10 Reasons Why I Love Norway


I'm Norwegian and these are my top 10 reasons why I love my country.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

1) Nature

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

"Trolltunga" is a famous Norwegian mountain which is a popular tourist attraction. The stone which sticks out looks like a tongue, therefor the mountain is called "Trolltunga".

Norway has beautiful nature. There are mountains, fjords, waterfalls, The Northern Lights, and very green landscapes. In this case, photos can tell you more than words. These pictures may make you understand why Norway have a wonderful nature.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

In the northern part of Norway, you can see the extraordinary phenomenon, The Northern Lights.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

2) Food

Norway has many tasteful traditional dishes and other kinds of food. My favorites are "Pinnekjøtt," a traditional Christmas dish made by lamb/mutton meat, "raspeballer," which is potato dumplings, and "Rømmegrøt," which is porridge made by sour cream. I also like "brun ost," which is a brown cheese, "lefse," which is a kind of flatbread, and "Fårikål," which is made of mutton and cabbage. It's very difficult to explain how these things taste but I do recommend you to take a taste when you visit Norway.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

"Rømmegrøt" is a porridge made of sour cream. It's a common dish which is eaten at St. Hans and 17. Mai in Norway.

3) Welfare

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

Norway is a welfare country and many Norwegian thinks it's very important to avoid a society with big class distinctions. There's free healthcare and education for every citizen. You can also get social support from the government to cover your basic needs if you're too injured or too sick to work. People with a Norwegian citizenship have to pay high taxes, and the tax system is very fair in my opinion. If you're richer, you have more taxes to pay. The Norwegian society works like a fellowship where people contribute as much as they can and if you struggle, there are people who can help you. Norway doesn't have the same system as US, where there's the "survival of the fittest" mindset.

4) Democracy

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

Norway is a peaceful country where people have the freedom to express their political opinions and can vote for the party they want. You can also make political satires and dislike authorities without getting arrested. In many places around the world there are dictatorships, war and many other things that Norwegian doesn't need to deal with. You're lucky if you're born in Norway.

5) Architecture

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

This is "Bryggen" in Bergen, called "the dock" directly translated to English.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

I just love the shape, carving etc. The Norwegian stave churches are very well decorated.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

Nidarosdomen in Trondheim has very beautiful carvings and sculptures thanks to the skilled workers and artists. According to the legend, Olav Haraldsson were buried there and then the church were built upon his grave. He's also known as St. Olav.

6) National Day

17. Mai is Norway's national day. I thinks that is a wonderful day because I loves my country and I think I'm lucky that I have many things that are easy to take for granted like democracy, peace and welfare. 17. Mai in 1814 Norway became an independent country and wasn't in union with Denmark anymore, in addition to getting our own law. Several years later, Norway wasn't in union with Sweden, either. Many people spend time with their family, eat traditional Norwegian food like "Rømmegrøt" and "Lapskaus," and go to parades.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

A 17. Mai parade in Oslo by the royal family's castle.

7) Human rights

In Norway there are good human- and civil rights. The government and other authorities treats us as human beings, not animals. As I mention earlier, we have democracy, welfare and freedom to express ourselves. There's also very good equality and equity between genders, races, sexuality etc. Many Norwegians can still improve themselves and be lesser prejudiced to immigrants etc, but compared to many other countries around the world, Norway has come very far. The country has anti-discrimination laws as well, which protect people from discrimination and people can't fire people because of their gender, skin color, sexuality etc.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

Norway has come far when it comes to equality and equity between genders, races, sexuality, religions, etc.

8 ) Prison system

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

This is a cell from Skien's prison in Norway.

In Norway you would be seen and treated as a human being, even though you did a very serious crime. You do still have human and civil rights which protects you against inhumane treatment, and you do also still have the right to be heard. The Norwegian prison system focuses on giving criminals an opportunity to change and the system is called "rehabilitation". You get free education, recreational activity, and the opportunity to get a job, because then you can learn how you can live in the society when you get released from jail. The Norwegian ideology thinks revenge and pure punishment can't change a criminal person's mindset and the only way to change it is showing them what's right.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

This is a cell from a prison in the US.

9) Strict weapon laws

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

People's safety is more important than people's "right" to carry weapons everywhere.

Strict weapon laws improve the safety for many Norwegian citizen. There are fewer massacres, murdering cases, and other forms for killing because very few people have access to guns. The police do also have strict rules. A cop can easily get in trouble if s/he abuses their weapons and usually the police don't have access to weapons. Only in certain cases are they allowed to use them. In the US, it's equally easy to buy a weapon for an adult as buying wine in Norway. That explains why there are a lot of massacres in the US. Canada also has a big population, but they don't have as many massacres as the US due to strict weapon laws.

10) Clean water

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

The population in Norway is lucky to have clean water. Clean water is something many people takes for granted. In many places in the world it's either drought or pollution that makes it harder to find clean water to drink.

In Norway there's clean fresh water which is both safe to drink and tastes very good. Not every country in the world is blessed with such good quality drinking water. So all the raining and the cold climate are here for a reason.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway

Walkers in Norway can drink water directly from nature in many places.

10 Reasons Why I Love Norway
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    The Northern Lights,
    You can actually see those lots of places on occasion,
    Maine you can see them,
    My parents saw them in ohio.
    Yeah, you have some similar nature to the U. S but you don't have Deserts or Jungles
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Turkish_Delight
    My friends who have visited says its an amazing country with very nice people. I hope I'll visit one day
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  • CubsterShura
    I really want to visit Norway it's so amazing from every aspect. I'll visit someday hopefully can I be your guest? :)
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    • If you're very curious, you can google it for more information. : )

  • AlwaysBelieving
    Just as long as I don't have to eat Ludafisk. Or is that Sweeden?

    At any rate, I'd like to visit and look at all the cool tunnels and bridges you have. For instance:

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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Some really good friends of mine at my old college were all from norway. I had a presentation in biology class and i chose Norway, going from Oslo to Trondheim, they lol'd when i did my presentation and i had to keep fact checking with them on it.
    I really love the people and love the country. After im done volunteering in syria i plan to travel to there.
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  • BruceTrails
    Went to Drammen, Oslo and Kongsvinger this summer. I also visited a prison in Kongsvinger 😁 was quite normal looking. Also the nature is just amazing, I swim in a lake on mountain. Norway is def one of my favorite countries I visited so far.
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  • alaysatlorp
    Wtf norerigian prisons are nicer then Russian apartments 😂😂😂 smh Russia
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  • Library
    Norway is beautiful and I would like to visit it one day.
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  • LaFemmeFatale
    I always loved Norway and that MyTake made me fall in love even more.
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    • I also like Norwegian literature, "Kristin Lavransdatter" was one of the loveliest books of my childhood.

  • anonman32
    I like everything about norway exept for the welfare part. I know self employed people have to pay a lot of taxes because of it which makes becoming financially independent really hard. You are always a servant of the system without consent.
    • The point with the welfare system is giving sick and injured people a opportunity to get enough money for their basic needs, so they can get a alright life. The money they gets from the government do usually covering food, clothes, shelter, medicines and bills. Many of them have still not good enough economy to traveling or having any vacation. Everybody gets free education and health care because it shouldn't be so big difference between rich and poor people. By the way it would be very sad to lose a family member by a disease or a accident just because you couldn't afford health care.

    • anonman32

      I know, they just abuse the system here were i live.

    • Just because some people abuse the system doesn't mean it should affect innocent people in a bad way.

  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take - Further fuels my desire to visit Norway someday.
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  • ThatBritishLad
    I have to like Norway because they give me a Christmas tree every year. They also beat up the Scottish during the Dark Ages, so that's a plus.
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  • aurora_v
    Love your take!
    Although I don't really agree with the food part
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  • Redstang88
    We have a lot of the same nature as you, I can imagine how nice it is there. The Northern Lights really are. I love Norway, I'd love to stay for a while, but I don't think I'd ever become a citizen. Two things I don't like the government screwing with- my money and my guns. I hate welfare systems, I am a firm believer in getting what you earn. Our taxes are far too high here, and they're nowhere near what Norway is.
    As for guns, I don't accept the actions of a few idiots ruining it the majority of us. Canada has no shortage of guns, but there is quite a process before you can get a license.
  • vuvuzela11
    expect cold, nice place. i m ready for there. but i need home, can i live with u?=)
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  • Dred1614returns
    I'd like to visit, but I'd never consider living there.
    • Why? :)

    • I couldn't bring my guns with me.

    • If you gets a certificate, had been a hunter/having a hunter hobby and proved that you wouldn't abuse your weapons, you can have weapons in Norway. I knows a guy in Norway who have legal weapons and he has a hunter hobby. You have to apply when it comes to weapons and there are strict rules, but still possible.

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  • Adigelunar
    mGood post
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  • hasrett
    Norwegian prison looks like Croatian dorm.
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  • Omar5881
    Well it's a gorgeous country
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  • frozenhorizon
    And they started black metal
    • I've heard many foreigners talking about Norway and black metal. But for a unknown reason I doesn't associate my country with black metal or any form of rock. I've always seen it as an international thing.

    • I'm just kidding honestly, lol. Even though I do like black metal.

  • Patricia1996
    I've always wanted to live in Norway! :)
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  • Tyffen
    I want guns to be allowed to be carried...
  • NovissimumVirorum
    I don't like Norway
  • Anonymous
    Why does it matter if their prisons are nice? Shouldn't it be a punishment?
    • Norway wants to focusing at rehabilitation, not revenge. It's because when they are done in prison and would be released, it would be better for them knowing how to live in the society. If there are too big difference between how things are in prison and how things are outside the bars, they wouldn't know how they should live in the society. Therefor many prisoners gets free education, so they can easier get a job when they are done in jail.

    • Anonymous

      That's kind of pussy.

      Prison isn't even that bad in the United States.

    • kaangah

      kindly follow me.. i want to send a pm. thanks

  • Anonymous
    Norway also has the highest human development index in the world.
    Australia is a close second, so I'm glad I live there. :P
    (We'll never catch up with the 'roaches terrorising us though...)
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