7 Things You Should Know About Sweden


I am from Sweden, which people often get confused with Switzerland (I don't really get why; one is mountainous and one is flat, one is very far north, one is in continental Europe). Here are seven typically Swedish things:

1. Volvo

Well, they are still made in Sweden but are now owned by China. In Sweden we are fairly patriotic so a lot of families own a Volvo.

7 Things You Should Know About Sweden

2. Ikea

Ikea stores have spread around the world and are famous for flat-pack products. Also famous for their food products and café. Yes, we do like to eat meatballs in Sweden, but the ones we eat are tastier than those they sell at Ikea.

7 Things You Should Know About Sweden

3. Fika

Fika is a morning or afternoon or supper break where you have tea. Especially important in workplaces, where there are dedicated Fika rooms where most employees go to socialize. We especially like to have cinnamon rolls during Fika.

7 Things You Should Know About Sweden

4. Lakes

I know lots of other countries have lakes, but Sweden has a ton of them; pretty much if you drive 10 kilometres you will drive past a lake. We like to use the lakes for swimming, fishing, ice skating in winter and just admiring views.

7 Things You Should Know About Sweden

5. Vikings

Sweden used to be the land of the Viking and there are still signs of the Vikings around in the forest and in museums. The best museum is over the border in Norway (called the Oseberg Ship shown below).

7 Things You Should Know About Sweden

6. A love of seafood

In Sweden we love seafood. These include pickled herrings of various flavors including sweet and savory ones, shrimp sandwiches, and Atlantic Salmon, both smoked and fresh.

7 Things You Should Know About Sweden

7. Blonde and beautiful people

Sweden is known for having lots of blonde people and yes, I think in most places around 50% of people are blonde. People here are also of above average attractiveness.

7 Things You Should Know About Sweden

Have you ever been to Sweden? If so what were your thoughts?

7 Things You Should Know About Sweden
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  • sedrftvgyhujik
    Iv had Fika but thought they where just danishes and i have stayed with swedish relatives.
    We went sking and tobogganing a lot used there sauna and watched horror films on the projector and swam in the lake where the ice was broke which was unpleasant / but i didn't really explore much.
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    Now seems like a better time than never...

  • juliaanita
    Oh Euro-du är en sådan svensk. Kan inte vänta på vår resa till Stockholm!
  • Zorax
    Great Take, I like Sweden, it's one of my favorite countries in Europe.
  • jacquesvol
    One day , when the Summer is dry and hot , I'll visit Sweden.
  • SlightlyCrazy
    Also few people know they were a kick ass military empire for a while !
    • jacquesvol

      Indeed, they fought with Russia to conquer Finland. Due to WW1, neither one got it.

  • SilenceMeansPatience
    jag älskar att äta svenska köttbullar på Ikea
  • SkyrimAndHugs
    Heja Sverige! :D
  • GayHowellMeme
    Svensk här
    Like 1 Person
  • SnowHearth
    Been there during a winter, nice weather.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Thanks - Very informative take
  • Kellibabe
    Would love to go to sweden
  • LivingLife94
    I love seafood!!
  • MissSakura
    love lakes
  • Anonymous
    Do girls like swedish guys?