Please tell me, what, exactly, did we win in 2016?


It's a F****** DISGRACE that we have sunk so far.

Not 300 years ago, We ruled our country....we dealt with famine, indians, disease and built the world's greatest country. If somebody had a justified prejudice, they were men and said so face to face with anybody who had an issue with them. We held our heads high and took on all comers like John Wayne. We were Legends.

Now many of us simper and bow to women and fear any non-white male. (Spouting big talk from hiding via the internet doesn't remotely count) Crying about our women not wanting us and buying 20 guns just because they saw a black man 20 miles away. Remember when WE were respected and feared?

When Trump was elected, many of my drinking buddies hooped and hollered about how things were finally going to go right for us and how Trump would all of the things he said. 2020 is almost here and we have no wall and the President of Turkey..TURKEY!!!!! basically called Trump a bitch to his face in front of the world. What did we get from these 4 years?? Obamacare dying mostly hurt the ignorant hillbillies who celebrated like idiots. AND WHERE IS THE FUCKING WALL???

Making America great by taking land from Americans because minorities frighten you??
Making America great by taking land from Americans because minorities frighten you??

Now the rest of the world looks at Obama as the standard and laughs openly at us. We threw everything at the man and he never once threw a fit. He remained the same arrogant elitist and Trump throws a tantrum every other week.

In 2020, we will need a conservative that we can look at with pride. Someone who will slap down anybody who screws with the USA. I'm not sure who that might be but somebody needs to step up.

NOTE to #MAGA idiots: America has always been great!! Just because you were pissed that the woman you wanted chose a black guy over you and you were too much of a coward doesn't mean America isn't great, it just means that YOU are not. Stop embarrassing the rest of us!! aren't nearly as clever as you think.

Please tell me, what, exactly, did we win in 2016?

All you're doing is giving Liberals something to point and laugh at.

I will not bother conversing with the butthurt snowflakes whose panties got twisted by my opinion. Rant and rage away.

Please tell me, what, exactly, did we win in 2016?
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  • Anonymous
    Trump is an idiot voted in by idiots. In short, we won nothing. Please tell me, what, exactly, did we win in 2016?
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    • Anonymous

      Exactly, They only stand by him because he is the same type of person they won't admit to being. Snivelling cowards who'd rather let TREASON slide instead of risk losing their sexist bigoted mouthpiece. Sorry, I support America, not their sad little prejudices.

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  • KaraAyna
    Good mytake
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  • NickiB
    You complaining about.
    "If men had a justified prejudice they said face to face."

    But you are anon. You can't even back your question.
    • Anonymous

      Sunshine, I'm no bigot or else I'd let you know... see? it's not that difficult to understand words

    • NickiB

      Sorry don't take you seriously you're anon.

  • SkipStop
    1. Greatest economy in history of our country.
    2. Lowest unemployment rate in women and black people in history.
    3. More wealth in families that care about one another.
    4. Better healthcare.
    5. Weakening the power of terrorist including the killing of Al Baghdadi.
    6. Trade agreement with Canada, Mexico, and Japan.
    7. Huge reduction in illegal immigration.
    8. Huge decrease in drugs and other harmful imports.
    9. Increased safety for legal citizens.
    • nailu

      You’re not supposed to bring attention to any of that stuff

  • toastygoblins
    Haha you really just tried to play off being a conservative then showed your true colors by spouting the leftist trope of, "white men are just jealous because their girlfriend left them for a black guy"

    Time for boomers like you to be removed from polite society.
  • Big-A
    To fully and objectively understand politics, you must think outside the box and put yourself in other people's shoes about how they see the situation differently.

    Unfortunately you do none of this.

    Hate it all you want but Trump is surely an immature bully, but he knows what he's doing and our country is arguably stronger than ever right now.

    Great time to be an American.
  • BlacklightShade
    You wouldn’t be seeing this photo if Mitt Romney was President, or just about any other sane Republican candidate. Liberals would still be mad but wouldn’t see it necessary to eradicate the Republican Party off the cafe of the earth. Republicans are now playing human centipede on Trump’s ass and begging him to eat more taco bowls. Please tell me, what, exactly, did we win in 2016?
  • Rocky_Jocky57
    Thats because we had to choose over Hillary.

    When a better canaidate comes along, so will the votes, but until then, might as we'll enjoy trump. Cause after these 4 years, democrats are most likley not going to win and trump is looking like he is gonna be here for 4 more years. I guarantee it.
  • Gsm24diecast
    Look at this anonymous poster LOL you can’t post without hiding behind anonymity? Just like Most leftists they hide, they only strike when they are in groups, it’s quite entertaining really. The left and far left are cowards and nothing else but that.
    • nailu

      and delusionists

  • nixon1509
    America is a republic not a true democracy for this reason we must accept compromise. nothing the left or the right wants just something in the middle. If America was a democracy we would not have an electoral college and minorities would have no representation and no influence at all in the voting process.
  • talloak
    Billionaires and major corporations got a massive tax rebate that is costing the rest of us trillions, so I’d say the people who are really in charge got exactly what they wanted.
  • EverythingTheySay
    They killed Kennedy he was a decent guy everyone else war monger or a fucking clown... so not that we are not laughing at them all because we do it's like seeing spoiled babies on tv
  • Rissyanne
    Lol it’s going to be so easy for trump to win again with people like you. This actually made me laugh
  • ItsDave101010
    We are witnessing a repeat of the Roman empire when will people learn that a democracy is the fall of every empire, now media plays their hand in making up stories without being liable of any backlash.
  • We did not get higher taxes. Tax more tax more tax more
  • Wasteland_Wanderer
    This is some serious cucking...
    • Anonymous

      that's it? no attempt at debate, just the remark of an 8yo? pretty pathetic

    • You want me to debate your sad ass delusions😒

  • Grande_Beefy_Swirl
    I can't find the "dislike" button...
  • Agape93
    Lmfao love this
  • xiing
    Fuck Trump
  • Anonymous
    He hasn't had the foreign policy fiasco's that Obama had. Examples include. 1. Pulling the troops from Iraq too early. 2. The Iran Deal. 3. Benghazi

    And his economic record has been just as good, if not better than Obama's.
  • Anonymous
    Staggering incompetence and a lot of Americans who don't give a shit. A dangerous combination. Please tell me, what, exactly, did we win in 2016?
  • Anonymous
    Ok you hate anyone who's not a hard core liberal, got it...
  • Anonymous
    This is the most disgusting post I've seen on this site ever. What, were you born through fucking idiots? Oh wait.
    I think you should build a wall around wherever you are, just so we don't have to listen to your stupidity and close minded beliefs. At least try to hide the fact that you're not a racist, sexist, close minded, heartless asshole. Thank you from the entire fucking world.
    • Anonymous

      wow are there any buzzwords you neglected to use? hysterical posting accomplishes nothing

    • Anonymous

      Its not hysterical posting, its posting my opinion. That's how I speak in every day life to an idiot, I'm sorry if you can't understand a few big words.

    • nailu

      amen sistah

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