How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.


So, this just occured to me. Feminism is harming young men today.

And I got to thinking, why is it that helping women has to harm men?

I think it shouldn't have to, but this is not the path feminism has taken. I find that curious.

I'm not alone in thinking this. For instance,

How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.
How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.
How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.
How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.

Besides this, it is also causing average young men to feel like they are ugly an unnatractive. For instance,

How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.
How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.

Casual sex empowerment is good, until it causes people to start doubting themselves. I think at that point it becomes toxic.

This issue is exacerbated by a young woman who seems to gleefully smear the men on dating apps in her area, even though none of them are violent or sexual assulters. Their crime? They aren't hot. I do not believe this is acceptable.

For example,

How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.
How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.

Keep in mind, nobody is saying anything offensive in their messages in these examples. They are simply shit for existing and speaking honestly as themselves. Feminism is not a free pass to put people down, nor should it be an entitlement to hot men for free sex. Yes, I said entitlement.

Often men like the ones this girl is lambasting are the ones accused of entitlement when they complain about the way women on these apps treat them, but isn't it the opposite?

Anyway, these are just my thoughts. I like the ideas of freeness and ability to live without being controlled. But I do not believe that gives anyone the right to be a dick.

How feminism is harming young men. Even if it helps women, and rightfully complains about older men.
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  • SkipStop
    You just realized this? This has been going on for over a decade. There is one interesting though. I have seen multiple articles that said feminism is harming women too. I thought "How?". And I realized that it's harming the good conservative women who know that this feminist propaganda is misandry and not empowerment or equality. As more men take the red pill, those good girls end up with less and less opportunities to find love and start a family. So there a bit of a downside for some women. Many articles claim that this hurts female employment because men are afraid of mentoring and hiring women. But I'm not seeing that to be true. More and more women are getting hired so I don't believe those articles. A feminist organization probably paid someone to write that stuff.
    Like I always say: Feminism = Misandry
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  • Anonymous
    I'm not going to be brain washed by this stupid feminism, I used to think it was such a great revolutionary expansion for the female gender but nah it's not. I'm 30, so when I understood feminism it was around the early 2000s. I never knew it would morph into women being crazy, being bitchy, and belittling men. Y'all women and girls can thumbs down this but I find it comical you try to promote feminism about equality and "acceptance" but you are very same breed of those men you complained about for centuries. The same type of alpha men and "dogs" as you put it, that ruined society.
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    • Robertcw

      I think its the opposite bro. 'Alpha' men are loved by feminists.

      Have you seen Cardi B's anual Slut Walk?

      The men they haye are docile, ugly men who they were forced to marry by patriarchial societies. Just think about it. What is the meaning of sexual liberation and Tinder as a feminist tool for liberation? It means getting fucked by multiple hot guys without shame. Being a single mom without shame. Etc.

    • Anonymous

      Well, then society is fucked. But I beg to differ, I've seen feminists who truly hate ALL men.

    • Robertcw

      Maybe 'hate' but will hace sex with

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Aphrodite801
    No annoying guys like you with the red pill blue pill “oh I can’t get any pussy so I’ll complain about women and be biter” bs is harming everyone
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    • Robertcw

      It's more people than you think.

    • I can’t read your crap anymore it’s ridiculous

    • And people now are just starting to wake up and realizing that what they had been told is just a lie

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  • Anonymous
    Now you know how fat women are treated by virtually everyone.
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    • To be fair you are comparing something that someone has no control over too a life style choice. People are fat because they choose not to take care of themselves because they deem it to hard or it takes to much time.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not always true. Also men can and should improve themselves as much as women.

    • But it sounds like from the examples above men have already been improving themselves, one example stated something to the effect that he has a nice body and a good looking face but has become doubtful in his appearance because no one seemed to be swiping right.

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  • aaronbw
    I'm not trying to get anyone on here or open a can of worms, but I think this is getting out of hand and has turned into a total load of crap and waste of time.

    First off:
    OP never stated he hated women or even implied it. Second, the not getting laid part is often used as an excuse to garner attention.

    Feminism is often nowadays misunderstood because little boys who dont understand what real feminism is. Boys who care more for sex blame feminism and young women man hate for other things rather than focus on their own mature adult advancement.

    The few bad eggs of feminism have ruined the movement in this era and third wave feminists are often misunderstood for the crying man haters.

    As for the little boys who use feminism as an excuse for not getting laid, etc., get over yourselves. You forget women were mistreated and oppressed for thousands of years all over the world. In America, its a great time to be a woman because they are getting places where they truly couldn't before. Yes it's still not perfect because of sexism in its hundreds of forms but it's still a work in progress.

    So everyone spitting venom over each other chill out... instead of ripping chunks out of people why not focus on making them understand the real issue instead of the condescension I'm seeing here?
  • ConfusednClueless
    Women were told all the same shit for years and still are. Yet we manage to rise above. Its not a womens fault that you need your butt powdered. There are plenty of men that aren't upset or nor feel small because of feminism. Go find your balls.
    • Jersey2

      But if they “find their balls”, real sweet by the way, they get accused of toxic masculinity or patriarchy. Oh, and fuck off.

    • rubuswurz

      Boys are suffering immensely. In huge numbers. 10 year old boys kill themselves 3 times as often as girls. Men overall kill themselves 9 times as often.
      Boys are doing terribly at school in huge numbers. Drop out, and opt out of society in huge numbers.
      Not a few individual guys that need to "find their balls", but VAST, concerningly high numbers, that could be the doom to our economy in the coming decades.
      And you're seriously suggesting, that the problem is not societal?

      And if you haven't noticed it yet, women aren't the underdogs anymore. Girls are shamed WAY less than boys, encouraged WAY more, they're shown that they're precious human being WAY more. Everything is about YOU and YOUR problem 24/7.
      Guys are CONSTANTLY told that they're dirt.
      You just THINK that your problems weigh heavier, and get less attention, because all you CARE about, all you SEE are YOUR problems.
      Boys' and mens' problems are just invisible and unimportant to you.

      Women were doing terribly, in terms of education, politics and economics.
      But now, EVERYTHING is about YOU ALL THE TIME. And THAT is the reason you're doing great.
      You WERE doing badly, NOW you're doing great. What changed? You're constantly being encouraged and valued, everything about you and your problems is being taken seriously, is given importance.
      EVERYONE cares MORE about women than men. You're the sole center of attention.
      The absolute REVERSE is true for guys, and that's why they're doing worse and worse and worse and worse.
      You are BLIND if you don't see that. Men were doing great. Something changed DRAMATICALLY. Guys never lost their balls. It has just become too much to bear. What do you want them to do? Change human nature? Be a machine? They're at their END, don't you fucking get that?

    • rubuswurz

      Guys are HUMAN BEINGS. They need WARMTH. They need to feel VALUED. Like they're worth something, like they're GOOD.

      And you think, because there are men who are not effected by all that, we can just kick all the others to the curb?
      No one here is against womens' rights, you get that? Just stop the CONSTANT devaluation and humiliation of boys and men!

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  • worldscolide
    Feminism is cancer, enough said.. Honestly I'd rather have terminal cancer than feminism...
    • Robertcw

      I would rather have a form of feminism that doesn't harm men.

    • Tell you the truth its not even all of feminism thats causing harm its just the part of feminism that thinks gender norms should be broken. Gender norms have their roles for a reason bceause form many many many many years its proven to work.

    • Can't disagree

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  • Depression_time
    I am 100% behind equality for men and women. That being said, I think some of what you say is true. I think some "feminists" cross the line into man-hating and it hurts the movement as a whole. I'm not informed enough to say that feminism as a whole is hurting young men but I definitely think that some people and viewpoints under the umbrella of feminism have.
    • Of course, but it's irrational that because some people manipulate an ideology for their own perverse reasons, that the ideology is horrid. Christianity is a beautiful example of this.

    • I wasn't trying to suggest that feminism as a whole was bad

  • Monster_Recluse
    There are many women that feel venomous towards men and this "feminism" and male-shaming is how they enact their revenge.

    There is a time-tested solution for this. It is called "putting women in their place".
  • Swat_
    Why are people still talking about feminists? The subject has been milked to death. No offense to you, but these posts are just as annoying as extreme feminists themselves at this point.
    • Swat_

      I like the balance we have here, keep it up.

  • winterfox10
    I have always thought that it was because of the power of suggestion. Like, if you run around telling girls that they are awesome, that they deserve respect, that they can do absolutely anything, and then you even go so far as providing additional funding and such, to make female advancement easier; the lack of comparable support to boys implies that they simply aren't as deserving of the support.
  • leahzrc
    Feminists wouldn't have become so outragous if men listened to them in the first place
    • hahaha

    • leahzrc

      3 butthurt men dislike my comment because they can't accept reality

    • Little do you know women who calls themselves feminists are just butthurt of men. I just wanna point that out for your information.

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  • MajesticTwelve
    Feminism doesn't help women. It damages them. It's destroyed femininity, the family unit, the labor market, everything.
  • Dem777
    Hello bud and thanks for share of your ideas! Educational system had been overtaken ages ago by some blue socks society, that is mostly in EU, England, North America! Strange enough but all these “blue socks” are not from working class society though just there males could have oppressive behaviour and then there could be a reason to chant posters about equality! I don’t watch TV, there is no single word without propaganda! Brainwashing of society has reached victory, being in Paris I entered Macdonalds as there was a need for “private room” and could not enter there long as on the door was a sign “unisex”, damn it, women were coming out of the room as if it was alright, I could not believe my eyes and was struggling with myself about 20 minutes at the door! Pressure won but I will never forget that experience! Influx of Asians and Afro-Americans to Europe made things even worse, rapes on the streets, they are not brainwashed yet and it will take some 20-40 years till these guys surrender to being unisex 😂 That is just an opinion, a bit of acid to these “blue socks” here 😂
  • Spiritwander
    ... bout time they even noticed.
    I award them a belated backwards smirk for their perseverance of discovery, and I'll reserve vomitting on their shoes for if & when somebody actually asks me why this all has to be hashed out...
  • RolandCuthbert
    When are you guys going to stop whining about feminism and create something for men?
    • morrowlow

      shut up you old catfish woman

    • There is nothing like a coward who posts you then blocks you before you can respond.

    • morrowlow

      what the shit are you talking about? you're not blocked idiot

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  • morrowlow
    try explaining this to all these immature little girls on gag who think if a man opposes feminism it's surely because he's an old ugly virgin who's living in his mother's basement. if you're vigilant enough to see how gynocenrism is ruining everything for men and consequently for women you're cursed
  • Philyouup
    The article shown is bullshit.. really.. How women, wanting to be given a equal footing in society is harmful to young men is beyond me. this is all just a lot of grown up little boys crying to their mommies. really..
  • flowers70
    a lot you on here use the term,"feminism " too loosely. I dont think you guys know what FEMINISM truly is too much ignorance going around on gag.
    • BigBoyo

      I agree they should insted use a more specific name. The one i like to use is 3rd wave feminism as its the type of feminism thats doing this sort of thing

    • flowers70

      Thank you!! omg finally a smart person on gag

    • @HeavyRoller I’m not condoning putting men down but at least you know how it feels now? Us women are scrutinized by society everyday just for being women. It’s woman’s fault if their kid gets in trouble at school or in society, it’s woman’s fault for the relationship breakdown, it’s woman’s fault for being raped because she wore a low cut shirt etc etc. Women have to live in society and show their faces to everyone and struggle with being ostracized just for being women. We’re made to feel of 0 value if we aren’t attractive, can’t give birth, don’t cook and clean just by not fulfilling one or more of these things. We’re considered lower class and basically stupid by so many men in society if we happen to not be subordinate

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  • DWornock
    Ultimately it is the men that are in charge. The only rights women have are the rights that are enforced by men. Before the revolution in Iran, women had lots of rights. After the revolution, those rights were taken away and there was nothing the women could do about it. It is not possible for women to enforce their own rights because in a war, 10% of the men can easily defeat 100% of the women.
  • Liam_Hayden
    The original feminists like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought for the right to vote, work, own property, etc. Modern feminists fight to have others (taxpayers) pay for their poor life choices. The originals wanted equality under the law. The modern want special privileges.
  • The_White_Queen
    Because seeks special treatment, special rights and special entitlements for Rome rather than equal rights.
  • Blackshinyass
    After fucking an old guy and making him drink my orgasm. I have no use of him or his dick. That's why.
  • Cherokeehp
    The patriarchy has harmed women for like, forever. I’m pretty sure women wanting equality won’t kill y’all.
    • DWD1994

      Except its not equality feminists want.

    • @DWD1994 But I’m pretty sure it is equality that we want.

    • DWD1994

      If that were the case, why is it feminists are pushing for legislation and programs that harm men (ie things like the Duluth Model)

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  • Randallsnyder
    I've heard a story, about a coupke of girls accused a boy of simething, he went to prison, and later the girls saud they made it up becuase they didn't like the way he looked, how is that fair? Guys get scared for life, gave that on permanent record as sex offender, and the women walk free of all consequences.
    • There are women who are killed for simply declining a man asking her out. What's your point? Both are horrible situations but that has nothing to do with Feminism and is certainly not supportive of it. Of course, there will be Feminists who do and I disagree with them.

  • Mrblooo
    It isn't unless your weak minded than yeah but u make your own decision n influence can be a bitch sometimes but its your choice at the end of the day. well feminist don't really give a shit about men cause if it hurts us they think good n it part of the process of getting what they want but your right it shouldn't have to but if u ask them you'll probably get the finger n ask to leave
  • AuroraRoseat
    You seem ignorant of your own post. In the caption it explains the issue isn't Feminism, it's people using Feminism as a platform to further negative interests that subject others. These kinds of people are in every ideology.

    I already explained why men are less interested in pursuing an education and that has nothing to do with Feminism.

    What you're doing is performing the self-confirmations bias in which you ignore other (numerous) facts that combat your thoughts. That doesn't make you right, just a fool.
    • Pilocene

      The issue is Feminism and the ideology revolves around those individuals you described. All ideologies are a type of nationalism, Feminism is a nationalism for women that works to benefit women at the expense of men.

    • It actually doesn't. Feminism (in the U. S.) started out as merely for women's rights and is currently multi-faceted, covering women's injustices and a plethora of others.

      I hear your last sentence commonly from people who try to victimize themselves when they are not a victim from Feminism, but what society has wrought and you're simply not becoming aware of it. Some issues that men have pre-exists Feminism (dangerous jobs, dying in wars, unwillingness to seek help or treatment for psychological issues due to the possibility of appearing weak, stressors at being unable to provide for family, depression etc.). Feminism didn't exacerbate that. What Feminism did is point out one reason why many men are suffering (toxic masculinity).

      What I feel is happening is that a lot of guys are upset about what is being done to them... when it isn't unique and has been happening for decades. The difference is, women had less rights back then. Those burdens are easier to carry when you're still privileged above others.

    • Pilocene

      Men aren't suffering because of toxic masculinity, and I wasn't think about any of those things. Unfortunately I'm not Xper level 3 so I can't post links, which will make it harder to debate you efficiently.

      According to "The influence of women’s work opportunities on marriage rates" by Samuel H. PrestonAlan Thomas Richards; increased employment opportunities for women cause decreased marriage rates, therefore hurting men.

      According to "Did Women's Suffrage Change the Size and Scope of Government?" by John R. Lott, Jr.
      (Yale University), Lawrence W. Kenny (University of Florida) Women's suffrage directly led to most of our modern day political problems. Such as massive amounts of debt, increased taxes and government intervention, weakened state governments, more mass immigration, and very negative societal changes.

      According to "jonathansoma," men are extremely over represented as singles. Also, according to the Medium website, if online dating apps were countries they'd be more unequal than all but 2 countries.

      You also bring up war, but according to "QUEENS" by Oeindrila Dube female leaders were historically more likely to starts wars than male leaders.

      I can go on and on.

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  • R_Cakes91
    Oh how refreshing! A man on G&G who hates women 😬
    • Lol how did you come to that conclusion?

    • R_Cakes91

      I’m being sarcastic. It is an annoying subject though. Like, can we move on?

    • Robertcw

      Well I was hoping that showing the guy's perspective would insight some form of empathy and revision. It's unclear to me if people just aren't aware or if they don't care.

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  • Lizardd
    I'm all for regular every one is equal feminism but yeah people go overboard these days.
    • I think it has a lot to do with the media that hypes up the over-the-top examples for ratings. So much of what we see I feel is the extreme shit where MOST of us are just normal about it.

    • But we normal folks get angry at the extremists and then we all start lashing out and everyone's mad, and the media laughs all the way to the bank.

  • some_dude1738
    I think its the classic "you did this 2 years ago and i dont know how to forgive" because of feminism i am too scared ti talk to a woman im fear of them falsely accusing me (which has happened before) and not only that the wage gape dosnt exist, its illegal to have one. They never take account of experience, work position, etc. I explained that to my girlfriend earlier today actually. And men work more, and are more active im stem fields than woman which is a shame, but thats up to woman they dont pursue those careers. My aunt who is a feminist dosnt let me speak about anything because she says im a man who dosnt know anything, which is what men used to do before men passed the womans rights laws, which men also faught for. In conclusion, feminism claims to help men, im loving proof they dont, wage gap dosnt exist and woman should be more active in stem. Thank you for coming to my ted talk
  • Passinggas
    Learn how to choose a side and quit pandering to this $hit. Feminism is a political movement disguised as women's rights. It is about infusing Cultural-Marxism into the system and bringing it down to eventually strip everyone's rights away so that someday a commissar comes along and orders you to do something or forfeit your life. Believing the façade of feminism as genuine is idiotic. View the events and actions, not the words. An appropriate quote being “It is a quite special secret pleasure how the people around us fail to realize what is really happening to them.” Adolf Hitler
  • Texaskid1
    Feminism is cancer. It is the worst system ever divised.
  • I love women not feminism. There's a big difference in that.
  • I actually wonder how feminists would react to female sex offenders.
  • PrinceOfAljazeera
  • CubsterShura
    What a load of horse shit. Yawn.
  • mykaila7
    Women can say and do what they want.
  • Anonymous
    I love women and I’m a feminist. That’s why I let my wife get me castrated.
  • Anonymous
    Anyone who still questions why feminists are so hated today need look no further than the responses from the usual feminist suspects here. Fucking cunts, all of them.