4 Characteristics of The Ideal Woman


4 Characteristics of The Ideal Woman

I have noticed that people get bashed for using the word "real". When we say real women should be or shouldn't be like this or like that, women who don't fit into our image insult us and say, "just because I'm not what you think is a 'real woman' then am I'm not real and I'm not a woman?".

No need to be offended just because you're not what someone would consider a perfect woman. Get some confidence and don't feel worthless just because you don't fit in with someone's standards. Be open-minded as people can like whatever they want and your insults won't stop them for liking whatever they like.

I have read many Takes from guys about what they like in a woman, what turns them on and off, what is girlfriend or wife material, etc, and noticed how women bash guys who had higher standards.

Here are the characteristics of a woman whom I consider an IDEAL WOMAN!

Girls bashing guys for their preferences inspired me to create the character of my ideal woman.

1) Confidence

4 Characteristics of The Ideal Woman

a) Not craving male attention.

If a woman thinks she has many values and advantages, she never gets upset for not being the type of girl to strangers which is ridiculous. 😂

Confident women care about being desirable ONLY to their boyfriend or husband not to just men in the internet or in bars.

b) Not being jealous.

Jealousy makes a woman seem as if she lacks good traits, as women with good traits don't envy other women. Women envy when they notice women better than them.

Jealousy makes women become aggressive and hateful.

2) Tolerance

4 Characteristics of The Ideal Woman

Tolerant women don't make scandals. They simply don't show impoliteness or rudeness. Therefore such women don't attack or bash people for no reason. If they are right, they use their intelligence and common sense and explain WHY they are right.

Tolerant women don't shout or cuss as they are smart enough to make points instead of scandals.

3) Self control

4 Characteristics of The Ideal Woman

I really dislike seeing women talking about how much they love sex and eating. We all know sex is awesome. We all love sex. There is no need to show us that you have no other values and interests other than sex and food. Women with self control never act on their desires. My ideal woman doesn't drink and doesn't smoke, and self control is not just about being abstinent.

Self control shows how strong your brains are.

4. Monogamous

Is there any need to even explain why being monogamous is a good trait? To me MY IDEAL WOMAN is either a virgin who saves herself for the man who truly deserves to marry her, or a married woman who has had only one man for her whole life. That man is her husband. And she loves her to the point where she doesn't even notice other men's attractiveness.

Loyalty and morality are included in monogamy.

4 Characteristics of The Ideal Woman

4 Characteristics of The Ideal Woman
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  • RainbowFanGirl
    I like how you didn't list physical qualities for this. c:
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Some very good traits you have described there