My Understanding of Racism

My Understanding of Racism

Man is a mortal being, which means we are destined to die because we are susceptible to death at some point. This is inevitable. Having this understanding in mind will give one a clear direction on how to go about life. The earth is a school which so many people pass through for the purpose of spiritual development, and at the end we have to leave the school. We do not claim ownership of the school, and as such every other students, individuals, citizens have the same right in the school. The laws exist to take care of weakness in forms of crimes but not for us to take laws into our own hands. At the close of school, our reports awaits us irrespective of skin color, race or affiliation. And the nature of our report determines if we failed or passed on our earthly mission. So why waste time on things that do not add real value to your life. You can't take anything out of this world even if you are apportioned the whole world as yours. The thing that will count at the end of your time here is love and how well you accumulated it and how well you developed yourself. BE WISE

My Understanding of Racism
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  • robertKugler
    What people aught to understand.. Is that it's a dead issue... Stop being offended by what come out of an obvious degenerates mouth... That person president or whose mental faculties don't come close to yours.. Race being pulled just lowers your level to their n perpetuates such non sense... I hate white people way more than most blacks or colored folk... So I'm racist.. N now I can't have a nice pleasant day... Ridiculous..!
    Stop be offended.. We are all people plain and simple human race.. the only... race! n trust me fools will loose so let's move on.. My honky ass dun... Talking now
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  • sensible27
    This isn't exactly your understanding of 'racism', it's your understanding/thought process as to who you don't do it and aren't a 'racist'. I don't know if this is clickbait but how you started it seemed like it would be insightful...
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  • Anonymous
    Some people really should just educate themselves.
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    • Kaazsz

      They can’t because racists believe science is manipulated by the righteous liberals to fit their beliefs About equality. So there is no option for education. Education is out the window for them.

  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good mytake
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  • leonidas69
    Jesus. This literally had nothing to do with racism. Talk all the shit you want about faith and religion, I don't care. Explain your view on morality and a philosophical outlook on how to live well, fucking legend. But this had zero understanding of racism. At best it speaks about the riots not helping because at the end of the day it only causes more harm. That's a huge stretch too. I suggest sticking to yes/no questions from now on. 😂
  • websterII
    civilization means you have a basic standard so your civilized.. that basic standard should work for everyone in the civilization not just a few. we're all humans in the human race.. we all stated with teh same ancestor out of africa.. and with modern transportaiotn and communications.. we're all gonna end up one color anyway. racism is a stupid dangerous ignorant aberation in the course of humanity. If every human had a decent opportunity.. i wonder how much better off all of humanity would be.
  • lockster
    Every race is racist. People should understand its not just white people.
  • bamesjond0069
    It makes it extra easy to be racist when about 95% of black people are liberals. Pretty much the only race that votes together. How weird?
  • Oh God...
  • Joker_
    Good myTake
  • jimmy2
    Amen my brother