Three Faces: The Lie, The Truth, The Thought

Three Faces: The Lie, The Truth, The Thought

Are you who you say you are?

The Japanese believe that you have three faces. The first face is the one you show to the world. The second face is shown to close friends and family. The third face is the one hidden from everyone. This can be said to be the truest reflection of who you are.

Everyone has sides of them that they do not expose to anyone, thus the third face can either be beautiful or ugly. The first face you show is the one expected of you from society, where you behave a certain way because society says this is the right way and this is the wrong way.

The second face is the one shown to family and friends. Some may think this to be who you really are, yet you're still weighed down by expectations and thus, you still have to behave a certain way and keep sides of you hidden. There is expectations of being a good daughter, son, husband, wife, father, mother, etc, and because of this you have to change some aspects of yourself, either for better or for worse.

The third face is the one you hide away from the world, but is said to be the one that truly reflects who you are. This face consists of your deepest thoughts, desires, and attitudes. I have heard too many times, that people prefer constantly being out, partying, getting drunk, etc because when they are by themselves, they are plagued by their thoughts and many do not want to think. However, the thoughts and feelings you have, that you hide away from others and yourself, they are also a part of you. These are the thoughts that make you want to break out into a sprint or scream your head off because you want to feel some form of freedom or some level of relief, thoughts of speaking out, against or for, certain ideals, ideologies, cultures, traditions, etc, but do not because majority will stand against you, thoughts that are hidden behind self depreciation, anxiety, depression, hurt, hate, drug, parties, alcohol. Your third face can either be astoundingly beautiful or exceptionally disgusting. This is the truest reflection of who you are as a person.

The thoughts and feelings that are hidden can build up, when something builds up, there is bound to be an explosion!

Three Faces: The Lie, The Truth, The Thought
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  • leahzrc
    the face that I show to the world: I am shy but I am very smilely, and I am overly kind, I care about putting others first, and I seem nervous because I don't want to upset anyone.
    the face that I show to family or friends: i am very scared of people who come off as mean or disliking of me, i am unable to talk about myself in a good way or a bad one, I always find a middle path and people assume that I am talking badly of myself, i care about people to much but i am able to say I hate someone because they are mean or rude, I will do their work for them and I will make their lives easier and make them feel good about who they are
    who I am inside: i care about how everyone feels and i don't want anyone to hurt, even the mean peopke because I know what it's like to be "mean", even if they dont know what it's like to be the reciever like I am to them, I know that one day they will realize it. I don't want anyone to hurt, I want to build people up and I want everyone to see their potential without lecturing them or telling them to literally figure it out, so I just build them up and show kindness and make them feel good, I see myself as a girl who is strong because I have been weak and because I am not afraid to be weak. I see myself as brave because I am not afraid to be scared. I see myself as smart because I know that there is a lot that I must learn. I know that I am kind because I know what it's like to be mean and that it hurts to be that way. I am creative because I know that I could find art in the the things that aren't visible. I know that I will find happiness because happiness is the search for it, not the "result", I know that I can love because I know what it's like to not be loved when people say they love you
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  • The anonymity of the internet has exposed many a third face.
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  • Draktari
    This idea of the 3 faces is very interesting. I think you will never completely know your third face, because I think this face is in constant evolution; even if it will globally stay pretty much the same, details are what make all the difference, and often the 2 other faces are built from this secret face. This is what I think
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