The Men's Rights Movement is not only legitimate it is long overdue


It truly is. Today boys and men live in a highly toxic environment that is harming them not just psychologically but also physically. Today's school environment is more toxic for boys than girls and today's work environment is more toxic for men than women. We see misandry in our culture throughout the media from tv and movies to real-life crime and drama. When men and women commit a crime the man not only gets a longer sentence but the prosecutor will make a deal with the woman to testify against the man. Even if the woman is the ringleader. Also, male murderers either receive the death penalty or life without parole while female murderers are spared the death penalty and receive a finite sentence. Only men are required to sign up for selective service while women are exempt. If men fail to do that they are imprisoned. This is a violation of the 14th Amendment. More money goes to medical research for women than men. A lot of states have safe haven laws that allow a woman to abandon motherhood by dropping her baby off at a hospital, police station and fire station. Men, on the other hand, are stuck with fatherhood and are required to support the child or children. Even if they are not his. Women have been known to select men's names out of a phone book. Find a male name and name that man as the father, regardless if he even he has met the woman or not, place that man's name on the baby's birth certificate and if this guy does not contest it or does not contest it in time he is on the hook for child support. Then there is alimony,in some jurisdictions lifetime alimony, where the man pays a large sum of his paycheck to his ex-wife who may be living with a millionaire or some bad boy. In some cases, the ex-husband is paying for the bad boy's Ferrari. These are to name a few of the problems men face.

The Mens Rights Movement is not only legitimate it is long overdue
The Men's Rights Movement is not only legitimate it is long overdue
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  • JackSmy
    @joeblow123 We've chatted, and Dude, I am not, in any way saying that I disagree or think you are in anyway not right, posting this!
    I'm still one that really loves and adores women, and I am also a problem-solver and some think a mediator. I don't. I say what I think, and I respect others saying what they think, and I LISTEN and try to understand what they say, but also the motivations, the history, and the things that brought them to their current state of feeling and thinking on a topic.
    I accidentally happened across this video, and I was reluctant, thinking it was an enticement, to draw men in, and then tell them, once again that they are a problem.
    NOT AT ALL! I respect what she says, and she seems to have good intent.
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    • joeblow123

      I'm very familiar with The Red Pill and I thank Cassie Jaye for making it. It was a very good movie that told the manosphere is a compassionate and realistic light. Not the average hatchet smear job the media usually pisses out and I'm thankful for that.

    • joeblow123

      "I'm still one that really loves and adores women"

      Do they love and adore us? I would like to agree with you but reality tells me differently.

    • JackSmy

      @joeblow123 It seems we have had different experiences, and I totally respect your feelings and position on this. I tried to send you a PM, but it said you only accept from followers.
      I think we are more alike, than different, just coming at the same issue from opposite sides, maybe?

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  • TonyMetal_1986
    Never knew that such oppressing laws against men exists, yet feminists are still claiming that they still have a long way to go, but to where to annihiliate men completely 😒

    If my country had such laws, i'll have 2 choices, gather men and women to destroy and change all these laws or pack my briefcase and immigrate to a stone age country...
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    • joeblow123


      Your financial situation dictates which choices you make. Traveling is expensive. Also a lot of countries hate America and Americans so that is something else I would have to worry about.

    • I don't hate americans and i personally hate no one, there are a lot of good americans and everywhere there are the good and the bad...

      You must make changes in your own country with men who are like you, feminists are better than you, your the leader and your the hero, not them...

      They achieved all these levels because males signed all the oppressing laws, not real men...

      Women are affraid and also adores real men because they know that real men cannot manipulated, i don't accept you seduction and pussy so you a get a sign for something or high paid job... your just like anyone else...

      It's because some shitty males, the world is like that now, when the leader becomes a pest, he should be dragged out of his position...

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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good mytake
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  • meesegoMoo
    Seems like a movement for whine men in most of it's aspects. I do think female pedophiles need to be brought to justice, but I also think we need to be tougher on that group in general.

    I see nothing wrong with the draft being male-only, in fact I support it. I'm glad you didn't complain about how men can't force women to have abortions, that's where most of my distaste for the movement comes from.
    • That's never been a men's rights issue.

    • meesegoMoo

      @coffeewithcream The draft? Or the abortion thing? Because I've heard both argued by men's righters often and loudly.

    • The abortion thing. I've never heard that from men's rights groups.
      Your mistake is- and this is really over the top- is believing men's rights groups advocate for forcing women to have abortions. That's ridiculous.
      Men's right's groups, as far as I've studied, merely point out disparity and what seem to be accepted myths- for example that women are paid less by discriminatory practices rather than women's choice of occupation and part-time work.

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  • Ronnie_45
    Men have a lot of problems all over the world. Feminists created femdom and findom. Even if we beat feminism. There are other forms of feminism we face. Like femdom and findom. Misandry is not only belong to feminism. Women make men slaves in femdom and findom in the name of fetishes. I don't see any difference. As a masculist, I reject all kind of misandry include femdom and findom. There shouldn't be violence against men in the porns or in the name of fetishes. The solution is not fighting against feminism. The solution is fighting for mens rights and being a masculist. The reason is, trying to stop feminism and feminists won't work. They will say to you "this is not feminism", " this is not real feminism" and things like that. They will easily manipulate you. But if you become a masculist, you will be popular, everyone will start to talk about masculism. Mens rights will be on table. Mens rights will be on table to discuss. Of course we should criticize feminism, but our main purpose should be supporting mens rights.
  • CheezyPizza
    There is no justice for anyone, the system is fucking bias and they will do whatever they see fit, i have no problem seeing women succseed but im also not political so i dont have to put shit like this up, just deal with it
    • joeblow123


      When you get fucked over by institutionalized misandry just deal with it. When you find yourself in lock up on a false rape charge and you become Bubba's girlfriend just deal with it. When Bubba gives you AIDS just deal with it.

  • vannefftor
    Just be yourself, grow a pair, and fight for whatever you stand for. Toxicity exists in all facets of life but playing the victim for men or women is doing little more besides self-labeling, not activism lol.
    • joeblow123


      I do have a pair. The only difference is that mine are still attached while yours are in your girlfriend's/wife's purse.

      I do practice activism:https://mensrightsboard. blogspot. com/search? q=activism

      Perhaps if you had asked instead of making a fool of yourself in front of the entire planet then perhaps less people would be laughing at you now.

  • That was truly awful to have to read. Cry me a river and get over it. Talk about first world problems, dam!
    • joeblow123


      I'm sure when you hit prison convicted on a trumped-up rape charge I'm sure you'll be singing the blues too. Especially after lightsout.

    • Only one of us has rape on the mind. Be strong and fight your demons.

    • joeblow123


      But I won't be the one experiencing it.

  • MountAverage
    I genuinely pity people like you.
    • joeblow123


      Truly pitiful people are those who reply with insults instead of rational arguments because they lack the intelligence to mount a rational and intelligent argument so they say the adult version of "you're a doodyhead".

    • There was nothing irrational about my comment, you're just butthurt. And you're a hypocrite, because your whole myTake is nothing but a long insult.

      Typical incel.

    • But hey, now I don't pity you anymore. I resent you.

  • BlacklightShade
    Men have it so tough these days.