Why Men Prefer Short Girls

Why Men Prefer Short Girls

1. The average is preferred

Average woman is around 5'3 or 5'4 depending on the area, and the average is always preferred. Most women are short anyway.

2. They are cute

Petite girls are always considered cuter and much more feminine. Small hands, small feet and small shoulders are so cute! Then a short 5'3 girl can put on 6" heels and be 5'9 and sexy and take them off again and be cute. Short girls can be both cute and sexy!

3. They can survive on less food

A taller person needs to eat waaaay more than a short person, which isn't really a good thing. A short girl can eat less and therefore has better survival chances in case of shortage of food. Just from an evolutionary perspective.

4. They have better bodies

A short girl with a 24" waist will look much curvier than a tall girl with the same waist size. Look at models, they are incredibly skinny yet they always look like a rectangle/inverted triangle shaped body. That is because the more compact you are the more defined the curves will look. Yes, some tall girls can look curvy but curves look way better on short girls and its a lot easier to be curvy as a short girl.

5. They look dainty and small

Which makes guys think the girl is submissive and in need of protection. No one ever thinks they need to protect a tall girl as she looks stronger/more masculine which means she can take care of herself.

6. Estrogen stops growth earlier

Yes, height is genetic. But the reason why girls are usually shorter than guys is because estrogen stops growth quicker while in men testosterone takes a while to convert to estrogen. Also girls usually have their growth spurt earlier than guys so they are usually done growing and shorter.

7. Women are supposed to look weaker

Women are supposed to look dainty and small. They are supposed to be much smaller and shorter, being taller than 5'7 isn't favored.

8. It is considered feminine to be short

And masculine to be tall. Stronger/bigger/taller is associated with masculinity and men, and shorter/smaller/weaker is associated with femininity.

9. Short girls have been proven to have more children than tall girls

And the most popular couples are always tall man/short girl. Either way short girls are more preferred.

10. They make men feel more masculine

The height difference makes a girl feel small and cute, but it also makes the man feel protective and masculine. It is a good feeling for both partners.

Hope you enjoyed this take.


Most Helpful Guys

  • So many jelly women in the comments lool. I actually like like both short and taller girls, but there's definitely something about short girls. #4 is a big factor for me. The taller a girl is, the less curvy she looks and if there are no curves I'm just physically not attracted to a girl, no matter what. #2 is also true

    • There's just two types of short girls. They're skinny or obess.
      Most the tallers are curves.

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    • Just teasing you ;)

    • @MirageSlipstream
      Best and Prettiest of Curvy Women are Just the Tallers , specially Blondes.

  • You forgot the #1 reason:

    BEST AT SEXY TIME! YOW! I mean, if they're enthusiastic, that is. If they are?


    I mean, it's a LOT of fun if I can lift her up and swing her around with one arm. I can just pick her up and plop her down on my carnival ride (yes, I've done that).

    And it makes it SOOOOOO easy for her to curl her legs around me and me to stand while we bang.


Most Helpful Girls

  • I think short and tall girls are beautiful. Preference is pretty subjective. I'm a short woman and it has it advantages dating and disadvantages with men.
    Some of the pros': The assumption of positive traits without knowing you as being innocent, trustworthy, good with kids, gentle & kind.
    Cons: Naiveness, not taken professionally seriously, guys who "look at you as a potential wife material in a "passive" way with considering your professional dimension, guys who approach you tend to be sometimes aggressive "in your face". As well as very very shy guys who approach and look as if you are a "cristal" dainty person.

    I celebrate being a pixie chic since its a gift as well, helps me connect better with people and I feel very cute and sassy when I'm styling myself since I try to look my best in a cute way.

  • And thats why i don't understand why some guys get angry when some women prefer taller men when their are men who prefer short girls. Yes, most girls are short, but there are men who specifically don't want to date girls who may be tall or taller than them at all. I've seen guys say that if a girl is 6ft, then they don't want to date her.

    • Because if the shirt girls prefer tall guys what's left for us short guys

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    • @TheUglyMan This is a "the grass is always greener" topic. I'm over 6 feet tall and I'm lucky if I can manage to get a first date. The general public seems to think that since I'm tall I must be swarmed by women or that I don't have trouble getting any. It's a load of bullshit either way. I remember once I was online getting lunch and these two girls behind me started chatting about how some guy one of them was into was "so tallll" like he was some gift from god. I was ready to lose it with the two of them. I've never gotten attention like that in my life so I have no better understanding of this than you do.

    • @ForteExe I never said all tall dudes get lots of girls. But there's is no doubt that tall dudes are far more attractive to women than short dudes

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What Guys Said 81

  • Why people especially from the US, think that the rest of the world works the same way as their society. Across the Mediterranean countries, tall women are considered "more attractive" and I think that's the case for some other European countries as well. So, it's not as much of a "universal" preference, as this take presents. I prefer tall girls myself for example.

  • Nope, nope, nope... I don't believe anything of that.

    I disagree with everything but that is *just me*. It sounds like those guys are toxic in my opinion.

  • Yeah... No. I don't think so.

  • I find it amusing that some Anonymous woman on GAG is telling men what we prefer. Because of course, men are all some hive mind and we all agree to have the same preferences and we can't make up our minds on our preference until some woman tells us so. *rolls eyes*

    I've dated girls around my height (184 cm) or slightly shorter at 178-179 cm. Most are athletic girls as I find the athletic built attractive in girls. I felt very masculine going out with them, thank you very much.

  • Lol speak for yourself dude, I’ve always had a thing for tall girls. I think it’s superior genetics and simply means I’ll have taller and stronger kids. If you need a small and weak girl to feel masculine, then you’re not very masculine in the first place. My girl is about 6ft and I’m one inch taller than her. Still feel like a man. My sense of masculinity isn’t that fragile.

  • Yes shortness is a feminine trait, and it's also true for mammals in general.


  • Where did you get these bullshit stats? Short girls have the worst fucking attitudes, the most aggression and the most out of control emotions. Girls over 5'7" especially over 5'9" are a way more laid back but can be more arrogant due to their height especially if they have good bodies. It's a trade off no matter the height. Short or tall it can still be a nightmare

  • It's the same reason most women prefer tall guys. The only difference is it's not a "deal breaker" for a lot of us guys like it is for a lot of women.

  • YES, GOD DAMN YES. I love a cutie whose a shorty. I can for anyone who is that short that was listed above. Just from height alone. Feelsbadman. I need to understand why short girls attract my attention so much.

  • Not true, being a short guy, tall and even average girls would avoid me. I would totally fall for a tall or average girl, but it isn't even a choice for me according to most women.

    • She didn't said that short guys are in better situation than girls who are too tall.

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What Girls Said 44

  • More divisive nonsense. It is considered feminine to be a female. Whether you're short, tall, big, or small. My sister is 5'9 and always looks more feminine than my 5'5 ass lol. And she's never had a shortage of admirers. There isn't one uniform, universal look when it comes to women. We come in all shapes and sizes, and men like all shapes and sizes. Don't diss what you are not to make you feel better about what you are.

  • I think I actively lost brain cells reading this MyTake. Especially since you went and hid behind Pink Anon, probably fully knowing this Take was retarded. What, are you 5'0 and think you keep being rejected based on height?
    FYI, I'm 5'3, and I think tall, and short, women alike are beautiful. Tall women have longer legs, can look more elegant. Beauty comes from your face, being healthy, having a good personality. Not by how tall you fucking are. This was retarded.

  • I disagree. Men are individuals and have varied tastes. They don't prefer one more than the other. This is heavily biased against tall women which many men do prefer.

  • Oh no, look how gross and manly Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr are. If only they weren't tall, then they could be beautiful and favored by men :'c Damn, if only they were shot, then they would be as beautiful as you :'C I'm sure they're heartbroken *sarcasm*
    men just don't like this
    they find her repulsive
    icky, truly
    this is torture for poor men
    poor girl doesn't know how low on the totem pole she is


  • Okay, I guess as a six foot tall woman I’m not allowed to exist and be considered attractive at the same time.

    Beauty isn’t one size fits all. Just throwing that out there if we’re on the subject of being judgmental.

  • Wth man? I'm short and still didn't like this take. Women of all heights can be beautiful, feminine, cute, sexy and desirable. I've seen many 'cute' tall girls. Only because short IS actually a feminine trait, it doesn't mean that tall women are automatically masculine.

  • its funny have people can't understand term GENERALY... like yeah, there are individual cases where guy will prefer taller girl, or lets say even 30% of them prefer taller girls while like 60% of them prefer shorter girls and maybe like 10% doesn't care about the height at all
    But like 90% of guys want girl shorter than them and like 10% dont care

  • And here people is a short girl that probably got turned down for a tall girl.
    Congrats babydoll, putting your insecurities with fake facts online...

  • "They can survive on less food"
    5'1 and I eat enough to feed two 6'4 men tho sooo

  • I am short in height 5'2 (average here is 5'6) but I don't have small shoulders nor small feet.

    Number 3 is not true by the way. Nor no.4 because it depends on your hip to waist ratio, on your other measurements not just the waist size. Also, many tall women have their admirers. If short girls would be so wanted, they'd be the ones who do modeling. Not the 5'7+ tall ladies.

    • Sure but on the other hand most guys are not dating with models anyway, and girl who might look good on the screen, is not necessary look good when she beside guys.

    • True but there still is a plenty of women around, especially here and so far from I have seen and read, guys like them very.

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