Short Men: Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed

Short Men: Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed

Being short sucks. I’m a 5’5″ (165 cm) tall, male. That is, I’m five inches shorter than your average American man who checks in at 5’10. Average Joe towers over me and a good chunk of the US female population does too.

Short Men: Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed

How do I feel about being short? I’ll say it with feeling this time: It seriously sucks. It’s like walking around with the hashtag #DEFORMED tattooed on your forehead and the words “LOSER WITH BAD GENES” inscribed on your chest in a big, bold neon font.

Short Men: Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed

Look at short people in Hollywood. Tom Cruise, 5’7″, and Jason Alexander, 5’4″, are probably the two most famous short actors. Tom Cruise is known for being a crazy maniac and Jason Alexander is famous for playing George Costanza on Seinfeld, an awkward/short/fat guy who can’t get women. Oh, and don’t forget Michael J. Fox, 5’3″, the guy with Parkinson’s disease. This is the Hollywood presentation of short people: crazy, unattractive, and sick.

Short Men: Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed

6'3'' is borderline manlet nowadays

Business and politics are run by tall people. The average height of a Fortunate 500 CEO is 6’0″ while another study reveals 90% of all CEOs are above average height. More interestingly, a myriad of studies from the United States and Britain show tall people are 70% more likely to be hired for a job than a short person even if the candidates are equally qualified. In politics, basically every modern US president has been above average height. And this makes sense: Who wants to be lead by a little person? People want their leaders to be mentally and physically strong.

Short Men: Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed

Tall, of course, wins in sports. The average height of an NBA player is 6’6″, and respectively NFL 6’2″, NHL 6’1″, MLB 6’1″. Taller men dominate competitive sports, duh. But what can be extrapolated from this data? This: If height is a huge advantage in professional sports, then this advantage also plays out in social sporting. In other words, tall men are favored in the contests of everyday life from pickup basketball to mini-struggles of social dominance at the workplace or a bar; particularly in the ritual of dating.

Short Men: Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed

I asked a tall friend, 6’1″, if he ever wished he was taller. His response, “Only if I’m talking to a woman and another man is talking to her who is taller than I am.” This is truth, as a general rule, we prefer taller people sexually. Height signifies, if not biological strength, then a glow of social supremacy. Personal example: I once dated a girl who said “you’re so short, like we’re at eye level, this is so weird… I normally never date short guys. This is so weird.” She broke up with me a week later. We’re still friends but she insists it’s just not right for her to date anyone under 6’0″.

Short Men: Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed

You’re not fine just the way you are. To think otherwise is to flee into a delusion, a lie. So man up and face reality: The parameters of this body define who you are, perhaps more than anything else does. The eyes are not the window into a man’s soul; height is. And looking into this window, this is what you see: a frail, old man sitting alone at a bar.

Short Men: Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed
Short Men: Eww, They’re Genetically Deformed
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  • Anonymous
    Personally I have plenty of bad genes in my family which I worry about subjecting to my kids. We're Asian American (one reason most of us are under the American average height), I check in at 5'8 (172 cm), and tend to be rather shy. My "younger" brother at 6'0 (183 cm) and uncle at 6'1 (185 cm) are the exceptions. I think we all have to try harder. Personally I prefer a girl who's at least 5'3 (160 cm) since the average difference between men and women is about 5"-6" (12.5-15 cm). Having preferences is okay having prejudices is not! I have seen hope for myself and guys like you alike. My uncle found a social woman who he married and I see a lot of guys who tower over their parents meaning maybe our kids won't be short.
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    • Anonymous

      Additionally with sports. Even though male athletes are bigger and taller on average, the leading scorers actually tend to be the little guys. More skill, speed, agility, and knowledge are more important than size. I've seen plenty of ice hockey players myself at high levels who are like 5'6-5'7 and the leading scorers for their team.

Most Helpful Girl

  • beccaboo2
    I disagree. I have a date this weekend with a very attractive man who is 5'3 (I'm 5'4) and I adore his stature. Short guys rule ❤
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    • Anonymous

      Then the 6' guy comes and takes you from him. :(

    • beccaboo2

      Nah, I prefer guys closer to my height.

    • echoaj

      I like this girl

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  • BuchitaBuchys
    This doesn't apply to Latinos lol we're short af.

    My dad is like 5'3 total skank. He cheated on my mom like crazy, drowning in puss. I hate my dad.

    Oldest brother: 5'6. Like nearly all of his gfs were 5'8 or taller. He likes tall women and they like him.

    Youngest brother: 5'4-5 his girlfriend is 5'7. He also likes tall women and has no problem getting tall chicas.

    Lots of couples I know it's the woman taller than the man. and vice versa
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    • Anonymous

      We are still pathetic as hell.

    • You are imprisoned in your mental cage

    • echoaj

      Really, your dad got that many girls? Is he rich?

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  • EmoKate97
    To be brutally honestly there is some truth to what OP says even tho it is shitty bait i see on /pol/ and /b/ all the time. I feel bad saying this but there's some truth to the OP. I'm 5'8 which is tall for a girl but i'd still date a guy who's a little shorter then me, but not if he's too short I'd feel goofy.

    Comparing my height to other guys and comparing just how i notice height in society. in my opinion i'd say 5'8 is thee shortest a guy can be where he can still stand with other guys and come off as normal height and doesn't come off as short. That said 5'7-5'6 are passable if you have the personality to overcome the height barrier, not talking about that buff pitbull walk but just walking with content with your height. Also confidence and humor/banter (that isn't at your own expense) makes you appear taller. But anything below 5'5 is a big clutch and the average woman will dismiss you.

    If women are honest with themselves there is a real disqualify for short guys. Short guys comes less manly compared to other guys in the sense the taller guys are going to catch attention first and just being short guys sort of come off as submitting because they have to look up to talk to someone. I honestly feel bad for short guys, they really do have life on hardmode.
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    • Eh, not really though. I've lived in Asia, most people are short there and I've known 5'4 or 5'5, or even unded guys, doing amazing with women. I live in Europe now, but I've lived several years in 3 different Asian contries growing up, similar experience everywhere. Also, tall guys tend to come off as feminine too, (generally), and majority of guys in general, when they think of their dream girl, imagine a petite feminine lady. Goes both ways indeed, and situations does different from country to country.

    • Correction
      *Tall girls come as masculine too, i mean.
      I didn't mean to write 'tall guys come off as feminine', it was autocorrection lol.

  • Fathoms77
    Just want to point out that Tom Cruise's height didn't exactly hurt him. He's crazy, yes, but Hollywood doesn't "portray" him that way; he just IS that way. In fact, I don't think he's ever played a nutso character, has he? He's portrayed as being the ultimate hero, action or romantic, in just about every movie he's ever done.

    Pretty sure that's a big win for short guys. ;)
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    • Fathoms77

      But I will add that much of what you write is probably true. I'm 6'3 and I have no interest in being short. ;)

    • Anonymous

      He's known to be a crazy sectarian of scientology, he lost his wife because of this.

    • Fathoms77

      Yes, I'm aware of that, but he did it to himself. Hollywood didn't "portray" him that way, is my point. His characters were almost all heroes, so his height obviously never hurt him there.

  • Emojis201
    Seriously? So what if your short, if a girl refuses to date you cause of that then there's something wrong with her.. Besides there's plenty of girls shorter then you In this world so eventually your bound to find the one. yes looks can be deceiving but not all girls judge books by their covers :)
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  • Negrodamuss
    Lol dude. I'm just as short as you are and I don't have trouble attracting women. Tbh, my race is way more often the issue than my height is. You need to learn about what women generally look for. If you learn, you'll be fine
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  • Princeofanons
    Go cry me a fucking river... Sure their dating pool is somewhat limited because they can't date a much taller person, but dammit that don't stop them from trying. I'm only 5'11, but a guy that is 5'5 who's a friend of mine have no problem with women whatsoever. Even he beats me clubbing and that is saying something. The point is that it's entirely up to the person and yes, some women do prefer taller guys, but don't be a pissbaby and cry and bitch about it. Do something about it.
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    • Kkaos

      Damn right, I remember one time when I first started clubbing there was this really attractive girl I'd be making eye contact with all night. I was too caught up in my head back then, my friends were even worse, and I didn't make a move. Meanwhile this 5'6 dude moves in and starts spinning her, he was absolutely killing it with every girl there. They didn't care about his height at all, he was showing them a great time. I had to get in on it, so I went up to him and he ended up becoming one of the best wingmen I know. I'm so glad he didn't sit at home crying about how unfair life is with respect to his height, he's an absolute beast.

  • tricia103
    I disagree. I would see no problem with dating a short guy 😊 I'm short myself, so it would be extremely hypocritical of me to judge another person based on how tall he was.
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    • Anonymous

      You will not feel feminine near him. You'll eventually leave him for a taller guy.

  • Relentless_Hippie
    It's not that serious, just get yourself a short girl.
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    • Anonymous

      Short girls need tall guys so that their children are not midgets.

    • Lol what?

    • Anonymous

      That's the logic of many short girls I have spoken to.

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  • 19magic
    I like dating guys my height and yes I am 5"9 but I wouldn't want to date anyone who's too tall cus that's more reaching up then I'd ever want to do. I met a guy the other day who was my height and an absolute charmer, it's not all about the height.
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  • Bvroon
    Hey, you're not alone I'm short too, same height as you, if not a little shorter perhaps. Do I wish I were taller, sometimes yes, but the fact of the matter is I can't really do anything about it, so I accept it and deal with it as best I can. I suppose if it bothers me that much I can always move to Asia, plenty of short people there... ;-)
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  • cherrymarina
    I'm 5'6 and I have liked short guys before. I was actually crazy, madly in love with a guy who was an inch shorter than me. I like tall guys but not too tall. I don't want to look like a midget next to a guy. Preferably around 180 cm - 185 cm range.
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  • This_is_my_username
    dude you made a take on this srsly?


    I can't even...

    Get a short gal.
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  • Elarra
    I'm 5'3 and almost every guy I dated was 6 ft. or over except for one. It's really attractive, but sometimes it would be nice if they were closer to my height.
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  • Mrwoo99
    As a guy who's 5ft7, I'll just stand tall on my wallet. The thing is lads, the harsh realitt is either way if you're born with unattractive face and short height, no women women is gonna desire you so you might as well use money/status to attract females.
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    To be honest, you have so much self hate. You're 5'5" and you think 6'3" is a borderline manlet? You have to be kidding, I'm 6'2-3" and I'm so not a borderline manlet. I generally don't feel like one because there are not that many people who are taller than me... I only feel short next to my big brother who is 6'11." I don't view him as a lanky, awkward faggot and I don't think people view like that either. He doesn't play basketball and that doesn't make him unattractive! So be quiet!
    • Anonymous

      I mean even girls are nowadays 6' and they are taller than you in heels.

  • FallOutBoy2001
    I'm really short, and it'd by incredibly hypocritical to judge a guy by his height. My boyfriend is over 6 feet and honestly I wish he was closer to my height
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  • LuisPenaNunez
    My cousin is 5'6 tall and i can guarantee you he has gotten laid 100^2 more than 99% guys from this site. How? Confidence + Looks.
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    • Anonymous

      The only way for him to be laid is to have Napoleon complex and overcompensate for the lack of height.

  • blondfrog
    really has more do with how you look and own it my oldest brother just so happens to be the shortest out of us yet he can pull the most chicks.
    He is shorter than you at only 5'4 and he is far from rich he is not even in middle class. He struggles to pay off his basic bills and still has to pay alimony for one of this previous marriages. Yet he still can pull of hot chicks.
  • Zopaba
    Dude I agree that short guys have a bad time with women (I've seen so much degradation and refusal to date guys under certain heights even when they're short), but you've gotta stop being so negative about it. If anything stops you from finding a girl it's probably going to be that more than you're height.
  • writing_essays
    The best looking married man I ever met was extremely short - under 5"1 and the guy I am currently fixated on is also very short - under 5"5.
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  • UdontNeedtoknow
    Dude. You have issues. I am 5' 8" and I still scored chicks about every month when I was in my 20's Remember that a lot of histories greatest generals were short people. Tall people make easy targets in battle also.
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  • lumos
    I'm 5'7 and so is my boyfriend lol. He's doing just fine.
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    I am 5'3, he is 5'9" which is not that tall... just want taller than me
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  • Josht13
    You sound like a massive pussy who blames everything on being short, get over it.
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  • TuMeManques
    You did a my take on the pitfalls of male shortness and then went on to list several very successful and handsome men who are short...
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Sounds like someone has a chip on their shoulder. I'm 5'4" and I'm fine with it. For the record, I don't think I have a Napoleon complex, but to be sure, you'd have to ask my friends.
  • blustar
    Bitches don't know what they want at the end of the day. So none of this matters
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  • RedThread
    I have short guy friends who kill it man. I think it's more the mentality than anything else.
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  • echoaj
    dude I feel your pain. I'm 5'5 too. One of my biggest insecurities. I feel that If I was taller I would have a much easier time finding women.
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  • Silver158
    It's cool guys, he's 18 - 24. Plenty of time for him to figure out it's his attitude that's the issue. Not his height.
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  • Dtegesd123
    date Asian women. I see so many couples that are both around 5'6
  • DizzyAster
    Get over it, dude.
    Life gets better... only if you make it better for yourself.
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  • mits777
    This is wrong in many ways.
    #1 Being short is not the same as having shit genes, it means you have shit genes corresponding to height only. You may have amazing genes on other features ex blue eyes, be very healthy, strong, big dick, smooth skin etc whatever you get the idea smart etc
    #2 Being short doesn't mean you can't be ceo, rich successful etc in fact it has no relation. You posted yourself here some of most powerful people in the world happen to be very short, Putin, Merkel, many bussinesmans etc (it has no relation height with how successful you will be , only hard work luck and your skills determine it)
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  • SeanshterMonster
    You really think shorter guys are genetically deformed?
  • JensonStatement
    Just why... I see so much of this.
    You aren't a loser.
    You aren't deformed.
    You are just stupid for thinking this.
    We shorties should thinking about more ideas.
    Zuckerberg is 5ft7 and he can buy a dolphin which is kissing a monkey for live and even suplly for them. I'm 5ft9 and i'm broke as shit.

    You need confidence.

    Yes, most average to tall people are CEO or something. Yes, it's proven but El Chapo is 5ft6 and he's rich as fuck. Escobar was 5ft6 and he was rich as fuck. He died 20 years ago but he was rich as fuck untill he died. Nobody fucks with putin. He's 5ft7.

    For some i agree with you. You look like a child next to others and if you go to gym if you 5ft7 you look like a block or a little closet. That's why you need some confidence. You going to stick with this unless you got a good line with Jesus Christ and he's got some blessings for you.
  • skeptic002

    COME TO ME O_O!!!
  • Giacomanzo

    -Aside for Mussolini (who was also short, 5'6) he holds the record for having been the Premier of the Italian Republic for the longest time, and the second after Giolitti of the United Italy in general (again, excluding Mussolini)
    -Even if most of it has been built through debts that he never paid and put inside of Italian public debt (yeah.), he built through Edilnord and Fininvest a financial empire.
    -We call him "The Dwarf". Guess why.
  • Table20
    who are those chicks with the rock? i thought he was tall
  • GeorgeTheMav
    I think this the stupidest fucking post I have ever read in my life. Consider suicide under 5'10. Really? Either you have no self-confidence to appreciate that you can even fucking walk (because mind you there are some guys that are in wheel chairs) or the girls you are trying to pursue are tall conceited white sorority chicks that will end up divorcing at least 5 times in their lifetime. I am 5'5 and understand if some girls are just not into shorter guys. Guess what? There are other girls in the fucking sea! So you could either lower your standards or stop fapping to Mia Malkova because you're never gonna fuck her!
  • Pilulu
    That's an ok height. Being a short man doesn't make you deformed. I bet you're really awesome.
  • ThisDudeHere
    The cringe is so great my face got stuck.
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  • Adigelunar
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  • red324
    I'm 5' 4''. I don't care what you girls think :)
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  • AdamThomas
    I'm 5'3" and I don't give a fuck.
  • thecalmerface
    cool. stop whining and accept it.
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  • Blitzkrieger
    awesome question, very entertaining. i liked it.
  • Williamdhie
    what? How tall are those cheerleaders?
    • Anonymous

      They were obviously wearing heels but I think they are 6' at least. Even girls are nowadays much taller than 5'6''.

  • Anonymous
    I'm almost 6'0 and if we clicked id date a guy who is 5'5 ! I was into short guys but for some reason they turn me down , some have said it's because of my height. But I like short guys !
  • Anonymous
    I'm 5'8 and never had a problem getting women. Whether she's shorter, taller, younger, or older. Never had a problem. And some of that is due to just being attractive overall, but a lot of it has to do with how I carry myself and that I don't defeat myself before ever getting the chance. If you can't get women it's not because of your height. Sure, there are a few here and there that may not due to your height, but your problem is clearly your mindset. If you already believe you can't get women because of your height they will be able to sense that. They won't be able to sense it to the point of figuring out the exact reason you're such a negative nancy, but they will be able to sense the negative vibe coming from you and that is what repels them. Not your height.
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  • Anonymous
    I love posts like this cuz they make me feel good about being 6'4"
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