15 Things That Scare Me to Death


Here are some of my deepest darkest fears! (I'm writing this at night so I won't be able to sleep. Enjoy xoxo)

1) Chucky

You might know Chucky, the really creepy doll. I wanted a picture for this but seriously I won't be able to sleep. This doll is a killing machine. Even though he is fictional he still scares me.

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

2) Spiders

How could you be scared of an itty-bitty creature like that? It's smaller than you and it's scared of you! Well, this creature is small and if you lose track of it, it's a nightmare; it could be crawling on your clothes and the spiders here in Australia are venomous and they could kill you! So that's a reason I fear them.

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

3) Clowns

Okay (let's remember I'm 13), they just freak me out. Why are they always smiling like life is depressing? I hate their laughs and the most scary bit is their nose. And they are evil!

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

4) Washing my face *in the shower*

This one is odd but I am scared (this is kinda related to clowns) that when I wash my face in the shower, and in those few seconds my eyes are closed, a clown will come kill me.

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

5) Going to the toilet at night

I'm scared (I have a big gap under my bed) that I'll just step on the ground and an arm will drag me under my bed.

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

6) Heights/falling

Ever since I was little I never liked being in high places. I would be on the second floor of a shopping center (mall) and then I would want to get lower immediately.

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

7) Public humiliation/speaking/big crowds

I don't like to embarrass myself and when I talk in public I tend to, so that's why I joined them together.

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

8) Death

I'm scared to know that one day I won't be able to wake up, go to school, learn and see my friends. One day I won't get married or one day I won't make it the whole way to England. Not just me but I'm scared that one day I won't be able to see my best friend again, or to be able to see my parents or siblings again if they pass one day.

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

9) Natural disasters and Terrorists

I'm scared that one day a natural disaster could hit where I live or I could be going to church and then terrorists just come and kill us all...

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

10) To be alone/not be loved/lose someone I love

I'm scared I will be forever alone, maybe I'm too ugly to love or too fat to love or someone could love me and I could just mess it up...or they die.

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

11) No food

I couldn't not include this. I love food, how else am I supposed to survive????

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

12) Airplane flushing toilet (this one is funny)

The sound it makes is like a forceful vacuum cleaner. Like I'm gonna sucked in. (Where does it go anyways??)

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

13) Open closet doors

I can't sleep with it open...

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

14) Dropping someone's baby

I just can't imagine it; dropping a person's baby in front of them would be worst-case scenario.

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

15) Walking on those glass places/towers

I went to a bell tower in the city and it was so scary. My dad is fat and I thought he would break it and we would all die!!

15 Things That Scare Me to Death

Hope you enjoyed!!!


15 Things That Scare Me to Death
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Shorty1991
    It's Ok to have fears. We all have them.

    I've never liked any kind of porcelain dolls, they can look quite eerie and you feel like they are watching you. I'm not scared of them though. But chucky is the freakiest looking doll I have ever seen with a mono brow. Lol.
    Spiders are my biggest fear, I'm shit scared of the big ones look the same size of the palm of your hand. My days of catching the smaller ones with a glass and magazine and then throwing them back outside are over. The f**Ker's end up coming back into my house. So every spider I see in my house goes up the hoover. I have a fear of heights so I wouldn't like walking on those glass floor panels either. It would be worse if there was a morbidly obese person walking over them at the same time as me. I'd be hanging onto those metal bannisters like grim day. Saying, don't look down, don't look down. I've always wanted to go abroad but all these terrorist attacks keep putting me off. I don't believe in ghosts or dark entities. I watch the odd horror movie but i dont really find them scary. So washing my face I'm the shower and going to the toilet in the dark never bothers me.
    Public speaking is something I don't do a lot of so I could use a little practice.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • MrMysteriousofEarth
    Well, since you said you are 13 and your number 1 fear is Chucky, and fears 4, 5 and 13 are things that frequently happen in horror films, I'm gonna say first you might want to cut down on horror films until your older. The age ratings are there for a reason. As for the rest of your fears, they very common among people, and from what I am picking up, most of your fears revolve around facing the unknown in your future, being afraid of losing the people you love by yourself dying or the people you know dying, and what if you become alone. Don't spend your life worrying about the future like that, it will do you no good. Instead, live your life to the fullest with the people you love and don't waste time. People do die, we all die eventually, it just depends on how and when, the unknown details we will never know until its time. In the end, its just a matter of accepting this and then cherishing your life, making sure you have as many good times as possible, without harming others. Living under fear, is not really living at all.
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    • txdiie_

      i don't watch horror films

    • txdiie_

      i only was forced to watch one when i was 6 which was the grudge. The rest are trailers

    • Sorry, I assumed too much, but you still might want cut down on the horror trailers. But at least you don't watch horror films, they really put irrational fears in your head.

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  • Imbisexual19
    My fear has to do with my husband. I'm always worried when I wake up in the morning, he won't be there. His things will be gone, his car will be gone, there will be no sign he was ever here. Almost like I dreamed our relationship. I've been worried about that ever since the first day I saw him. Right now I still feel and fear that this is a dream. It's irrational I know. But it still scares me.
  • SuperNovaRoyalty
    Hey Tadiwa! Congrats you mytake is on the front page
    Well, I share some of ur fears too.
    in case anyone was wondering, Txdiie came to my house at night and forced me to watch the chucky trailer online. I wasn't too scared but its her own fault
    Love u tadiwa!
  • Travelingmouse
    Hahaha! I also get scared when I have to close my eyes in the shower! I'm afraid a ghost will show up behind me. I thought I was the only one. I'm afraid to let my arm hang down the side of the bed for fear of something grabbing me and pulling me under and I can't sleep with the closet door open either. Also, dolls freak me out. I'm way older than 13, but I grew up watching horror movies so forgive me!
    • txdiie_

      It's reassuring I'm not crazy because someone has the same fear :)

    • by the way, some of these things remind me of the movie, The Grudge. You probably shouldn't watch that!

    • txdiie_

      Omg my aunty made me watch it at 2am when I was 6. I can never forget it

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  • Righttobeararms83
    How about the wail of the banshee which signals your impending death ot that of a loved one or friend.
    How about mirrors as evil demons use them to watch on the other side the world of the living.
    How about the shadow man that lurk in the shadows ready to drag an unsuspecting soul to hell.
    How about the evil spirits that try to lure your soul from your body while you dream so they can interact with the real world and possess your body forever.
  • CosmicShores
    My number one fear is my family being murdered. It's completely irrational, but it scares the shit out of me. Sometimes when I leave or they leave, I just get a feeling that I can't shake that something is wrong. I know it's bullshit and their fine. But it freaks me out anyway.
  • Mrwoo99
    I fear that one day feminism will eventually make all women fat and there'll be no more beautiful women to go around because they'd be wiped off face of earth... ahhhhhhhh!!! OMG!!
    • txdiie_

      Are you saying you don't like fat women?

    • Nooooooooooo! Noooooooo...

      But seriously, feminism dumb yo.

    • Laowke

      Isn't he allowed to like skinny women

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  • Sublime45
    I've always been afraid of the RING girl, you know... the black haired girl that comes out of the TV set and basically murders everyone? Yeah her.
  • Tanuron
    I kinda wish I was scared of just something sometimes. Think a little bit fear is at least healthy. Maybe sound silly, but think it just kinda make life more exciting too, dont take the fears for granted, lol.
  • Nobodycares
    Don't need no horror movie. The real world is scary enough, knowing the things people think and believe.
    • txdiie_

      Ikr, I can't stand horror movies

    • Where does airplane sewage go? *dr claw voice* THE VOIIIID!

    • txdiie_

      lmaoo, i thought it just got off the plane like right in the middle of the air

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  • EmpatheticLady
    Chucky, spiders, and public speaking... no, thank you!
    • txdiie_

      Imagine public speaking and the crowd is filled with chucky and spiders :s

  • Decentguy
    i love spiders. sometimes i help spiders by grabbing them very softly with my hands and place them on a safe place where they can't be crushed or die.
    • txdiie_

      my mum does too but she chases me around with spiders :(

    • Decentguy

      hahaha thats soo funny

  • Muhammad1999
    Lol non of these scare me off, The only thing that im scared of is if something bad happen to my wife and childreen in future if i had one.
  • aftermath
    Yikes!! I actually would shit myself if chucky turned up in my room! Of that list probs death and public humiliation scares me the most so thats why gotta live while you can as best you can without harming others or yourself
  • babeeeone
    I find Chucky hilarious. I can agree with you on most of the rest though. I'm really scared of spiders, falling from heights, dying a painful death or worse, losing someone I love and leaving the closet doors open. I'm also a bit scared when I get up in the night because I feel like something could grab me from under the bed, I know it's not going to happen but I always have a slight fear about it. Not scared of the plane one because I've never used a bathroom on a plane and I don't plan on it. I also used to be scared to wash my face in the shower, or just even in the sink but I've gotten over that... mostly. Also, walking on that glass does terrify me but at the same time I'd love to do it because it'd give me a rush.
    • Im not scared of closets being open, it just annoys me
      just because i like my room being perfect when i sleep

    • txdiie_

      @SuperNovaRoyalty Yup little miss perfect

    • For a second, I thought you werent actually who i thought u were and it was gonna be awkward
      but i know its you... i looked at ur profile *creepy voice*

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  • Jxpxtxr
    I love how the "8" in front of Death turned into a 😎 lol
  • TripleAce
    Haha fun won. Interesting that most of these are probably not unique to you. Most of us probably feel some type of fear with any given one
  • neoagent1
    I"m glad I know what a black widow looks like. Don't get anywhere near those things. Don't let fears like those rule your life or you'll get super paranoid when you're older.
  • hotstuffSRD
    Come to me next time you're scared
    I'll protect you :P
  • CorvetteGirl
    I am totally with you on a lot of these. Spiders freak me out. My boyfriend is fine with it tho. Also I'm terrified of snakes and bees
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Golly - There are so many things on your list that scare the heck out of me as well.
  • Castitatis
    Being mentally awake, but unable to move or make noise while something serious is happening, especially the house being on fire. This springs from a fear of what is called sleep paralysis.
  • sedrftvgyhujik
    Is this take following my whats your biggest fear question?
  • pewdiepie_
    • txdiie_

      Omg, i'm only 13 :(... I watched this at night and I came from a carnival and went in the haunted house :(

    • pewdiepie_

      are you ok now? I didn't see your age, sorry :(

    • @pewdiepie_ This shit was so funny 😂 😂
      If something like this happened to me I would scalp his ass with my Tomahawk like a real Apache !

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  • SleepingSnorlax
    Killer whales
    Escalators... yes im afraid of escalators...
  • Alex88F
    Walking on those glass places/towers...
  • Whaaaaa
    Spiders need to fuck off
    • txdiie_

      Ikr! They are so annoying! Especially when you see one, get distracted and it's gone

    • and its so hard to prove to ur parents that u saw a spider. esp at night in ur room, they tell u to kill it ur self or go to sleep. first world problems

    • txdiie_

      @SuperNovaRoyalty Ikr it's like kill it yourself before it kills you #thesurvivalgames

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  • Kelfuma
    Come into my arms and I'll make them disappear.
  • TheSpartan
    Literally none of these things scare me.
  • YourFutureEx
    Haha I can relate to a few of them :)
  • Riggers
    Haha, I agree with everything except number 8.
  • kimberleylove
    well i'm scared of 1,2,3,4,5,6,11,13,14,15 too
  • SlightlyCrazy
  • enoshima_junko
    I hate clowns.
  • Me

    2, 6, 10, 9
  • iceEverestere
    I have all of them common. Except 12th.
  • Halucinator
    I don't know what to say lol
    5 and 6 are mine too
  • Trifulnoop
    Those are all logical things to fear!
    • Fear is by definition illogical, but at the same time it is illogical to have no fears whatsoever. That is the paradox of being alive.

    • Trifulnoop

      @Nobodycares I don't know what dictionary you found that definition in.

    • Okay, well fear causes to think illogical thoughts. Does that make sense?

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  • Pilulu
    I can relate.
  • lauraoliveira
    Definitely 3) Clowns!
  • Anonymous
    i think the joker, sort of, ruined your portrayal of clowns. not all clowns are evil
    • txdiie_

      Thinking about it... maybe

  • Anonymous
    I feel you on a lot of these ://
  • Anonymous
    Seems you have claustrophobia?