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Why Short Guys Should NOT Be Upset Due To Their Height!


As you all have heard that most girls want a guy who is tall and might have heard 6' or above. Well as a short guy who is anywhere 5'6 or 5'7 and who also has high metabolism, let me tell you some things which are advantageous.

First, you live longer than most taller guys. There's been many studies in which it's shown that tall guys are less likely to live in older age. Sometimes the difference is even like 10 years.

Second, you are less likely to have cancer.

Third, you are less likely to get overheated.

Fourth, you are less likely to have blood clots.

Fifth, you are less likely to have back or hip pains.

Don't you think that this is a very good trade off?

Sure many women would not even consider dating you but if a women like you as who you're despite of your height, she is less likely to cheat on you.

Studies have also shown short guys tend to have less divorce rates.

Next thing, I'm gonna be talking about is pretty much confusing but if you understand you'll get my point.

If you're short then there's two things:- women would not like you physically which means you're dodging a bullet. Why I say this because most women have conditioned from their childhood to get a taller man. If she is breaking the stereotype for you then she is the ONE💍.

Now I'm not saying women shouldn't have their preferences I'm just talking about those who consider it more like a norm which they have to follow.

Height is not a preference, well it is for some people but it is more like a norm to others. Some women just think what will others say to them including their family and friends. Still in many societies, it's not usual. If it was a personal preference not almost all of then will say the same thing, right?

I know there will be less women, but you don't have to have 100% succes rate. You just need one. Sure you're gonna face some rejection but if you keep trying you'll find the most refined one. I believe even henry cavill will not 100% success rate. Even 1% success rate is enough to get women.

And don't be desparate, otherwise if you will settle for low and then it will not feel good in the future.

Like, I like to go to the gym, and I thought well I can't get any fit woman in my life because I'm short. And I thought I should settle for obese woman as well. But the thing is even some obese woman would not give you a chance if you're too short for them.

Personally I like fit and healthy lifestyle and it would be common interest so I would never like an obese women because then she would have a totally different lifestyle. I would like a woman with whom I can workout with, it just feels sexy to me.

So short guys have to remember this thing, it's NOT your fault! The women who is gonna love you will be the most refined person because she is breaking the norm for you!

Sure, I will be happy with anyone of any body type, because it's something that can't be changed. I just like them to to be fit in whatever body type they have!

So, short guys, don't lower your standards out of desparation. There will be always some women whom you'll like and they will like you in return.

Why Short Guys Should NOT Be Upset Due To Their Height!
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  • MCheetah
    I've heard all of these before, and I also know The Baby Giraffe's channel, but... Nah. No. I wanted to be tall, 6'5"/195 cm, for several reasons, but mostly to feel good about myself, and to be the best athlete I could be.

    Me being short feels like the completely wrong body. It's almost like gander dysphoria. Height dysphoria, maybe? Of course, I'm not THAT crazy or anything. But I 100% don't deserve to be in the Hobbits, Midgets, and Manlets category. I'd be so-so/okay being just 6'1"/185 cm, which is only a tiny bit tall. But I'm not even there.

    I'll literally never be happy in life, because *this* isn't who I'm supposed to be. I'm a lion trapped in the body of a mouse. But hey; I've accepted that, so I don't seek out happiness anymore. I'm kind of a ship lost at sea, drifting in the dark. That's my life! And being short is garbage. This is a person thing though; so I don't speak for other men under six feet tall, as some short men can be happy. Just not me, though.

    "There will be always some women who you'll like and they will like you in return." Nah; this is a mega-cope. Pure fiction. I used to believe in wishful thinking too; in my early 20s. But life is more than just women. There pretty much ARE no women for short men. Unless you're willing to be her slave and mega-simp for her. Then maybe she'll take pity on you. Like The Baby Giraffe here.

    I think overall; it'll be better for us short men to not have a woman in our lives, slowing draining our energy and independence. But it should just at least be a CHOICE and not semi-mandatory because you ended up being so short. But life isn't fair; let's not kid ourselves pretending it was ever meant to be.

    And GAG just showed me this MyTake right now. I think they like to bury MyTakes for weeks at a time.
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  • Kereology
    That's it. Lose weight, lift, repeat, and despite being short I'll get a giant woman who'll love me.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • shaysh87
    its hilarious how men complain that women don't like short men. Its the same guys who only want to date women 15-30 years younger than them.
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    • GreedGod

      No one does that.

    • shaysh87


      men leave their wives for younger women all the time.

    • GreedGod

      Who said that to you?

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  • wowop99266
    No offense, but it's people like you that are what's wrong with short men. It's your mentality that short men end up in long term commitments with unhealthy, antisocial and insecure women, because they had no choice.

    And the whole "You just need one"? I personally don't believe in monogamy or exclusivety, so please understand that I take great offense to being told "you just need one". That's the most patronizing thing I've ever heard. Nobody tells tall attractive men that they just need one, so why the hell would I accept it just for being short.
  • Zenit93
    Strong cope
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    • GreedGod

      Just go and shower 3 times and use tactical soap.

    • Zenit93


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