So I saw this question: Do any women find men wearing women’s clothing attractive?


So someone like me. Now I'm no Milton Berle

Milton Berle 1st man to wear a dress on television
Milton Berle 1st man to wear a dress on television

I'm also no professional female impersonator like the photos below.

So I saw this question: Do any women find men wearing women’s clothing attractive?
Professional Female Impersonators been on stage and been around since man as been alive
Professional Female Impersonators been on stage and been around since man as been alive

I'm just a regular guy with a beard. Heck you would have to real look hard to tell I am a crossdresser. So here’s the deal ladies. There’s a lot of us. We don’t all raise our hands at once. Because, as men, we view how other men see us as a gold standard or something. No we generally don’t give a shit but have a guy call another guy anything less than a “man” and suddenly there’s hurt feelings all over the place. In today’s age and time men are currently breaking with the long standing tradition of being cold stern and generally aggressive. Those qualities belong to men and women together, same as being a soft-spoken caring kind of person, these qualities belong to both genders.

A lot of men that dress in womens clothes do so in private to keep what is a very intimate and private thing, well intimate and private. Many of these men feel internally they are the correct gender in the correct body. Many of these men are straight, but with a desire for some kind of gender role play. Women generally don’t like these men adopting projections of how femininity should be expressed, further reinforcing stereotypes as “this is how a woman should act”.

I love my womens clothes and panties. I love them more than I love my favorite pair of jeans and my favorite work shirt. I wear them nearly every day. What a lot of crossdressers don’t say is that the notions of how we choose to express ourselves is not indicative of how we expect women to express themselves. I do crossdress, sure, but I also happen to have my skills as a Mr. fix It, a back yard mechanic and professionally I work as a contactor farmer. I am not defined by my crossdressing, it is simply another facet of who I am.

Because of this lack of transparency between crossdressers and the rest of society there’s a lot of gaps that need filling wherein crossdressers are more than happy to be left alone while the rest of the world assumes whatever it wants to assume. We trade off being left along for a lack of our own understanding. We gain privacy, but at the cost of transparency for who we are as individuals. Since there's nothing really defined by ourselves, society has to fill in the gaps with what's on hand.

This since leads society as a whole to misunderstand who we are as a group and as individuals. Crossdressers often don’t ask difficult questions of themselves because at the root and core of what we do is to take a break from life and relax, letting go of all assumptions of gender. Society, or at least the many discussions
I’ve had with people relating to this kind of thing, assumes this one facet is ALL of our facets. It is not. Many people have said that the human animal is a deeply complex and individual being.

So it could be important for me, as a straight man, to find a woman who accepts all of my facets. Many of them are easy pills to swallow. I’m smart, tall and strong, come from a good family, well spoken, good job, a Mr. Fix It, contract farmer, etc. Crossdressing is a much more difficult pill to swallow because instead of seeing it as a reinforcing facet of who I am, it stands at odds with the rest of who I am and my many facets. Suddenly I am split, and this is because of a general lack of transparency within the rather insular group of crossdressers as a whole.

So I don’t expect women to understand cross dressers, but I DO expect other straight crossdressers to start to open up to women, and society as a whole, as to what this is for each of us as individuals, subsequently reinforcing society’s understanding of who we are as a group. We need to dig deep and expose ourselves within transparent vulnerability. As individuals we are weak, but as a
whole, well we are no small army of MEN.

Crossdressers, we need to step out of the closet and show the world that we are men, we can wear dresses and lingerie and whatever the hell we want to and the only thing it means is that we’ll have to be careful during sudden gusts of wind. We are not perverted. We are not insane. We are your neighbors, friends, fathers, brothers, uncles, husbands, and cousins. We don’t talk to you about this because we fear personal rejection and definitions from you, yet we offer none of our own and would rather just keep this to ourselves. Yet we would be terrified if you knew about one of our many facets. This does a huge disservice to every other crossdressers and damages the group as a whole for individualistic goals. Our economics are weak and easily exploited. If we as a collective came together to define who we are as individuals, the entire group could be lifted up and
redefined by society as a whole.

So no, there are few women who would love to see a man in women’s clothing. Women, and society as a whole, has no idea what that means when a man wears a dress.

The answer is that the man is probably a very kind soul, intelligent, fiercely loyal and loving, caring, patient, and probably kind of friendly too; good men who could make great partners. We fear your definition but do little work to develop our own because of deep rooted fears of rejection.

So I saw this question: Do any women find men wearing women’s clothing attractive?
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  • MannySimms
    "... but I DO expect other straight crossdressers to start to open up to women,".

    How others deal with this is THEIR business. You're just looking for justification. You don't need that. If you look like this, we can talk.
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    • Great reply and no I don't think I'm looking for justification. I'm just looking for a feature MyTake.

      If that photo is a dude. That has to be very professional female impersonator ever.

    • Add the word BESTin there

    • Rissyanne

      You’re not straight if you do this

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  • NorthwestRider
    A lot of people are backwards and still stuck in the 18th century
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    • I would have this would have down better. This site having so many crossdressers, sissifiedl, effeminate, girlish, trans, LGBT supporters and more.

      Oh well you win a HMO by default

    • The only girls who find men wearing women's clothing attractive are liberal girls

    • Not totally my wife is a conservative and she likes it

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  • xCherryKizz
    In malay culture men wear those "skirt" like robes and i think its fine, but im not a fan of someone who wears skimpy female clothes as a guy
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    • Why not? Aren't you okay with girls wearing men's clothes?

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Sometimes, I'd encounter someone who sports women's clothing impressively well.
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    • I can agree with that. I think the ones that look the best are the ones. That don't try to be female or impersonate a female

    • @humanearth: Thanks for the MHO. :)

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  • zagor
    TBH, I've always though women's clothes look uncomfortable af, and don't even understand why WOMEN wear them.
  • KolaJoe
    You didn't even make a poll? What a lost opportunity...
  • Rissyanne
    Dude a straight man wouldn’t do this.
  • FunkyMonkee
    Uh, oh! Somebody's offended!!
    • Poor little Rissyanne can't take the heat and thinks EVERYTHING HAS to be her way!!

    • She always jumpping in. So are band members that womens clothes on stage guy to. Twisted Sister, Aerosmith, WASP, Warrant, do I need to go on.

    • You can add one more, at least. For 25 years I wore a leotard, mini skirt and pantyhose on stage when playing drums in my band and I've since heard that a number of other drummers have followed suit!! All 3 of my GIRLFRIENDS were okay with it and loved it and all of my fans not only loved it, they DEMANDED IT!!! I even had a couple of my straight male fans come to the show wearing a skirt in support of my doing so!!

  • RussianBot900
    bunch of fags
  • Anonymous
    Got drunk one night and ended up wearing a friends dress and they put make up on me, You probably wouldn’t have been able to tell I wasn’t a man until I talked, I looked that eerily feminine, doesent help I already have long hair, I’m super skinny and I was freshly shaved, but damn it was a cool feeling to feel that pretty