My musings on politics, people, race, and racism going into the future.

What people call "peaceful protesting"
What people call "peaceful protesting"

There is a serious problem with having a civic nationalism that couples itself with the idea that humans are interchangeable abstractions. Human begins are not abstractions, they are biological animals. Most human beings don’t even understand complex abstractions, let alone live by them. Humans are tribal animals that live first and foremost by the demands of identity and power.

By definition half of humanity has below average intelligence. Ask them basic questions of politics, economics, philosophy and so on and they will reply with befuddlement. What they “know” is not knowledge at all, for most of them are incapable of dealing with abstractions in any sophisticated way. Rather, the average human is a bundle of emotions associated with their identity and their attachment to a group of people who share their identity, and this group can be considered their tribe. Rather than attempt to change this fundamental truth of humans it behooves us to reconcile ourselves to it.

Race is a biological reality resulting from hundreds of thousands of years of geographic separation. Races are human subspecies, able to reproduce outside their subspecies but also possessing unique characteristics that define racial types, with some of these characteristics having profound impact on the types of civilizations races can create. This is not going to change any time soon.

Any political or economic system that fails to regard humans as they actually are, but only employs abstractions intended to inform humans as to how they are “supposed to be,” which is to say what ideas they must share concerning government and economics, is destined to fail.

I consider myself a classical liberal. I believe in individual liberty with a minimal government. The government is tasked with securing borders, defending against foreign enemies and protecting against violations of person and property. However, I understand that these ideas assume a high degree of racial homogeneity, otherwise the society fractures into tribal groups based on race. These groups are perpetually at war with each other and will collapse the system.

For classical liberalism to have long term viability the borders must be controlled and citizenship must be based on ethnic kinship. This is how it was in formation of the United States of America. The Naturalization Law of 1790 and its successor, the Naturalization Law of 1802, required citizens to be “free white persons of good character.”

As the U.S.A. becomes less white the resentment and racial aggression against whites becomes more pronounced. This is natural. This is to be expected. This is merely humans being humans.

What is unnatural is that after decades of propaganda white people have abandoned any sense of race. Most white people believe race is an “unscientific” concept. They believe that racism can be eradicated by humans simply abandoning their racial identity, and white people can lead the way by proclaiming whiteness to be irrelevant. It’s considered even more “virtuous” if a white person proclaims whiteness to be the root of racism itself, as if eradicating white racial consciousness will solve the problem of racial “hate” in the world. All of this is a lie.

Rather than believing lies about racial equality white people must come to terms with the reality of race. White people must start defending their racial interests again as every other race does.

The only other option is to continue the transformation underway without resistance. This means all white nations become something like Brazil. White people end up aliens in the nations our forefathers created. White people increasingly take refuge in gated communities protected by barbed wire and security guards. White people carefully select their neighborhoods and schools in ways that minimize the chance their children will be targeted by violent and predatory non-whites.

Also, democracy is subverted as the mass of people vote to extract resources from the government based on tribal interests. We will eventually have either a tyranny that subverts democracy to protect the interests of a de facto oligarchy or we will have a democracy that votes for a socialist revolution. It will probably be some mixture of both. This is the sort of governance that is common throughout Latin America, bringing the mass misery that we have seen in Cuba, Guatemala, Venezuela, et al.

The way to avoid this catastrophe is white racial consciousness and laws that create white homelands. There is no other happy and peaceful option, for humans will continue to be human.

Having a formalized racial segregation mitigates the worst of human nature. It brings out the best in people. It means people can openly enjoy a sense of belonging with their kin group. It means they can feel safe behind protected borders. When traveling the world they can visit truly unique cultures of various ethnicities, for racial segregation is true multi-culturalism. It means that each ethnic group has its own sense of responsibility for its own success or failure, for their destiny is their own.

The people of the world can trade goods and ideas but not citizenship, and in this way the most critical division between humans becomes manageable.

We humans have enough problems resolving differences related to religion and economic class, but these can resolve themselves over the generations as children choose different religions and ideologies than their parents. On the other hand, race persists, generation to generation, and since it represents characteristics that are rooted in biology it creates divisions that are bitter and intractable.

White people must stop expecting racial divisions to go away. We should expect that as white nations become less white the racial animosity against whites will increase. There will be more resentment against whites and to the extent they are capable non-whites will seek to overthrow whites. The effort to take positions of power from whites while extracting resources from the white community will become more aggressive as whites diminish in numbers. The choice is not to wag our finger at our non-white cousins, telling them to get with the equality program, but to return to racial awareness and defend our own interests as Caucasians.

This is what’s coming, folks, for it represents that mass of humanity that does not care about abstractions, they care about their identity. Good luck trying to corral these non-whites into your Pollyanna abstractions, it will never happen. The time to defend our interests is now. The longer we wait the more violent and dysfunctional our nations will become.

My musings on politics, people, race, and racism going into the future.
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  • Rangers
    You don't sound much like a liberal, but a conservative like me. However your ability to speak articulately separates you from everyone on the left and many on the right, which I appreciate.