Why I'm Proud To Be An American


1. Immigration

As of 2015, the United States has a net migration rate that is higher than Finland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands, Russia, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, France, Belarus, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Yea, we are still popular!

Outside of Israel, the United States has the most Jews than any other European country! Hmmm... let's look at why. Europe was notorious for persecuting the Jews. The United States is a safe haven for the Jewish people. Europeans may blame all they want on American black-white racism, but Europeans have a long history in anti-Semitism.

Why I'm Proud To Be An American

2. Cuisine

The United States has a global dominance in the food industry. Fast food may be most striking, but even more influential are the hyphenated American dishes, like General Tso's chicken or chop suey. The Search for General Tso (2014) is a documentary that looks into the history and development of General Tso's chicken and Chinese-American cuisine in general. Basically, early Chinese-Americans were discriminated against in most jobs, so they just looked into the cooking and cleaning fields. They spread throughout America to start their own restaurants and move away from possible competition (other Chinese-Americans). White American palate pretty much shaped Chinese cuisine to form the Chinese-American cuisine you see today.

Why I'm Proud To Be An American

3. Religion

America was founded on and currently tries to protect religious freedom, as stated in the Constitution. America also has a large share of religious people, and so the impact of religion on everyday life is pretty obvious. Religion has sparked big changes in American history, like Martin Luther King's speech in the 1960s or the freedom of the slaves; alas, religion has been used by the other side too! (Humans are complicated creatures, so their religions will be complicated as well.) But the most important thing is, regardless of politics, many people in America are religious to some degree.

I think it's important to note that the two dominant belief systems are either Christianity and irreligiosity. There may be a few people of other religions, but those people are so minuscule that their numbers most likely reflect the number of immigrants we have. Also, the numbers of reported Christians and non-religious people are not mutually exclusive. People are complicated, so some self-reported "Christians" are non-religious; and some self-reported "non-religious" people have some kind of spirituality in them.

Why I'm Proud To Be An American

4. Productiveness

Americans work more than Europeans, as reported in this article, which is based on an economics study. I conjecture that the high American GDP is the result of American productiveness. Americans dedicate more time for their companies. Their companies make more money, which then turns into more products and services. As of 2016, the United States has the largest GDP. The second largest is the European Union, but considering that the European Union is composed of various countries, each country's GDP is much less than the USA. Alas, we may be a bit too productive, generating too much food waste and polluting the environment. That just shows the tremendous capability of American agriculture. But if we have the ability to over-produce, we should have the ability to clean up and avoid over-pollution.

Why I'm Proud To Be An American

5. Healthcare

Americans have clean running water and a working sewage system. Without them, we will live in our own waste, and cities won't be possible! Life expectancy would be short, forcing people to marry and get pregnant earlier. However, pregnancies would be highly dangerous and risky, as women would die from pregnancy complications, like post-partum infections. Americans also have Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid. But sometimes, our cleanliness can backfire on us, as suggested by the hygiene hypothesis. We are just too clean and thus our immune systems overreact to harmless things, like food or a bug bite. Some people suggest helminthic therapy as a way to treat people with autoimmune diseases and immune disorders. As you can see, we need bugs. Bring back the "bad" bugs!

Why I'm Proud To Be An American

7. Science

The dominant language in the United States is English, which also happens to be the lingua franca of science. Although using Latin as the language of science would be ideal as it is traditional and no one's native language, using English may have the benefit of not only communicating with educated people in academia, but also the not-so-educated populace. In an era where the Internet is the epitome of instant communication and gratification, it's necessary to learn some kind of language that fulfills both roles - academic and casual - so that information can easily spread, pushing ignorance away. As you can see here, the United States has the most citable documents, compared to any other country.

We also have a good public library system. Patrons may check out books and other materials, as well as use online resources. If the local lending library doesn't have the material in circulation, then the patron may request the material through the Interlibrary Loan, and because the material is cataloged somewhere, the book will be shipped free-of-charge.

Why I'm Proud To Be An American
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Murica! yeah! we genocided the whole middle east with the pretence of terrorism battling and democracy! we've built our pseudo-country which is an amagalm of unconnected cultures on the bones of the indians we genocided. we have two parties the democrats, and the republicans aka democrats in latin... . (long pause). we have a diet we are proud of. a diet that makes us obese, depressed, insomniac, a state dies yearly from heart disease. we have covered up all patents that could free humanity. we have built a miitary base just because we fuckin can in every freaking foreign country. we have agencies that have made files of everyone and work in utmost secrecy and conspiracy against humanity. we have the largest industry that destroys the earth daily. we are so hospital with immigrants that we are building a wall to keep them out! we are religious as well. we were founded on protestant values that tell you how to gather resourses and material goods to show the blessing of God in your life! which resulted in our depression inducing American dream, the greedy destruction and milking of the land, and the imperialistic tendencies that blood drowned the world. viva Murica!
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    • Anonymous

      oh and most everyday people are cold and expressionless as fuck. and very superficial. when my uncles stayed there for two years. all hypocrite neighbors came there in day one with a cake to show how "social they are". they put on their big fake smile, and said "whatever you need us we are here". of course that was all an ego game to win the impressions. they never phoned them EVER after that, and to close a date for a coffee with them was harder than booking a date with Bill Gates! they were too busy it seems. too busy making even more money to build a second floor pool, and send their kids to college to become springbreak sluts and fraternity alcoholic morons! this place is insanity for us eastern people. better poor here than with 10k salary there.

Most Helpful Guy

  • likitb4istickit
    Eh I'm not, this is just the country I happen to be born in. Backpage/escorts being shut down last week is just another reason I think free speech is fake and another reason the gov't is on my shit list. I'd rather live in Singapore (first choice, no US tax treaty and no taxes on local investment) or Switzerland (because it's a real democracy among other things). Barring an international move (expensive) I'd rather see the current USA go bankrupt, why I voted for Trump (the guy that can bankrupt a casino). Maybe what rises from the ashes after an economic collapse and some growing pains will be better.
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  • Glue-Sniffer
    For a country that came to exist becaus of immigration you sure have to have more immigrants than any European or Asian country.
    Cuisines, "freedom of religion", advanced technology and most of the things you mentioned there is because your country was built through immigration. The brightest and most educated people have all immigrated to the usa. But don't worry, now that you have selected your own "racist, Ignorant, populist" leader we'll watch where you end.
  • Cccgala
    The cuisine of the USA makes it look like she's only "dominating" other nations because of rampant consumerism but I think Europeans should be credited with influences in most meals we eat today, like pizza, arroz caldo, French fries, etc.
  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    White on black racism is overrated as I never experienced it in my life no do anyone I know who is African American experienced it either. Cuisine is ok I guess but we do dominate in science and technology.
  • JSmuve
    'Murica! Fuck ya! Why don't you buy yourself a dildo wrapped in the American flag and, you know, go fuck it. Because that's pretty much what you're doing here.
  • Phoenix98
    Our immigration is nothing to be proud of, it's horrible, we need to close the boarder but I agree with mostly everything else.
  • ikissedtheskyonce
    Does anybody see the irony of someone saying they are proud to be American under anon? 😂
  • Blitzkrieger
    We have plenty of things in Europe to be proud of and a rich history.
  • Nuala
    Healthcare? You have some of the highest rates of pregnancy deaths in first world countries and shortest life expectancy... The number one reason for people going broke in the USA is from medical bills. You have a 10% higher chance of dying in hospitals than Canada. You literally have the worse healthcare of the first world countries...

    We have all that AND good healthcare, we are also MORE racially diverse than you, we have waaaaayyyyy less gun deaths than you even though we also have guns. And to top it off we don't have some racist, sexist, bleach blonde, orange in charge of our country. Also... Librarys? Like literally everyone has those... Like that sounds almost the same as ours...

    You're proud to be Amarican... I'm proud to be Canadian.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    As bad as we might think the country has become people still come from every other country to be here
  • John_Doesnt
    I think this exact take was already done.
  • disgustingweebtrash
    where the fucks 6?
    • Waffles731

      holy crap, I didn't notice that till you pointed it out

  • ReidasGringa
    I'm proud to be a non-American.
  • puSSSyfuker
    you have no budet in your culture
  • BruceTrails
    Cool take!
  • Anonymous
    I'd just like to say, as a future officer in the Marine Corps (or army, haven't really made up my mind yet), I love my country, even though sometimes it may not love me back. I'm a light skinned black guy and I personally never have experienced racism, however l understand that there is a prevalent problem with racism in our country. That still won't stop me from loving my country and wanting to fight for it. That's all I gotta say.
  • Anonymous
    As Jamaican American, I will never be proud being an American. It's one of most crappiest country I have ever lived in.