Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under


With your fellow Aussie GaGer @Luci92 (myself, duh) and @pervertedjester who did an awesome job at coming up with all of these questions.

Let's get right into this!

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

1. The main question on every American's mind is: Just how dangerous is the local wildlife down there on a daily basis?

I get this so often, and the answer is, yes, I am constantly living in danger and fearing for my life. Only the toughest survive.

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under
Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

But seriously, the wildlife doesn’t bother us, especially not in the city. Spiders are rare (depends on how well you take care of your house though) and snakes are even rarer. The most annoying thing Aussies have to deal with are possums, which is practically an Australian version of squirrels (which for the record, are way too cute to be considered vermin).

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

Don't be fooled by their cute appearance, these are the most annoying little shits you'll ever encounter.

2. Speaking of cute animals, how common are kangaroos and koalas? Can you just run into them anywhere or is it easier to visit a zoo?

In the suburbs and city, you will almost never see kangaroos unless they're at a zoo. If you're going for a drive through the rural parts, you might come across one if you're lucky. They're definitely not as common as you might think. Sorry to disappoint all those people who I told I ride a kangaroo to school.... I catch the bus haha.

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

Koalas are a bit more common, but you'll only see them in gum trees, and if you see people looking up and taking a photo, 9 times out of 10, they're Aussie, and even not a tourist lol. Yes, I'm guilty of this too.

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

3. So who runs the show down there? Do you take orders from the Queen of England still or do you guys have your own set-up?

Well, we do very much have our own set-up, and we're practically independent apart from the State by State Governors (they're esteemed but don't hold that much power) and the Brits step in to do 'Royal Commissions' when they're investigating issues within the government or government run organizations.

There's a push to become a republic, but I don't see it happening any time soon. But if that were to happen, that would mean changing the flag as well (hopefully to something green and gold!)

4. How do Australians truly feel about Americans? I've heard they have a very short fuse when it comes to the US and its citizens.

Truthfully, there are some negative stereotypes about US citizens, some people dubbing you 'the Yanks' and not using it as a term of endearment. This election debacle hasn't helped, (I hate to break it to you, but our media likes to heavily promote the fact that you're all 'blind voters') but what many Australians fail to realise is that plenty of Americans dislike both candidates too.

It really varies person to person though, personally, I can't get enough of you guys! <3

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

5. If more Americans were to visit Australia are there any places or towns we should avoid, like maybe "The Shire?"

Hmm, not that I know of, although I'd definitely recommend visiting places other than just Sydney and Melbourne, Australia is so much more than just those two destinations. Oh, wait, don't bother with Darwin lol, the humidity is worse than Florida :P

6. What's the issue between Aussies and New Zealanders all about? And on that subject, what's the overall Aussie view on the Aboriginals down there?

We don't really have beef with New Zealanders per se, but we do get upset when we're grouped with them or called 'practically the same thing' because while geographically we might be close, we're very different countries.

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

And yes, there's a lot of stigma around Aboriginals unfortunately, a lot of the stereotypes around them are: that they’re drunks, are violent, live in the outback, are un-educated no hopers, are involved in too much crime, receive too much from welfare, get more than the whites, do not want to work and are lazy, live a traditional tribal/ancient lifestyle, and are like leeches and drain away each other’s resources. I can understand why these stereotypes exist, but regardless, they're still very unfair and negative generalizations.

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

We do have National Sorry Day, which is an annual event that has been held on the 26 May since

1998, to remember and commemorate the mistreatment of the country's indigenous population.

For those that aren't familiar of Australia's history, during the 20th century, Australian governments' policies resulted in a "Stolen Generation"—where Aboriginal were children separated, often forcibly, from their families in the interest of turning them into white Australians. The date 26 May carries great significance for the Stolen Generations, as well as for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and non-indigenous Australians.

On 13 February 2007, then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd moved a motion of Apology to the Indigenous Australian "Stolen Generation". And while Kevin Rudd was the first Australian Prime Minister to publicly apologize to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the Australian federal government, we still have a long way to go.

Information source here.

7. There are a handful of Australian actors/actresses and comedians that have achieved fame in the U.S. but who would you say best represents Australia today?

There are a few to choose from, but personally I’d have to say Hugh Jackman, because he makes a kickass Wolverine, and he hasn’t lost his Aussie accent either. I also have a lot of respect for Paul Hogan and he'll forever be a legend, but I don’t think he accurately depicts Australia in its current day.

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

8. American Heroes get a lot of press internationally but are there some Australian heroes that Americans, if not the world, should know more about?

I’m proud to say that we have many Aussie heroes, but not many are well publicized. Sir Howard Florey comes to mind; born in Adelaide in 1898, he went on to study medicine where he eventually developed penicillin, which was soon being used on wounded Allied soldiers in World War II, sparing the injured from amputations and saving countless lives. He was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work, and is one of only 14 Australians in history to do so. When Florey died in 1968, then Prime Minister Robert Menzies noted: "In terms of world well-being, Florey was the most important man ever born in Australia."

If you’re interested in some other Aussie heroes, I’d recommend checking out this article here.

9. What would you say is the biggest mistake a tourist could make when visiting your country?

We’re generally a pretty easy-going bunch, but watch how many cracks you make about us. A few funny jokes are fine, but when those comments cross over into being just plain ignorant and offensive, be prepared to get roasted like a snag on a barbie (barbeque for those of you that don't know), and don’t say I didn’t warn you lol.

10. Lastly, are there any Aussie stereotypes that are true? (That maybe you wish weren't so true.)

Okay, so it's hard to subjectively list stereotypes about your own country, but I tried anyways, and decided to do a true/false response.

All Australians eat is Vegemite - FALSE, most Aussies do eat it, but we like our barbies too ;)

Australians are always drunk. – FALSE, but I can't deny there is a drinking culture, and we certainly like our beer too.

Every Australian can surf. – FALSE, sorry to disappoint, but I’ve only surfed a handful of times, and I’m shit lol. Most Aussies have never even been on a board though.

Also, all Australians live by the beach. – FALSE, no, just no.

All Australians have blonde hair, blue eyes, and are really tan. – FALSE, so many of us have mixed heritage, and we definitely don't all fit into this stereotype (I mean, look at my profile pic).

It never snows in Australia, it’s just ALWAYS HOT. – FALSE, there are some parts of Australia that snow, and we have 4 normal seasons thanks (apart from Darwin, it *is* always hot in Darwin year round).

Australians wear thongs all day, every day. – TRUE, and so many idiots wear them in winter and it looks terrible.

And finally, Aussies always say 'mate'. - TRUE, I say it all the time, on here and in real life too, as do most Aussies.

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under

Thanks for reading, and I hope this cleared up some of your questions about Australia. If you have any more, feel free to ask in the opinions!

Hope to see you all down under soon ;)

- By Luci and Bill aka @pervertedjester

Q&A: The Truth About The Land Down Under
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Tephra
    Awesome take! Some parts made me laugh because its quite true :P Hate the stereotype that "all Australians can surf" or do anything sporty.. were not that sporty and we all don't surf... I also remember getting asked one time if trees grow in Australia... don't know if they were pulling my leg lmao
    Is this still revelant?
    • Luci92

      Omg that's so bad lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    I was watching Be. Busta
    and it was pointed out that the parts of Australia not to visit are just the normal bad parts of the big cities.
    As for wildlife we Americans really shouldn't be making those comments.
    You guys have the creepy crawlies,
    We've got the Bears, wolves, Mountain lions
    Is this still revelant?
    • On the topic of wildlife, Australia's ecosystem is very interesting to me. I've always found it peculiar that they do not seem to have any large fauna or apex predators such as a big cat or bear species. Granted, they have saltwater crocodiles, but still.

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  • AleDeEurope
    Was hoping this would be a video and hear you say all this... kinda disappointed with that :/

    Nice Take. Like I said on another of your Takes, I wanna travel there in the future, so it's great to know more about Australia's culture. Your main cities tend to rank up high in the best in the world, so there must be something you're doing good :P
    • Luci92

      Hahaha one day I'll share my voice :P
      Thank you :) You should definitely come and visit if you can, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I am biased, but Australia is an awesome place to live, for sure :P

  • Bvroon
    Nice my take, although I probably could have gone all day without having to see the image of that giant spider, granted I know it is a real spider and all that, but geeze that is a big one, and yes I know they get really big down there. ;-)
    • Luci92

      Ahaha it freaked me out too tbh :P

  • Zorax
    Well, I'm not an American, and I know lots of things about Australia, that's why it's one of my favorite countries. Basically, the only thing I dislike in Australia are those giant spiders :P
    Very good Take, as always ;)
  • akadatank44
    Its funny how your aboriginals and what you could call American aboriginals what we call Native Americans have the same sterotypes. In reference to this sentence :"They’re drunks, are violent, live in the outback, are un-educated no hopers, are involved in too much crime, receive too much from welfare, get more than the whites, do not want to work and are lazy, live a traditional tribal/ancient lifestyle, and are like leeches and drain away each other’s resource"
    • Luci92

      Very interesting actually...

    • I was thinking about the same thing, the stereotypes are the same.

    • @AleDeEurope lol yup I didn't mean it was funny funny lol but ya know what I mean xD

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Worst mistake when I went in the middle of July was that Australia and new Zealand wouldn't be that cold 😑... It was fucking freezing (especially compared to 80 degree Fiji). And guess the idiot who didn't bring a heavy enough jacket? And I live in nj. It gets sub 0(f)... Or like -17c 😭... Also, vegemite smells like butthole 😖
    • Luci92

      Hahaha this made my day, yeah it gets bloody cold down here (depending on where you go) lmao

  • chrisbigman
    I had the pleasure to visit Australia 10+ years ago. I wouldn't mind going back... if I had the money. However, I do wonder one thing. Is it true that Australians like the younger Americans more than the American adults - at least those that like Americans?
    • Luci92

      You should definitely come back if you can!
      Hmm, that's plausible, but I've never noticed that. I like all of you though haha.

  • TadCurious
    So this was really interesting to read. But about the thongs thing: Are you referring to all the girls wearing thong underwear or thong bikini bottoms?
    • Luci92

      Ahahahaha no the 'flip flop' thongs 😂

    • TadCurious

      Well LOL. You got me good! :)

    • Luci92

      Haha I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that lol

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  • ADFSDF1996
    I don't know to much about Australia but how do Australians treat minorities? A New Zealander told me that racism is a problem in Australia while New Zealand doesn't tolerate bigotry.
    • Luci92

      It really depends on where you go, but there are certainly racists here (as there are in any country).

    • ADFSDF1996

      Very true🙂.

  • Dan7719
    Love this! I've always been fascinated with Australia. And everytime I get to chat with someone from there, I love it even more.
    So are some of these slangs true...
    -boot (trunk of car)
    -bonnet (hood of car)
    Also, what's this funnel web spider?

    • Luci92

      no one says sheila unless we're trying to sound funny lol
      we do say boot and bonnet, and as for funnel web spiders - just google it lmao

  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take - I had heard most of this observations from Aussies but that said most of my Aussie knowledge comes from talking to backpackers working their way across Europe and a host of Aussie soaps.
  • yucel_eden
    • yucel_eden

      I am not walking in there after that spider vs snake pic

    • Luci92

      Ahahaha fair enough, it freaked the fck outta me too.

    • yucel_eden

      Snakes and spiders are my weakness.

      I can handle a tiger, but not a tiny spider.

  • aftermath
    Love this! As much as Crocodile Dundee was a good showcase of Australia to the world, it set up weird preconceptions and myths and lies basically about Australia. I've lived here for 10 years almost and India is way more freaking dangerous haha. Australia has beauty EVERYWHERE like in the outback, the city and even the little country towns that are just awesome!! Also it is a shame that heaps of people don't know much or even have NEVER heard of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. They have a rich past and culture which is still evident today. So basically any people from overseas reading this, this is 100% true people!! AND NO, BARELY ANYONE CHUCKS A DAMN SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE!!
    • Luci92

      Thanks :) you've summed it up lol!
      "As much as Crocodile Dundee was a good showcase of Australia to the world, it set up weird preconceptions and myths and lies basically about Australia" <----- this! Exactly how I feel!!!

    • aftermath

      Right! I mean Crocodile Dundee was great and big man Hogan did a fine job but still c'mon rest of the world.. its just a movie. Its not like we believe that America has a group of people fighting ghosts in the streets of New York aye?

    • Luci92

      Exactly! People need to stop thinking what they see in movies is the absolute truth lol

  • AlwaysBelieving
    Good take. I so want to go back. I was there in '95 as a youth ambassador. Seeing "behind the scenes" was a treat.
    • Luci92

      Cheers, and you should definitely come back!

    • I'm NOT eating vegmite though!

      I just realized I was there (SyD, BNE, MEL) before you were born. 😱😨

    • Luci92

      fair enough haha

  • pervertedjester
    Turned out Awesome! (Even though you misspelled my handle Pe-R-vertedjester)
    • Luci92

      Bloody hell, I'll edit it when I get home 😂😪

  • Alex88F
    i'd like to move there, seems such a nice place. :)
    plus so many good bands to check out... UNNNFFFFFF
  • Toad-1
    You mean you guys don't ride in kangaroo pouches and toss boomerangs at each other? 😬
    • Luci92

      I know right? Shocker!

  • BeerFarts
    I would hate to run into a salt water crocodile! Crikey, mate!

    Anyway, I love the Aussie chant... Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oh! Oh! Oh!
  • Jxpxtxr
    When I was in Australia I went on a 3 day trip to the Grampians and I encountered at least 3 Koalas, hanging in the trees, and about 30 Kangaroos or so - in 3 days - there was an entire group of them on the grass when we were hiking, another one almost jumped into our van and plenty of them came down to the little village we stayed in at around dawn and our guide told us that they'd do this every dusk & dawn to find food and because they are not particularly shy of humans - Kangaroos are super common in Australia, at least in Victoria.
    • I agree not long ago I would drive 5 mins from my house to watch kangaroos there would be heaps. Also depending on where i would be driving to I would have to watch out for them when driving as they would jump out in front my car thankfully I've never hit one but sometimes would see some that have been hit 😞. Although the last time I seen a koala in a tree was about 15 years ago.

    • Jxpxtxr

      @ThatUnknownGirl oh where in Australia do you live?
      There's a real koala epidemic in Victoria, it's so bad that they are starting to use population control methods to make sure they don't kill off all the eucalyptus trees by eating all the leaves

    • I live in a country town in Victoria.
      Wow I haven't heard that.

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  • Nice_Guy_Last
    I didn't see anything on Folk Heroes (Think Robin Hood, Paul Bunyon, Johnny Appleseed, William Wallace, etc.).
  • Underheel
    I love Australia beautiful place. Brett Lee still my favourite love you Glenn McGrath
  • Octavius
    Do you live in Darwin? I'd be so terrified of Saltwater Crocs and Shark attacks especially in western Australia seems to be one of the most fatal in the world. I saw Jaws when I was really young so I've been terrified of being killed in the water and you have two separate apex predators there.

    Do the people of Perth really apologize to you if you visit there? I heard if you tell them you're they're on vacation they start apologizing...

    Oh and this XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jramb5E7rJs

    I have some friends from Auzzie Land so I crack jokes a lot but really only to them.
    • Octavius

      Great MyTake by the way.

    • Luci92

      Thank you :)
      Thankfully not from Darwin, although I have heard of people legitimately waking up to crocs being on their front lawn, or finding snakes in their toilet (happened to my dad when he went over there for work lol).
      And I've never heard that about Perth lol, they might do that, but I've never been there so I can't really say.
      And in response to that video, well, I am at a loss for words...

  • NedfromtheNed
    Do you really think people from NZ are "too nice"?
    • Luci92

      What? When did I say that lol

    • No, that was a question

    • Luci92

      Right haha... and I don't think about New Zealanders too much one way or another -so I don't think you're too nice, but I don't think you're mean either. I'm neutral, and I think most people are.

  • mikemx55
    Very good take. Learnt some stuff in there :o
    • Luci92

      Cheers, and I'm glad!

  • liverpoolsss
    a bit racist nd backward country. like how you treat the "abos".
  • bilco
    you forgot to mention Botany Bay and the convicts
    • bilco

      You also the most venomous snakes. Most venomous spiders. The only octopus that can kill you. Salt water Crocks along with normal ones sharks. dingos etc and a he'll of a lot of beautiful women

    • Luci92

      Yes... I know lol

    • bilco

      do you think the women are the most dangerous thing in Oz,

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  • steveisbored
    This was really interesting @Luci92 😊
  • Jude_Wills
    Are you editor of the page?
    • Luci92

      Editor of the site you mean? Nah, I've just got the editor title because I write consistent takes lmao, other users have this title too.

    • Jude_Wills

      I read your lot of opinions you really 17 ? I mean u really mature in teenage

    • Luci92

      Yeah I am, cheers :)

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  • Anonymous
    I'd hate it if it was summer all the time.
    • Luci92

      Hahahah it isn't summer all the time though!

    • Anonymous

      I know, I live here. XD

    • Luci92

      Thank god it isn't though

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  • Anonymous
    as for #4, thats not just the aussies. the entire world hates the US :D
    cocky bastards
  • Anonymous
    But the main question, does everyone in australia have relatives in greece? Whenever I've told an australian that I live in greece they always say they have family in greece. Also a lot of people here have family in australia.

    Hmm I could do a take like this about greece if I could think of enough questions
    • Luci92

      Nah, I don't have family in Greece, but so many of us have ancestors who migrated here, so that might be why. From my mum's side, I have relatives in Italy though lol