Is There A Fight For Men's Rights?

Is There A Fight For Men's Rights?

Women's rights were recently front page news as many women marched on Washington to speak about things like abortion rights, access to birth control, equal pay, respect, etc, and from time to time there are stories about women standing up and protesting companies or organizations that seek to marginalize or discriminate against them, but where are the men? Do they not have issues too? Where is the massive front page news story about the march for men? There was one years ago, in the Million Man March, but aside from that, you rarely hear about it in mass numbers like you do with women's organizations.

I mean, just mentioning to a group of people the idea that men need to fight for their rights tends to send a chuckle in the air, like men...need rights? Or you think men need....more rights than they already have, but talk to fathers who have had to fight long and hard custody battles for the children they have either solely or equally cared for with their former partners. Ask the men who were abused by women, if it's a laughing matter. Why is there no real paternity leave in this country? What about the inequalities with child support with some men having to even pay for children that are not even biologically their own?

Is There A Fight For Men's Rights?

I remember I wrote a mytake ages ago about violence against women, and in the take, I mentioned a small blip about violence against men and overwhelmingly the response from men reading the article was where was the point at which I mentioned where they should get help to which I replied that I honestly did try to find out that information for myself and there were only a handful of local places specific to certain areas that helped men in those situations so I couldn't offer to list say a broad based shelter, hotline, or organization, like I did for women seeking help.

Aside from the aforementioned idea of some generalized views about whether or not men actually need 'more' rights, I think men themselves struggle with this idea of seeming weak if they put their name out front in the fight for their rights. Many shrug off the idea of standing on a protest line with signs yelling about needing rights or wanting to be the public poster boy for men's rights. Many women's groups have been well established over years, if not centuries, whereas many with the focus on men have only been around maybe a couple of decades due in part to this idea that men already had all the rights they needed so a group wouldn't have received much membership.

Is There A Fight For Men's Rights?

There is also this idea that men don't or shouldn't deal with their problems "this way," on such a public front. Men just deal. It's the whole, men don't complain, they don't whine, they suck it up, and they make do, but is that really helping? With issues stemming from inequalities in divorce and spousal support, treatment of physical and sexual abuse, and issues with custody and male sexuality, there is very much a need for more protection for men in these situations. So so many men complain about these very real issues but feel frustrated that no one is doing anything, but that's part of the issue.

There is an expectation that others or someone else should herald the fight other than themselves, but if you don't fight for rights you want and need, then who will? If you don't take it to the courts and the streets and the front pages with the stories and the struggle, who is supposed to care or take notice? People, men, women, everyone will just continue to accept that things are what they are and will always be if no one challenges the status quo. It's not enough to say, women will never let this happen or you'll never get a chance if you don't try and keep trying and keep fighting. You have to know it's important to you and other men like you.

Is There A Fight For Men's Rights?

Women's rights groups don't just have women on them, nor do gay rights groups just have gay persons on them, nor do civil rights groups just align themselves with only minorities. Every one of these groups is tied to the world around them and cannot function as an island, so you work to make your story and your voice heard, in this case, to the opposite sex, and get more "people" on your side. These things are not impossible. They are hard, they are time consuming, they are constant struggles, but every disenfranchised person taking on some form of giant, gets knocked down repeatedly and has to find their way back up again and back into the fight if there is ever hope of winning their rights.

Is There A Fight For Men's Rights?
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  • madhatters4
    there seems to be very little movement or organization. on a small scale there is but not on the large scale that other movements have organized.

    i think a problem i see is too many men whining and fussing about the issue but not doing anything about, which begs the question; how seriously do they really feel about?

    there are issues men deal with in terms of paternity leave (a issue the feminist movement has taken up), paternity rights in divorce proceedings, prison sentencing, suicide, etc. so the onus is on men to organize in the same way feminist, the lgbt and other civil rights organizations have. however they must do so in a way that doesn't target women but targets the system that unfairly treats men in those situations
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    • lumos

      Very nicely put, I agree fully and now don't need to write an opinion myself haha.

    • Anonymous

      I've seen first hand the hell some of my male friends have gone through with divorce and custody and they complain non-stop about it and the system and how its rigged against them, but ask them what they are doing about it, and the answer is a resounding nothing. It's just the system and it is what it is... and yet, how many systems have we had on this planet for years, decades, centuries that were once what they were, but it took individuals here and there, and then gatherings of these people, and then marches and protests to bring down even the most well established of hierarchies in this and other countries. I personally will not stand by and let a man tell me how all his problems in life are attributed to women, and then have him say in the same breath, I'm not doing anything about it. That means you accept what it is, and therefore should not complain about things you have no intention of trying to find solutions to.

    • Anonymous

      Men do very much have legitimate issues with systems in place that are hurting them financially, and on a deeper level like ignorance of male rape, sexuality, and abuse issues, but expecting someone else to find a solution for them is not going to happen. Hiding behind the line, that men don't handle things by protesting or speaking out, is definitely not going to do anything. Fragrantly blaming every woman on earth for every problem that happens to a man, is certainly not going to win anybody over. As I said, communities in fights for their rights, have alwyas had to work with "the enemy," lol, in order to get things done because no one or no cause is an island unto itself.

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  • Kirah
    Unfortunately, no. Men's rights movements have basically no traction. They are almost always shut down by feminists, who claim "feminism helps BOTH genders!". But when push comes to shove, these same people will then say "women first! FEMinism!". It's a double standard that's only going to get bigger.

    Screw feminism.
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    • Djaaaay

      Opinion owner. The trueth Is men don't give a f

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  • ThatJarHead

    Article 28 familiarize yourself with this document. That's all I can say.
  • Lynx122
    There are men's rights organisations and people who fight for it. Karen Straughan on youtube you can check her out she's Canadian. Most of her good videos are old but I found her by coincidence and she made good points and a lot of scientific stuff to which I find interesting.

    Most men's rights movements get dismissed, ridiculed and slandered so that's why there's quite a few women who are spokespeople for it because people listen to them more. They don't get automatically laughed at and booed out of a room.

    There's a few issues that I think she makes good points about like education (neglecting boys) justice system there was one study that concluded if men were treated the same as women by the justice system in the UK 5/6 of men in prison would be free. And there's a bunch more but I have to focus on my own life lol.

    I have enough problems and think most of your life can be improved if you focus on improving yourself and not on society. You have to realise what's holding you back, if it's laziness/procrastination or beeing afraid of failure etc. And then you have to overcome those things and go after what you want to achive. If you have a mentality that you're the victim of society and that all your failures are someone elses fault then you always have an excuse and you'll never achieve anything.

    I'm not saying that there's no injustices in the world there's many but if yo want to achive something you need the right mindset and that's to improve yourself and work hard until you get where you want to be. Take every failure as a lesson and not as a reason to give up. I'm not very good at this myself I'm lazy but I'm trying to improve myself. I've already made a lot of progress but I have a long way to go. ^^
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    • Anonymous

      I definitely support the idea of being responsible for your life and where it's going, but most of the issues I brought up in this instance would not improve just by improving oneself. If you're a great father, but the marriage didn't work out, you shouldn't be punished by having your kids taken away just because you're a man. That, in this case, would not improve just by working on the self. I wouldn't categorize a situation like this as simply not taking responsibility for ones actions. As with anything one complains about in life, including ones own problems, if you feel they are actually important enough to stand up and fight for or improve, you'll do it. If not either you or the bigger picture will stay exactly the same.

    • Lynx122

      I agree with you, I wasn't saying that it would be the man's fault I was just saying that I think some people get caught up in the injustices and it takes over their lives. I definitely think there's a lot of valid complaints that can be made but I just need to get my own shit together atm I can't focus on anything else ^^

      I have adhd and I was only recently diagnosed and I struggled with disorganisation and procrastination etc. I did well in highschool because I had structure and I learned most of the material just from class and didn't have to study much or be organised but at university I hit a wall very hard. I passed some tests with some last minute studying but for the big ones that was not possible and I failed and wasted a lot of time. I didn't know what the problem was and I didn't ask for help because of a bunch of reasons I won't get into. But I was lost and wasted years because I still wanted to study even though it wasn't working.

    • Lynx122

      I've made quite a bit of progress and I have a place to stay now after 19 months of temporary rooms and hostels. But I still have a lot to work on and a long way tgo go so that's my focus. But I don't want to minimise these issues t all I'm just saying I have other priorities atm :) .

      Are you involved in this movement, or do you want to be a part of it? It seems to be important to you did a personal experience motivate you to take up this cause?
      Just some curiosity ^^

  • ADFSDF1996
    There is a fight for men's rights, it's just more subtle. The reason why women's rights groups are heard of more often, is because the masses support them. However if men's rights groups were to do similar marches, then they would get a negative reaction.
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    • Anonymous

      Please take a long hard look at the history of the first women's rights marches, especially those for the rights to vote. People, especially men who's wives were considered an embarrassment to them for doing so, didn't just welcome them with open arms as they protested. The vast majority of groups who have ever protested in this country from civil rights, gay rights, women's rights, etc. on down never got a welcome mat laid out for them. I think so many forget because you see groups today and you think, that's easy. That is decades if not centuries of protesting to even get that level of recognition, and even today people went nuts questioning the purpose of these and other marches. It's not enough to just say, well, I'm scared of what others will think. Others will always think whatever they want to, but if you want to make change, you've got to get out there and do it.

    • ADFSDF1996

      That's what I said, there are men's rights marches from the MRAs but since there is bias against them especially from the SJWs/feminists, they aren't given the same public attention as those feminists. It will take a while before the Men's rights movement gets the publicity. The good news is that the men's rights movement is growing in numbers and will eventually get the same publicity as the feminists.

  • cth96190
    Is there a fight for men's rights?
    Yes. . . and no.
    The fight is in the early stages.
    The most common male reaction to being discriminated against in education, employment and family law is to simply walk away and refuse to participate.
    To quote a line from a movie called War Games: "The only way to win is to not play the game."
    It is from this that the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement comes.
    A significant and increasing number of men are learning how the deck has been stacked against them, so they are refusing to play the game.
    Invest in cat food and cat toys, because there are going to be a hell of a lot of lonely cat women in the future.
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    • Anonymous

      MGTOW in theory is a protest that works... IF not for the religious set and those that firmly believe in pro-life and procreation as destiny that far out number MGTOW members. Like a lot of groups, there is derision and confusion in the cause that dismantles this groups ability to become widespread and far reaching. Like feminism, the group cannot decide what the real message is or the real steps are to achieving what they want. I've seen the levels that this group is supposed to achieve and very few are willing to commit to that and soon drop out.

    • cth96190

      Unlike Feminism, MGTOW does not have a codified ideology, or leaders. It is an organic movement that is somewhat anarchistic in nature.
      If you want to know where MGTOW is going, look at Japan, where the sōshoku-kei danshi (grass-eating men) are having a huge impact on Japanese society
      These men are at MGTOW monk level. They have zero interest in having any form of interaction with women, least of all sexual contact.
      To quote from the linked article:
      "Among male respondents, 17.9 per cent reported little or no interest in having sex — or even an extreme dislike of it," the Japan Times reports. "The proportion came to 20.3 per cent for men between 25 and 29, up 2.5-fold from the level in 2008."
      The Marxist lesbian Feminists are pushing Western men in this direction, through active discrimination in education, employment, family law and incessant an screaming of abuse.

    • cth96190

      continued. . .
      In Nottinghamshire, England, Feminists are beta testing a law that criminalises asking a woman on a date.

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  • Jager66
    The Men's Rights Movement is over 100 years old, there are a few reasons it's ignored.

    1. Feminists actively work to silence Men's rights issues because their issues contradict the Feminist ideological narrative.
    2. The MRM hasn't resorted to violence like every other humans rights movement in history has done, it is a peaceful movement.
    3. Male disposability is real! Until this is a commonly known fact it will be almost impossible to address Men's rights issues.
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  • Walrus_au
    May I never mistake the loss of privilidge for oppression.

    And watch me play the world's smallest violin for all those 'guys' who whine about 'loss of rights' when all that is happening is others are getting the same rights as them.
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  • GnarCute
    naa whenever there are people defending males feminist fuckwads go wild an attack people legit i wish the times went back to the fucking 40s and women nowadays got a true taste of How unfair it used to be to now when its not unfair to us at all
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  • Greek_God
    Of course not. Men are discrimated way more than women nowadays. And nobody gives a fuck. And instead of a movement supporting male rights, what do we get? Mgtow. A group of whiny degenerate retards, who make men look even worse
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    • Anonymous

      But isn't that the reason, in your view, more sane men should be the sign bearers for these causes? If you really feel like you as a man experience far more discrimination, what are you doing about it?

    • Greek_God

      I personally don't, since I live in a more old fashioned environment. There are some bullshit trends, but still the majority of people are normal. Men are men, women are women. Not the other way around. However as a guy who is planning to move to a different country, I am annoyed by this since one day I actually could experience discrimination myself.

  • SovereignessofVamps
    I think there is online mostly. But I think it;'s other guys, who usually victimize guys. So it's kind of hard to work with that. Except in divorce or child support! In that case, the horror stories form guys should be all over the news.
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    • Jamesol1

      Men would get shamed and risk losing a job (or losing credibility in that job) if they started talking about it.

  • jacquesvol
    Men's rights were all over the internet as long as the GOP had to beat a female DEM.
    Trump s elected and I guess the subject will die a slow and silent death.

    The presidential election was a referendum on gender and women lost:

    Draw your conclusions.
  • Coconutty
    Most men I know are very quick to complain if they feel they didn't get something they deserved. They're not afraid to stand up for themselves. I sometimes envy their clarity and conviction.
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  • BronzedAdonis
    Its a load of bullshit, anyone who thinks men are severely disenfranchised by and large live in a fantasy world.
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    • cth96190

      Apparently, you are not up to speed with how men are discriminated against in education, employment and in divorce law.

    • @cth96190 give me a break mate.

    • Djaaaay

      Opinion owner. I'm very surprised !! This is very true , especially for myself... with reasons of course. I've got solid coverage surrounding myself and my family.

  • RomansToPhilemon
    If you really want to understand the issue. The Satanists of the world. The global elite - has long had a plan in place to androgynize people. Emasculate men. And put women over men. They want to break down the family and delete God from all thought. I mean it's no secret the CIA started feminism. And they do it through psychological subversion and warfare. Propaganda and Nazi technology brought over after WW2.

    Read the declassified documents from the CIA on Operation Paperclip. It's all there. But the public is numb. Watch the CIA trials in the 70's over Operation Mockingbird and project Monarch. All real stuff. And this is just the admitted stuff they openly tell us about. No telling what they keep secret.
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  • Zendrya
    and this is why feminism is utter shit. "Feminism is about everyone's rights" ~every self-absorbed feminist... bullshit
  • Maxemeister
    tl;dr but the real fight for men's rights should be reducing the EXTREME bias against men in the courtroom vs. women, the treatment and accomplishments in education, and economy
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  • UnknownXYZ

    I think the current narrative is that women are the less gender than men so the empowerment of women takes more importance than whatever problems men have. Putting men's problems forward is seen as undermining what women's problems are.

    That's the problem.

    It should be whatever problem there is in society, we take it seriously. Too much agenda pushing and who screams loudest is what is most important. Ridiculous.
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    • cipher42

      I don't actually know that this is true. In part, yes, the current social movements are focusing on the more disadvantaged groups and not the less disadvantaged ones- so women's rights rather than men's rights. But even then, a lot of feminist discourse does actually address men's issues- like toxic masculinity in particular, and men not being perceived as good homemakers/child-rearers. But I think one of the reasons that discourse isn't a more major part of the conversation is because men don't seem to want to make it one. Like, most of the time, people who call themselves Men's Rights Activists focus more on how terrible feminism is than on actual issues concerning men's rights. Basically, a common occurrence is MRAs trying to coopt conversations about women's rights and make them about "men too", rather than actually having their own conversations about their own issues.

    • UnknownXYZ

      @cipher42 I would then argue that the men problems they bring are more in the interest of their own problems. I believe this because the subjects you brought up are related to women as well. I rarely hear men's issues brought up in isolation. It is somehow always related back to the strides in women's rights.

    • cipher42

      The issues are related, but not the same. If there is a conversation about something like pollution in the US, for instance, it would be off topic to say "but India has pollution too!" now, men's and women's issues are slightly more connected than that, but even so it should be possible to have conversations about both sides on their own. The thing is that most of the time, when I see men's rights issues being brought up, it's in relation to women's rights issues. That gives the impression that men aren't actually concerned with their own inequality but rather upset that women are focusing on their own.

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  • AleDeEurope
    Women fighting for women's rights are seen as empowered and fighting for equality.
    Men fighting for men's rights are seen as misogynists. That puts many men off and drives them away from the movement in fear of being labeled as sexist, which may affect their job, as they may get fired for it. If we didn't treat men who fight for men's rights as sexist pigs, more men will join the movement. But I doubt this will change anytime soon given how society believes men are the root of all evil, especially since they started listening to feminists.
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  • Nojudge
    I doubt that... How about disability rights? Sadly, no one speak up for them.
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  • RhythmBlack
    Gender stereotypes fucked both genders royally.
    Today's feminists are fighting (trying) for equality for both men and women. All those points you brought up about the men's right they're fighting for. Plus equality for women and the dismantling of century old gender constructs.
    But the movement is mired by those who preach female superiority and misandrists.
    Talk to an actual feminist and they'll tell you this. Don't listen to the crazies, and they're the ones who got all the media attention (because who wants to read about something peaceful. People want drama, and that's what the media does) I know feminists and that's what they really do, not man hating/female superiority.
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  • IceCubedude
    men are not pussies, if they lack money the work harded, if they dont get hired they try somewhere else, if they can't find a date they look more, women when faced with such challenged curl up and cry for attention, men can't afford to do that men control the society we live in the moment they go down the entire civilization goes down with themm, thats why women protest and want men to give them everything they have, they know men are superior in many fields and if they play fair and square they can never compare to them.
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    • cipher42

      Men are trained not the display emotion. They're taught that admitting that they need help is a sign of weakness, which men aren't supposed to have. Like, sorry y'all don't know how to stand up for yourselves, but that's a fault of yours (even if it isn't your fault you have that fault) not of ours. Taking action when faced with inequality and injustice is what people should do, and it's what women's rights movements are doing.

    • @cipher42 Men dont stand up for themselves? against whom? other men? there is no one to stand up against, men have been taught since day one to work hard and get what they want, women have been taught that men should give them things, when was the last time you heard a man complaining the guy who got hired at the same time is getting paid more? men simply rarely complain about such things they either quit and find a better job or they work harder , women want to get paid for doing less work, they want to get stuff for being women, if i get a penny for every woman on this site who expressed discomfort, and anger cause the guy offered to split the bill and didn't pay i would be a millionare.

      not all women are like that, but the one that are complaining? they're a bunch of pussies, most of my professors at college are women including the head of my major, and they aren't complaining.

    • cipher42

      You're the one who was making that claim. Fighting for equal rights and pointing out injustice is standing up for oneself. If men aren't "complaining" about their inequality, to me that means that they aren't standing up for themselves because they see it as weakness to admit disadvantage.

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  • Browneye57
    Why exactly is this a question?
    For some, yes? [shrug]
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  • Blitzkrieger
    There is nothing more weak, defeatist and nihilistic than not fight for your rights and not dealing with your problems.
  • kickme
    Men are less prone to drama and whining and more prone to TAKING ACTION. That's why they are more successful. how could this not be true?
  • John_Doesnt
    A person made a logical and epic sounding quote. That changes everything.
    • Anonymous

      A quote is merely a snippet of collection of words spoken by someone with the intent to share an idea or inspire thought. A mytake, a sign on the wall, a book, a tweet, a magazine article---all the same things---words. It is what you personally do with this and any other information, that changes things or creates stagnation.

  • Dred1614returns
    Some losers think there is, but there isn't.
  • Anonymous
    with president like trump we all need human rights
  • Anonymous
    Caring about this topic is generally very disapproved of by both men and women. Oh fine, there are always those who wants to tell people they're wrong. I'm sure some people care.
    Personally if I saw a man whining about his lack of rights and privileges compared to other people I'd ask him to kindly zip it and do something about his situation instead.

    When he does, he will do it for him. Not for men in general.
    Lets be honest here. If anyone wrote a mytake about the disadvantages men face it'd mostly be overpowered by people screaming "NUHU! You're not!". Until its some major life threatening injustice it won't be cool to care about it.

    But hey, maybe we'll all jump on board with the egalitarianism. Caring about everyone's rights is pretty cool
  • Anonymous
    When you're a man It's not about fighting for rights. It's about being smart (wise). As a man you don't have a choice but to be smart. There's more to reality than meets the eye. But most men are dumb. Some people label these men as manginas. There's no need to degrade these men so I just call them dumb - Because they are... It's just that simple. Everyone plays their part in this reality.
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  • Anonymous
    i knew equality would create more problems that it solved. Men and women will always be different. If you mold men and women to think they are equal... society will collapse soon enough
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  • Anonymous
    The legal system is against men, the media is against men, TV show writers constantly portray men as dumb and unnecessary, and feminists are against men.
    There is like more than half of the people in the USA against men and actively try to diminish their needs. Most people just don't care about men.
    Trump cares about working class men, and that is why many people dislike him. Anyone that tries to help men gets tons of hate.
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  • Anonymous
    There's a fight for men's rights but just like the wnba no one cares, for the most part.
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  • Anonymous
    There's a bit online, almost nothing in person. When they attempt to speak they get shut down.

    And absolutely men are supposed to just 'deal'.

    To be honest, the main time I see women apart from a handful noticing there's a problem is when there husband gets destroyed by his ex-wife, or their brother does. And they always seem stunned.

    I don't foresee any change in the next 15-20 years. We're so far away from broad awareness that this is maybe even an issue. Meanwhile, government and legal bureaucracies are still shifting towards being more and more pro-women over men, as key -second wave- feminists are still taking over gears of power, or their followers are, and their doctrines are becoming mainstream.

    To get an idea to the level of resistance, take a look at what's happened with organizations who have tried to deal with male rape victims in warzones. They're often told their funding will be cut off if they don't make sure 90% of their money is being spent on women, or something like that, regardless of what the proportions of women are. And that's our nice liberal western countries shoving that down in other places.

    There's been masses of data that unquestionably shows that domestic violence is pretty much 50-50 in terms of who initiates it and in terms of couples where its only the woman, or only the man. We've known this empirically from the time they first started talking to women in the first women's shelters. Yet these well known facts have been ignored and pushed away for -decades- and there's been absolutely no motion to change.

    There is one way at looking at the fundamental paradigm of how genders were treated, which is that historically men were expected to control their situation and were held responsible for it, while women were assumed to be victims of circumstance (positive or negative). Men get praise, men get punished, women are just treated like objects.

    To a large extent, NONE of that paradigm was attacked by most feminist schools, they simply redefined on a day-to-day basis what role the woman-objects would play. There's been very very little shift to treating women as more accountable (and accepting men as being equal victims). Not surprisingly, people then don't give credit as much for good things they do. That IS noticed by feminists and infuriates them, but they seem to completely miss why its happening.
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    • Anonymous

      This still brings me back to the main point. Nothing is going to change with the shrug of a shoulder and walking away saying feminists this, women that, the world that, the laws this, the policy makers... on and on. Just as you are making the problems known here, are you also pushing for new laws, forming groups and coalitions, talking to other men online, getting support? We live in a world where everyone wants something right now. People think, I want change and it SHOULD happen tomorrow, but changes in major laws like civil rights or gay rights took decades and centuries to come to even a basic point where they are now, so why do some think men's rights are just going to materialize? These are long hard wars fought over time because you're fighting to literally change the minds of many people who are set in their ways and views... but clearly change can happen---ask the groups who have gotten it.. including the very women that you rally against---ask them how long that took.

    • Anonymous

      I don't think they'll just materialize. I also don't have time to change the world. I'm busy enough earning all the money for my family while still trying to do a significant amount of cooking etc and spending time with my kids.

    • Anonymous

      It has to start with you and everyone else who wants it bad enough. There are allies, as I mentioned, to be found all over. You cannot just assume because someone is a woman or claims to be a feminist or has been divorced that they will just automatically not listen to or side with a men's rights activist. I've seen my male friends go through some pretty ugly issues with custody and divorce and I'm very much of the frame of mind that rights belong to us all, but we still need to fight to change the minds of those that can't see it... right now. It's simply not enough to say, it can't be done or nothing will happen, because then you're right, nothing will.

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  • Anonymous
    If men organize women tend to go insane.
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    • examples?

    • Anonymous

      And so what if some of them do? Hello, the very history of any group protesting on the streets makes people go insane... look at Civil Rights... dogs, hoses, beat downs... the very definition of insanity, but if you want change, you've got to make the first moves, and the more you do it, as in women's rights, the more normal it becomes and people start to see that you aren't going away and that this has meaning and purpose.

    • 0112358


      It's literally the norm here where if anyone tries to speak about men's rights, they aggressively try to get it shut down, set off fire alarms, etc.

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  • Anonymous
    Thank you for this take. It's heartening to think there is at least one woman in the world who gives a fuck about anyone other than women.
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