I Am so Proud to be An American Woman

I am so proud to be a American women

My race is Puerto Rican but I was born in Boston Massachusetts. I am so happy that Puerto Rico is part of the USA. Some may ask why I am writing this take? I will answer you I just realize talking to a few gaggers from different countries how fortunate I am to be American.

I realize that women in America have so much more freedom. We actually get to vote before we couldn't. We are not just seen as property of a man. We get to decide what kinda women we want to be a independent woman or a stay-at-home mom or wife. We have so many choices. I believe that women in America have more authority to be who they want to be. I honestly wouldn't want to be born in any other place. I love feeling free and have so many choices in life. I couldn't be more proud to be a American women.

By the way this is my first take hope you guys enjoy reading it. I honestly felt strongly about writing this and expressing my feelings. I do understand in other places women can vote. But they might not still be seen as equal enough to men.

I Am so Proud to be An American Woman
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  • stratis99
    I'm honestly glad I met ya, your very smart, insightful, and you always know what your thoughts are. I'm glad you took the time to write your thoughts out
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    • RicanEyes

      Thank you so much I am glad I met you too. Thanks for stopping by to read mytake. :-)

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  • xDocilexFaeriex
    :'( :) This made me tear up! Bravo!!
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    • RicanEyes

      OMG!!! Really? Thank you so much :-)

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  • Beautifully Done, Cousin @RicanEyes, and I see You as an Editor before you Know it, on Here, dear!!!
    I love this! You are One of the Most Patriotic Women I know. xxoo
  • Elarra
    You make it sound like America is the only place that offers these things, though, and it's not.

    Sorry, I just don't think America is all that special. Then again, I'm not overly patriotic, either.
    • RicanEyes

      That is your opinion and that's fine and thanks for stopping by to read mytake. :-)

    • Elarra

      You're welcome. It was well written.

    • RicanEyes

      Thank you very much hun :-*


  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Are you proud to be an American cause at least you know you're free?
    And do you not forget the men who died to give that right to m... you?
    I'm guessing you gladly stand up! Next to her and defend her still today
    Cause there ain't no doubt you love this land
    So Allah bless the USA!!!

    Does that sound accurate?
  • Wonderer89
    Compared to women in developed countries you/we are very lucky. Not just for being able to vote, but to have a choice in who we marry, earn our own money, dictate our life choices and even wear what we want as they are rights not everyone has. We are incredibly equal to men, to the point where the line had been skewed and some are crossing over to wanting superiority which needs to be checked.

    I still think it's important though to speak up on things that could be made better, not just for women in our countries but for those who don't yet have a voice or to educate those who could have one but don't know enough to speak up.
  • coolbreeze2
    The UK is pretty good in recognising women, especially in the South where I am. Most have equal pay like in professional places -universities for instance. I treat all women equally.. I work with pretty much all women all day, infact I never think of it like that.. they are just well human.. like me!!
    • RicanEyes

      Awwwww YOU are the sweetest I wish there were more guys like you. :-* :-*

    • really.. you want more than one like me. ha ha

    • RicanEyes

      Haha I am dying laughing you're hilarious

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  • Browneye57
    Somehow your American sisters think they are oppressed in some way and want to march and whine about it. Oh well. [shrug]

    Oh, and it ain't all about your 'feelings' tootsie. ;)
  • TadCurious
    I admire your patriotism and your gratitude for the blessing of being an American! But I didn't know there was such a thing as the Puerto Rican race.
    • RicanEyes

      Haha I kinda messed up on that part I think gag should have a edit button. Thank you for reading mytake. :-)

    • Lol, off topic. If you look at your name fast it looks like Ted Cruzious.

  • DarkWalker
    As a European I could say: we have the same things :) But in this day and age, I'm glad you are focussing on the positive sides of your homeland :) There has been too much negativity published in the world that many people forget what they have and what is positive in their life. Equality for men and women should be a normal thing, freedom to a certain extent (with respect for the community you are living in I mean), equality between people itself, ... etc.

    Thank you for sharing your take. :)
  • Rudon30
    I hope Donald Trump get the chance to read this. Nice one Rican eyes. Hey do you still put your pick up?
    • RicanEyes

      LMAO!!! This is not about Donald Trump. I put my pic up only sometimes.

    • Rudon30

      Yeah I know. It's going to be one interested 4years with you guys and your newly elect president.

  • Kaylyne
    Believe it or not here in the United Kingdom we have precisely these qualities and possibly more.
    • RicanEyes

      That's good! :-)
      Thanks for stopping by to read mytake

    • Kaylyne

      @RicanEyes You should surely know by now that I always find your contributions of great interest.
      Thank you for taking the time in doing so. :)

    • RicanEyes

      Awww You're to kind darling :-*

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  • Keepcalm89
    Amazing article my Sister! You have a rich way with words and know how to expresss yourself in ways that I wish I could and I admire you deeply for it! America is such an amazing country... anyone can judge it or bash it as we see on the news but it's truly a place we're someone like myself can work hard and become someone in life. I for one know some of the struggle as an immigrant and know everyday disadvantages and rejection but even with a president like the one we have now, I haven't lost the faith and I still believe in this country and it's principles and I'm proud to call myself a Mexican born American or Mexican American..
    • RicanEyes

      Awww Bro!
      You're to kind with your words. I actually think you are very good with your words too. America is a wonderful place to live some people take it for granted.

    • Keepcalm89

      They do take it for granted and that is disappointing! People don't know how blessed they are to be born in a country like this and the opportunities that they have and the rights they are born with that many people around the world wish they had.

    • RicanEyes

      I so agree with you bro

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  • Blitzkrieger
    Women have more power than men in the US. Women and men are not equals in the US.
    • RicanEyes

      Haha well you are right on this one. :-)

  • Dred1614returns
    Incoming euro socialists to hate on you...
    Great job by the way! 🇺🇸
  • YHL6965
    Wake up, it has been the same thing in Europe for a while you know? It's no extraordinary stuff.
    • RicanEyes

      Haha thanks for stopping by to read hun :-)

    • YHL6965

      I may have sounded like a prick but fortunately it's a common thing now.

    • YHL6965

      I'm talking about gender equality, just to be sure there.

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  • jacquesvol
    Proud? Huh? How much did you have to do to become an American woman?
  • zombiebabe
    great first take sis
  • John_Doesnt
    Yes, being American is grreat.
  • Iraqveteran666
    Glad to see another proud American.