Racial Discrimination... against white people?

All people should be equal like legos are all made of blocks
All people should be equal like legos are all made of blocks

I just read an article from The Economist, concerning the black voters of America and the Democrats who are trying to appeal to their beliefs on subjects like racial discrimination, criminal injustices, and racial wealth gaps.

While responding to this article in a journal, I asked, "Why are white people being looked down upon by colleges, universities, politicians, and people in general?" To be clear, I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACY; that idea that white people are above every other race is just wrong. Everyone was created to be equal and that is right. Equality should be taken for normal instead of a goal we are trying to achieve; we should have already achieved it by now.

Anyways, I thought that white people have been looked at as "perfect people" but also "nasty, radical Americans who treat everyone else like trash and get anything that they want. However, being a white male is even harder to get into colleges today. Colleges and Universities have been focusing on "diversity" which is a good thing, but in general, colleges should be looking at all aspects of a student and not only the color of their skin "but rather the content of their character"(as MLK Jr. put it).

Police officers who are white are immediately thought of as racist people when in fact they are trying to do their job. What if the suspects had a gun? (that's the real question) . And if they did, and if the officer was shot, he or she could also die and never see his or her family again. It's all about survival in the police field and when it comes to life, it's either you or the suspect and as the officer, everyone usually chooses their own life. What pains me though is that when a black officer shoots a white boy or girl, no one cares to even flinch. It's like they don't care about one side when it's their own race doing the bidding. But that's just an observation; don't mind that.

I have less of a chance getting into a college because of my race instead of getting into college based on what I have done and achieved through hard work and perseverance. The same has been happening to Asian communities. Because so many Asian students do well, places like Stanford have accepted a majority of its Asian applicants, but now the diversity at Stanford has a majority of Asian students, forcing the university to limit spots for great, studious, and hard-working Asian students.

This is just an observation but I want to see what other people have to say on this topic. I'm not trying to attack anyone; I'm not trying to be a racist, and I just want to hear if other people have noticed or are noticing things like this. Thanks and have a great day!

Racial Discrimination... against white people?
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  • Anonymous
    I agree with every word you said. At first I rolled my eyes thinking this is another post where white people want a special treatment, but after reading the points you stated Im 100% with you. Especially about the police officers I'm not saying all of them are saints but to take a case out of its context just to paint them as the devils without taking in consideration all of the contents, is morally wrong. Cops get killed everyday by bad guys but no one talks about them or condemn the people who did it, but once a cop shoots someone ( who otherwise would have killed him ) the media and people attack him for doing his job, and get him fired and ruin his and his family's life.

    How are you expecting the cops to go through their lives doing their jobs, protecting the people, and stopping the bad guys without having to shoot those who aim their guns at them? Should they let them go and commit more crimes or get killed because obviously their lives don't matter as much as those thugs? In a lot of cases cops kill white people too cause they had it coming but since it's not the hot topic that would get people pissed and interested the media don't put spotlights on it, therefore people never hear it, but when it's a black guy the media uses real issues like racism and discrimination to make a propaganda out of it.

    In no way I'm saying that black lives don't matter or that racism doesn't exist, I'm all the way with kicking out racist cops who discriminate people based on their color. All I'm saying is when you hear that a cop shot a black guy don't jump to conclusion that it was because of racial prejudice but give the people benefit of the doubt and whait to hear the other side of the story. or otherwise you're saying that cops shouldn't shoot a black guy their entire career just so they won't face such accusations. Which is also racism; treating people differently based on their color.

    I really hope that someday people will learn to be moderate and use common sense instead of being extremist about everything they do or believe in.
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    • Anonymous

      I know it has been a while but I was re-reading my myTake and re-read your comment too. I just want to thank you for your comment/opinion and let you know that it makes me feel really good about my myTake. Thank you for that because I really appreciate it. : )

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  • Girther10
    Yes, I have noticed an uptick in anti white racism, I am a middle aged white guy. You may be surprised that this anti white bigotry is always from someone on the “progressive” Left. I use quotation marks around progressive, because I find their ideas and forceful ideology to be actually REgressive. They are the so called tolerant ones, that cannot tolerate seeing white peoples in places of power, they freak out. They are being lead by the democrat party, the party that was born from the confederate south, and never changed- deep down. They falsely claim to be anti racist, but always are seen to be deeply racist.
    If you are a person of color today, please understand that the=Left, the Democrats, are made up of some of the most guilty white racists ever.
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  • Paul_C90
    I think the problem is very simple:
    Just FORGET about race.

    A fair "equal opportunity" employer would be one who DID NOT EVEN ASK about race/gender/religion/sexuality

    We can only achieve "equality" once race (or any other factor such as religion) is disregarded entirely.

    Employers who claim to be of "equal opportunity" often try to keep an even percentage of people from each race/gender/religion/sexuality.
    Imho that is wrong simply because this leads to people being accepted based on those factors, sometimes rather than skill, just for the sake of (sometimes disproportionate) statistics

    I. e., say there is a region where Asians are predominant, chances are there will be more job applications from Asians. 30 Asians apply, 20 blacks and 10 whites.
    As an equal opportunity employer, they probably would hire 5 from each just for the sake of statistics.
    This is unfair because there is a higher chance for the minority to be accepted solely based on race.
    Higher chance = not equality

    Equality = treat everyone as equals = REMOVE THE VARIABLE from the game entirely
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  • stephen1488
    I have read all the replies to this post. a lot of the replies had a lot of good points on both sides. Let me share with you my experience.

    I have met many people of all races who are fine decent people. I have also had people attack me because I am white, and some of them were white themselves. I have also seen people who feared me because I am white. And I have seen people fear those who were not white. So i would say I've seen every aspect of racism.

    What I can say for certain is that no matter the form it takes on racism is not the answer to the problems we are experiencing. As long as people continue to hold people responsible for what their ancestors did there will be no progress and racial tension and racism will continue to be rampant.

    As far as people attacking police officers for doing there job I can tell you this. If you were willing to confront criminals yourself you wouldn't need a cop. would you? Do not be cowardly enough to attack the people who put their life at risk to protect you, by doing what you either can or will not! A cop has a very dangerous job even if the suspect is unarmed. I am speaking from experience when I say a drug addict or a gang member can be extremely dangerous. In addition when you add a weapon into the mix it becomes much more dangerous. So maybe you should think about weather or not you would confront someone with a gun and high on meth or pcp before you condemn a cop for shooting someone who probably would have killed them

    I have no college so I can not comment on anything related to college admissions.
  • Reach500
    I do not think white people are truly looked down upon in society, especially since the majority of people in this country are white. The employment statistics say a lot. Even when you adjust for education and skill level, white people are twice as likely as black people to be employed. White people are also more likely to have employment consistent with their skill level.

    The reason that police have the reputation that they do is because of their actions. They have to be held to a standard. They are supposed to uphold the law and protect people's rights, not violate them. Everyone should be equal under the law, including police. If an individual is cowardly and quick to pull a trigger because of that, this person should not be an officer. The reason for the spotlight on officers who shoot black people is because they are typically not brought to justice.

  • R_Cakes91
    Well, whites don’t have the greatest track record when it comes to how they treat other races. Look at what white people did to the native Americans (killed millions of them and then forced them onto the worst real estate in the country). Not to mention slavery...

    I’m going to take a guess and say that people are still pissed about all of those things.
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    • nathanp97

      Yet no one from then is still alive. They are basically punishing the sons for the sins of their fathers. How is that right? You do realize less than 5% of white Americans ever owned slaves, and that before white people came to America natives were basically doing the same thing to other tribes, but in a smaller scale?

    • R_Cakes91

      No dude, I know what you’re saying. I’m saying that racism towards white people starts with that. Not saying it’s right, it’s just how it is.

    • Africans sold their own into slavery and Ditch Jewish merchants sailed them to America. So in the same breath you claim that whites don’t have a great track record but immigrants are our strength, will you be there for the white people after they are genocide through miscegenation and the minority? You are the racist you claim to hate.

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  • Amy_Theo
    Is this take in response to the case of Guyger vs. the state? I can't and won't comment on this for the simple reason that I only know what I do from the media.
    However, the second I read your title, it reminded me of this video I watched a long time ago. Figured I'd share it with you...
    (Disclaimer: this video was made for entertainment purposes.)
  • Thatsamazing
    "'Why are white people being looked down upon by colleges, universities, politicians, and people in general?'" Um... we aren't. That's stupid. The entire premise of your post, therefore, is idiotic and not worth reading. I wish you had prefaced if with something substantive.
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  • Elleymei
    Let’s be honest here... black people are the superior race. We white people are responsible for our ancestors history. It’s in white DNA to be racist we simply can’t help it. I don’t think black people are inherently racist. If they are it is justified. Their knowledge and their suffering needs to purify our white ignorance. Their hatred of us is justified.
    • Girther10

      @elleymei-? im assuming that’s sarcasm

  • DWornock
    It is called Justice. Whites murdered 50 million darker skin natives to take over the country so it is only proper that the whites are being replaced by darker skinned people.
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    • This must be one of the most stupid, most ignorant statements I've seen in a while.

    • DWornock

      @NotoriousMuffin I understand that, like most people, you hate the truth when it is not favorable.

    • Anonymous

      I don't even get what you're trying to say here.

  • WalterRadio
    Diversity requires racism to exist in the absence of physical barriers.

    Anyone calling for diversity is necessarily a racist.

    People should be judged on their merits, not their skin color.

  • EmperorOfRussia
    I commend you for the great points you presented in your Take. Thanks for contributing to GAG in a very positive way!

    What I have to clarify is, some Liberals lost touch with reality and have been sinking more and more in extremism and false narratives, which we can expect to be full of double standards and to resemble a cult.

    Point is, we don't need to pattern our ideas according to what they would think of us. If they think we are "racist", that's their problem and it just shows how they are stuck to a paranoid and false narrative. We don't need their validation.

    Let's keep talking about real problems and how to fix it. And they can keep making a fool of themselves by calling everyone "racist" and engaging in political witch hunts.
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  • TadCurious
    Yes, I have taken notice of what you have. The people who are obsessed with race are those on the political Left. When those people are college admissions administrators they feverishly strive to get the "right racial mix" (whatever the hell that means to them it's racist as fuck).
    If there's a standardized exam that everyone applying for a particular job has to take (the SAME exam for everyone) and the "right diversity" in hiring outcomes isn't achieved, then guess what? The exam itself is racist. This is the mindset of the Left. Race is everything.
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  • Liam_Hayden
    As long as people focus on color rather than character this is what we are damned to.
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  • leahzrc
    Honestly I don't mind. I think that it's fair to be looked upon considering how the world used to be. In a span of a thousand years, it is horrifying the things that happened to those who weren't white and if the worst thing happening to us is not being first choice for colleges, whatever. We as people have to prove our worth. People can treat us a terrible as they decide to but we have to show our value as an individual. I'm in philly so I get a lot of assumptions about me, but I never have been called racist or been harrassed for my race because I wasn't fighting to be treated equally, kindness and dedication is all a person needs if they want justice, no matter how long it takes. Getting angry about being a mistreated white person only distracts from what could be if you don't let your race or the millions of comments that are related to being white, define who you are as a person.
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    • Nadim171

      Revenge is a fool's game, saying this just makes neo nazis look like heroes

    • @leahzrc Just out of curiosity, I want to understand your "point"...

      As a father of a young girl, and she is White as her mother and I am, if she gets bullied, mistreated and race shamed in the future, how am I supposed to react?

      Should I tell her something like this: "Hey, my little angel, you should feel ashamed of being White as your father and mother, our forebears were a bunch of worthless people, so you have to accept to be mistreated, bullied and looked down by White Liberals and minorities. They have a right to do it and you have a right to shut your mouth up. Just prove yourself as an individual and show people that you are not lile your mother, father and grandparents"?

      Honest question here, I screenshot your opinion and I'm going to ask a question about what you've said. Let's see people reaction!

    • Nadim171

      And here we go again... won't people just learn to grow the fuck up and forget about race? Seems like we're still far away from civilization

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  • Shamalien
    Yuuup some social engineers are sowing the seeds of war with this race baiting bullshitt
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  • bangyourhead
    White males are the only group you can actively discriminate against in America.
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  • wishIWasDead
    Wow great double think there... people have to prove their worth, but it’s ok if whites are overlooked in favor of a racial color... i think the problem is you women have such illogical emotions you are easily manipulated because of your pathological altruism and naive empathy. What I mean by tat is you would let in invaders and ruin your own society rather than look out for your own kind first at your own demise. You would literally let in the Mongols and then apologize for not letting them in sooner. It’s sick, and call me a misogynist all you want but this kind of weak illogical emotional female thinking is the downfall of western civilization
  • tyryl2
    Wow. An article trying to appeal to their beliefs. In other words an opinion article from the Economist. And you took that opinion article & made a those opinions your own. Yet didn't do any research on the history of what has happened in the relations that got us to this point or hadn't previously to reading that article. Just took up that article & made it your own agenda. Research the history of relations between whites, blacks, and Asians since you clearly don't have a clue. Then think about what put you in your situation compared to everyone else. No one on here has mentioned any of the historical aspects that brought us to this point. That is why we have the situation we have today & your misunderstanding of how colleges accept students. Knowledge is power.
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  • ask4any
  • Anonymous
    To be fair kkk dude ran over a lady over statue and a flag. Everybody fears/hatesblack people or think there up to something and I'm always uncomfortable around white people like I have to be fake 99% of the time.
    And only like black people when we plays sports or make music
    Majority of all the president hated black people or disliked them.
    And the school thing seems fair to me. If 9 white people get kn same skills. And there's a 1 black person equal skills and grades vs a another generic white person I think that 1 black person should get it. since it was illegal to go to school with you guys I mean 1964 til now 2019 is only about 60 years.
    My grams couldn't even ride the bus with Y'all she 83
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  • Anonymous
    I've found that a lot of black people think the more extreme white liberals are totally full of shit, but are too polite to say so...
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    • Girther10

      Are you black? Mr “Anonymous”?
      Oops! No one can know that, how convenient.
      Let’s assume you’re not even black.
      Who the fuck do you think you are?, to say what black people think?
      What a irresponsible ignorant thing to say.

    • Anonymous

      @Girther10 Because I have had actual conversations with black people, as a peer and friend, and have also overheard conversations on the matter. So unless you think that black people lie every time they speak, I would say that is a pretty solid case. You sound like one of those asskissers who blame everything on evil capitalists.

    • Girther10

      All I’ve done is question your “expertise” on black people, that’s all. You could have mentioned your experience when you made the statement. That’s what most responsible people do when engaging in public discourse.
      But now, just because you’ve been asked about your remark, you show your true lack of confidence by going ad-hominem.
      Personal remarks about the other one say more about you than your words ever could. You cleverly snuck in name calling along with your insult.
      If you simply stayed with your statement of how you came to these conclusions, you’d have made this debate moot.
      But instead, you threw away any validity of your reply with that last sentence.

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