NPC: The Ultimate Irony



I am not a big fan of meme's. I think most are dumb. And when the NPC meme came out, I quickly realized this one was actually created by someone who was nuanced. Someone who understood irony. Many people quickly began adopting the meme into their scripted responses.

Most people who use it, usually do so at the expense of liberals. This in itself is extremely ironic. Its pretty sad. So lets look at this meme.

The Base for all NPC Memes.
The Base for all NPC Memes.


Its important to understand what NPC means. It means Non-playable character. In video games there are NPCs who exist on a script which was designed by the video-game programmers. This script is limited, the NPCs are not able to break from the script. They are extremely predictable. By calling a person a NPC it means the person is not freethinking or has no free-will.

Conservatives and liberals side by side <3
Conservatives and liberals side by side <3


Conservative grug brains quickly downloaded the meme and begin incorporating it into their "script." They looked at it, didn't understand it and just saw it as "LIBERALS ARE DUMB" It was very mindless and its the same when conservatives mock liberals by saying "ORANGE MAN BAD" Its a script! they are programmed. The meme has nothing to do with liberals or conservatives. It has to do with lack of self-awareness, lack of consciousness or a lack of internal monologue. Just like Liberals are NPCs so are Conservatives.


The irony here is that the masses, (the NPCs), dont understand the meme, and they dont understand it because they are NPCs. And an NPC could never understand anything because NPCs have no free thought! Memes are generally used by NPCs. Only meme creators aren't NPCs. They are the script writers and programmers. (Also people who refuse to use memes and see them as forms of group think or mind control)


What it really demonstrates is lack of collective awareness, self awareness, and an internal monologue. Its like walking up to someone, shaking them and asking "Is there anyone in there!? Tell me you are real!" And their response would be to open their phone and take a selfie or something mindless like that.

Thanks for reading. What do you guys and girls think about the NPC meme?

NPC: The Ultimate Irony
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  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Most people are brainwashed. The greater irony is that part of the brainwashing now includes new and improved deniability, a sub-routine designed to allow the 'NPC' to believe that they are not susceptible to programming (propaganda) and are therefore immune to it. Only a tiny fraction of people have the intellectual capacity to realize it and effectively de-program themselves. I've seen it only once on G@G.
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    • _SOARER

      I am still de-programming too
      I am sure there are tons of things within me that I am unaware of.

    • Same. Downside is that it's made me cynical af.

    • _SOARER

      It's tough, I have phases of hope but i have waves of cynicism 😂
      Hang in there man, look out for yourself and try to protect your loved ones from becoming NPCs if you can...

  • madgoat
    I think we've arrived at all humans are stupid, each just thinks they're cleverer than the others.
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  • bamesjond0069
    I think yes it can apply to all different groups of people but certainly not equally. Thats why its associated with liberals. Literally the dumbest news item of the week off cnn is repeated over and over. And the craziest thing is if one recognizes another "in the wild" as being on their side but they dont know the news blurb they pick it up immediately. Its weird.

    It was like with corona virus. People are saying shit like "you're killing people" if you dont wear a mask. Its another dumb ass line the NPCs are all about.

    The ideas have to be irrational to qualify for NPC status to really make sense. And yes there are some dumb ones that aren't necessarily in the liberal sphere but id say a high proportion are. BLM for example is another one. Its based on one stupid fact thats not even true. More whites are killed total as well as a higher proportion of unarmed whites. Yet they keep on keeping on with it. Simply showing that fact should have them go hmm and go home yet they just ignore it since its not the script
  • raven6933
    This has never changed and to my assumption never will. Far too many believe what they want just because it makes them happy. Like what some controlled writing is done to make others look good, instead of actually knowing anything about dynamics. What you see online or almost all books is controlled as to keep you ignorant to the obvious. This is why you are forced to go to school, to keep control of you. Give you just enough to be sub severent but never enough to make you a threat to them. Yes this also goes for you having to pay to be included in their world. But never be a part of theirs. There a forms of society that actually thrive to better their society as a whole not for just who controls them. It is more like one big family and everyone is no less important than the next. Until people realize they are paying to be slaves then this will never change.
    • _SOARER

      "Give you just enough to be sub severent but never enough to make you a threat to them."

      This hit hard man, I couldnt agree more.

    • raven6933

      But the big question is when will it stop? Probably only if a solar storm wipes out all electronics.

    • _SOARER

      Certainly it has to be something miraculous.

  • modelUN242
    What’s funny is that most “conservatives” accept the Enlightenment and atheism, reject religion (they see it as primitive) and at the same time accept transhumanism. Technology has made it so people are unaware of what’s happening to the world that they’re living in, absorbed in trivial identity politics or politics in general. These people also have no families, no desire to spread wisdom to their children, have a “who cares” mentality - it’s their choice, and see spirituality as primitive. Ted Kazinsky is an interesting fellow who just rejected modern life and went to live by himself in the woods, that’s the best example of someone who’s actually Enlightened, or Buddhist monks who meditate in the woods into their 70s. Rejecting materialism and intellect and putting your faith in the unknown is the way society can function, it has for many generations until rationalism started to take over and mock religion.
    • _SOARER

      Yeah materialism has got to go! conservatives are neo-liberals 😭

  • BlueKittyWolf
    This is a cool meme it really shows how people think.
  • Guffrus
    Lmfao, npc's

    That is pretty funny.
    • _SOARER

      Thank you for reading. :) Glad it could make you laugh!

  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I never realized that is what they are
    • _SOARER

      The ammount of people who share this meme and dont understand it is sad.
      It's really like a self-fulfilling meme 😂