2017 in a Short Review!


Here are just a few that I can remember, obviously would've left out quite a lot of others! These are based on the events that Google search shows and from my prior knowledge as the so called top topics, so obviously many events in other countries also would've made this Take but the list would go on for ages if I included all.


- Donald Trump: 45th president of the United States. This was such a big topic.

2017 in a Short Review!


- North Korea: First missile test which sparked the ongoing feud between Trump and Kim

2017 in a Short Review!


- SpaceX re-flight: March 30 saw SpaceX become the first to re-launch and land successfully the first stage of an orbital rocket


- Shayrat Missile Strike: April 7th saw Trump order 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles to be fired at the Shayrat airbase in Syria in response to the chemical attack three days earlier.

2017 in a Short Review!


- Manchester Terror Attack: May 22nd at the Ariana Grande Concert at Manchester Arena.

- Two weeks later the singer returned to the UK to host a benefit concert. (One Love Manchester)

2017 in a Short Review!


- London Bridge Terror Attack: Terrorists ploughed into pedestrians on the bridge before stabbing revellers

- UK General Election :The Conservatives losing majority

- Grenfell Tower Fire : June 14th, Britain watched in horror as the town went up in flames

2017 in a Short Review!


- North Korea Missile: July 4th, North Korea launched it's first test of an intercontinental missile.


- Hurricane Harvey

- Total Solar Eclipse

2017 in a Short Review!


- North Korea : Thermonuclear hydrogen bomb

- Hurricanes in America: Irma and Maria

- Olympics awarded: September 13th saw the International Olympic Committee award Paris and Los Angeles the right to host the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics


- Las Vegas Shooting: October 1st, shooting took place on concert - goers.

2017 in a Short Review!

- Hurricane Ophelia hit the Uk


- Panama Papers: November 5th saw a German Newspaper release millions of document that highlighted dubious financial activities of some politicians, celebrities and businesses. (Queen Elizabeth II, Bono and David Cameron)

- Zimbabwe Coupe: Robert Mugabe was forced to resign as President of Zimbabwe after 37 years following a military coup


- US recognises Jerusalem

2017 in a Short Review!

Many things have happened this year, Obviously left out a lot, feel free to comment the ones I did :)

2017 in a Short Review!
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  • Hidden_P
    Ariana Grande has risen so much in my eyes over the incident. Not only because she raised money, joined celebrities, paid for the victims funerals... but at her concert, she showed the world she can sing. Fighting through tears she sang one more time and over the rainbow, and she felt every word.

    She’s a beautiful person and I don’t think anyone can deny that. Regardless if you like her music, she did something incredible.
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    • Totally agree!

    • Hidden_P

      Thanks for mh!

      I have a few friends in Manchester so the whole performance felt very close to me even though I watch on tv. I cried through like the last hour

    • Hidden_P

      Also as a bit of a side... if you watch back the performance of “one last time” at One Love you’ll notice that Miley Cyrus is the only other person with a microphone. I’m guessing since they are close Ariana asked her to sing the song in case she got too emotional.

      So 1. Fair play for getting through it, 2. I think Miley deserves credit for allowing that emotion to show without instant stepping in. The support Miley gave raised my views of her.

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  • smahala1991
    I want to do one covering celebrity deaths this year
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    • that would be an interesting one

    • That would be kinda long lol

    • Hidden_P

      I feel you are a year too late. Last year was a killer for celebrities.

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  • Anon-ymous1
    Good list; each year's history is long and complex, time and again. Somehow this year felt worse because of 45, but blood and terror have always existed... he just seems to be making them worse.
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  • tartaarsaus
    I'd add in August that Trump threatened North Korea with 'fire and fury that the world has never seen before' since that was pretty much the moment war with North Korea became an infinitely more real possibility.

    December Jerusalem should be 'The USA recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel' since what you had implies that they recognize Jerusalem, which is ambiguity in it's purest way. Add to that the denounciation by the UN but also the the recognition and embassy moves of other countries.

    Other thing I'd add is the Charlottesville rally thing.

    Overall pretty decent list for an overall review of headlines
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  • Omar5881
    Where's the terreroist attacks in Arab countries? That's bullocks , where's at least the 315 prayer that died in a mosque in Egypt?
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  • PrincessPie
    I remember the Manchester attack well. :(
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  • lazermazer
    thanks for review
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  • LegateLanius
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  • BonnieBunny
    I have a better summary: absolute shit
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  • GayHowellMeme
    You forgot fidget spinners
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  • disgustingweebtrash
    Thank you
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  • CT_CD
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  • didigo182
    Summary of the tragedies: Communism and Muslims.
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  • Nice222
    Pretty incredible year when you think about it.
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  • Justin85283
    Hardest review. Thanks for the history lesson
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  • Anonymous
    What an awful year... the beginning of the end for the US
  • Anonymous
    Trump has done well
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  • Anonymous
    been a busy year. maybe 2018 will fly by under the radar and we can all just take it easy
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