People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)



People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

These first responders literally run into burning buildings to save lives, they put out forest fires and as Paramedics.

Garbage men

People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

These unsung heroes take your trash away, without them the streets would be a garbage dump (like San Francisco). So thank your garbage men.


People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)
People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

These guys swear to protect and serve, they are often the thin blue line between us and the worst scum. They also do much other good work in their community.

Sewage Worker

People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

These guys are the ones who literally deal with all your shit. They keep our country's sewage infrastructure maintained so our city and town streets aren't full of Feces ( like San Francisco). Think of these guys the next time your flushing your tampons or diapers down the crapper( stop doing that, you know who you are).

US Military Personnel

People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

These brave men and women keep our country safe as well as our many allies safe. The Pax-America has keep the world safe for decades. They also provide healthcare, basic infrastructure construction, clean water projects, food aid, peacekeeping, training to foreign governments security forces, disaster relief, search and rescue to millions of non-Americans. As a veteran all I can say to these upstanding Americans is thank you for your service.

Airline workers

People that work for Airlines have to put up with a lot of shit but without them we would get nowhere. Increasingly Passengers have been acting like entitled tools, it's common to see on the news a self important passenger get a reality check for their bad abusive behaviour, which normally I'd applaud but it holds the flight up sometimes for hours. Flying is easy, just sit down, shut up, be considerate to other passengers, don't be abusive to flight staff and be patient no matter what until you arrive at your destination. If you can't act right on an airplane expect the consequences.

Farmers and farm laborers

People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)
People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

This is who produces our food, farm work ain't easy even with agricultural machinery, remember that when your tucking into a burger or a bucket of strawberries. Food security makes our country great and a nations food security is important.

Boarder Patrol agents

People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

Under funded and undermanned these officers work tirelessly to secure our boarder from criminals and gangsters trying to cross it illegally.

Legal Gun Owners

People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)
People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

These are the people willing to protect their life and property from any violent thugs who try to take them as well as the lives if their families as is their 2nd amendment right.

Conservative families

People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

Conservative families are the bedrock of what this nation is built on. They have a higher birth rate and produce more upstanding citizens just like themselves which greatly benefits this country.


People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)
People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)

Christianity though facing strong Christian-phobia not seen since the Roman emperor Nero has been the backbone of this nation since the beginning and is still going strong, all that's good and vest about America and American values comes from Christianity.

People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)
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  • Screenwriter
    Gun owners, the NRA, etc., have nothing to do with women obtraining equal employment and educational and family planning rights. All of that has to do with women protesting repression through the women's rights movements and legislation being pushed through because of these women. In the name of Christianity, Huguenots, Jews, women, Native Americans, Muslims were persecuted, burned at stakes for witchcraft, killed when they wouldn't convert. There is good and bad in all religions. This is a SECULAR nation that encompasses all faiths. All faiths propose fairness, love and tolerance. American values come from every group that has landed on these shores, as well as native Americans and other multitheistic and animistic groups. All political leanings contribute to America and raise upstanding citizens. It has nothing to do with conservatism.
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    • Women's liberation didn't come from women protesting but from advances in medical science ie birth control and advances technology that reduced the need for intensive manual labor because up until that point in history women were unable to support themselves without a husband or father.
      1. Equal employment. Most jobs historically were physical manual labor jobs, women being physically weaker than men were unable to do as much as men so we're paid less for their work. Women historically have always worked usually in jobs that paid less because they were worth less in the free market.
      2. Educational rights. Up until very recently children left school at a young age and unless you were wealthy like most early feminists you didn't receive any education at all.
      3. Family planning rights. This didn't come into effect until the 60s with birth control pills, even abortions up until very recently were dangerous like most surgical procedures. Frankly in the old days if a woman gave into her hetrosexual biological nature and had intercourse she got pregnant and was them dependant on a man to take care of her and the child barring she didn't die in child birth.
      I dont think there was ever any witches it was just a device brought over from Europe used in remote towns and villages by preachers and by others looking to settle scores or make themselves seem important. Like if you were convicted of witchcraft the local church confiscated your land.
      The country is secular but Christians have been the majority in this country for a long time and really made the country the diverse tolerant place it is today. What's more multitheistic than Christianity.

    • Women fought for those woman's rights you mentioned.

    • @BlacklightShade those tights were only possible thanks to advancement in technology and medical science. It worked out well for men, women have to go out and earn their own bread rather than depending on the labor of men to keep them and now thanks to contraception we can have casual sex without having to commit ourselves to marraige and there's a diminished risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

  • SarahsSummer
    You lost me after legal gun owners. Unlike the last 2 groups that “make America great” the first groups are comprised of all types. Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc and all political affiliations THAT is what makes America great. Your segregationalist mentality of only praising Christians and conservatives, misses the boat on what actually makes America great.
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    • What's more conservative than Judasism and islam and Christianity is closely tied to Judaism as Islam is to both, abrahamic religions you know.

    • SarahsSummer

      Huh? what information is your run on sentence attempting to relay?

    • The Abrahamic religions, also referred to collectively as Abrahamism, are a group of Semitic-originated religious communities of faith that claim descent from the Judaism of the ancient Israelites and the worship of the God of Abraham. The Abrahamic religions are monotheistic, with the term deriving from the patriarch Abraham (a major biblical figure from the Old Testament, who is recognized by Jews, Christians, Muslims.

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  • talloak
    I do agree with much of what you write but you really are exaggerating when it comes to the treatment of Christians. Seriously, Nero? How many have been sacrificed lately? How many Christians have been banned from entering the country along with the Muslim ban? How many white Christians have been slaughtered in churches the way that black Christians and Jews and Muslims have been in places of worship? Every one of them by conservatives, incidentally? What people have been killed in America because they are Trump supporters? Yet Trump supporters have killed others? I’ve heard others claim this but I’ve yet to hear evidence to support it. The evidence says the opposite.
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    • You say I'm exaggerating when it comes to the treatment of Christians yet a knowledge Christians being attacked in churches.
      Being a conservative or a Christian is not a race thing. There is no Muslim ban christians from middle eastern countries such as Syria are banned too.
      The largest mass shooting in us history was against white conservative Trump supporters. Trump's daughter is a Jew.

    • talloak

      Let's not pretend it's not a Muslim ban since Trump and his supporters said that many times before they realized it was unconstitutional. And the biggest shooting was not in a church but in Las Vegas against the general public. The shooter was Stephen Paddock who's biggest fear was that the government would start confiscating guns. That is, he was a conservative. Can you list and killings targeting Christians? And which were done by the government as in Nero's time? You have yet to back up any of your claims. I have.

    • It's not a Muslim ban, many Muslims immigrate the United States every year. It was an extension of Obama's "Muslim ban" of immigration as you call it, where Islamic extremism is a problem. There are many different religions in Islamic countries though they are persecuted there these people still can't cone to the US if they live in places like Syria.
      How about the las Vegas shooting or the Charleston church shooting? the lions being replaced with assault weapons.

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  • John_Doesnt
    Christians are ruining America. Always have been.
    People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)People who make America Great !!!🙏 (Part 1)
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    • John_Doesnt

      Also legal gun owners, especially ones trained by the military, have ruined America multiple times. Lee Harvey Oswald was a legal gun owner and trained by the Marines when he shot and murdered the president.
      Charles Joseph Whitman, the "Texas Tower Sniper", who murdered multiple people including pregnant women was a legal gun owner and trained by the Marines.

    • Typical liberal quoting a slave owner, next will you run the democrats propoganda piece birth of a nation?
      Lee Harvey Oswald was a pasty, very few trained snipers could make that shot even if they hadn't a crap Italian rifle. The CIA had Kennedy killed over backing down in the bay of pigs, backing down to kruchev in the Cuban missile crisis and not committing US troops to Vietnam.
      Like most mass shooters the blame lies with doctors and drug companies.
      You failed to mention all the great men who served in the military Eisenhower for one.
      You also fail to mention the ilegal gun owners that are actually ruining America in places like Detroit, los Angeles and Chicago. It was safer to be in Iraq or Afganistan during the height of the war on terror that an 12-30 male in Chicago.

    • John_Doesnt

      typical conservative. I bet you've said the founding fathers were great, but once you see they hated Christians you bad mouth them. If you hate the founding fathers then gtfo of America.

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  • OlderAndWiser
    It takes teamwork to keep out great country operating and you named most of the great team members. I would add truck drivers, because they deliver most of the consumable goods that allow us to live comfortable lives.
    • Yes truck drivers, though they will all be replaced by 2030.

  • MzAsh
    I agree with a few of these.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    Some grammar checks would help, but this list, while it needs some tweaking, is a good start. Would you mind if I write a similar take that goes more in depth?
    • Didn't you get the SJW memo? In 2019 commenting on a person's grammar and spelling is racist lol

    • Unless you're trans. Then, if they make an even slight mistake when referencing you or what you pretend to be, they are within bounds to being a cancel campaign. I can't keep all their double standards straight.

    • *begin one

  • Hans222
    I agree with all except the second amendment, that's a US construction error facilitating shoot-outs.
    I'm especially happy Trump is not on there! :D
  • Telekinetic-Potato
    I got a lot of respect for all these people. Farmers get forgotten about. I don't think most people who live in cities realize how of their lives are supported by farmers. Wheat, meat, soy, etc.

    And I'd like to see guns become more normal. Hopefully legal owners can do that. You gotta be pretty brave to be one of the people pushing for that though. Society isn't always friendly towards them.
  • loveslongnails
    You left out a very important group...……. the ones who taught you enough to be able to read and write and count, and got paid shit to do it, and continue to get paid shit to do it. Teachers !!
    • Not my experience with teachers. My parents and the US army taught me everything, teachers were well paid babysitters. The education is largely failing kids.

    • Yes, I can tell. Shows your uninformed bias against teachers. The "education system" is failing a lot of kids, but not because of teachers. It's one of the only professions people choose to enter because they want to help kids, knowing they aren't going to make a lot of money, and they're going to likely fight against the system they're in.

    • Just my experience

  • oddwaffle
    Are you religious cult? What happened to other religions?
    • Which ones?

    • oddwaffle

      Lots of them. Ancestor worship, Hinduism, Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Lutheran, Judaism, Satanism, bunch of other weed religions... etc.

    • Which ones made America great from the beginning?

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Is this your out-of-the-box perspective (view from outside) of the USA as seen through a German's eyes? I'm glad to see so much "positives" in your Take. Thank you.
    • DeeDeeDeVour

      Sorry, I got caught off guard by your GAG name. Because of that, I assumed you're German or in Germany. Still, I'm glad to see so much "positives" in your Take. Thank you again.

  • Madman3000
    Huh wow the police makes America great by shooting black people

    Legal gun owners are heroes so every school shooter is hero
    • Police shoot more white people every year despite black people committing crime at a disproportionate rate. Black people tend to get shot by other black people.

  • PUA_Alfa
    Feminism is bullshit. Equality doesn't mean to make women equal with men. İts called female supremacy. Equality means supporting both genders equality in all aspects. İts also include supporting mens rights. Removing alimony, removing women priviliged laws and etc. Anyone who support feminism is a sexist pig.
  • midnightmoon05
    Thank you for sharing. Very good list.
    There is no perfect society. We are pretty fortunate to be where we are.
  • Logical_Idolist
    I have to agree! The military one hits home lol. I was born into the military lifestyle and I love it!
  • RolandCuthbert
    America is great? Maybe it is great using some standards and not so great using other standards.'

    What makes for a great society?

    Is it the living standard for its general population? Is it the standard of living of specific groups? Is the overall intelligence and literacy of its citizens? Is it the virtues and freedoms it aspires to? It is its cultural impact on the rest of the world? Is it leadership in sciences or in specific industries?

    Tell me what are you standards for judging greatness, then perhaps a discussion about what is great about America would then make sense.

  • Shamalien
    Lol police kill over 1000 innocents a year in america u really gunna take the side of these stupid dogs?
    • I'd be more worried about all those guilty ones they don't if I were you.

    • Shamalien

      Im more worried that I dont have the right to defend myself with whatever force I deem necessary be it an assault rifle or w/e

  • Lucky1974
    Conservative people are primitive, their pea-sized brains are wired to think in linear terms, like robots.
  • pizzalovershouse
    nice 1 an I like to say I thank a you fire fighters for helping to put out fires in ca an to all forest fire fighters to fire fighters your great people thanks
  • YHL6965
    It's really nice to see someone being grateful and thankful towards all of these people. They are usually bashed by a lot of people and it's nice to hear some praise for them every now and then.
  • skyboy64
    Firefighters. USA armies who took down ISIS leaders.
  • Jerre
    Everyone you named. This is a great country and it takes a lot of people doing their thing to make it great and keep in great.
  • CasaNorba
    very true, unfortunately this is not how Trump wants to "make america great again"
  • StickStickity13
    Some of these I agree with, some I disagree strongly.
  • Massageman
    I agree 101%. You did such a complete job on Part 1, I don't know how you can have a Part 2. :- )
  • The_White_Queen
    Im not American but great mytake. May copy the idea lol
  • Surely
    Nice choices!
    Glad to see you left out the politicians.
  • I agree with everyone on this list! And thank you for your support!
  • Wowgirl30q
    Cool made it on there a few times
  • Interesting
  • BCRanger10
  • Thetruth111
    Certainly not the trump who steal his tax money
  • Phoenix98
    Farmers and labors, thanks for the shout out.
  • Interesting choices! Nice take!
  • Iron_Man
    Outstanding Take
  • TyPilot
    Well said, WELL said!
  • Rissyanne
    Great take!
  • Joker_
  • Babygirl_S
    Nice take
  • Nadim171
    I'm not American but I say God bless America 🇺🇸
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    And strippers, we can't forget about the strippers
  • Anonymous
    I noticed you didn't mention scientists, doctors and programmers. Without them you could not be spreading your hatred of anything liberal.
    Without New York, San Fransisco and Los Angeles, aka THE most liberal cities in the US, the country has nothing for the rest of the developed world. Trump asks why there isn't more European migration instead of Asian, South American and African. THAT is why. Most of America is a rural 3rd world country to white Western Europeans, the only exceptions are those LIBERAL cities. Trump's "good" immigrants come here come for the education, the science and business, not for "Conservative Christian values" or "legal gun ownership" and they don't come to Alabama or Kansas or Missouri, they come to New York and California.
    And I say this as a kind-of conservative Muslim. I like that, in the US, I can tell people I can't drink alcohol or eat pork and I won't be questioned. I like that I can ask for halal meat and no one minds. I like that there are people going to Church and Synagogues and Temples and at the same time there are people who are anti-religious, that people are free to worship. You don't get that in Europe, where they take secularism and turn it into state-sanctioned forced atheism where governments are trying to ban Kosher and Halal food or in India where you can't eat halal beef or Pakistan where vegetarian restaurants are almost non-existent.
    "Christian values" aren't the good thing here, it is the fact that everyone is truly free to practice their religion in their own way and that is a liberal/libertarian position, not a conservative one.
    • I'm not sure where you are go in with your rant but you clearly have a bigoted attitude. Fyi there are more cities than just New York, San Fransisco and Los Angeles, how about Atlanta or Houston or Chicago or Detroit?

    • Anonymous

      I have a bigoted attitude? You are the one saying "conservative Christian values" make America great. That is what I am opposed to. "conservative Christian values" were NOT in your constitutions. The founding fathers rejected those, and made sure the country would be secular.

    • People. I didn't list people who don't make America great.

  • Anonymous
    cute story... now man up and call out those libtards trying to destroy America from within
  • Anonymous
    America is not particularly great in any meaningful unless many, many other countries are also great. But then why even use the term great, if American is just on pair with the rest of the free world.