50 Things Tall Girls Say

I don't think I've ever known what it means to be average height. I was always above height no matter what age I was growing up and as an adult, at 5'9, I will forever remain above average or tall. I'd say I'm pretty unique considering that in the US, only about 5% of the population of women are 5'9 or taller. (Avg. height for women in the US is 5'4 and for men 5'10). To me, I love it. There are perks to being tall like never having to wait for someone else to get something down for you, or being able to see over a crowd, or gaining 10 lbs and not having people immediately notice it, or getting from place to place a lot faster because you have a longer stride. As a tall person, and more specifically a tall girl, there are some things that you find yourself saying a lot.

50 Things Tall Girls Say

  1. Yes, I know I'm tall, you know it's not actually a surprise to me
  2. Seriously, I am wearing flats
  3. Can you scoot up, I need more leg room...a little more, a little more
  4. I am walking at normal speed
  5. Are these capris or pants?
  6. You know we can do stuff other than modeling right?
  7. Ahh, I hit my head on the stupid thing again
  8. What's wrong with me wearing heels?
  9. One size fits all, hahahahaha!
  10. I'm pretty sure I mentioned I was this tall on my profile
  11. The weather up here is exactly the same
  12. Which one do you want off the top shelf, this one, or that one?
  13. I wish I could lay out on the couch, but I don't fit
  14. Of course, they don't have my shoe size, what else is new
  15. Yup, I was on the varsity basketball team
  16. NO, I don't play basketball
  17. I hate their bathrooms, the stalls are too short
  18. Is this supposed to be a shirt or a dress?
  19. I'm sorry I can't move my knees from out of your back, there's no room
  20. (When younger) I really am only this age, here, look at my school ID
  21. What's wrong with me wearing heels?
  22. Can you add like 3 more inches of fabric to the bottom of this?
  23. Yeah, he always tries to hug me straight on because he's at my boob level, perv
  24. The stupid bridesmaids dress was knee length on everyone else except me
  25. Just look for me in the crowd, and that's where we'll all be
  26. Wait, you're supposed to be able to tuck this in?
  27. Is there a bigger desk or chair I can sit at?
  28. Yeah, I know, I know, I have to stand in the back
  29. These are supposed to be regular size, really?
  30. If I could just somehow sit down in the shower to wash my hair
  31. Do you have an adjustable chair, my knees won't fit underneath there
  32. Sorry, I need to sit up front, I can't see either
  33. Do you have long or tall sizes here?
  34. No, I already know I won't fit
  35. You don't have to gasp when I stand up
  36. Yes, I can reach that
  37. No, I'm tall, but I'm not that tall
  38. Why do they always make these things so small?
  39. Sorry, I don't want to switch seats, this is the only seat on the flight with leg room
  40. Can someone short sit behind me so I can scoot back
  41. Well, the cabinets are high to you, but not to me
  42. Seriously, I'm too tall for this
  43. How did you not see me in that crowd, I was standing right there
  44. What's wrong with dating a tall girl?
  45. I'm going to look stupid as the only one wearing flats
  46. No, I haven't grown anymore since the last time you saw me, I'm pretty sure I'm done growing
  47. Aren't these ceilings a bit low?
  48. Yes, I can lean down a bit
  49. Can you find someone else to get stuff down for you, I'm busy
  50. My kids will probably be tall too

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  • I like tall girls, but they definitely need no heels, not because they are tall, but because I really hate heels.


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  • I never really thought of 5'9 as being that tall. I mean statistically yeah I get that it is but really I don't like at 5'9 women and think wow she is so tall!

    • It's usually only guys that think this way because to you, if you are a man that is average height or taller, any woman would most likely be shorter than you by comparison, but contrast that with being a woman where every woman you know is practically 5-6 inches shorter than you. Trust me, you become aware early on in life that you aren't the average especially when you go to buy clothing to take pictures with friends. No one in my life has ever called me short or average height, male or female.

  • with more than 2 meters in height (around 6'9") i can relate :p

  • There is nothing bad in being tall in itself, the main problem for an tall girl is to find an taller guy, because smaller guy would look unmanly and ridiculous next to an tall girl. :)

    • you've basically contradicted yourself... you say there is nothing wrong with being tall, but then two seconds later... as long as a tall girl only dates a taller guy.

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    • I'm a tall girl, in heels I'm 6'1... and yes I wear heels. I have dated guys shorter than me who had no problems with it. It is not unmanly for a guy to date a taller girl. It is pathetic that a guy would be so concerned with height that he would let that get in the way of a potentially wonderful relationship especially if the girl isn't concerned at all. There are far too many people in this world worried about what everybody else is thinking so much so that they don't just live their lives and find happiness where they want to find it. Feel however way you want about that, but that is my truth.

    • Height incompatibility is an big thing, what really pathetic is how small and weak an guy looks when he stand close to an girl that is bigger then him. Most girls are concerned with height even more then guys, and rightfully so, why should they date a man that looking less manly then they are, men are known for being the stronger sex, not for being small. It's sound like that you have lose hope in finding an taller guy, so out of desperation you are willing to date an men with the size of a women, or even smaller, anyway that what I believe, and by the way, you better off without heels with that height. :)



  • Tall gals rock. For some reason I seem to notice them checkin me out (or maybe it's my wishful thinking) more than my height or shorter. I'm 5'4" by the way and interested in a gal that's 5'6" or so in flats.

  • You are 5" taller than the average woman, at 6'3" I'm five inches taller than the average man. It's not that tall, everywhere I go I see guys as tall as me or taller.

    There are probably short guys around here somewhere too, maybe under the furniture or something.


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