Racism... Against Whites?

Racism... Against Whites?

What? No! That title has to be a mistake. White people have it made in the Unites States. We're (I'm white) the majority in the United States. Look, I don't mean to offend anyone, but our growing efforts to eliminate racism are being counter productive. It is becoming less and less acceptable to be white. Don't believe me? You think I'm some racist pig? Doesn't surprise me, but I encourage you to hear me out.

1. Whites aren't allowed to share their Opinion on Certain Issues

I'm gonna do it. Consider this your warning...

Now before I get thrown to the lions let me explain. I get it. Black lives seem to be under attack by police officers. The Washington Post says that "As of Sunday, 1,502 people have been shot and killed by on-duty police officers since Jan. 1, 2015. Of them, 732 were white, and 381 were black (and 382 were of another or unknown race)" (Wesley Lowery). If you read the article, it goes on to try to justify the Black Lives Matter movement by saying that because whites are a majority, it makes them more likely to be shot. I admit this sorta, maybe makes sense... until you realize that regardless of how many people of a certain race are in the country, if the police were going to shoot black people because they're black, there would most certainly be more African Americans killed by police each year. Unless these BLM people just think the only reason the numbers don't is because police have less opportunities to shoot black people? Did you ever think that maybe police shoot who actually need to be shot? Maybe they aren't out to shoot every black person they see? Nah that can't be it. Of course there are some instances where policemen over react, but that happens in every line of work... it just usually doesn't come with the cost of a human life. Oh, and a side note: The reason most black people in the video find the "All lives matter" sign offensive is because the All lives matter movement takes the focus off of them.

2. Opportunities for Whites are Diminishing

Racism... Against Whites?

If you haven't already scrolled to the comments section to leave a hateful message, I again encourage you to hear me out. Many opportunities, ranging from college scholarships to internships, are closing quickly for white people. I know it sounds like bullshit, But this comes from my own personal experience. I recently looked into getting an internship at a scientific research center for the summer. It basically said under "qualifications" that if you're not a minority, you need not apply. (Of course it said it in a nicer, more professional way.) If this isn't racism, what is? If not... I must have a warped definition of racism. Also what about paying for college? This website explains the whole concept of minority scholarships in great detail. Providing minorities with more money to pay for college is great, but where does it leave aspiring scientists, writers, politicians, philosophers, etc. that aren't a minority? Oh and this... not really related to scholarships but is just wrong on so many levels.

3. White People can't fight the System

Racism... Against Whites?

This relates to point one of my post. We (whites) cannot voice our concerns about the way the system puts us at a disadvantage. I guarantee that at least 60-90% of the comments below are hate. Hate, hate, hate. Let me make something clear: I am NOT a racist. I am not a PIG for my beliefs. I'm just a young person who is trying to figure out a world that seems to be growing ever more against me. If I was black, this myTake wouldn't be huge, in fact many of you might agree and realize that something odd is happening in the world. But... I'm white and I can't change that.

Racism... Against Whites?
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  • madhatters4
    sounds like a real victim mentality.
    i don't understand what #1 has to do with racism against whites. seems like just a non-sequitur rant against issues of police violence

    yes white people face issues but it's not racism as you put it, it's discrimination. so you know what needs to happen white people enmasse similar to what other disenfrachised groups have done need to rally together towards a common cause. that common cause shouldn't be pointing at black people but pointing at a system that discriminates.

    the problem i too often hear from white people regarding discrimination against white people is that they point at issues black people deal with or have dealt with and then try to twist the conversation around. that's pointless. the issues white people face are their issues and so they should sound off on and create comprehensive ideas on how to address those issues rather than simply saying "black people have this... we want this" because the counter argument will always be. ok if you want this right or privilege black people have are you willing to take on all the other burdens black people deal with OR cede some of your privileges of being a white person.

    i imagine that answer is a big No. So with that in mind white discrimination exists for sure but trying to compare your plight to that of black people or other minority groups is almost always a losing battle so just focus on the issues that face white people rather than trying to compare plights
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    • correct me if i'm wrong, but I was always taught that if a person is "discriminated" against because of their race, it IS racism.

    • there can be a difference between racism and racial discrimination that doesn't necessarily make it racism... per se. it often is racism but is not necessarily.

    • "There can be a difference between racism and racial discrimination..." ummm no there isn't a difference... There are quite literally, by the VERY definition the same thing.

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  • Anonymous
    Black lives matter is a fucking terrorist group Bunch of social justice warriors milking slavory. Do they know that blacks owned blacks as slaves first? Don't blame me for something that happened years ago just because I look white. You don't know me. I'm actually inuit and my grandma was in the residential schools beaten and raped. I don't go around hating all white people thinking they owe me something.
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    • Blacks were under enslavement and colonialism over 500 years with over 100 million victims and you are against BLM? Please go on, I'm fascinated.

    • Vanjasper

      @Turkish_Delight Before a Black slave ever set foot in the Americas, Irish men, women and children were being shipped there as slaves. And put up with much harsher treatment than any Black slave ever did. The first Black slaves arrived in the Americas in 1670, the first Irish slaves in 1625. By 1670 the population of native Irish people living in Ireland was just over 500,000 people. The population of native Irish before 1625 was 1.5 million. In the 45 years before Black slaves arrived, Ireland had lost two thirds of its population to slavery. What you claim is not factual. Slavery was a curse on humanity Black or White. Maybe you should also do some research on the Barbary Pirates who took white slaves from all over costal Europe.

    • @Vanjasper Except Ethiopia there were no independent country in Africa during the colonization of Europe. They invaded all over Africa and killed millions of innocent people.

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  • catthighs
    no pun intended, but it's not so black and white.
    try to put yourself in someone of another race's shoes. it's hard, i know. imagine feeling the way you feel now (attacked, less opportunity, world against you) your whole life. that's how a lot of people who aren't white feel. because racism is definitely still alive.
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    • Okay but he just showed that all of those things you said are happening to minorities and not whites are in fact happening to whites not minorities? The fact is whites are more likely to be poor compared to any other group. The top highest earning groups in America are indian, fillipino, Taiwanese, Australian americans, and Israeli americans. That's not a lot of white people in a country that is 63% white. Laws favor minorities in quotas, grants and scholarships all of which exclude whites. We have black student councils, in fact we have student councils for every single group that exists in America except for white men. In fact when one was proposed they where accused of being racist and then claimed that whites where already represented and therefore should not be represented. So, what your saying may be true that they feel like their is racism against them but that is not something that is objectively true. I mean your claiming racism is still alive, well sure on an individual level

    • for minorities but its now on a systemic level for whites. We had a black president, twice. I mean at which point will we finally say that racism is not a problem for blacks and minorities? I mean we have laws and programs that strictly benefit them, we have had black musicians being some of the most famous, we have had a black president elected twice and your going to argue that racism against blacks and minorities is common? That's kind of an absurd statement given the facts don't you think?

    • Starrk


      Your post reeks of ignorance. Electing a black President and having famous black people doesn't mean racism against blacks is non-existence. There were famous black musicians during the 1930s and 1940s as when segregation and discrimination was still a thing. Racism doesn't stop just because gain money and fame.

      Whites are more likely to be poor due to them being the numerically majority but when you look at the percentages, minorities like Black and Hispanics are overrepresented in poverty. And when you strip away the population disparity between the groups, blacks and Hispanics are more likely to be poor compared to whites.

      Racial quotas don't benefit minorities. If anything it's hurts them, but that's for another discussion. As for scholarships, you do realize that white people are the recipients of over 85% of the scholarships offered. So what exactly would be the point of offering white only scholarships (which do exist by the way at HBCU).

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  • Phantomium
    I don't know what the hell is going on out there but you people are tearing your own country apart over complete bullshit. I mean the news coming from the US are... surreal! Like everyone lost their mind and are running around like headless chickens. WTF?
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  • Turkish_Delight
    Do you know how being seen inferior because of your race? Nope. I'm Asian and I know. White supremacist cuckservatives tease me like "Mongolololololol" While I love and be friends with people from all races. I haven't met any black supremacists yet but I know they respect Asians like me, unlike white supremacists.
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    • TheSpartan

      Most "White Supremacists" I know talk often about how East Asians generally have higher IQs than Whites.

    • @TheSpartan I'm a West Asian. Actuallu my ancestors were from Central Asia. And I don't think so. They say Asians seem clever because they study a lot.

  • jgarsenstein
    Just wow!!! The depth of racism - despite the fact that race is truly a social construct and we are all the same animal, human beings - is chilling. To compare the situation of white people to the plight of people of color in this country is patently absurd and the very definition of racism. Not only do we (I am white) have an advantage every single solitary day of our lives based on our skin color, we have had generations of opportunities denied to our brothers and sisters of color. And you're complaining? Demographically, white people will be the minority in this country very soon (I've read studies that estimate this could happen as soon as 2020 - more likely by 2030 but the brown wave is coming and there's nothing that's going to change that) and I personally am thrilled. It's pretty clear under almost exclusively white leadership that we have ruined this country. You can sit around any whine and cry about the browning of Amerikkka or you can get on the right side of history. Your choice.
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  • Laura_Marx
    This is the shit that gets promoted on gag today. Irredeemable shithole
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    • What's wrong with it?

    • Laura_Marx

      White supremacist propaganda.

    • it's truly a shame you believe this is white supremacist propaganda. If only you would... I don't know maybe read the mytake you'd see you're wrong... unless you just hate on white people for having a voice.

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  • NerdInDenial
    Remember, only White people can be racist. lol.

    Hating someone because of their creed or ethnicity is the essence of racism. Yes, you are right hating people is racist. Unfortunately, it's the popular thing to do. The sad thing is that "minority" groups have gotten many white people scared to describe people accurately. You cannot call someone Black or Asian or Mexican without sounding racist. The Western world has gone mad. I've traveled to many places. There is racism everywhere.
  • Phoenix98
    I know right?

    Buzzfeed told me black people are incapable of racism like it's scientifically not possible... I feel... I feel so lied to. ( kidding )

    Yeah it happens all the time in reality but of course no one cares, whites being racist is all that matters. Whites are evil, whites are racist, whites are rich, whites are privileged, they basically make us out to be super villains. Which is not the case obviously.

    O well that's the reality we live in.
  • Philyouup
    Being White, I will say, I would still rather be white than live the issues of being black or Hispanic yesterday, today or tomorrow. Are their issues , yes.. for whites, no really issues and it is growing pains. Until I say I would rather be another race because how good they get it, those so called white people issues are just inconveniences
    ok I agree, Blm is pretty stupid BUT you aren't problem solving. Per captia, blacks are more likely to get killed because there are simply more cops in the areas that they are in.
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    • Also more likely to commit crimes, far more likely to resist arrest and shoot at police officers.

    • @hellionthesagereborn more likely to commit homocide and murder, get it right. Blacks only make 2/9 crime statistics annually while there are 6 million whites committing the majority of overall crime. now, lets say that your statement was correct, this does not excuse the fact of cops using excessive force on anybody in fact, its not even an argument to begin with. Cops are meant to protect others before themselves. That is what they signed up for. Dont like it? dont be a cop.

    • But they are not using excessive force, in fact studies show that they are far more likely to shoot a white person or Hispanic person comparative to a black person. As for crimes, 80% of all interracial violence commited is instigated by blacks, blacks are actually disporportiantley responsible for hate crimes, they commit all (at least all of statistical significance) interracial rapes. They are I believe its 9x more likely to commit armed robbery, they are 3x more likely to fire on police (in fact a police officer, if memory serves is about 20% more likely to be killed by a black offender then a black person is to be killed by a cop). So we know pretty conclusively that blacks are the root of the black communities problems. The fact is when you have fatherless homes the offspring of that are not well adjusted (80% of all convicts are from single mother homes). Its broken homes that are the problem not white people and definitely not cops.

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  • AleDeEurope
    Uh oh... you're gonna piss off the racist chicks xD
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  • Peachman
    Good job on getting the issue perfectly summed up without pissing of people

    keep up the good work (thumbs up)
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  • Leandri
    If I take South Africa as an example then I would say that whites do not have any rights
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  • KingRamesses
    BLM doesn't care about black lives.
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  • es20490446e
  • CT_CD
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  • windfall2017
    IF you live in a redneck state, your life will be rainbows and sunshine.
  • Vanjasper
    Though i agree with most of what you claim, you should have backed them up by citing sources.
    There is a huge amount of reverse discrimination being experienced by the white majority in many countries. The reason is there is a vast amount of money being made from racism, as there is from all the "ism" and "ists" that afflict society today.
    Any miniscule occurance of "racism" is used to try and justify the huge amounts of money being sloshed around this industry. As long as the "victims' are from the minority.
  • evenlift
    There is definitely racism against whites.

    But, the hatred isn't against a particular race as such. It is fundamentally hatred of the good for being the good.

    Note how it's also often socially acceptable to be racist against Asians too. Why? Because Asians are successful.

    Why do Eastern European countries seem to get less of this anti-white hatred? Because they are relatively unsuccessful. Note the weird sympathy that the Russian government gets from the far left (as well as from the far right).
  • John_Doesnt
    Every group in the world faces discrimination, but trying to say that whites face a majority of racism compared to the other groups is either ignorant or narcissistic.
    You faced a few mild discriminations in your life (and you watch Fox News) and now you think you have the right to say "Whites face terrible discrimination". It's the same as rich people comparing their hardships to poor people. Sure being rich has its downfalls, but it is not a problem that needs to be addressed.

    BTW: I'm white too and the reason I'm saying this is because you're making us look bad.
    • A few errors in your post. First, I never said whites face the majority of racism compared to other groups. Second, I watch Fox News? That conclusion is laughable at best. Third, I have the "right" to say whatever I want. I live in the United States, I have free speech. Lastly, what makes us (Americans) look bad are people like you who think it's an awful thing for people to have an opinion that goes against the politically correct mindset.

    • Only alt-right media would give people the idea that whites should be complaining about discrimination. And as for your "I have the right to say whatever I want" that applies to the people saying racist things about white people too.
      Your last statement is pure nonsense, because everybody has an opinion which disagrees with another group. So naturally everybody would express that they don't like the other opinion.

    • Perhaps you should stop misquoting me. I formed the ideas that whites are experiencing discrimination through my own experience. Obviously everyone can racist things about white people too, but it's still racist. You don't seem to understand that. Read My last statement again. It was "Lastly, what makes us (Americans) look bad are people like you who think it's an awful thing for people to have an opinion that goes against the politically correct mindset." I never said it was wrong to disagree with another group. I said it was wrong when people act as if it is extremely awful to have an opinion that differs from the politically correct mindset. I am done wasting my time talking with you because all you seem interested in is regurgitating liberal bullshit that has been forced down the throats of the American people. You, my friend, need to learn that you are not always right.

  • Browneye57
    Sure, but this is all un-PC. Throw you to the lions. :)
  • FatherJack
    Very , very true !! It is open season on " Whitey " .
  • TheSpartan
    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
  • Rissyanne
    Great Take!!
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  • helloitsmethere
    What the fuck is this?
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  • RyanEC
    I agree 100%
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  • disgustingweebtrash
    How to piss off racist pinks: post this mytake
  • Lumberman53
    You nailed it
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  • Anonymous
    I'm just SMFH...
  • Anonymous
    so much rasist for many race
  • Anonymous
    Who says GAG isn't a racist website?
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  • Anonymous
    Whites are simply not experiencing racism and discrimination in a way that oppresses us for simply being white. It wouldn't be ok if we were. We just aren't. We simply have not ever experienced, on the whole, what people of color experience as racism. So we need the shut the fuck up.

    Your take is the mindset of whiny pissbaby racists who want to find a way to discredit every possible social justice movement because it threatens their privilege.

    If you think there is truth to any of this nonsense, I truly feel sorry for you. It really sucks to never be able to analyze facts in the world. It makes you very vulnerable to charlatans with idiot ideas like this.

    God bless you. I hope you get help.
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    • Maybe so, But I truly pity you for 1. being anonymous and scared to share your opinion... and 2. for hating on me for sharing mine.

    • daitrombe

      Racist for saying that there should be equal opportunity as opposed to just being given equality as a member of a different race? Do you even know what you're saying?

    • Another self hating white female.

  • Anonymous
    Strange how those #ALLlivesmatter guys get angry when they hear "black lives matter".

    And I never read #Muslimlivesmattertoo when their country started bombing a Muslim country.
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  • Anonymous
    can we sticky this post for a month or two? there's some people on here that need to read this. They know who they are
  • Anonymous
    Great Take. 👏👍
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  • Anonymous
    I'm not white and I agree with this 100%.
    People love playing the race and gender card now to get advantages in life. But always remember, the strong will always survive and if you need handouts , you're not very strong and you'll lose later on in life.

    So dude, keep working hard and focus on yourself and you'll make it. Good luck in your future 😊
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