September 11th, 2019: Eighteen Years Later and yes.. WE STILL REMEMBER


As I do every year, I mark it with a remembrance of those who died in my city.

September 11th, 2019: Eighteen Years Later and yes.. WE STILL REMEMBER

On this day. Time stood still.

8:46 AM
9:03 AM
9:37 AM
9:59 AM
10:06 AM
10:28 AM

September 11th, 2019: Eighteen Years Later and yes.. WE STILL REMEMBER

567,993,600 seconds
9,466,560 minutes
157,776 hours
6574 days
939 weeks and

A Mother
A Father
A Sister
A Brother
A Cousin
A Husband
A Wife
A Neighbor.....
Someone you seen commuting on your day.

18 years ago 246 people woke up in preparation for their morning flights. 2,606 people went to work in the morning. 343 firefighters prepared for their morning shift. 60 police officers reported for their 7x3 shift. . 8 paramedics reported for their morning shift of saving lives

None knew what they were in store for today..

On this day. We remember....

September 11th, 2019: Eighteen Years Later and yes.. WE STILL REMEMBER
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  • nightdrot
    Yes, but only because, as was said of the French Bourbon kings, the nation "forgets nothing and learns nothing." Indeed, contrary to the popular belief of a sentiment drenched media and a not especially educated public, viewed through any historical prism the differences between 9/10 and 9/11 can be measured with a micrometer.

    Indeed, the recollections of 9/11 have lost their analytical urgency, to be replaced by what might be described as a sort of ghoulish navel gazing. The focus has not been on defining the problem and developing a practical strategy for combating it.

    Rather, it is wrapped in candlelight vigils and the "wailing and the gnashing of teeth." It is more about how people felt on 9/11, the nation's alleged unity of purpose and all the rest. The comparison to Pearl Harbor, a far more strategically and historically important event, is illuminating.

    After Pearl Harbor, the nation threw itself into a world war that changed it and the course of history. It is noteworthy that the first formal ceremony recognizing the attack and those who suffered did not occur until 1951. Not for that generation the kind of emotionalism and moral exhibitionism that has characterized this generation's response to 9/11.

    Indeed, in 1941, a whole generation of young men went to war and sacrificed. After 9/11, less than 1% of the population went to war with no particular strategy and the rest of the nation - at the instruction of the President no less - went shopping. It is a staggering contrast.

    As to the nation's unity, even in World War II it was less enduring than fond memory would have it. Indeed, one of the nation's worst race riots in its history - measured in terms of lives lost and property damage - was in 1943. (Caused when African-America workers were given inadequate housing as compared to white workers at the River Rouge industrial war plant in Detroit.) Also the nation's worst year of labor unrest up to the present day, measured in terms man hours lost to strikes and work stoppages, was similarly 1943.

    Even post-Pearl Harbor and in the midst of history's greatest war against a palpable evil, unity did not last and was as much fostered by wartime propaganda as any spirit of "all for one and one for all." The unity caused by the emotional response to the moment did not last and had to be sustained by government artifice.

    Unfortunately, President George W. Bush, a man who grew up the son of a WWII war hero was too steeped in the nostalgia of that war to recognize its practical lessons. Thus he famously - or infamously according to taste - told the nation "never to forget" and then told it to "go shopping." In this was sewn the seeds of the current approach to 9/11. A nation episodically involved with the vaguely defined "war on terrorism" - how does one go to war against a tactic? - while given to annual bouts of solemn ceremonies and the theatrical shedding of tears.

    The assertion that the nation has forgotten the lessons of 9/11 is thus misplaced. Because it never really learned them the first time. Thus, the differences between before and after 9/11 are largely subjective and not based in a clear-eyed appreciation of what actually followed that day.
    • hafinjun

      Can copy this, well said, I remember it (so I may be wrong) it took less then a year for us to start complaining of airport security delays. I do have a few friends who enlisted because of it, I even considered reenlisting, ( thank goodness i sobered up),

    • nightdrot

      @hafinjun Well, as regards you and your friends, you showed a sincerity and dedication and love of country that is to be commended. As to sobering up, the fact that this generation lacks the intellectual and moral seriousness does not lessen the nobility of what you did nor lessen the significance of the loss we suffered.

      The cause was and is just even if the culture lacks a concomitant depth the equal of its circumstances. As Burke said, "The only trust we hold with any certainty is the care of our own time." Don't lose sight of the rightness of the cause by viewing through the prism of frivolous times. You and your friends showed uncharacteristic character and that is to your credit.

  • Babygirl_S
    I have a lot of sympathy for people who suffered due to the terrorists. We also had our 26/11. Hope terrorists become extinct and no more innocent people die in their "holy war". Hope people stop blowing themselves up in order to go to heaven and get 72 houris.
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    • I remember that, Hotel Mumbai and the Oberoy Hotel By the Gateway. My mom use to live by there

  • hafinjun
    I lived in Anchorage, my wife and 2 daughters, we had just got our cable TV installed the day before, and I got up to make coffee. I turned on the telly, muting it and once I had the coffee brewing, I saw the first tower smoking, and I remember wondering which die hard version it was as I watched a small black spot quickly evolve into an aircraft which took out second tower, I woke up my family and we watched as the towers collapsed, we all went about our days
    I worked out doors at the time and we were located under the approach to anchorage, international airport which on that day like the rest of the nation was closed, (Anchorage has 4 major airports and several private strips, it's very rare to have a sky devoid of air traffic) on that day the only sounds were the 2 f-15s in the air continuously, at one point the news started covering an in bound aircraft not answering its radios and ultimately the fighters took of to investigate it turned out to be a royal Dutch airline 747 with radio trouble, that being said the two f15's followed her in one relaying radio messages and the other in trail
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake , yes on this day
    i remember sitting in the living-room and my little
    niece was one month and nine days old and there
    was my Sister and my Mother yes a day i will not
    forget we had the TV on and saw what was going
    on in New York and than what happened in Pennsylvania.
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  • Randomawkwardness
    I have sympathy for those who lost a loved one in the towers. But, I have more sympathy towards people who still face daily terror attacks and their government do nothing to stop them.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Your myTake is intense and it's making me go through a painful re-enactment in my mind.
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    • I felt so terrible & vengeful that day. I was already living in the Philippines when that horror happened. There is an Abu Sayyaf faction of Al-Queda that has been terrorizing areas of the Philippines. I wanted to hurt them with no mercy so badly before wiping them off the face of God's Good Earth. I have repeatedly returned to my homeland (my beloved US of A) to pay respects to so many fallen heroes & victims. I will never forget.

  • Chocolala
    Although I wasn’t born yet when it happened (I was born November of that year) I still wish the best for the family who were affected and hope they’re okay.
  • Waffles731
    You know the 1st time I heard about the Twin Towers was when they fell.

    But as a Military Brat more people like me have lost a father or mother because of unjust wars started because of an event people my age or younger barely remember if at all
  • jgokgotit
    I was 8 when it happened. I remember this prompting my mother to join the Army. When I was a senior in high school and deciding what to do next, I remembered 9/11 and joined the Navy. I remember how sick I felt that day at the wanton disregard for life. While many physically perished that day, many others died inside, having their family, world and innocence torn apart. I believe, in some ways, 9/11 shaped my desire to become a police officer today, which I am still working on. 9/11 helped me find out at a young age what my morals were.
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  • Kayla45
    We all remember, I'm not even American but I heard about it on the news during that time, although be it that I was very young.
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  • Surely
    I hope that someone doesn't get the idea to write it out of the history books like some of the other things that people don't want to remember..
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  • lsjr16
    My dad being down there for a doctors appoint and after he saw the plane hit the building and everyone was running. He took pictures and me being in school and not being able to contact him
  • CaptainSmartass
    September 11th 2019 - I had a nice birthday on vacation. We were in Cadiz that day. Very nice.

  • NicoD
    I will never forget and I crossed many paths today who had nothing clue and how sad it is when something so senseless had to happen for whatever no viable reason. All those innocent people had to lose their life for what fucking cause. I don't say Rest In Peace to those who have passed cause I don't know where a lot of them went so just hope where ever they are that they are resting peacefully and to all who read this post take a moment of remembrance to those who lost their lives for someones bullshit ass agenda and may those who are still out there get way worse than 20 Hells can even compare to scaring a puppy. And if you have a min it 2 pray for those souls and the ones they had to abruptly leave behind. Peace And God Bless to all.
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  • pizzalovershouse
    I rember it well we were all afraid in America for months even in ca
  • Jmmmfi4
    People these days seem to have forgotten what happened that day
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  • BeHappy1985
    I remember only when someone brings it up. I bet most people are the same way.
  • roflgun
    Bush did 9/11
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  • Midori90
    I was 11 when it happened
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  • moviedude714
    I was in Middle School at the time it happened
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