3 of My Favorite Things About My Country: America, Fu** Yeah!

I love this country sure it has its share of flaws but what country doesn't. Here are some of my favorite things about the good old U.S.A

1. Diversity

We are a very diverse. We are descended from people everywhere else didn't want. If a European country didn't want a group of people generally they were sent here, A total of forty million people have came here so far. We are a nation of cast-offs and we made something out of that. It wasn't the British that put a person on the moon. It wasn't the French who invented the Internet. It wasn't the Dutch who invented the Airplane. That was us Americans. Even today in our political climate we are at the forefront of technological progress. This nation of cast-offs did that: I LOVE that about this country.

2. The Beauty of the Wilderness

We have a lot of wilderness in this country, not only do we have far more than most western nations. We have a very diverse climate that makes our wilderness superior to the countries of Canada and Australia (sorry you guys come in second.)

We have Everything; from the dense jungles of Puerto Rico-

-to the beauty of the deserts in the American southwest-

-to the Rocky Mountains-

-to the temperate rain-forests of the Pacific Northwest-

and the Alaskan Tundra.

And there is just so much more, it truly is a beautiful country.

3. The Resilience and Determination

We had to fight tooth and nail for our Independence. At the time the U.K was the greatest military power on the surface of the Earth, we fought them and we won. To quote a Revolutionary War ballad, 'We owe no allegiance, we bow to no throne, Our ruler is law and the law is our own' We Americans are incredibly resilient. It was our determination and resilience that put a man on the moon. It was our determination and resilience that got us through the great depression. It was our resilience and determination that defeated the Japanese in the Pacific Theater of war. This country will last for a long time, I know that we will recover from the current crisis. I just know. We will get better.

I love my country for all its flaws


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  • Nice Take!
    I hope someday I can visit the USA. I always wanted to.


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  • My favorite part is diversity! I can't imagine myself in a city that is not diverse, grew up in a very diverse city and I love it^^

    • Well the whole country is incredibly diverse lol in the next city over about an hour away we have a thing similar to china town except it's Korean and it's markets, shops and everything are almost exactly like they are in their actual country it's like walking into a another nation almost when your in there. It also has the largest population of Koreans in the country.

    • @Phoenix98 that's great really ! I'm weird but I like to get lost and discover without having to take a plane ticket lol!
      Paris and the city I grew up in (in the middle east) are very diverse but Tunis is very homogeneous so it's less exciting in a way

    • Nah that's not weird I totally get that, and it's something you can actually do here because on top of being the most diverse nation on earth each state is like it's own mini country and each one is different from the last, and you can drive to any of the close ones within 24 hours or less. Here I can eat so many different nations foods just in town, can go to the fair, the fox theater and watch musicals or plays, barn party, cookout, rodeo, dancing stallions all sorts of stuff.

  • I totally agree about point number 2. I just got back from Yosemite and it is really beautiful.

  • yea love the beauty of nature and animals :)


  • You forgot the sunsets... especially the ones in Florida.

    • Key West sunsets are famous. CA has very nice sunsets as well. Very colorful and set into the pacific.

  • YES!!! I could not agree more, this is an Awesome take <3 <3 <3


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  • All great things, nice mytake.

  • Nrs 1 and 2: granted. :)

  • Well said.

  • "Even today in our political climate we are at the forefront of technological progress."

    And yet at the same time people believe Earth is 6,000 years old, rampant anti-intellectualism, not to mention a buffoon like Trump has a chance to become your president.

    "At the time the U. K was the greatest military power on the surface of the Earth, we fought them and we won."

    Yes, how conviniently you forget FRENCH!!

    • Not just the French. The Spanish and Prussians provided necessary resources as well as training.

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    • @QuestionMan I'm not denyin their contribution either,
      I'm just point out that we did take them on and win

    • "I'm just point out that we did take them on and win "
      The way you phrase it or the way Americans phrase it implies that glory lies solely with America. Humble militias took on mighty British and crushed them.

      The reality however is if it wasn't for the contribution of other countries militias would've been crushed. Likely outcome would've been no independence. So when you imply we fought them and won, the narrative negates any contribution of other countries and the glory solely lies with America.

  • Actually observing people comments here, you people are fighting diversity too hard
    Many of Americans wanna the whole nation be a copy