Why Trump May Not Be A Bad Thing


Although on Election Day I did vote for Hillary Clinton and became somewhat disappointed that Clinton didn't win the election, I believe that Trump may not be a bad thing.

Why Trump May Not Be A Bad Thing

First of all, I am kind of iffy to find that one party has too much power in the government. When I was in elementary school, Bill Clinton was president of the United States. He was a Democrat. Then came George W. Bush. He was a Republican. Then came Barack Obama. He was a Democrat. Now, Trump has succeeded Obama in the presidency; he is a Republican. Maybe a shift in politics will experiment with new policies and improve society.

The downside is that if there is a Republican president, then ideally I want a Democrat-controlled Congress; or vice versa. The main purpose of the balance of power is to force people to work together and compromise despite extreme ideological differences. My biggest fear is that the Republican president and the Republican-controlled Congress will pass a series of laws with abandon. My biggest hope is that the government does something about the environment and climate change, but apparently, Trump's website doesn't say anything about the environment. Environmental issues should be non-partisan. Everyone lives on the same planet, so everyone should have the obligation to protect the planet. If that means stop buying factory-farmed megafauna and turning to earthworms and other bugs as a source for animal protein, then so be it.

Why Trump May Not Be A Bad Thing

According to Trump's own website, the upside of having Trump as president means that at least I won't be affected too negatively.

Trump promises that he will raise the military funding, which means joining the military will be an optional career choice for me.

Trump promises to eliminate mandatory healthcare purchases. Under the Obama administration, I was pretty content that I could stay under my parents' healthcare plan until I became 26. As a college student, I didn't have many medical needs, except mandatory school vaccinations. Though, when my 26th birthday approached, I became a bit freaked out about having to purchase healthcare on my own. I don't need to be forced to buy healthcare coverage, when I don't have any medical issues other than PCOS. And I think I can manage my own PCOS symptoms by maintaining a healthy weight and doing regular strength-training and staying out of harm's way. Trump will just be president for 4 years anyway, so if I can keep myself healthy during those 4 years without health insurance, then chronic diseases will be the least of my worries. I may purchase health insurance for emergencies. Maybe health insurance premiums will be cheaper due to the competition from out-of-state competitors.

Why Trump May Not Be A Bad Thing

Trump promises a strict regulation on illegal immigration. I personally find his stance objectionable and hypocritical. The true legal citizens should be Native Americans. Unfortunately, they are a mistreated group of people. They were stripped away from their homes, persecuted, assimilated into European-American society, and treated like minorities with second-class citizenship. All this in their own land. The European invaders hunted the buffalo population to near extinction too. In the history of immigration to the United States, Europeans were generally welcomed to immigrate here, but people from China were discriminated against socially and legally, even though they just came through the same route as the Europeans - by boat. As much as I hate his immigration reform policy (uneducated/unskilled illegal immigrants can do jobs that nobody wants and provide cheap manual labor, because hiring an American is more expensive than hiring an undocumented immigrant and paying under-the-table, which may sound unethical/bad but necessary to get cheap labor), at least I or my family won't be affected. I came to America the legal, documented way, and I became naturalized in my teens. My relatives not in my immediate family also came here legally with proper documentation. From my experience, it is possible to immigrate to the United States from a developing country legally. Though, I admit that my parents are highly educated individuals, and their relatives who came to the USA are also highly educated and skilled laborers. I wonder what immigration will look like under the Trump administration.

Although Trump is not my preferred president, I think I can live under his regime for four years. I will probably hold my breath and pass out, if he actually gets re-elected for another four years.

Why Trump May Not Be A Bad Thing
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Most Helpful Girl

    you know, the indigenous peoples of japan who were from southeast asia were enslaved and swallowed up by the people who later came from mainland asia but no one bitches about it.

    japan doesn't let the dirt poor people from neighboring countries in. why should japan do that? no one forces japan to take in foreigners.

    why is america responsible for dirt poor people in other countries? why do people say america has to take them in?
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      @Waffles731 you don't like facts?

    • Waffles731

      I know facts, far more than you obviously do


      how about me and my family? oh wait, you don't give a fuck, right? it's only about you and your problems.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Waffles731
    but if the Affordable care act gets repealed I won't be able to be under my parent insurance and I can't afford my own which means I won't be able to get the medication and therapy I need so basically I'll end up dead by suicidal depression because I couldn't get proper psychiatric care
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    • Prof_Don

      I highly doubt Trump will completely repeal the Affordable Care Act, but he would repeal some parts of it.

      I would be WAY more concerned, if you was a patient with a serious physical pre-existing condition. I feel that phase will be abolished, to reduce the risk for the insurance companies, and thus drive premiums downward.

    • He recently said he will keep 2 things in Obamacare.
      1. Pre-existing conditions
      2. People can stay on their parent's plan

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  • Rawrzz
    Joining the military has literally always been a legitimate career option. The U. S. spends 500 billion a year on the military. The military which is also so fucking powerful it could take on the entire world at the same time and still win. We do not need to dump even more money into military, at expense of social legislation.

    The only thing good about Trump would be if he does, in fact, repeal obamacare. And I'm a Bernie Sanders-level leftist, minus PC. But I don't support that piece of shit, at all. Obamacare was just a way to make various healthcare companies a shitload more money. Looking at opensecrets. org, you can see which companies contributed to Obama's campaign. His curious flipflop on Single Payer then becomes more transparent, unlike the government he claimed would be.

    As for Native Americans, I have Native American family living on the reservation in Oklahoma, where my mother grew up. My great grandmother was pure blooded Creek. And honestly, if you can't defend your land, then it stops being yours. Sure, they might have a moral right to it in some sort of "We were here first" BS. But I find moral victories to be quite shallow.

    I also have that fear. But, remember, Trump isn't a traditional Republican. He'll probably butt heads with the Republicans in congress. He probably won't meet as much resistance as Obama did; but, it won't be total power either. Hopefully.

    Trump believes that global warming was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. Which he later took back in the...2nd debate, I believe, after realizing he sounded like a fucking moron.

    I have met a lot of people, all of them were rich in their original country. I also asked a Mexican dude I worked with if it was difficult to gain citizenship, but he said it wasn't. I really don't know much about it.

    I don't know. I never saw this coming. No real option but to wait it out and see what happens.
    • Anonymous

      I think the people most likely affected by the Trump immigration policy will be the poor, uneducated, unskilled laborers from developing countries who came to America undocumented because they were dirt poor. The educated and moderately wealthy may have an easier chance to come to America the legal way. Passport, VISA, airplane ticket, a place to live, and a purpose. My dad arrived here with a student VISA, because he found a job as a postdoctoral fellow. One year later, he got me and Mom on board the plane.

    • Rawrzz

      Or trying to escape the ever-escalating, ruthless, and hyper-violent cartels, kidnapping and extortion. Estimation of 179,000 casualties since 2006. I would agree. Tell me about it. I seriously considered trying to move to Canada, but I'm pretty much poor with no real job skills, so they'd probably never accept me for even a work visa. Here is an interesting take on the "Great Wall of America": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_P9PR5ckFk

  • Sara413
    I'm glad to see the optimism, but I do think it is very concerning that he has a Republican Congress and Senate to work with. I fear for women's reproductive rights, as well as what the immigration policies will end up looking like, and how they'll affect real people. I'm also concerned that Trump's election will embolden those who do wish to "take America back" - ie. Make American white again.
    • Waffles731

      I wish I could optimistic but if the Affordable care act gets repealed I won't be able to be under my parent insurance and I can't afford my own which means I won't be able to get the medication and therapy I need so basically I'll end up dead by suicidal depression because I couldn't get proper psychiatric care

    • The one silver beacon I can offer is Obama wrote planned parenthood under Title X healthcare, which cannot be banned.

    • Anonymous

      @Waffles731 It really pays to be born at the right time. I was born in 1990. So, the Obama administration covered my complete college career. :D

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  • Longshoreman
    I don't know what the term megafauna means or entails but if your referring to cattle I fail to see how that effects climate change. Me personally I will never eat a worm just because some dumb environmentalist says that I'm hurting the atmosphere be eating beef. If you really did want to do something about it I think utilizing our natural resources would be a better option. There are plenty of white tail and mule deer elk moose antelope and caribou also our countries fresh waters are over populated with fish.

    As far as immigration goes I believe that all illegals should be deported. I have no problem with legal immigration but I do believe it should be limited. I also don't believe the new immigrants shouldn't receive any start up money or special tax breaks just because they are new to the country. If you wanted to come here you should have to make your way like everyone else. The only thing I think the government should do us if the immigrants don't already they should be taught the English language. cheap labor is ok but I don't believe it should go to illegals. The fact is we as americans have taken on an entitled attitude to say that we are to good to do certain jobs. I say we need to suck it up and do what's available at the time if you don't like it there is always the opportunity to better yourself if your willing there are to many lazy people in this country. One thing that I have seen illegals do that shouldn't be allowed they come into the country go to work someone as cheap labour working a trade. Once they learn the trade they go start their own business and live 2 & 3 & 4 families to one house so it's cheaper then severely underbid jobs to ensure they get them and the people that were doing them in the first place can't stay in business.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    I am much the same - You have to accept the result - I am more worried about GOP control across the board and hope the Dems do well in 2018 to provide some checks then get together to field a strong candidate in 2020.
    • Anonymous

      Dude, you'll in Ireland.

      I never understand why British people care about American politics. :P

    • I am Irish - Not from the UK - When America coughs the rest of the world gets a cold normally - With Trump it is the flu

    • We need to get the democrats (i. e., communists) out of office completely and then elevate the Constitution Party as the opposition party. That's the only way we'll ever have a shot at getting honest government...

  • Elarra
    The only reason I don't like Trump as president is because I have a medical condition that I may end up having to pay out of pocket for the rest of my life if I ever get laid off and lose my insurance because the insurance companies will be allowed to discriminate against preexisting conditions again. That and his presidency is inciting racist backlash.
  • TheDevilInside
    And all I can think of is "my god I'm gonna have to look at that ugly raisin face with weird hair all the time now, or at least 10 times a day. Cause he will be just like justin bieber, 3everywhere. And that is not a face that is pleasant to look at." I actually feel sick right now. Right in my stomach.
    • dipta

      That too. And I don't even live in the US. Punishment for us all.

    • @dipta neither do I. Trump supporters have ruined it for the entire world

  • Bleh-___-
    But just in case
  • John_Doesnt
    Please open your eyes to what Trump's policies are: he's against Obamacare, he wants to keep Guantanamo Bay open (after Obama tried so hard to close that place) and let's not forget his crazy Mexico wall idea. His policies will result in a lot of human rights violation and a lot of low-income people dying.
  • D1rk13
  • genericname85
    he doesn´t "believe" in global warming. that´s the nail in the coffin for me personally. how can a president be that oblivious to facts?
    • which facts? many refute the global warming. many claim its conspiracy. that in fact rises trump in my eyes. he is not afraid to have unpopular opinions. except if he does it just to provoke like a celebrity... .

    • @supernerd99 you wouldn´t have to go that far to validate it with your own eyes. go up north to kanada and compare what you see to what you see in images from the area from only 50 years ago. or if you wanna cut the travel cost, just Skype some inuid and ask them how real they think climate change is.

      i´m not hating on you or judging you personally but people who don't "believe" in climate change are just simply uneducated. even the argument for it being a hoax to empower china is sooo freaking dumb, cause chinas economy would actually profit more if they could just blast the atmosphere with co2 at will.

    • who said its to empower china? its new age globalization control agenda. like the overpopulation myth. they have clearly stated they plan to keep global population in a controlable minimum. you'd be surprised to know i'm much more educated than what they feed you, the masses with. there is a phenomenon called parthenogenesis, creation of new matter by nearby similar matter. what we witness is exactly that. both water leven and the ground level though rise. thats why elements that should be depleted from the ground aeons ago are still in abundance. not even being daughter poducts of their higher elements would suffice for such quantities, plus some of the decay periods are just ridiculously long. there is some global warming but not even 5% is by human activity. its mostly natural and has more to do with changes in the behavior of the sun, and cosmic rays... .

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  • MaiNameIsSunshine
    Very nice take. We will see what will happen. I pray I was wrong about Trump, really do. This country is worth more than me being right.
  • godfatherfan
    Why do people post "Takes" and then go anonymous? You should not be able to hide like a chicken behind anonymous if you do one of these.
    I am going to guess your young and were not impacting by "the Great Republican Recession". I was out of work for 3 years. Lost every dime of my retirement thanks to the republicans. When the previous republican piece of trash was elected, within 2 years I was out of work and had to take a 64% paycut. Back in the 80's, history shows was a horror show "trickle down economics" was. Reagan is being shown to be the worst president in our history. Within 2 years our country will slide into another Republican recession. Millions will be out of work. But the rich will get richer... because that is all the republicans care about.
  • KnightinDarkArmor
    I for one will be paying extra attention to his moves. If he tries anything unconstitutional, I will petition my elected officials to block it.

    If he does anything unlawful, I will absolutely petition for Impeachment.
  • My Family and Myself just Now, Received a Big Heartfelt "Thank you" from Donald and His Headquarters, Blanketing, I would Imagine, OOOODLES of Others who Voted for him to Make America Great Again.
    As usual, Our names were Included in the Heading, and with Tears, no More Fears here, dear, We Thanked God again, my Friend, for Someone Finally, with even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Heartily Agreeing... To Get the job Done, hun.
    No, Never once 'A Bad Thing," High Time to Clean House in the White House. xx
    • jakebrake7

      1. medium. com/max/800/1*TcT8tCMwiekhU6hhduZ4qQ. jpeghttps://pbs. twimg. com/media/Cw3TejBXUAIDwHd. jpg


    • Paris13

      @jakebrake7 "Make America RIGHT again.:)) xxoo

    • jakebrake7

      White = Right Right?

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  • JenSCDC
    He's quite dangerous. He refuses to acknowledge that climate change is real and he surrounds himself with people who against civil rights.
  • TheSpartan
    "I will probably hold my breath and pass out, if he actually gets re-elected for another four years."

    Then prepare for 2020, because he will be reelected. And, it'll probably be a 50-state landslide.
  • sweetshyguy
    Because he grabs women pussies unlike us shy wussy guys.
  • OrangeBoy
    If he doesn't cooperate with the others about Global Warming, he IS a bad thing.
  • dudeman
    trump is not a republican. he is the revolution.
  • Autumn-Bunny
    @Puppylove94 Is this you?😏😏😏
  • Adigelunar
    goood take
  • JustWorthlessMe
    hey dude... nice try
  • Asiantrash
    Ugly duckling from Disney
    • Paris13

      Yeah, blow bag, and you blend. x

  • Anonymous
    I read an article that said he's going to fall under the next great recession. Also that if he pulls out of the Paris agreement, that Europe will tax us
  • Anonymous
    The big problem is not Trump himself but the bigoted piece of garbage called Mike Pence.
  • Anonymous
    trump= free whores for all= no more blue anons... .
  • Anonymous
    The bias, liberal media is 100% to blame for Trump's perception... and honestly it's horrible because what happens when other world leaders and citizens watch our media coverage? They ALSO get the wrong idea.

    Let me say this, I didn't vote this year, I could not bring myself to support anyone this year, for several reasons. This election is a result of our reality TV and entertainment obsessed nation and it's very sad. I haven't been feeling too patriotic as of late and that's partly why I could not bring myself to participate... but the media is out of line, breaking beyond the boundaries of journalism.

    Everything fits an agenda now, it isn't not about spreading the facts, it's about the ratings and viewership and forcing a (primarily Left) viewpoint down our throats.

    Trump has spoken out about this and honestly, I hope that some type of "disinformation act" is passed to control our media and journalism. It is out of line... Trump never spoke about hate. He absolutely could've been a lot more tactful in his campaign, but he had a strong message against anyone that threatens our American security and way of life. Because of the nature of this problem and how it deals with immigration, the media decided to make it about race, gender, religion... however it could be applied to Trump's arguments, and they MADE it into an issue that the uninformed and ignorant American public could take and perceive out of context... hate groups... and as I said, the world itself. You can thank our fine American leftist journalism for that, and honestly our Democratic Party!

    Trump said it himself, and in a very refreshingly presidential way, said he wants to be the president for all Americans and that's what we need. Not for the Right, not for the Left... people need to come together and recognize both sides and seek progress in the CORRECT manner, and I believe his is what Trump is about and this is honestly why I have hope. It's foolish to pigeonhole yourself into supporting one political ideology.

    People need to use their brains and understand that the media, at this point in time, is more or less all a show. Come to your own conclusions. The Left is not the savior of humanity like they make themselves out to be.
    • Anonymous

      The Left/media is stirring the pot and causing this chaos we've seen in the last few months, and then they try and shame people for not supporting them? They're so out of touch! And I want to reiterate... THIS IS NOT IN SUPPORT OF THE RIGHT!

      This is a pure, straight-up-the-middle perspective.

  • Anonymous
    I'm not American, but someone who says that will let the other countries fight their own battles and stay out of it, why invest even more on the military?
    Nothing the man says makes any sense, but I guess you gotta cope.
    • Anonymous

      During time of peace, an investment in military is for national security.

    • Anonymous

      Of course, but you already have a great investment there. What's the point in increasing it if you're not planning in upsetting some nations?

    • Anonymous

      Look at it this way. Terrorist organizations exist in the country and in foreign countries. A powerful military protects citizens from within and abroad.

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  • Anonymous
    Obama's biggest problem was that he could never get anything done because the Republicans controlled the senate and if he did it was compromised or fudged just look at Obama care as the prime example.
    Cheap labor and the outsourcing of jobs is starting to have an adverse effect on the economy, meanwhile the liberal elites are happy to throw welfare at the average American as if it was scraps from their dinner table, Americans citizens need jobs and anyone using illegal immigrant labor should be jailed.
  • Anonymous
    I think it's funny they there's girls in the Army
  • Anonymous
    Thank you for having the right attitude and not going out and protesting like some of the other idiots out there.