Racism In Another Way...

I should really be doing my homework right now but there is this one thing niggling at the back of my mind creating a feeling of anger inside of me which I feel the need to share, and writing about it and hearing people's opinions will make me feel better about it.

Something happened today, which showed me racism in a different way.

So, here's what happened:

I was sat in registration today with my friend, and she was desperate to show me pictures she found, on her Ipad from this time last year, I didn't know her (she came to the school as 'the new girl' towards the end of last year) and other photos from way back.

Now you're not really supposed to have devices out at school, so we were hiding whilst looking at the pictures. We're rebels, I know. ;P

Then these boys saw us shouting "put your Ipad away" and then made fun of my friend for bringing an Ipad into school saying things like: "are you blown?" and laughing at her.

Now she and I are mature enough to ignore them, so that's what we did and I don't even think my teacher noticed.

Then I looked out the window and this boy said to me (excuse my language here): "Why are you looking at me you Paki?"

Here's the irony. It was a brown Indian boy who called me a p-word, and it was an English white boy, and an English white girl who stood up for me.

The white boy said to him: "You can't call her that."

And the Indian boy responded: "I can say it because I'm brown."

My Response:

You'd think I'm angry because he called me the p-word. I'm not going to lie that did bother me, thinking he can degrade me because of my ethnicity, however, what I'm more angry about than anything else is I didn't stand up for myself. There are tons of good ways I could've shut him down, but I didn't- I don't know why. I mean I did have some physics revision out too, so I just decided to focus on that but there are so many things I could've said to him.

At first, I was thinking I could've replied something like: "Well, I want to see what crap looks like." But why should I have said that? Why should I have stooped down to his level of degrading insults? Glad I didn't do that.

Then I thought, why would I have to say that, when I can shut him down in an actual classy way? Pakistan was founded 71 years ago, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh was all just 'India' at one point. So there is a chance his ancestors could have lived and been born on the land that is now considered Pakistan. So I could've asked him: "Would you say that to your grandma?" Most likely he would have replied "no" and then I'd tell him what I just mentioned above and reply: "So, you'd say it to your ancestors if you saw them? It's like a black person called their ancestors, n-words." That would have shut him up.

Or I could have easily called him a racist. Because he is clearly ignorant, he would have probably said to me: "How am I racist? I'm brown too." Then I could have easily asked him, so being brown gives you the right to degrade another human being. Had the white boy or girl said that to me they'd be considered racists. I'm brown I can say this, you're white you can't. Seriously? That is like saying I'm white I can sit here, you're coloured you can't. Both are equally as racist.

And I should have thanked the white boy and girl who stood up for me.

I think I was just so angry at the time, it wasn't what he said that angered me much, I hear that word all the time. My opinion on it is if one group of people can say it, everyone should be able to say it and if the group of people which that word is aimed at don't like the use of that word, then the word should be abolished completely. And that goes for any word deemed offensive and degrading. As I was saying, it isn't what he said which angered me, it is the way he said it. He spoke it to me as if I was less than him like I was disgusting for just sitting there.

I wonder if he knows the difference between Pakistanis and Indians is a border. Take the border away, we're basically the same people.

I feel like he only said it to me because I'm sometimes seen as one of the 'quiet' ones. Plus, I'm a 5'1 girl, and I couldn't exactly harm him in any physical way- so I'm basically seen as an easy target for wimps wanting to look tough.

If he says it again to me at least I know what to say back, and I can shut him down completely and remind him of who he is.

I should try not to be such a pushover in the future and speak up for myself. I am sick of being seen as the easy target.

On the upside with all this off my chest, I'm not angry anymore, and I could do my homework with a clear mind now. :)

Thank you for reading this MyTake! As I said, I'm not angry anymore and have a clear mind. Writing is like my punchbag- I can just let everything out on the blank page feeling angry, to begin with, but feeling better when I'm done, like a boxer would hit a punchbag when they are angry, letting it all out, and then feeling better when they're finished. Doing that might be good for me as well, but physical activity and I don't exactly go well together, so I'll just stick to writing. I hope I taught you something or made you think at least and if not, oh well, I'm going to do my homework now- so thank you for reading anyway. :)

Before I go do my homework remember: It doesn't matter what your colour is, what religion you follow, what your sexuality is, what your gender is- you get the picture. Because at the end of the day, we're all humans. So we're all a part one immense community called humanity. So nothing should divide us, yet it still does, and it is ridiculous. We're all a part of one world.

Bye! <3

Racism In Another Way...


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  • I didn't know Paki was a derogatory term. I thought it was the same as saying Afghan or Uzbek.

    But yeah, Indians HATE Pakistanis, especially after Pakistanis committed a terror attack in their country a few days ago.

    Yeah surprise, non whites can be racist too.
    Actually, I once saw India ranked as the most racist country on earth.

    I think whites are actually the least racist to tell you the truth.
    I would've called him a slur for Indian people.

    • There's no point in slurring at him back, because who would want to stoop down to his level?

      And yes, Paki can be offensive because it comes from the term: "Paki-bashing" where many white people physically attacked South Asian immigrants or just people of South Asian descent during the 1960s-1980s.

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  • get rid of the government, military and religion and i think we could all be happy together.

    • I disagree.
      Government brings basic order into a country and keeps the country running to an extent.
      Military is defence, but I can understand what you are trying to say there I guess, if every country didn't have a military countries may not see each other as a potential threat.
      Religion. Religion is a belief, and some view it as a way of life. Rather than getting rid of religion, religious and non-religious people should just see beyond their differences. I follow a religion, and I have friends who follow other religions, friends who are atheist and agnostic as well as friends of my own religion, and we are all happy with each other.

      In my eyes people would be happier if we just viewed each other as human beings first, and as a species we became more mature and accepting or at least tolerant of others.☺

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    • You make a good point about governments overthrowing each other. But personally I believe, that governments should learn that isn't the correct way of doing things. Not scrap the idea of a government completely because that would just invite all kinds of chaos into a country.

    • unfortunately, we were all born somewhere on some continent under some government that we have to deal with. we have very little control over it unless we rise to power. i don't think it's right to meddle in foreign affairs unless there is a strong injustice happening. communism, dictatorship, terrorism to name a few... i'm very aware that the u. s. government is a big cause of poverty in the middle east. but the area is run by greed with little concern for its people.

  • Tbh i call white people, white choclate all the time as an insult but i am white myself.

    So yea i am racist to my own racist but i don't care. Plus no white choclate seem to be bothered that i do this.
    And yea i probably would call my gramdma white choclate scum. But that's just me.

  • Heh.. In my country we didn't even had a word for racism it didn't exist until western decided it's big problem in the world. I don't know man it's so easy to trigger anyone these days from ethnic, political to racial level.. Everyone fought for human rights and now when they have it they use that right to complain about milion other things and sudenly everything is insulting for someone

    • Well, while I do agree people do use it as an excuse like a "get out of jail" kind of card, and they abuse the term a lot.

      But just because everyone has human rights now, doesn't mean racism has suddenly gone away. It is still engraved in some people which is rather unfortunate.

  • The word Racism is almost meaningless now

  • I'm not racist, I just don't like certain races.

    • If you dislike them because of their race, then that is racism towards them particular races.

    • No, that's not racism. Racism is defined as saying the N-word.

  • Good take

  • Thanks for sharing


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