4 Struggles Only Tall Girls Can Understand


(Disclaimer: being tall is subjective especially according to your own height, I do not speak for all tall women)

1. Hearing friends and acquaintances say when you talk about a date or a new boyfriend, "Is he taller than you?" or something of that variation:

4 Struggles Only Tall Girls Can Understand
It's not even personality or looks, the first thing that comes to their mind is his height first, he could be a serial killer for all your friends care just as long as he is taller than you, then everything is alright.

2. Constantly hearing from some short girls and and some men, how being short is seen as more feminine:

4 Struggles Only Tall Girls Can Understand

(Tyra banks: 5'10")

4 Struggles Only Tall Girls Can Understand

(Charlize Theron 5'10")

3. People assuming you are older just because you are taller: Seriously, I do not understand why people still associate age with height since there are younger people who are taller than older people. Why is this still a thing?

4 Struggles Only Tall Girls Can Understand

4. Being told not wear certain shoes in particular high heels: Personally I do not wear high heels but I use to when I was a teenager, I just do not find them as comfortable, but tall women are told constantly not to wear high heels. We have our foot police. Don't we feel special?

4 Struggles Only Tall Girls Can Understand

(Katy Perry 5'8" pictured above in high heels)

4 Struggles Only Tall Girls Can Understand

(Blake Lively 5'10" in high heels)




What are some struggles you go through as a tall girl?

4 Struggles Only Tall Girls Can Understand
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  • HCKrod
    I'm 5' 7" tall and 51 y/o. My wife of 8 years is 5' 10" and 33 y/o. Early in our relationship I could tell she was sensitive about our height difference. After a few months of dating I broached the "height" subject. She confessed she was afraid of embarrassing me or making me feel "less of a man." I assured her I was very confident in my masculinity and her being taller than me bothered me not in the least. We have been very happily married for 8 years in March and the height difference has never been an issue again. Good post ikissedtheskyonce. Have a great day!!!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • MidnightStar
    Finding cute clothes lol some of those dresses look more like long shirts on me and if i move the wrong way opps
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    • How tall are you?

    • @iamacreativeuser20 5' 10.5"

    • Gosh what did you eat!

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  • WillowTree
    How about being told to kneel down at concerts. Or being used as a lift by short people out of nowhere. They seriously act like it's YOUR fault you're tall.
  • Library
    Your struggles are because of ignorant people. As a 6'9.5" dude, my struggles are twice as much as yours. The world wasn't designed for me and people made fun of me..
  • iamacreativeuser20
    Brain tall is a blessing and it is not a struggle at all unless you see most guys being shorter than you as a bad thing and a struggle for the lady!
  • zagor
    I don't think #3 is true; girls finish growing earlier than boys. My friends daughter was 5-10 when she was 12.

    And #4 isn't necessarily a bad thing - high heels are asinine.
  • LadyTerror
    I'm not really tall but well above average and I get these too
  • BruceJender
    I'm 6''4... none of these girls are tall, they're average.

    P. S Blake Lively is fit.
  • RainbowFanGirl
    I'm 5 foot 7. Is that tall?
    • the average height of American women according to livestrong. com is 5'4" but its a matter of how tall the other person is who is comparing themselves to you lol
      but you are above the average female height

  • Nik1hil
    Tall girls look like goddess