Is black-out a trend? How to stop racism 101!


Yesterday there was a blackout everywhere on the gram. It was a unison of people saying the same thing without say a word: black life matter. Some black people are hopeful things are going to change... Do I believe that? Mh... these beautiful actions mean very little when good action hasn't been demonstrated. I do understand that change starts with awareness but why is this hasn't happened sooner? Is it another social media guilt quenching that will be forgotten by next week? Racism is deeply bedded; I see it, but I don't say nothing because I fear to look like an angry black woman. When I get on the bus or tram and I'm next a white lady that 's holding on to her bag like I'm about to do some. Or when I go to Starbucks with a white friend and from the entrance everyone stares at me like I've got Ebola. Enough is enough! This couple of days have been ... unusual. Wherever I go I get stared more than usual and I feel naked. What do I say or do? I saw the black square yesterday and I know you stand by me, by us. But no one stood up for us before. So what, are we going to forget this protest by next week? Next time you see someone being discriminated think about the black square you posted on the gram and use your voice that day to actually speak up please. When your family makes some racist comment at home, note that they are the same people that posted the black square online as well and call them out! Make and actual change, one that can last forever please. You stand by us now, but will you carry on doing that tomorrow or is it just a trend to you? ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS, thank you

Is black-out a trend? How to stop racism 101!
Is black-out a trend? How to stop racism 101!
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  • hellacray
    It's really really dumb. Changing your icon to a black square isn't going to do Jack crap. If you want to do something go volunteer.

    I've seen the same crap before for breast cancer where everyone changed their icon to a pink ribbon and then the France Marathon bombing where everyone changed their icon to the French flag.

    I actually did community service for Brides against breast cancer.

    All you idiots did was click a few buttons on your computer.

    So yes it's a trend. Honestly I think people are only doing it to get brownie points on social media.

    I mean it's kinda like how there were a few people taking pics or videos of themselves with protestors or in front of broken stores. And then leaving not actually caring about any of it.

    But hey you need that content to get more followers or views.
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  • 3101177
    It's dumb tbh
    Is this still revelant?
    • yolo18

      what's dumb exactly?

    • 3101177

      How people are taking advantage of a black man's death and looting and rioting I'm with peaceful protests but rioting is not protesting peaceful breaking windows stealing stuff like that #justicforgeorg

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  • Guffrus
    The most helpful thing to do, if you want to stop racism is to shut the fuck up about it.

    Someone was murdered by the police, thats the headline but we even have ass clowns in the UK raging about how they are pissed off about being black and that i am racist for choosing it for them.
  • Drowningkingfish
    By this point people are just meming and jumping the band wagon by uploading empty black 10 minute videos on YouTube for clout. It's just the blandest way of showing support since the symbolisation is so non specific at first sight.
  • jillybeanns
    I don’t think it’s a trend, but more so an attention grabber.
    It’s used to continue to spread the awareness of systematic injustice and police brutality, specifically to the African American community.
    It’s a statement that’s meant to be a form of online protesting.
  • scarlett774
    I think more and more people are becoming aware. I see your pint that the blackout on Instagram could be little or mean nothing. But I think it’s better to bring awareness to the situation rather than ignore it. A bunch of celebrities were posting the blackout and they have a lot of followers so it ultimately brings awareness to more people. I completely agree with you saying that some people think blackout is a trend because it’s true, now that people are speaking out and it’s a huge other people are pretending to support it because they think it looks cool but it’s absolutely not a trend. I don’t think this movement will be forgotten people are trying so hard and protesting all over the world. They will not be forgotten. There will be change very soon.
    • yolo18

      I hope so, I want to believe you

  • The_Other
    Awareness doesn't necessarily bring about change, and if this trend is meant to bring about awareness, it's completely pointless... infact it could end up being counter productive.
    I have to agree with you. It might change for a few weeks maybe even a year but will it stay that way i doubt it.
  • BeMuse
    I guess they changed what they had to do today. They could have been doing something better, but they wasting time re-uploading all their photos.
  • lolcraft
    Morgan Freeman has the best solution.
    Shut up.
  • Anonymous
    If you don't believe in races, you aren't a racist. Most people do and are racist. Genetically and biblically there are no races. Treating people as groups rather than individuals is racist.
  • Anonymous
    This is for all the unarmed whites that have been killed by police, the whites that have gone through police brutality. And the whites that have dealt with day to day racism from all the other races and including groups/organizations such as the Black Lives Matter Movement.