The Thirty Traits That Make The Ideal Partner For a Woman


Okay, we did the female one. Thanks to this one recent question on GAG from @Pinay_ako, among others, we can do the "what women want" list now, too. Some info is also taken from other, similar questions asked previously to women about what they want in a partner.

Once again, answers are taken directly from you, the GAGers. These are what real women - both straight and gay/queer women - said they wanted in a partner. (And yes, it's assumed this can apply to both genders, since so few women are genuinely heterosexual, nowadays.) A "worthy" male partner, worth being with a woman, according to them, should have at least sixteen to twenty (16-20) of these traits, which is more than half. The closer they are to all thirty, the more "worthy" ladies will see this person as.

So let's go over them, shall we? The thirty traits required to be women's ideal partner. I wonder if any of the angry bitter feminists will come out of the woodworks for this one...?


1. Tall (six feet/183 cm and up; male-only requirement)

Pretty simple. You must be "this tall" to ride this ride, when it comes to numerous women's requirements in only a male partner. If you're not tall enough," don't even bother showing up," according to most straight women. In the West, the minimum required height for a guy is six feet tall (1.83 meters) and above, which is one/fifth of the male population.

2. Good-looking/handsome

Pretty self-explanatory. Women would like a partner to have a really, really, really, incredibly good looking face! Be an attractive, sexy looking person when it comes to above-the-neck, and be sure to use plenty of moisturizer and sunscreen to keep those looks up.

3. Takes care of themselves (athletic, fit)

According to some women, if you want to be a worthy enough partner, you should be going to the gym at least ten hours a week and mainly doing cardio. (It is not said if these women are doing the same level of exercise.) Both straight women and gay/queer women, wanted a partner with a gym body. If you don't have it, you are more likely to get put in the "Bye Felicia" zone.

4. Decent-sized penis (at least seven inches/17.5 cm; male-only requirement)

Self-explanatory. Numerous straight women said they wanted a good male lover in bed. So, if you want to please these women, you gotta be a good lover in bed, or there's the door. They didn't give a specific number to their requirements, but it's been proven time and time again that 7" is the minimum women need to have a perfect bedroom experience. Of course, they also require skill with that as well. It is unknown if they'd rather have an equipped unskilled lover more than a small lover who was willing to put in more effort.

5. Decent libido

This one is about quantity more the previous quality trait. Straight women surprisingly, wanted someone who could go several rounds between the sheets, several days a week. Similar to the third trait, they wanted at least ten times a week! Which is a lo, to some. So the best way to describe "can have lots of sex, plenty and often" would be them just saying they want someone with a decent libido.


6. Has a job making at least $20,000 a year *or* wealthy (male-only requirement)

The majority of straight women stated they wanted a "financially stable" (aka wealthy/rich) partner. No specific number was given except in one comment by an 18 year old, who said she wanted her partner to make at least $20,000 a year. Most older women, expect much more, though; somewhere at least in the $70K or higher range on average. So women want someone who has a lot of money, but that specific dollar amount is highly subjective.

7. Travels often (wealthy, male-only requirement)

Some straight women said they wanted a guy who travels often and is "worldly." (Whatever that means.) Traveling is pretty expensive though; which is why usually only the wealthy or children of the wealthy get to do it. Most of these women were not North American however, which explains a lot. But yeah, being a worldly fella makes you desirable to these ladies.

8. Has good style (wears fancy/expensive clothes)

This is self-explanatory. Dress like a rich MF'er and wear fancy clothes. Also, make them look nice as well. The third trait listed on here help a lot with getting the nicest looking clothes.

9. Strong communication skills (male-only requirement)

This is a good trait for any guy to have. The women did not go into detail what good communication skills meant, but I think you can figure it out on your own.

10. Good at cooking

This was not listed as a female-only trait. Women said they wanted someone who was not only a good cook, but had a healthy-but-protein-strong diet, as well. This was an odd one mentioned, but mention it they did.

11. Hard working (male-only requirement)

This one wasn't mentioned too much by a lot of women, but a few did say they wanted a hard working partner.

12. Handy/skilled at fixing and building (male-only requirement)

This one wasn't mentioned much surprisingly, but a few women did want this in a partner. Only a guy, though. So it's good to be able to fix complicated things, both for a potential female partner, and in life.

13. Outdoorsy

Some women stated that they want an outdoorsy guy. A guy who can go hiking, camping, hunting, navigate the woods and mountains, etc. This is probably more of conservative or rural women's requirements than anything, and less expected with liberal or city women.

14. Good at oral sex/a master at cunninlingus

Surprisingly, a lot of women said that sex mattered in a partner! And more important than the fourth trait, is a partner than can give good oral sex. Not the same thing as being well-endowed downstairs or having a strong sex drive; this specifically relates to skills, especially oral-giving skills.


15. High ego/pride/confidence

This was considered the most vital/required trait of all women. Usually required only in men, but desired in women again, almost all women want a partner who has a LOT of self-pride who is very assertive. This trait, confidence, was considered the most important personality trait of all.

16. Gentle/sweet/caring (paradoxical to the previous trait)

Some women said that they preferred a partner who was some synonym of "kind," whether that gentle, sweet, or caring. And while that is a good trait to have, it also clashes with wanting a highly prideful, assertive partner, as well, which is what the fifteenth one is.

17. Outgoing/extroverted

Some women said they wanted a personable, outgoing partner, who a big schmoozer and people person. However, both introverted and extroverted women said they wanted this. This was desired for both a straight male and gay female partner.

18. Funny/has a strong sense of humor (male-only requirement)

The straight women out there said that while it isn't the most important thing, would still really like a male partner to have a sense of humor, whether that be the ability to make others laugh, or laugh at themselves.

19. Optimistic

This was said in more than one word as well, but a few women said they wanted a partner who had a cheery disposition and a positive, sunny outlook on life. This is highly compatible to traits fifteen through eighteen.

20. Romantic/affectionate/enamored

Several women said they wanted a partner who had a strong romantic side to them and was very strong in expressing their romantic feelings, as well. Both straight and gay women wanted this in a potential partner, although not everyone stated it being desired.

21. Honest/trustworthy

A partner who is not a liar, is a pretty reasonable expectation from someone. This was something highly desired among both straight and gay women; as both genders seem to lie equally. Simply put, don't lie to your partner.

22. Dependable/reliable

Similar to the last trait, a few women said they wanted a partner who was some form of trustworthy when it came to getting things done. And this was seen more with straight women than gay women. This means keeping promises, bringing home the bacon, putting food on the table, and keeping a steady paycheck, among other things. Someone who will always come through for her.

23. Emotionally open

Some responses given, in what women want in a partner, were someone who was emotionally open. This is a form of honesty and communication that involves expression one's feelings and letting their partner know the truth on an emotional level, instead of a factual/logical level. More gay women seemed to want this than straight ones.

24. Mentally stable/self-actualized

This is another one that covers many bases and has many names. But the general desire is, someone who wasn't (too) crazy or unhinged. More gay women seemed to want this, than even the straight ones. (Understandable.) This strongly relates to the fifteenth trait and is someone who has reached, or come close to, their full mental and spiritual potential.

25. Family oriented; wants kids (male-only requirement)

Surprisingly, a lot of straight women said they wanted a male partner who wanted children. This was surprising, given today's society. But nice to hear. These straight women were also mostly in their twenties, which makes sense.

26. Patient

Not a lot of women listed this one, but I think a lot of them would want it in a partner. Patience is someone willing to endure trouble or annoyance, without losing their temper, getting upset, or being irritated. Which for plenty of women, makes sense why they'd want that in their partner!

27. Protective/not abusive (male-only requirement)

Various straight women said in some form or another, that they wanted a partner that was not abusive and was strong and protective of them. A guy who would never hurt them. Several of these women said they wanted to be protected by their male partner, although that can be implied to mean both physically or/and emotionally.

28. Loyal/devoted (obedient)

Here is another trait described in various words. Some said they wanted a partner that admired them, looked up to them, and always listened to or did what was requested of them. A partner who showed adoration and undying towards them, although this is NOT the same thing as showing affection. This is in regards to actions and behavior, where as affection is related to one's romantic feelings.

29. Ambitious

A few women said they wanted a partner who was ambitious and had lofty career goals for themselves. Ambitious may mean different things to different women, and not too much detail was given, but this generally can be implied to mean someone who is enthusiastic and determined to be successful. Which makes it compatible with traits six through eight.

30. Responsible

The last trait mentioned here, was wanting a partner who was liable for his own actions in life, admitted wrongdoings when applicable, and took accountability for those actions or behaviors. Someone who was competent at their job, rational in life, and sensible around their partner. While almost exclusively straight women wanted this in a partner, it wasn't said that gay women didn't want this in a partner, either; it can only be implied.


So there we have it. The thirty traits that make up the ideal straight male or lesbian female partner for women. The ones that straight women exclusively wanted for men were:
be tall, be well-endowed downstairs, be wealthy and travel often, have strong communication skills, be hard-working, be a handyman, have a sense of humor, have a desire to be a father and be protective of her. This would mean men would need 10 more traits than lesbians would, according to what women want.

Are you what the kind of partner a woman wants? How many of these traits do you have that'll impress the single ladies? I only have fifteen of these (5, 6, 9, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30). Darn, so close! I fall just short of being "dateable." Not surprising though! 🤷

How do you rank?

The Thirty Traits That Make The Ideal Partner For a Woman
The Thirty Traits That Make The Ideal Partner For a Woman
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