What is Racism in Today's America?


We can all probably agree that racism is no good. I will give three examples of things considered racism that I've heard, listing the race of the people as either r1 or r2 (to keep it simple and un-racist myself).

What is Racism in Today's America?

You can vote which if any are racist, and please comment what you think ought to be done about it, if anything. Here we go...

((ONE)); r1-Cyrus and r2-Isaac are talking about girls. r1-Cyrus says their friend r1-Mia is super attractive, but r2-Isaac disagrees, and says his friend r2-Helena is much more attractive, and that in fact all r2-girls are naturally more attractive than r1-girls. r1-Cyrus replies that both can be attractive but he likes r1-girls better. They get into an argument.
((TWO)); While r1-Cyrus and r2-Isaac are arguing, their friend r1-Mia and her boyfriend r2-Everett are at a shop nearby. An r1-man approaches r1-Mia while her boyfriend is in the changing room, and asks if she is alright and who the other man is. r1-Mia explains that r2-Everett is her boyfriend and she is perfectly fine, but the r1-man insists once again saying he can help if she in in danger. r2-Everett comes back and overhears while his girlfriend explains again, trying not to cause a scene, and he goes to his girlfriend and tells the man off. The r1-man gets angry and uses a racial slur towards r2-Everett, and r2-Everett gets more angry and starts a fight with the r1-man.
((THREE)); r1-Cyrus and r2-Isaac are interrupted when they see a police car and ambulance go to the nearby shop where their friend r1-Mia was going that day. They go to the shop to see if she is still there and if she was involved in anything, and are able to talk to her after she is asked questions by an officer. Her boyfriend r2-Everett is being arrested and an r1-man is being taken to the ambulance, but both look beat up pretty badly. r1-Mia explains to them what happened, but then is taken to the police station with her boyfriend upon request. r1-Cyrus and r2-Isaac both think the situation was unfair. r2-Isaac says that the r1-man should have been the one arrested, because he started the argument and used the slur. But r1-Cyrus says that although both should have been taken to the hospital first, r2-Everett was still in the wrong because he started the physical fight instead of just walking away. They get into another argument.

These aren't the only situations which are considered racism, and I do not consider all of these to be racist, but I'd like to know your opinion on the matter. If you think another situation is more racist or in need of addressing, please comment it and I'll try and add it in an update! Any discussion about, against, or anything having to do with racism is welcomed in healthy discussion or debate. Thank you for reading!

What is Racism in Today's America?
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  • Cmcelts15
    We talk about racism we’ll how come the N word is still acceptable in music today even if it is just slang? If racism was such a problem we would do every single thing to stop it. The confederate flag is apparently a symbol of racism but the N word isn’t? Wtf
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    • While I agree that that should not be used in music or other ways, you should also keep in mind that the N word isn't the only racial slur, and the black community aren't the only ones towards whom racism is dealt. In large part today they are the ones using the word still, while most white people are under the impression they shouldn't say it at all. So while I do think this is an issue I don't see what could plausibly be done about it since the ones using it are predominantly the ones towards whom it is meant as derogatory.

    • Cmcelts15

      I’ve met black people that are offended by the N word and they even admit they love rap and I asked how do you listen to rap when the N word is used frequently? He said there is music without that word or he listens to edited music. So even though black people are using it it can still offend people and the N word is not just offensive to black people just an FYI. It’s easy to control the same way we can’t use the F word on tv. Someone has to be the difference maker, banning the confederate flag should be on the same level as the N word since they both apparently represent racism. I didn’t know the confederate flag was apparently racist and I’m white. The nazi symbol has been abolished and there are whites that were oppressed “Jews” “Americans” and it’s been used by them and it’s still deemed racist

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  • lsjr16
    Racism is a big issue in this country. You can’t get rid of it because it is embedded in our society. We have made progress but a long way to go. Trump has made it more prevalent and more aware then before. There is not just racism between white and black. There is racism/ discrimination within the black or Hispanic community that also need to be address.
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    • How did Trump make it more prevalent?

    • lsjr16

      He drum up hate by calling illegal immigrants criminal thugs, saying they should go back to their country

    • ... they're illegal. That automatically makes them criminals. If someone snuck into your house and wouldn't leave wouldn't you think they're criminals and need to go back to their own house?

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  • MackToday
    Definition of racism
    1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
    2a : a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles
    b : a political or social system founded on racism
    3 : racial prejudice or discrimination
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  • NoPoliticsPleeease
    I got no problem with anyone's race I have friends of all kinds of races and always have. I just do not like the black guy and white girl thing that is being pushed.
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  • Hurdleez-Swampede
    Racism is a major problem. Many people of different races hold different values and likes.

    I like white women because they are easier to relate to.
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  • Phoenix98
    Hate to break it to you but you'll never actually get rid of racisim it's something that has always existed and always will, there will always be people who think others are below them or that they are superior to someone else because of the colour of their skin.

    Asians do it.
    Whites do it.
    Blacks do it.
    Latin Americans do it.
    Indians do it.
    And so on and so forth.

    You'll never get rid of it and it's stupid to think that you'll be able to change human nature.

    You'll never get rid of Racism because it's within our nature to hate especially for petty reasons, whether it's war dehumanizing the enemy or because you just don't like a race or you were raised that way or even doing unintentionally it'll always be that way and you'll never achieve equality because people are not created equal not physically, not mentally and socially.
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  • bangyourhead
    Racism is in high demand but short supply in the US.
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