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My feelings, thoughts and beliefs on whats going on today.


I dont normally post my feelings on here. I usually figure it's my thoughts and my beliefs. I dont think of myself as racist. I have friends and family of all colors and nationalities. I love them all. I was raised to honor all ethnic groups. I am a proud son of parents who were dairy farmers.

My feelings, thoughts and beliefs on whats going on today.

My parents worked hard to give us the little that we had. We had days or months with little food and usually hand me down clothes. We didn't know we were poor, because my mom worked herself night and day to make sure we were taken care of. We didn't have fancy clothes or houses. We lived pay check to pay check. I believe we were rich with the love our parents gave us and the things they taught us. We we re taught to respect others and be thankful for what we had!

My feelings, thoughts and beliefs on whats going on today.

People are people no matter what color creed or religion. Under God we are ALL his children. We are not born thinking one is better than the other. It is a taught behavior. There are people in ALL ethnic groups that are poor and deprived. Not all whites are rich and above others. Not all Hispanic or Latinos are migrate workers and maids. Not all Asians own laundries and or food carts. Not all Black Americans are thugs and thieves. The list goes on.

My feelings, thoughts and beliefs on whats going on today.

We ALL fight for what we either have been taught to believe in, do whats right for our families and for what WE think or believe in what is right and just.

We as a country NEED to fight for what is right for the whole of our existence. Fighting against one another is NOT going to fix what's wrong in this corrupt world. It will only make it worse. For anyone and I believe anyone to better their lot in life is to fix what's wrong for the whole, not just one. I'm not singling out anyone or any group.

My feelings, thoughts and beliefs on whats going on today.

I feel sadness and despair when I see families and friends divied by what the world has come to. People used to care about their neighbors no matter who or where they came from. Now days that seems to be gone with the family values, Right down the toilet.

My feelings, thoughts and beliefs on whats going on today.
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    2-exactly what I feel and would say almost word for word.
    People-stop teaching/spreading hate, teach/spread love, understanding, compassion, empathy...
    Great, GREAT take, my friend!!!
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    • humanearth

      Thank you

    • No, THANK YOU... It really needed to be said!!! Too bad, some people still won't HEAR.

    • humanearth

      They most likely pull this. Saying its a to controversial topic

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  • Likes2drive
    Very well said , I believe the same thing, I’m really shocked how things have changed and never would have thought we would be so divided still. Nice mytake
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    • humanearth

      Thats because special interest groups are paying the media, people, activests, to spread hate and destroy history

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  • Gedaria
    Thanks for your thoughts. I agree there is something that is missing in society at a world level.
    I started following what the Bi tells us. When Jesus was on earth he talk about love. But most think of the romantic typ but he was talking about out agape love. This encompass love of neighbour being colour and gender blind.
    Or him this was second only to love of God.
    But the Bible also tells us an Satan the ruler of this world all he pushes , is the me me culture...
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    You're right, we are being divided in many ways:

    Identity politics
    Political Correctness
    Gender Identity
    Sexual Identity
    Colleges are teaching hate and encouraging revolution
    BLM is a divisive name. I have heard some black people criticize the name because it does divide us
    Biased News (Both Left and Right)
    News shows that present opinion instead of facts
    The decline of tolerance by the left. Think what we believe or lose your job
  • OfDeath
    Orwell warned us about the dangers of compelled opinion and the pernicious attitude of moral superiority. Rejecting and destroying real history because it doesn't accord with the opinion of the woke warrior is benighted delusion.
  • NerdInDenial
    Who are you and why would I or should I care about your thoughts and feelings and beliefs on what's going on today?
    • humanearth

      I'm Human Earth that's who the hell I am. That's who

    • So, just another person, not an expert or anything?

    • humanearth

      I'm a expert at being a human

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  • asshole_
    "have friends and family that are of different color"

    Is the same thing, most "non racists" use, to claim they're "not racist"
  • zagor
  • OddBeMe
    Love the cliche quotes. But kinda missed the hot topics of Russian scalps and Trump’s obvious racism campaign.

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