :)

    I haven't been to Australia yet, but so far I've been satisfied with my visits to Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and South/Latin America. Oh, we also have visited Canada, but I was so little that I thought we were still in the US since our accents are so similar (in my mind). Nonetheless, if there's one thing I learned, it's that for the most part, if you're nice to people you're going to have a good time.
  • QooLipBite
    Their accents are so annoying, what are you saying.

    The food is so dense and calorie packed with fattening chemicals etc. that it causes unhealthy physical development.

    What is there to love about American patriotism lol... they're literally feeling themselves like "we're better than you. we're superior. We're the heroes"

    • Luci92

      There's no need to pick through my take and turn things into a negative...
      Not everyone likes/dislikes their accents, that's fine.

      I think we're all aware of how unhealthy their food is.

      Not all Americans are like that either, and that's not patriotism, that's nationalism.

    • QooLipBite

      I'm sorry lol xD

      I had to hate on the country.

    • Luci92


  • Phoenix98
    Nice take ^^ and most foreigners that actually visit the states have the same attitude you do when they leave and a positive experience.

    I look forward to visiting Australia one day and buying one of those hats with the teeth lol. though I'm not looking forward to your prices /= so high lol and I will be making monopoly jokes about your money all the time.

    Our accent though /= which one do you like because we have like hundreds of accents lol it varies from town to city to area and state.
    • Luci92

      Haha sounds good, hope you can come and visit. Although cost of living is high *sighs* but generally your dollar converts much better to AUD.
      I literally liked every American accent I heard, and I find it fascinating how they vary so much.

    • Phoenix98

      Haha yeah hopefully someday and yeah that's true our currency is much better then your guys right now.

      O yeah? cool, yeah that has a lot to do with the immigrants that have come into the country, the large populations of them and their descendts combined their ethetic accent with ours creating entirely new ones.

      Like the real charming southern accent you hear, it's actually British and stems from the British aristocratic society you know all their lords and ladies, that's were it comes from.

      And the more redneck or normal sounding southern depending on were you are in the south actually stems from the Irish.

    • Luci92

      Didn't know that, that's pretty cool!

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  • Kinstrome
    Cool :D I've never been outside of the North American continent, unfortunately, but Australia is somewhere I'd like to visit.

    Also, I'd love to hear your voice. The male Aussie accent is very neat, but the female Aussie accent... hot damn.
    • Luci92

      Awesome! You should come and visit haha :)

      I get that a lot lol, I promise you'll hear my voice one day! :P

    • Kinstrome

      There's some site where you can record your voice and put it online, and just link us to it here. I don't know what it is offhand, but somebody made a question about it here.

    • Kinstrome

      I think this is it:


  • BernieforLife16
    Thank you, I loved this take. I agree with @Maxemeister. Each state has their own special quirk. My state, Oregon right above Cali has no sales tax, University of Oregon, used to major football contenders and rising up the ranks in basketball and we have two national championship men's and women's soccer teams.
    • And we're better at baseball ha

    • @Maxemeister Whos better at baseball?

    • Luci92

      Welcome and sounds good!

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  • pervertedjester
    Aww... I was hoping this would be a satire. But I'll give ya this much media.tenor.co/.../raw
  • dangerDoge
    One day I want to travel to Australia! Seems like an awesome place to be as well.

    Out of curiosity, what do you think of the specific dialects vs just the sort of "standard" American accents?
    • Luci92

      That's awesome! :)

      I am fascinated by any and every American accent... I thought it was so cool that it changed from state to state.

  • Bandit74
    I am used to people on this site trashing the US so it is a pleasant surprise to finally see someone say nice things. 🖒
    • Luci92

      That's very true ---you guys get a bad wrap tbh!

    • Bandit74

      I know, we really do 😒

    • Luci92

      :( But it's okay coz I love you guys <3 hahah

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  • MrShinyPants
    Yes, some take the patriotism a little too far, I myself love my country, hate the govt and rich but love my country, but I know there are many other equally great countries. As for the portion size, yes our portions do border on the absurd, especially at take out restaurants. I've explained the reasons for the obesity in someone else's question about it, forgot who's. The portion size is the number 2 culprit for the reason of obesity. Number one is the chemicals they pump into the food to make it more addicting so people eat more so they can buy more and give the companies more money, which is why food from here is usually banned in most countries unless it passes a very rigorous test. As for accents I don't think I have one, because I have had tests and vocal coaches even state I have no one distinct accent or pronunciation set. They say its like a mix of them all. As for sports, not too into it lol, more into world footy and rugby and across. If you ever visit Arizona, beware there are a ton of grumpy people here that aren't to friendly. Its a great state aside from the corruption in the major cities but its still nice in some areas. The reason for the grumpiness is the extreme heat, 34-46c temps on average in summer and people being screwed over by the state politicians, police, injustice and scumbags. Though you don't have to worry about it too much, usually have to live here for a few months to run into that. Or go to the ghetto which I wouldn't suggest going there, south phoenix, southern Glendale etc..
  • SleepingSnorlax
    Finally someone that actually came to the states and made their oppinion based on that
    Thanks op im glad you had a good time
    and yes new yorkers can be tough thats why they say "if you can make it there you'll make it anywhere"
    • Luci92

      Thank you :) I agree, it's too presumptive to make your mind up about a country before you've actually been there lol
      So true about New York though lol

  • coolbreeze
    That is cool you visit and enjoyed your time in the US. Nice piece. Im glad for the most part your trip went good.
    • Luci92

      Thanks :)
      I've been twice actually (lucky me!)

    • coolbreeze

      Wow that is so cool you been here twice. Lol yes lucky you. I do agree with new york. People their can be snobby and rude. I have met some nice people their. It's to fast paced for me and driving their is always a pain.

    • Luci92

      Yeah agreed, I was so overwhelmed on my first day (and had 3 people be really rude to me undeservingly so in the span of like, 2 hours) that I cried when I got back to the hotel lol
      After a few days I sorta got into it, but I'm not sure it's for me.

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  • Mario21
    Damn good thing I'm all of those 😎 haha America is the best country in my opinion and this is coming from a Mexican lol. I'm proud af to be American.

    by the way u already visited more of America than me lmao and I live here 😂😂😂
    • Luci92

      Hahaha my parents have the travel bug, and it's awesome!

  • ginny_weasley
    What did you think of Nevada? I live about an hour south of Reno.
    • Luci92

      Parents made the mistake of taking me and my sister when I was 10 the first time... it didn't pan out so well lol. From what I remember, it was dirty, filled with hookers (and those little cards and magazines of hookers were littered everywhere) and I really disliked the overall atmosphere from it.
      But keep in mind, this is coming from a 10yo's perspective, I'm sure if I went again as a young adult, things would be -very- different haha.

    • I agree with you there. When people go to Vegas, they don't like it.

    • Luci92

      Yeah :/ I imagine the rest of Nevada is nothing like it though... am I right?

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  • Castleguy25
    LOL. Silly girl. America culturally speaking is decent I suppose. You're a young white girl who has nothing to fear or has no idea what it's like for poc. They treat people of color who don't blindly support this country like shit. I've been to Canada, France, Costa Rica, and they all treat black people better than the US does. Here goes the you're racist argument.
    • Luci92

      Nah you're right, I am biased.

  • Wulfila
    Glad to hear some positives for a change. Too many people judge the US by its stupid government and not by its people.

    Lotsa love to y'all Aussielanders too. :-)
    • Luci92

      Yeah, the people are awesome!
      And cheers dude :)

  • Ahmed_Sy15x
    don't talk aboot New York, taxi drivers there will kill you, it's the worst place in America, usually crowded cities have rude people, I thought Australia has the American lifestyle because i have an Afghani friend living there...
    anyways if you really want friendliness visit Canada (specially Saskatchewan, you'll see the real friendly people) and just for your knowledge Canada was rated as the 4th Friendliest country, eh?(Australia was the 2nd) you will fall in love with it i promise, anyways i liked your MyTake.
    • Luci92

      Thanks, and yeah my cousin said she loved Canada after staying there for a year.

    • Good to hear that

  • godfatherfan
    You have me scared to ever eat outside the USA. Most of us are upset at how little there is in the super sized meals. I could not imagine eating a kids meal for anything other then waiting for them to cook my super size meal. lol
  • Relentless_Hippie
    This was a nice read, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and I love the pictures you chose.
    • Luci92

      Thank you :) someone liked them, yay!

  • Saoirse_Nua
    Good take - I agree about their friendliness and attitude - I loved eating out in the restaurants while I was there too
  • Library
    These are great reasons. I fell in love with Australia after reading your takes about it.
    • Luci92

      That's so awesome :) glad to hear it!

  • Prettygurl12
    Next trip you should visit the midwest :) We're pretty great over here.
  • caligirl03
    I laughed out loud at the "inventive ways to eat crap" line! It's so true. It even varies widely within the states.

    For example, I live in superficial Southern California where people would rather lose a limb before being labeled fat so virtually all our food is "healthy", organic, or vegan-- or at least made to look that way.

    But when I travel to the South or Midwest, I'm always blown away by the "inventive ways to eat crap" and sometimes can't believe we're all from the same country!

    That said, some of it is so sinfully delicious--especially after munching on leaves and twigs all the time!
    • Luci92

      I know right? It's just insane, the amount of crazy foods people come up with. Glad you liked that line haha, was hoping I wouldn't step on anyone's toes lol.
      Oh yeah, Cali was not nearly as bad as some of the other places.

    • I always found california very contradicting that they are super picky about what the eat but they will cut up their body, tuck, stretch and inject anything into their body. It never made sense to me

    • caligirl03

      @somebodysaycheese haha that's a fair statement! Anything for vanity I guess (not me, but the vast majority of people here).

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  • MusicLover8098
    You are Australian? I had no idea 😊
    Well I'm glad you liked America 😊❀️
    • Luci92

      Haha considering how much I go on about Australia on here, I'm surprised lol
      And I loved it! <3

  • RasmusAiken
    " . . . I have never seen so many inventive ways to eat crap!" Love this line. It's so true about the USA. At state fairs people will buy beer-battered deep fried shit on a stick and rave about it.

    This year the USA owes an apology to the world for its political system that nominated two of the most unimaginably bad candidates for President. Clinton and Trump. . . REALLY? The primary process here means that the most extreme members of either party have chosen their candidate. The results are ugly.

    But we settle for "beer-battered deep fried shit on a stick."
    • Luci92

      Hahaha I was hoping no one would get offended by that part --glad you found it funny lol

  • jman46241
    Great take! I'm sure I would have the same feel good experience from visiting Australia or definitely New Zealand :) Yeah there's large sized combos here, but also the choice of selecting something quite smaller. Wal-Mart is awesome! I wish more people were patriotic here in general.. NFL is still pretty awesome, but the NBA has lost some flair in my opinion. I've lived in Indiana, South Florida, Northeast Texas, and seen most of the states except for the Northeast and New York :( Where did you visit in California and Nevada?
    • Luci92

      In Cali we went to LA, San Francisco, Beverly Hills and Anaheim, and in Nevada, only Las Vegas (bad experiences as a 10yo lol, what were my parents thinking?)

  • Nothing wrong with this list, it's an opinion piece. I wanted to comment on a few things, though.

    β€” "Americans were so friendly and easy going. So many strangers were willing to engage in conversation or make chit chat, or even ask about where I was from"
    I am a very reserved person, and I don't really talk to strangers, ever. You might see friendliness and being talked to as a positive, but it would put a lot of pressure on me. If you're not bubbly, positive and open in the US, you're seen as an oddity. No wonder that various US lists of the "least friendly countries in the world" include countries in northern Europe, like Norway or the UK, while I would much prefer to live there. People are a lot more introverted, less overtly optimistic, and don't really talk to strangers when they don't have to, and that is exactly what I am comfortable with.
    This is obviously very personal, but it feels like you can't be different without getting weird looks.

    β€” "I have yet to meet a more patriotic bunch. Many of the Americans I encountered both on my travels and on here have a lot of pride and love of their country, which I admire."
    But did you never feel like it seemed… blind? If you "insult" the US, the average American will feel as though you insulted them.
    If the US dropped an atomic bomb on Taiwan, I'm willing to bet that the average American will still be all about how amazing America is. The whole thing comes off as the product of indoctrination to me. For example, if students don't stand for the pledge of allegiance (a "ritual" that most Europeans would call cult-like) or the national anthem, they are publicly shamed, are told they don't respect the soldiers who died "for them", or, more recently, get lower grades (https://abcn. ws/2chgLUI). If you grow up being told that the US is great, you will be an adult who thinks that the US is great. Try replacing "US" and "America" with "North Korea"; the US is obviously nowhere near North Korea, but this would still sound remarkably realistic.

    Just my take on it though.
    • Seems like that link doesn't work. This one should: abcnews.go.com/.../story?id=42110506

    • Luci92

      I understand where you're coming from about the friendliness... it suits some people, and for others, not so much.

      And with the Patriotism, yes i agree, and I thought I said I don't like the blind nationalism either.

  • Thisperson98
    You should visit Tennessee, it is a lot different than the places you visited.
    • Waffles731

      She went to New York believe it or not, Upstate New York and Tennessee aren't as different as you think

    • Waffles731

      So really if she went to upstate new york, she might have kind of an idea of what Tennessee looks like

    • Luci92

      @Waffles731 Unfortunately we only did New York, NY, but I wish we went upstate more!

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  • lost_alice
    haha everyone knows I don't like the US and it is funny because the only place I like is New York and you don't like it lol
    • Luci92

      No I loved New York, just some of the people need better manners lol.

    • lost_alice

      I think they are the ones that have better manners

    • Luci92

      Really? Well we'll have to agree to disagree on that one then :P

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  • Nelson_MP
    I want to visit the US so bad! It's really an incredible country which seems to have amazing people and great places to go.
  • Thrifty
    Australia is cool too. I like the nude beaches in Bondi and the legal hookers.
    • Luci92

      Hahaha well that's valid.

  • WilliamWinslow
    I love Australia too. Visited that beautiful country a few times, just amazing.
  • Maxemeister
    Oh, you! *blushes* that's so nice!

    Define "American accent" lmao
    • And really each state is like its own tiny, small, sometimes incestual country. Different cultures, competing sports teams, it's a wonderland!

      BRB visiting Australia, gonna grill me some salt water crocodile with a side of big ass spider

    • Luci92

      Haha yeah it's so cool!
      And I'll make sure I throw some shrimp on the barbie just for you :P

    • Barber*

  • Dred1614returns
    Glad to see someone praise the US for a change. Superb take
  • neoagent1
    Great take. We have LOTS of accents here too. Midwest, Jersey, New York, Boston, Southern (loooooooots of states, the worst have drawls). I'm in Arizona so I've heard a few.
  • Petr1992
    1 - Star Wars
    2 - Game of Thrones
    3 - South Park
    4 - Family Guy
    5 - American Dad
    6 - Taco Bell
    7 - Burger King
  • RedVulcan
    Lol at the large meal sizes. Canada doesn't have that problem beyond the large fast food joints.
  • RicanEyes
    I love America that's all I know was born here and being a City Girl is the best
  • Levin
    So yet again, England falls by the wayside. We're too old fashioned for you New Worlders :(
    • Mrwoo99

      Englands an expensive shitehole.

    • Mrwoo99

      Nuff said

    • Luci92

      @Mrwoo99 Brutal haha
      @Levin I'll come visit you too haha

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  • Guy83
    Stick to the coasts. It's more fun. There is nothing in the middle but heartland.
  • Omar5881
    The American accent is the easiest got foreigns to learn , I agree with most , good take
  • Jackblue
    You should see the portion sizes in Texas. We Americans (except for a few people in the Deep South) mostly hate our accents.
    • I can't think of anyone that hates their accent here. Maybe voice but that's not the same.

    • Jackblue

      @WhaChaChaKing We don't usually say it openly, but we don't like our accents. That is why people loved her Australian accent.

    • Luci92

      Makes sense

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  • Prettyapathetic
    You have to live there a little longer
    Im ur buddy the kiwi
  • mostwomenshouldstfu
    While we appreciate the enthusiasm, you went to immigrant hubs. You hardly experienced the real U. S., I'd say maybe half of it or so. Think about it. Urban areas are much more dangerous as well, and overpriced. Just like a lot of cities in the world. I frequently read about "cultured foreigners" who spent maybe a year here and think they could immerse. About as arrogant as American tourists country-hopping through Europe thinking they know all about the world because they carried a backpack. Majority of America is NOT as diverse as its urban counterparts, can be quite a bit nicer too.

    As far as America being better than other countries... it is. Multiple analyses, objectively too, in various fields verify this. No use hating what everyone should aspire to be. Of course, many of us have grown to never expect foreigner admission of that, rather we get embittered attitudes.

    And TV/hollywood is mostly fiction. Don't use that as a preconception.
  • akadatank44
    You also forgot me 😉 I am here 😜
  • AlwaysBelieving
    The next state you want to visit?
    • Luci92

      I'd literally love to go to all of them <3 I'd like to see more of central US, but I'd settle for anywhere.