Racism Goes Both Ways


And ALL ways, for that matter...

I've been arguing a lot lately, mostly with black people here on GaG, that racism goes both ways. I had a (seemingly black) guy agreeing with me which was very refreshing to see, but I also had my fair share of people telling me its whites that are mostly racist against black people.

Racism Goes Both Ways

Now, this take is by no means a way to discriminate any other ethnicity/race, but since mostly, and specially considering the dreaded Black Lives Matter Movement, it's generally a black vs. white kind of thing going strong in America's society now. So I thought of emphasizing this.

Every time this subject comes out, there's ALWAYS one black person claiming that white people oppress black people, and most of them seem to believe that black people simply cannot be racist towards white people at all.

Every time the word racism comes afloat it seems all they start thinking about is slavery back in history, and how they are still "enslaved". When this happens, I usually have handy my official FBI stats, which are the following, in case anyone's interested on keeping them:

For 20 to 24-year-olds, the murder rate among blacks (109.4/100,000) is 17 times higher than the rate for whites (6.4/100,000). Among 15 to 19-year-olds, it is over 20 times higher. The average for all ages is 13 times higher.

Racism Goes Both Ways

Speaking on black-on-white crime, it is substantially greater than the reverse. Blacks kill as often as whites, although blacks represent only 13% of the population. Note also that black-on-white murder is more than double the rate of white-on-black murder (409 to 189).

Racism Goes Both Ways

Of the 509 officers feloniously killed in the past 10 years, 46 percent of the perpetrators were black, despite their representing only 13 percent of the population.

Racism Goes Both Ways

Consult the stats directly from the website here.

Now, what is the point of sharing this?

Well, it invalidates the common arguments that Black Lives Matters followers usually use. On top of it, it's important to mention that 72% of black kids are raised in single parent household.

Now, how is that white oppression? No one is forcing black people to have children and no one is forcing black parents to leave the households.

Every time you mention these things, though, you're labeled as a racist and you'll have a lot of ramblings about how racism has always existed and still exists. And then you'll have some who claim these stats are manipulated, like they were the only ones not only in America, but also in other countries that follow a very similar pattern.

In regards to their ramblings, my answer to them is never "No, there's no racism", but actually "Yes, there is racism and it goes both ways". For some, that is saying something preposterous.

Racism Goes Both Ways

But anyways, yes, it's as simple as that. There will be racism against Asians, latinos, white, black... anyone, really. And far more than racism, there's also xenophobia. There are individuals who have actual hatred towards and specific race, ethnicity or nationality. But as far as saying that universally an specific race oppresses as a collective another is just absurd. Racism exists, is out there but we ALL will face racism at some point of our lives. People from all races and genders have the same opportunities, and will also suffer from discrimination at any given moment.

There's discrimination/racism from whites towards black:

And there's also racism/discrimination from blacks towards white:

Movements like Black Lives Matter will only cause more division and will spread actual racism because it is clearly a hate movement. It seems that if you don't agree to it you're a racist "white trash" and oppressor, and that gives them the "freedom" to be openly violent towards you.

There's a lot of things going on in society that the mainstream media doesn't cover.

Do you know that seemingly black gangs started a street game called "The Knockout Game"?

It consist on literally knocking out unsuspecting people right there in the spot, the success is knocking them out unconscious.

How aren't white civilians not jumping out claiming oppression towards blacks then? Can you imagine if we all called blacks as a collective as perpetrators of this?

^^(Note: This guy knows what he's talking about).

Fortunately, awareness of this has been spread through the internet and people are adopting self defense (there are actual tutorials on youtube on how to defend yourself, and what to do in any of these scenarios).

So yes, as seemingly astonishing and incomprehensible to brainwashed liberals it is, there's racism, and discrimination in general, going ALL ways.

No one could have said it any better than Dave Shapiro:

This scenario is pretty much the same scenario you'll have when arguing with anyone who still believes black people are oppressed by society.

Host: "How can you argue that racism is not a driving factor in income inequality?"

Ben Shapiro: "Because it has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with culture."

Racism Goes Both Ways
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  • madhatters4
    i don't think we need a take to know that black people can be racist. seeing a race as inferior isn't relegated to one race

    anyone who suggests otherwise is simply ignorant so don't waste your time with them.
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    • i don't really see how the stats on murders suggest that BLM doesn't have a legitimate gripe that the criminal justice system can be discriminatory. as you mentioned black people only represent 13% of the population and yet black men represent nearly 50% of unarmed men killed by police.

      this does speak to potential discrimination in our law enforcement, at least enough to start asking that we really pay some attention to reasons why unarmed black men are so likely to be killed compared to other races and ethnicities

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  • RJGraveyTrain
    I'd pay actual money to see you discuss this kind of stuff live.
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    Is this still revelant?
    • haha you'd probably sleep half way through my ramblings 😂

    • Nah, ramblling is a passion of mine so I'd sit through it.

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  • AleDeEurope
    Wait, you got into arguments with blacks in GAG and they called you racist? Whaaaaaaat? That's impossible!!
    I've also been called racist and told I hate black people because I've pointed out facts that go against the BLM movement... facts can't be racist xD
    You just gotta spend 5 minutes in GAG to know every race can be racist.

    For fucks sake, there's a video of the Charlotte riots where a man was bwing beaten up by a group of black guys and a reporter almost burned alive. The other day I pointed this out and called stupid xD

    Obviously anyone can be racist, only a racist will say they can't, cause that gives them green light to be racist and get away with it, which is what's happening with BLM.
    Dude, it was a black cop who shot the man on NC, but they still blamed white people. It just shows their ignorance, sheep mentality, and obvious racism.

    Go to China and you'll see racism. Go to Russia and you'll see racism. Go to Saudi Arabia and you'll see racism. Go to South Africa and you'll see racism. Go to Mexico and you'll see racism. Go to a Native American reserve and you'll see racism.
    My point is that every race in every country can be racist. Racism is hate, and hate is a common human trait.

    Great Take, as usual. It's sad the US is becoming more segregated today. It's more sad that those who consider MLK a role model and a leader, are the same ones that being racist and judging people by the color of their skin.
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    • It's actually the real racists who don't take any sort of accoubtability, and who blatantly show bias towards a certain race.

      Like the guy in the video I posted:

      Guy with sign: "All lives matter, man"
      Black dude: " Oh, so black lives don't matter?"
      Fuck logic.

    • Exactly. They pull out the victim card and call you stupid because you show them the world's reality which doesn't match with their owns.

      Yesterday I saw a video of a man that has a radio show, talking to a female BLM supporter. He was telling her real statistics about the black community, and she told him she disagrees with it... the fuck? It's like telling you that fire is hotter than ice water, and you disagree. Like bitch, it doesn't matter if you disagree, it is what it is, disagreeing isn't gonna make the statistic/fact not true xD

      This is the problem, that you can show them over and over again the problems within themselves, but they still disagree. And this happens with any racist, not just blacks; they're not gonna accept any negative reality because they believe they're superior to other races.

      And by the way, the radio host was black. Check Jesse Lee Peterson, his great.

    • Question.
      When you say "all lives matter", do you actually mean it? Do you mean that all lives matter, including black people's?

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  • SinghSong
    It's a fair enough statement. However, the evidence you cited at the beginning is heavily flawed. These official FBI stats only cite those 5,723 killings adjudged to be murders in courts of law- the count of intentional homicides in the USA in that year according to those same official FBI stats was 12,253. And even this explicitly excluded all killings perpetrated by the authorities, as well as all of those killings which are adjudged to be 'lawful' or 'unintentional' homicides. When one includes all of these, it increases the total homicide count in the USA in 2013 to just over 16,000.

    And when one looks at the overall demographics of all of these killings' victims and perpetrators, guess what? While the rate of homicides committed by black people is still disproportionately high, it's not overwhelmingly so- only around 24% of homicides were committed by black people, of which a full 70% were adjudged to be murders. In comparison, around 71% of all homicides were committed by white people, of which only a mere 24% were deemed to be murders. This is even more pronounced with those homicides involving white perpetrators and black victims- fewer than 4% of all the homicides of black people by white people in the USA in that year were deemed to be murders. And fewer than 30% of all homicides involving black victims were adjudged to be murders.

    That's the main reason why Black Lives Matter has a real case. The majority of homicide victims in the USA are black, comprising roughly 52.1% of the total tally- but they don't matter, insofar as these homicides are deemed to be markedly lesser crimes than the homicides of white victims. The true homicide rate among the Black American population in that year was roughly 21.4, almost seven times higher than the homicide rate among the White American population of 3.23, and almost on a par with that of Mexico.

    And when it comes to incarceration rates, the black population of the USA IS the most oppressed in modern history. Though it's been falling during Obama's tenure, the incarceration rate for young black men aged from 20 to 39 is still nearly 10000/100000. By comparison, at the height of apartheid, the incarceration rate for black male South Africans only rose to a peak of 851/100000. The US black incarceration rate is 2,306/100000- that's more than 5x the white incarceration rate, 3x higher than North Korea's, and over 2x that of Stalin's USSR. How CAN you argue that "it has nothing to do with race"?
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    • I'd still have to look into these stats you're mentioning. But pretty much everything you said in the first couple of paragraphs is explained through the fact that these percentage are based in 63% of white (non hispanic) population, vs only a 13% which represents black people living in the States. I don't see how my initial stats are "heavily flawed" because of this. Interesting how you only pulled the percentages, but not the actual count (as I did). You see, the figures are disproportionate because black people still commit more murders despite them only representing a 13%, and these stats are placing them next to 63%. Overwhelming is actually a very short term for it, because if the percentages represented the reverse, these figures wouldn't just doubled, you know.

    • And in terms of black people comprising 52.1% of the total tally of homicide victims, black victims of homicide were most likely to be male (85%) and between ages 17 and 29 (51%). Homicides against blacks were more likely than those against whites to occur in highly populated areas, including cities and sub-urbs by... drum roll... black people.

      And yes, according to the FBI, black offenders committed 52% of homicides. And only 45 per cent of the offenders were white. Homicide is a broader category than “murder” but let’s not split hairs.

      So the stats clearly show is a black on black murder rate, rather than white on black. Actually, 93% of black victims were killed by blacks and 84% of white victims were killed by whites. Despite the fact that black people represent a 13% of the American population, there's STILL a difference of 9% black on white murders.

    • So no, Black Lives Matter has no real case case. If what they're concerned is about black people being killed, then they must know by now they are actually killing themselves as the stats clearly show.


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  • krash2002
    Society as a whole has a collective amount of racists. Race aside, anyone of any race can be racist, and that's just a fact. I've seen race wars randomly populate throughout forums I'm on, and it gets annoying fairly quickly. Why race has to be the topic of every discussion is beyond me, and I hope some day we all get to the point of seeing each other as equals, and moving along as we should have developed beyond this at this point in time.

    I'm white, and it sucks to be labeled as a racist sometimes for just being white. Even though I've never said anything in regards to insinuate hate towards any other race or a person of a particular race just for being a different color than I. That being said, I don't think most blacks are racist. I just think there's a level of defense poured into their hearts by society and social media. I think the same applies the same for all races. It's the select few that outweigh the many and I think people forget that.

    When it comes to every day matters. I don't see things progressing until people are willing to let the past go and move onto the future. Yes, there are problems such as police brutalitymore so towards specific races, and those definitely need to be addressed, but in all. A lot of the issue's can be resolved by people trying to better themselves. To not be so quick to judge, and more to accept. But when that will happen... who knows. Society seems to enjoy going backwards for some reason.
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    • "That being said, I don't think most blacks are racist. I just think there's a level of defense poured into their hearts by society and social media. "

      I think black people who support movements like BLM are racist, BUT I agree they developed racism by the leftist media. These people are brainwashed to actually hate white people, and segregate themselves from white people.

      A good example is the creator of Black Lives Matter, Shaun King, who is actually a white liberal. The goal here is to tell black people that they are oppressed, for black people to vote for the Democratic party. It's a political and liberal game, really. The reason why the Democratic party gets 95% of the blacks votes is because they really think that white people and cops are out there killing blacks where the statistics clearly show a whole different picture.

    • See, the problem with BLM argument relies on that they claim they are oppressed by whites and shot by cops, when in reality 93% of blacks murdered are being killed by other black people, not cops and not whites. Yet you don't see them digging into that. Once they draw their attention to the FACT black people are murdering themselves, they'll see the cause and do something to achieve it. But a this point, they are too manipulated by the liberal media, so they'll ignore the single fact that 72% of black people grow in single parenthood, and that a child raised without a father figure is 5 times more likely to be poor and commit crimes, 9 times more likely to drop out of school and 20 times more likely to end up in jail. No wonder why black people commit most of the crimes and are dropping out of schools. It has nothing to do with white oppression.

    • krash2002

      @legs_n_sheets Sadly this is true in regards to the brainwashing. Yes, there are those few white people who are racist against blacks, but they are in a huge minority. While the media portrays that every other white person hates black. Which is absolutely untrue.

      Your example is definitely valid as it's funny that most politicians that are democrats. Are actually white, and have said things in reverse to their feelings about other races. IE: Clinton (I'm not a fan of either Trump nor Clinton. Just to clarify to avoid political warfare.). They have only changed within the last 5-10 years to accrue the minority vote.

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  • Triss
    Seriously a black guy said to me "all white girls are bitches and hoes "
    Also Eminem was discriminated by blacks when he started his rap career in 8 Mile. Everyone can be a racist whites and blacks. Then it depends to the people if they personally are or not
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  • Twix005
    Look at this video & answer this question.

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    • Twix005

      Exactly how i feel.

    • The question this woman is asking here's goes on the assumption that black people are treated automatically in a certain why by white people in American society. She's pretty much tricking the crowd into thinking this is absolute fact wihout giving any actual facts. I don't see anythng else to explain here.

    • Twix005

      @Spelling95 its the police that are violent criminals. Violence comes from every race. Stop stereotyping us. This is the reason why we are angry. Answer the question in the video @legs_n_sheets. there's a long history of facts. You dont see it or feel it because your not a black American. You dont go through are everyday struggles. You can never explain. Young black americans are dying right before are eyes for no freaking reason!!! You see it on the news... i see it in real life my brother was killed by the police. My ancestors where hunged by whites. I can't even wear braids in my hair at my job... because it doesn't look appropiate... When will we ever be treated equally is the main question?

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  • stacyiscool
    Why post something like this on this website? Like seriously! Your not proving anything anyways. My question to you is how are you going to make a change? people need to Stop posting about this and do something about racesism. This is just starting conflict among black people cause we are the main targets.
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    • You seem like the type of reading facts and they fly completely over your head, because you're convinced white people oppress you. But anyways, I'll give it a shot so let me ask you this: 72% of black people are raised without fathers, do you think this doesn't represent a problem to their issues?

    • krash2002

      I think OP has a great point though, and your reply proves it. Blacks are welcome to post their feelings as much as whites. Either or, no one should be repressed, because they want to explain in a fair way how they're being treated.
      Also, Op's post is actually doing something about racism. He's bringing to light the scenarios of every day occurrence that make people struggle even more with dealings of other races beyond their own. I challenge you to look deep into the matter's of which the OP has shown and be willing to work with and not against. As most are just wanting to shed light so we're all aware. Such as BLM in most attempts, is trying to shed light on police brutality.

    • @krash2002 My intentions on my take are very clear:

      1- I wanted to shut down first and foremost the crap that BLM movements are teaching. Which is pretty easy using the facts they don't want to face.
      2- The simple fact anyone can be racist as exposed above.

      As for your statement: "Blacks are welcome to post their feelings as much as whites." Yes, I'm giving her the space and I answered to her so what's your point now?

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  • Robbey
    I partly agree. In a social sense, black people can be (and often are) every bit as bigoted as anyone else. The difference is in an institutional sense, (non-Hispanic) whites (as such) simply aren't subjected to the same bigotry as others in our country.
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    • Where's the bigotry though, can you prove it to me right now?

    • Robbey

      No, in no small degree because I don't feel obligated to prove my opinions here (it's GAG, not a peer reviewed journal). Agree or disagree I. don't care it's just GAG However, if you have access to a decent library, try accessing their databases- Academic Search Premier, Project Muse, and Proquest would be places to start either refuting me or vindicating yourself. Happy researching!

    • Any internet forum can be used for debates. Thankfully, we have enough proper/official information and resources available. Anyways, if you don't want to debate then good riddance!

  • HikerDude
    In my experience, black people are more racist than whites today, if for no other reason than the fact that it's generally socially acceptable to be that way.
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    • Here's some Kleenex for your white tears

    • HikerDude

      @Castleguy25 Save it, because you'll need it for the next round of crying over the next dumb African who acts the fool and gets himself offed by the police.

  • EmpatheticLady
    Well done, Mr. Editor. :) Good use on the charts to drive your points home. Racism can affect anyone, not just black people.
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  • MagiAlphaOne
    The Milwaukee Riots are another great example. A Black Police Officer shoots a Black Man. In response, Blacks attack White People because Police killed armed Black Suspect!

    legs_n_sheets, AWESOME MyTake! Very well thought out and great citation!

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  • nolookingbackx
    100% true. All Lives Matter. Respect other people, we're humans not colors.
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  • springocelot
    Another well-written take. The other thing I really hate about BLM is that they choose soft targets. They wouldn't get away with even half the stuff they do if they tried pulling it in a town where there was a lot of gun owners or "the 'hood."
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  • itsagirlthing900
    I agree 100% with you! Finally an educated and well-rounded mytake! There absolutely is racism in our culture but it goes both ways! Anyone can choose to be a racist, and anyone can choose to play a victim.
    But discrimination against blacks I don't feel has anything to do with slavery and how they were once considered "lesser" than others, but everything to do with statistics. It is a fact like the statistics you threw out there that they do commit more crime given their numbers.
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  • Castleguy25
    Another race post, with just copy and paste tactics. Anyone can pull data, but do you understand it? Probably not. You'll just point and say, well blacks are inherently violent because they kill more. In the midst of all that, no one has solved a single problem.
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    • Right, so I don't have a single clue on what I'm talking about. Ok, whatever you say.

      Two thing, though. Blacks are more violent because it's statistical. And also, how can you solve problems if there is no accountability for problems?

      Let start here and let me ask something else. 72% of black people are raised without fathers, do you think this doesn't represent a problem to their issues?

    • m.dailykos.com/.../-The-absent-black-father-myth-debunked-by-CDC

      Boom. You have nothing to offer. Don't you have a heroin epidemic to solve in your white community. Oh, that's right, you don't have a solution.

    • Huh? Explain with your own words how does this take any credit from the FACT that 72% of black people are raised in single households? Also, you must know that a child raised without a father figure is 5 times more likely to be poor and commit crimes. 9 times more likely to drop out of school and 20 times more likely to end up in jail.


      There's no solution if there's no accountability from black people, simple as that.

  • somebodysaycheese
    Well im a proud racist. I only like my race and thats the human race😁... yea it was corny.
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    • Don't get me wrong, race/ethnicities well exist in my book. We have biological differences and all. But there's no need for social segregation for that.

    • LEIGHX

      nice <3

  • Phoenix98
    Of course it goes both ways /= you'd have to be the most idiotic person I've ever met to actually legitimately think blacks are incapable of racism, I mean have you seen BLM? even other blacks admit they're racist.

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  • RainbowFanGirl
    It obviously does. People who say that black people can't be racist are uneducated on the matter.
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  • soulbabe
    I already know people of Every race can be racist do you have any idea how many times I here shit about my color and people calling me racist with out knowing a thing about me because of my color
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  • John_Doesnt
    So you're just gonna ignore the past 100 years which have clearly been more racist towards black people? You probably don't even know what the black lives matter movement is about. You just assume it's about black people or something.
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    • First off, I know exactly what Black Lives Matter is about and what it represents, not to mention is an oppressive and racist movement by itself.

      Its main founder, Shaun Black, is a white man who presents itself as black, and was caught having some pretty racial and ridiculous remarks on his social media:

      After the incident, he was (not surprisingly) removed as founder in the wikipedia page. So starting there, you know now from what kind of people this dumbass movement came from. On top of it, a professor and spokesman of BLM, Michael Eric Dyson went on to record to say: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ0QfLkjujY

      The movement is racist by itself, and was born out of shootings from cops to black people, at the same time they claim there is a so called "systemic racism" that is prevalent in the United States.

    • So don't come here with lectures, since everyone here has followed this movement for a while now.

      In terms of your first question; Name me right now one example of systemic racism in the United States. Give me all the examples you can think of, to see if racism and slavery are part of today's system.

    • So you really are saying that there is no more racism in the US? Ignorant as they come. There has never not been racism in the US or anywhere in the world.

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  • Shorty1991
    Your very brave for making this a topic of discussion on gag. But I agree with you that complaints about racism go to far. Soon there will be certain words that we won't even be allowed to say. Perfec example, that nursery rhyme baa baa black sheep was found offensive by black people. So they changed it to baa baa white sheep, some white people would find that racist but they are rhyming about sheep for goodness sake. In older comedies there were a lot of racist comments, but they were all just laughed off. Nothing was taken as seriously as it is today. Black people refer to each other as n***az, so are they being racist towards each other? Is it that when some of them call white people, white trash? Like a lot of other things, guys behaviour, girls behaviour, crushes, cheating, racism can go both ways too. If people would just lighten up a bit and stop taking everything so seriously. We would all get on better together.
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    • I agree. Actually, you can see bigotry and racism within the black community, now that you mention name-calling (which only perpetuate more racism). They have names for black people who admit there's no opression about blacks, and that are against BLM, they call them Uncle Tom, coconuts, oreos, coons, etc.

      And yes, I agree everyone should have some sense of humor. I admit I have laughed countless of times of stereotypocal jokes about all races and nationalities basically. Then again, I have a very dark sense of humor sometimes so I'm not very uptight in those things (unless you're talkig about personal attacks, which is different). It seems you're very hip being a humorless easily triggered mannequin these days.

    • Shorty1991

      I'm the same, I have a dark sense of humour too. But when Its like walking on egg shells around some people. Nowadays your scared to say anything in case its found to be offensive. I'm thankful that my family and best friend share my sense of humour.

  • Wulfila
    When people say that a particular group can't be racist, this kind of thing happens.

    (Skip to 7:10.)

    Hatred and bigotry fester, because the racists feel justified and because the majority are unwilling to call them out or do anything of substance to stop the hate. They're implicitly taught that it's okay to be racist against white folks, because they, the honkies, deserve it.

    My grandparents had to move away from D. C. in the '60s because of stuff like this. Neither of them was raised to be prejudiced, but they were seeing so much anti-white sentiment (and even violence in some cases) that they didn't feel safe living and working there anymore. Unfortunately, these negative experiences (and later ones) ultimately TURNED them racist against black people, because they didn't start out that way.
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  • IsraelJordan
    No one likes it when you feel a certain type of way, and then other people come along and tell you it's not right to feel that way. That is the main problem here. BLM feels like
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    • I entered too early now im too lazy to finish. I agree with some points and disagree with others. Good take

    • The problem here is that "feelings" are irrelevant when it comes to raw facts.

    • People are emotional creatures. The problem here is that facts don't matter anymore is someone says "all lives matter" and you are angry enough to jump them. It's gone too far for facts.

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  • ElissaDido
    Racism foes in all the possible was lol!
    Yesterday a black guy at a store closed the doors and didn't let a dark indian guy in because he had to close the store so the indian guy started calling him " You black! You black slut! "
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    • Triss

      Black slur? Srs some people are crazy

    • Triss


  • Elarra
    In other news, grass is green, sugar is sweet, water is wet...
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    • Tell that to idiots like this, who claim black people can't be racist:


    • Elarra

      @legs_n_sheets Black people can be racist. The problem is that you can't tell anyone anything because people are going to believe what they want to believe even if they know that truth. You can tell someone Trump isn't qualified o be President but someone is still going to vote for him. You can tell someone that Hillary is a crook but she'll still get votes. You can tell the government we give too many standardized test but they'll still come up with more. You can tell someone their husband is cheating and give them proof but they'll still stay with them.

      You can TELL anyone anything. But you can't change peoples minds, not most people anyway, especially about things like this.

    • I can't argue that because people have been brainwashed to believe these things. The thing is, though, that you are able to speak the facts and are able to share the stats to make a general awareness at least of what is going on. Not everyone is brainwashed by liberal propaganda. And there's thankfully a good number of people making awareness of this.

  • Hammerofthor
    White people have such a lack of personality. you're all entitled too.
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    • Houston, we got a racist right here. Can someone take him back to 1648? Please and thank you.

    • @AleDeEurope only white people are racist

    • Hmm I feel like Houston didn't hear me :/

      @legs_n_sheet have you noticed most of the racists in GAG are girls? XD

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  • YourName123
    Yeah, racism against blacks is a direct result of their behavior anyway.

    There's a reason people are afraid of sharks.

    But liberals are trying to make it illegal for you to think for yourself
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  • Zombie_Killer_Redux
    The most pathetic kind of racist are the ones who hate their own race.
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  • Rocket_Queen
    I'm so glad someone is saying this.
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  • Library
    So true. It's racist if black girls won't go out with me because i'm white :(
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  • Relentless_Hippie
    Mixed people shall rule the world!
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  • helloitsmethere
    Well, duh.
    Anyone can be racist.
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  • Puppylove94
    Very awesome take. Completely agree
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  • Adigelunar
    2Good post
  • Anonymous
    There's an intelligent way to age this conversation, including much documentation of cross-racial racism in neighborhoods that are only people of color.

    And there's you, ranting against "blacks" because of how some black people act.
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    • Anonymous

      And I'm not even liberal, just sick of emotional ramblings on all sides of this debate.

      OPs everywhere:

      "Haha, I'm so cool, I don't care about any issues. PC cucks be triggered like little bitches". (Writes whole post about how he's upset about something he thinks is unfair to him.)

    • Right, "ranting against blacks" because the facts are racist, right?

      The proper way to apprach this issue is very simple, and I have asked this a zillion times before:

      BLM is an opressive moment and segregatory itself, but lets ignore that for a moment here...
      They claim that black people are being shot dead in the streets all the time, and they want to attack the root of the problem, so they target white people, policemen and a supposed "systemic racism". Cops shooting blacks represent roughly a 2% of blacks being murdered, sure it ia an issue to be adressed. But then there's a whole 90% of black people being murdered by other black people, and this is not being adressed by them. There's no critical. judgement towarsa their own culture as to why they themselves are killing each other by a huge margin (majorly).
      So please explain to me where the fuck is the emotional charged argument in that? And how you fail to see the logic here?

      Also, drop the generalizations por favor...

    • Anonymous

      Where are your stats showing that blacks never address black on black crime? I see it being addressed daily.

      "Every time the word racism comes afloat it seems all they start thinking about is slavery back in history, and how they are still "enslaved". "

      This is your perception, not a fact.

      "Every time you mention these things, though, you're labeled as a racist."

      Not a fact.

      "most of them seem to believe that black people simply cannot be racist towards white people at all."

      Show us stats.

      The whole "knockout game" segue... Just you showing you think blacks are violent and dangerous to whites. YouTube videos as evidence?


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  • Anonymous
    It is the nature of the human being to fuck his fellow man over.
  • Anonymous
    Racism surely exists within every ethnic group, but really what is the point of pointing out that another group can be racist? Who does that help? You pointing that out doesn't actually deal with racist blacks anymore than it deals with racist whites, except to say hey they exist. Um, okay, and the sky is blue.

    If a black person says they have experienced racism, are you going to pull up this chart and explain how blacks kill blacks? Does that actually address the racism that that person is dealing with. The answer is no. I could absolutely say the same for you pulling out a chart or a video of whites experiencing racism and showing it to blacks.

    Every movement on planet earth has it's radicals, extremes, racists, etc but for all those that just dismiss BLM as everyone in it being about hatred of whites or police, are ignoring the ones actually trying to build bridges, and work with their communities, and get cops to sit down and talk about a distrust that is very real (see: L. A. Riots, stop and frisk, same race individuals for same crime incarceration rates). These things didn't happen in slave times.

    Some people do blame everything on everything but their own actions. They blame white people or they blame black people for everything wrong in their lives rather than accept their part in it, but just as you make the assertion and point to the fact that everyone can experience racism, there should be an understanding gleened from this that if you go in with the attitude that just because you mention racism, whether white or black, you're a liar and racism doesn't exist, it solves nothing, addresses nothing. No chart in the world is going to be the answer to how we can all stop and collectively try to tackle racism if all we ever do is point out that... hey guys, racism exists for everyone.
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  • Anonymous
    Blacks aren't racist, because they don't have the power. Deal with it.
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  • Anonymous
    Quit race baiting, im not sure why you feel the need to target black people
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  • Anonymous
    I totally agree.
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  • Anonymous
    I used to say white people. Are like dragon type the person who can hurt a white person is a white person.

    Thwn ice and fairy came in the picture

    Anyway that how black people see white people basically invincible so my word to u can lt hurt u. Ur the majority and was once my opressor.

    Lol 75 % of the black community is dumb and in gangs and love violence and drops outta high school and loves to focus on the past andplay the victim.

    Until i see blacks fix their own community i can't feel bad.
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    • You just pulled that stat out of your ass, you fucking moron. Speaking of which, they should take back the diploma you received for writing these terrible sentences.

  • Anonymous
    You really have some good points and I agree with basically all of them. In the country I live in theynstate that there is no inequality but in the bill of rights it states "someone will not get a job based on merit alone but based on a previously disadvantaged background". So if a white guy applied for a job and let's say he's got 5 distinctions and I'd qualified, but black guy applies for the same job and has an average of 30% he will still get the job before the white guy. So can you tell me if this is race discrimination
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    • It might be discrimination but you'd had to look at the considerations whatever's company you applied to had when they hired the black/white person.

  • Anonymous
    Thank you for this. The real tragedy is that it is socially acceptable to be racist against whites. Racism is wrong period.
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  • Anonymous
    "In the past, being racist means you hate Asian/Latino/Brown/Black/etc. Now, being a racist means you don't hate White."
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  • Anonymous
    Racism is a majority vs minority problem.
    Racism against a majority has not the same coonsequences.
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    • Right, cause beating up a white man isn't as bad as beating up a black man.

    • Anonymous

      @AleDeEurope says who?

    • Toad-1

      'coonsequences' i see what you did there

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